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Reverse the Verse: Dec 11th Written Friday 11th of December 2015 at 11:05am by Shiver_Bathory

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Check out our coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 74 below!

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Full Transcript

  • Looks like a new RTV set. People are lurking around the set
  • Looks like things are about to start.
  • It has begun!
  • We can’t decide what date it is.
  • Live now, I see, Disco, Ben, Justin “Money” Chambers and Alexis. Behind the camera is Tom Hennesy
  • The panel they are on now will be used for the Christmas Livestream and then moved somewhere else
  • Ben is talking about the new set; Stage 42.
  • Bit weird not seeing themselves in chat and there is an echo, cho, cho.
  • Monthly report is coming out today as nommal. *LOUD CRASHING IN BACKGROUND*
  • Aurora LN model is sub flair for this month.
  • Ben just made a really bad taco pun
  • Ben is requesting a RTV theme song.
  • racking up a lot of videos before they go on holiday
  • Time Warner has been in filming how they work.
  • Hennessy just took a fall behind the camera.
  • Keep an eye out they may appear in a Time Warner advert in the future
  • Tom is saying..something in the background
  • Justin refused to wear green trousers as he is too much of a fashionista
  • Talking about the Wing Commander live stream. Ben’s arm is sore from using a Warthog stick for about nine hours! The video is up on youtube
  • Toast has been working on tax paperwork and paperwork related to the new office
  • 10 AM tomorrow CIG will be watching all the Star Wars films. You can tune in and watch along with them. They are starting with Episode 1
  • Ben and Lando are not figures to aspire to
  • CR came around and showed the team “something cool” that we will see next week.
  • New set will be revealed next week on the Livestream
  • Prowler design is coming but working on the Tevarin design first
  • Ben want’s to go to chernobyl for his honeymoon.
  • Alexis and Ben would like to go to France for their honeymoon also as Ben lived in Marseilles when he was young for a time.
  • “It’s amazing to watch the office come together”
  • [Why is the lighting so weird] due to the office move it’s naturally lit for now.
  • Members of staff will have in-universe titles in the office
  • Disco got told he had “Jesus eyes” by a homeless man.
  • Unmelt tool is still in development
  • there are 68 ships including variants right now
  • Matt Sherman has appeared
  • DX racer chairs are rude
  • Lando loves his DXwide Series
  • The Endeavour does not appear in SQ42 Ep 1. It’s in the queue to be worked on
  • Starfarer and Caterpillar are test cases for larger multi crew ships, then larger ships after i.e. the Orion
  • When is the joystick for sale? Tune into the livestream next week Wed Dec 16th
  • Pre-order for jump point vol 2 on Wednesday
  • Javelin and other larger ships will go up for sale again around the Christmas stream, details to be revealed before the stream starts
  • Will control config be revised soon? Thats a long term goal, still working on what actions do you need a keybind for.
  • Nothing is final, everything is being worked on, we’re still in alpha
  • Will patch sets include at least one UEE navy patch? Yes, it will include Army, navy adovacy and marines it’s 5 total and all UEE themed
  • Loaners are for flight only not hangar. Sorry vanguard owners.
  • Lando has a cousin in Texas who didn’t realise that DiscoLando was his relative
  • Any updates on the BMM? Nope! it’s in the queue but not being built right now.
  • The Freelancer borrows a lot of design ideas from the Starfarer
  • Ship status page being worked on.
  • We will see more of the ship pipeline on the Christmas stream
  •  New ship subforums are on the forums. It’s a dedicated forum for each ship series in the game.
  • CIG want your feedback on as much as possible when it comes to ships
  • In return because it’s so easy to get them out of the chat and into the subforum so everyone can see it.
  • Toast and Lando still have a Cutlass Blue
  • Ben has some massive beef
  • “toxic dinks”
  • Disco has been accused of “killing someone’s soul”
  • Don’t misbehave on the forums, genuinely good feedback has been buried
  • You’ve lost a thread but you’ve gained a forum Ship discussion forums
  • Do ship designers look at the forums? This is exactly why the ship forums have been created
  • Chris Smith – Artist not designer
  • Chris Roberts just showed up.
  • Chris just announced 2.0 to live today.
  • The team won’t be going home early today due to the release of 2.0 Thank you guys!
  • Jump class clarifcations will be including in the ship status page
  • Swapping pilot permissions/locations and who can access what and where is a long term thing and unlikely to be made in the short termAre Sq42 and SC tied with release dates? Not at all. SQ42 will be totally independant and out before SC is live/finished forever
  • SQ 42 is a totally stand alone experience that only has ties to the PU. The analagy used was SQ is Warcraft 3 and SC is WoW.
  • Disco says YES sc is an MMO. Not an MMORPG but yes and MMO.
  • The monster truck outside left. Ben was a little disappointed.
  • Lando used to be James Bond, he really let himself go.
  • Lando had an entire Trash Family in a previous job. Sounds like a rubbish job
  • That’s all folks! Tune in on Wednesday for the CIG 3 hour long Livestream
  • There is no way to stop the stream at the table
  • Justin is trying to remember everyone’s nicknames and job titles while a random UPS guy is asked to appear and they’ve gone!


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