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Reverse the Verse: Sept 11 Written Friday 11th of September 2015 at 10:45am by Erris

Hello Citizens,

 As Nehkara is currently away, we will be returning to the ‘old’ style of RtV notes for this week only. Next week we will return to having the liveblog during the show, and re-posting the notes after

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Full Transcript

– Soon^™

– Pillowcakes NOT coming soon.

– I see Lando, Ben, Hennessey in the background?

– Music is still playing though. Hearing them is difficult.

– Ben is now also the director of finger guns.

– Alyssa’s in the background as well, looking very professional.

– They’ve added more mics to hopefully be more easily heard.

– Disco just turned the music off, now I can hear them, yay.

– Week in Review

– Ben – Ben went to DragonCon over the weekend, spread the gospel there. He was on 3 panels

– Showed off the Endeavour.

– Batgirl was there, dozens of people, Ben walked around the convention with a pocket full of pins.

– Ben met the two astronauts from 2001

– Also did some shopping.

– Ben was on a panel at 10am on Sunday about something. Social media outreach and strategy.

– Another panel on Sunday about Free to Play games, which SC is not, but Ben was on it anyway

– Left the hotel at 4am Monday, got back at noon, Star Wars with Allie cause Force Friday was last week. Bought desk trash and such.

– Community Hub and Issue Council are coming later today hopefully, more about that in a minute.

– AtV this week was fantastic (the punniest ever)

– Sandi was at DragonCon as well. ComicCon is a bit nerdy, but also a bit corporate. DragonCon is the hardcore sci-fi geeks. People who’re 65 and still speaking klingon. Sandi enjoyed herself, had a great time.

– Shot AtV tuesday at 8, had great chemistry this week.

– Jim Martin was around yesterday. Did a final review of the Endeavour, rendering out different pods, making changes to the front so it can detach

– Jim Martin designed the USS defiant from Deep Space 9, Ben got him to sign stuff.

– Disco Lando brought up Starship Troopers with Jim Martin, and Ben has a Starship Troopers tattoo.

– Hennessey – bought some star wars toys. Easing his way into it.

– Did some filming with Matt Sherman that was on AtV.

– Next week there’ll be another episode of Which Glitch?

– QA guys were a bit busy working to get another which glitch, but it’s coming

– Justin – edited AtV this week, spent the entire time laughing. Revamped Which Glitch, so it’ll be all-new next week, and sent today editing 10 ft Chairman.

– Chris apparently doesn’t notice people setting up cameras and stuff before 10ftC.

– Alyssa – Didn’t do much marketing stuff right now, she’s just answering as many CS tickets as possible. She’s learned a lot about things she didn’t know previously.

– Helping Production guys with fixing Jira and Shotgun to make them easier to use.

– Helping out with some CitizenCon setup stuff, etc…

– Disco – did nothing this week. But no, he filled in for James on RtV.

– Lot of work on the instagram trading cards as well.

– Disco also trimmed his beard. To keep the beard from becoming too sentient.

– Disco wrote and produced AtV this week.

– Disco’s also been focused on Community Hub and Issue council. Community Hub’ll go live to everyone later today.

– It’s very iterative. Still the first version, laundry-list of new functionality that they want to have coming out soon.

– Issue Council will roll out to everyone towards the beginning of next week. There’ll be an instructional video about ‘good posting’

– Issue Council is NOT a feature request council, or a ‘I dont want to send a CS ticket’ council.

– [news on new hangar flare?] Yes. Going out later today. It’s another Puglisi artifact.

– [Freelancer Rework?] Nothing new yet. Still in progress.

– Matt Sherman just showed up.

– [Next design doc?] Probably be related to Science for when the Endeavour comes out. There’s one in the works about modularity too though, either one could be first.

– Important note about the artwork for the Endeavour – All iterative development. None of those are final.

– The one with the ring around it is the ‘latest’ version.

– Disco brought down the mood by trying to make a ‘put a ring on it’ joke.

– [Ben dance in game?] Ben doesn’t want to do motion capture. Ben thinks no-one can do the ben dance.

– [Mustang Delta on sale again?] Yes, for limited sales.

– [Pioneer design doc? / Exploration?] Yes, it will happen, can’t say when though.

– [Showed hairstyles on AtV – will female char. models have longer hair?] Still in development, but there will be more options than those. All the clothing options you’ve seen, including the hair options, are part of the ‘Terra White Collar’ series. Just one series on one planet.

– [Work on the Reclaimer this year?] No. Reclaimer’s slated for next year. Combat multicrew ships will be before the role-specific ones. No timeline for things like the Reclaimer.

– [Youtube Gaming on Community Hub?] Yes. That’s slated for 1.1 of the Community hub. They launched Youtube Gaming the day CIG finished the first iteration of the Community Hub.

– CIG love Turbulent.

– [DX 12 support?] No idea! Frankfurt guys might know more about htat. That’s programming, not design.

– If you ask a question over and over and they don’t pick it, it’s cause they’re the community team. They don’t have answers to some things.

– [do you have an answer to this question?] no

– [Fingerguns emote?] Hopefully yes.

– Questions about timelines, probably not.

– No date for the Endeavour sale. Sales schedule is based on when it’s done, not when they want money. If it were done this week, it’d be on sale. Ben doesn’t see it next week either. After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

– Especially for new concept ships, it’s important to have Design go through it, and to have lots of questions answered going into it.

– Also some bigger ships are being impacted by component work. Changing how many of what components are going into ships. Before it’d be, this ship gets 1 s9. Now, it’s… how many large, how many capital class, etc…

– [Freelancer rework include modules or staying with variants?] Same variants as before. Not every ship is going to be the Tali.

– There can be very distinct variant hulls that still have modules. Can create more gameplay loadout opportunities. Ben would love to see additional Tali hulls. He sees it as the B-17g, with a nose turret, but there’s probably a F and D that have different hardpoints and shapes, etc…

– [next social module zone?] Work right now is mostly on expanding Area 18, but Nyx will be the next one after that.

– [limited ship sale soon?] There will be the Endeavour sometime, and the Crucible after that, and the Prowler. And some Reliant variants coming. Dave Hobbins is working on those.

– [Casaba outlet?] It’ll be upcoming. It’s being worked on now.

– [What is the prowler?] It’s the boarding ship, the Tevarin derived boarding ship. Taking additional time cuase they have to flesh out the Tevarin first.

– When they were doing stretch-goals, all the wave 4 ships were voted on by Citizens. the Prowler was one of the very last player-voted ships. It’s made by Esperia, the manufacturer of the human version of the Glaive.

– The flare today is the Vasili Fragment stone – it’s a stone with alien writing on it.

– [Ben, plans on bringing in other TNGS ships?] Desire, yes. Plans, no.

– [Matt – power pipes soon in AC?] Not sure when. It’s something they’re working on getting worked out more. Power, heat, distortion, data pipes need to be up and running as part of the physically based damage changes. Hopefully in the near future. But that’ll be one of the first steps to EWAR.

– There’s a feedback thread for AtV to post suggestions for hacking.

– Ben speaks french.

– the DragonFly didn’t win the vote – it lost to the Reliant. They want to put it in eventually, but it’s back-burnered. Ships that were chosen need to be done first.

– Caterpillar is getting some much-needed love right now. Cool stuff for that hopefully soon.

– [How will REC work in AC 2.0?] Watch 10 ftC on Monday. There’s a question about AC 2.0. Short answer is there’s going to be a difference between multicrew test universe and AC 2.0.

– [ Why isn’t 10ftC ever live on Twitch?] Because Chris is very busy. They film it around his schedule. Lots of evenings ans weekends about catching Chris. Also, it’s an edited show.

– [News about CCU system and manual melting?] Nothing new. CCU system is fastracked. Front end works, back-end is being worked on. Almost there. Manual Unmelting is an idea right now. 6-700 people melting in because they melted something, and CS just can’t help all of them yet. Waiting to find out what it’ll take to put it in. Looking into it before deciding if it can be done.

– [how do you get from arc corp to nyx in social?] There won’t be Nyx before MultiCrew. And it’ll be some sort of ‘magic thing’ till you’re there. Assume it’s a Wonka-Vator for a while.

– Lisa’s here

– UK is working on the Redeemer.

– The idea behind stations is not all of them are full-time stations. you need someone flying all the times, but lots of stations there doesn’t have to be someone there 100% of the time. Vanguard is a good example. There’re things you can do inside of the pod for each ship, but all three models are a 2 person ship. The guy in the Turret will do double duty doing other things, being in the turret and in the pod, to maximize the functionality to the ship.

– makes it more interesting too that you can’t do everything from everywhere, makes us have choices to have to make.

– Ships will still be made hangar ready. Most will go to hangar ready before flight ready. Exceptions might be for certain events as surprises, or if stuff’s just ready all at once. But for the majority of ships, they’ll be hangar ready first.

– Getting something to Hangar ready is exponentially more work than taking it to flight ready. THta’s why sometimes they go straight to flyable.

– Like the Merlin. Amount of work to tget thtat hangar ready was a half-day than it took to get it flight ready.

– MultiCrew ships will probably go to hangar then flight.

– Week in Review – there was a kickoff meeting for the Archimedes. Gurmukh is going to work on the Archimedes now that he just finished the Vanguard. He’s actually helping with some layouts for the new office space though, but after that, Archimedes.

– [Idris still landeable?] We’ll wait to see it before we say. They’ll answer it eventually.

– Talking about Jim Martin again.

– No news on the Carrack.

– Reliant size change? No. It hasn’t changed, just some work on dimensions to make sure transitions and stuff work. Same size, slightly different dimensions.

– [890 jmp designed to land in water?] Not designed to, no.

– Community Hub is live to 2k people right now. Planned to roll live to the whole community later today, they’re just working on 3 blockers which should be resolved today. Issue Council should be rolled out to everyone next week.

– [Xi’An Xcout?] Chris and Josh are still working on the Constellation, so art for that will start before the end of the month probably.

– [Starfarer?] UK is working on it actively, Lisa’ll try to get more info on it soon.

– Lisa has some plans. Wants to do something on the Caterpillar in the next few weeks, similar to the Starfarer episode from a while back.

– [Will people be able to spoof radar signatures to look like a different ship?] They’re exploring it. Actual gameplay of it would have to be sorted, but it’s on the list of things they want to look at especially for Comms and Scanner aspects of EWAR.

– [Vanguard interior cellbays?] That’s where lots of core components will go. There’s a walkable core space of the ship, where powerplants, shield generators, etc… are. They all have a place. None of the empty space is actually empty. Things will be placed in the compartments.

– [HOTAS updates?] None right now, but there will be one soon. It’s a long process that’s at the very beginning.

– [do passengers count towards max crew limit?] Max Crew was used in very early pitch documents, and people still gravitate to it. Ignore that number for now. Right now, it’s looking like when those are cleaned up, it’ll be max ‘interactive stations’. Number of people that can survive on the ship will be determined by life support. No cramming 50 people onto a connie without suffocating.

– [Info on 300 series?] No-one slated to work on it full-time right now, but they want to do some cleanup on it. No major rework, but there’s some things to be prioritized on it in a few weeks.

– Lisa might also cover more Tali module concepts soon.

– [Info on the political survey that’s on the site?] Entirely lore. Bringing people into the SC world. It does have a purpose, but Disco doesn’t know what it is.

– [updates on capital ships?] Lisa wants to eventually cover what makes a cap ship a cap ship, but nothing now.

– [more ship commercials?] In the future yes, but nothing for a while. Not till SQ42 cinematics are done.

– [will there be a pocket carrier?] Why? We already theory craft every ship into a pocket carrier. Anything that we’d be able to do that on, you’d lose a LOT to be able to carry other ships.

– [Herald variants?] No info. Still working on the Herald itself. Original before variants. Same with modules. No idea what modules ships can get till the base ship is done.

– And with that, RtV is done.

– Lisa needs to take a look at today’s XKCD comic.

– If you’d like to be a featured streamer after RtV, contact James Pugh on the forums.



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