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Reverse The ‘Verse Episode 71 Transcript Written Friday 13th of November 2015 at 10:58am by CanadianSyrup

Hello Citizens, It’s another Friday which means Reverse the ‘Verse! Check out The Relay’s coverage inside. Transcript by Erris & CanadianSyrup Notes in Italic are The Relay thoughts, Notes in BOLD are important news. Soon...

Hello Citizens, It’s another Friday which means Reverse the ‘Verse! Check out The Relay’s coverage inside.

Transcript by Erris & CanadianSyrup

Notes in Italic are The Relay thoughts, Notes in BOLD are important news.

  • Soon tm
  • We are live. I see Disco, Ben, Justin, Alexis, and Hennessy in the background.
  • Ben wants a new title. One that rhymes. ‘Master of Disaster’ or something.
  • They were in Austin earlier this week. They left at 8am on Sunday, or something around that. They had a Bar Citizen that sounds like it was awesome.
  • MechTechnal made CIG some custom metal logo things, they’re cool. I was supposed to get one, but Disco stole it.
  • The bag that had the large metal logo things got rerouted, and just got to CIG now. Because airlines! What’s the deal with their… food? I’m hilarious (CanadianSyrup) Community save me from Erris’ puns…
  • They were in Texas for five days. They shot the AtV hosting on Monday morning. Disco and Hennessy shot a lot of content that’ll be in future AtV’s. 14 segments. Time with Tony Zurovec, stuff about ships, how they do builds, sounds like lots of great info.
  • Sounds like they had good.. food? queso is food right? (CanadianSyrup)Yes Erris it is
  • They did lots of Star Wars things it sounds like. They’re still talking about Austin. Also apparently Sandi just walked in.
  • Sandi’s going back to Austin again next week.
  • They’ve got a schedule for what’s happening on the livestream next week apparently.
  • Remember to follow Star Citizen and SQ42 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Sandi interviewed five CS managers this morning. There’s an interview after RtV for something else. They’ve been closing down the old offices, they’re moving right after the livestream. They’re not going to move people while 2.0 is closing down. Just one more week.
  • talked to three publicist companies yesterday, cause they’re going to go wider next year.
  • Talked to Alexis about fun merchandise crises, and the concierge cards went amazing. They sold quite a lot of them. Too many. Alexis got them in person, and they look good apparently.
  • Sandi’s making jokes about her time in Austin
  • The Next Great Star Marine is like Next Great Starship, similar format, Omar, Forrest, Skelton, Sean Tracy, CR, and a guest judge will do it. Prereq is designing your own helmet, actual competition is for a Class 9 Titan suit. It’s one of the bits of the lore everyone’s excited about seeing in game, so they’re going to do a new contest to get one.
  • There’ll be more details about the upcoming contest coming soon probably. Sounds like it’ll be happening mainly in the new year.
  • And Sandi’s gone to go see Chris.
  • Ben and Hennessy have now seen each others butts apparently.
  • Keep in mind, we’re still in the no-news intro part of the show
  • They did some Cutlass stuff while in Austin as well. Planned out the livestream. What’s being sold, when it’s being sold, how much some things are that they haven’t announced yet.
  • Alexis had a quiet week. low key. Lots of CS tickets. She missed the rest of the community team.
  • Sandis’ a robot confirmed.
  • Disco’s week – The Austin office isn’t in Austin. It’s in ‘Bee Cave’ which apparently isn’t really a real place. Looks like a standup town on a movie set. It might be farpoint station.
  • They’re telling anecdotes about Bee Cave, and how it all seemed like an alien zoo designed to keep humans happy.
  • ‘Bee Cave, it’s a place’ – Disco Lando, 2015
  • Lots of new content coming up in the next weeks. 40 minute segment with Tony Z, one on one interviews with folks that haven’t been spotlighted before, gonna be keeping Austin in focus for the rest of the year.
  • They’re talking about how Risk is bad for relationships now. And Toast has arrived.
  • Disco met the new love of his life – whataburger. Apparently it’s a very meaty burger.
  • They’re talking about the sleeping arrangements at the hotel in Austin.
  • They’re making fun of Hennessy

26 Minutes Question Time

  • [Is the commute to the new office better or worse?] Technically worse, but not by much. They live 7 blocks from the current office; they could walk if they wanted to (they don’t). The new office is not walkeable, it’s in the other direction, they have to drive.
  • Wing Commander – the entire PC series – is on sale on GoG today for $10. All the games, 6 addons, get it if you don’t have it already.
  • CIG make nothing off it though, Chris doesn’t have the rights for it, but doesn’t matter, it’s worth owning.
  • [Sneak Peek?] Sneak peek this week was concept art for Freelancer interiors being developed by F42 right now. Completed about 2 weeks ago. They’re doing update passes on the ships, making them functional for multi crew, it’s ‘next in the bucket’, they looked at the interior, said they can do it better. There’s a focus on the escape mechanics now. Taking into account things they didn’t think about 3 years ago when the ships were kicked off.
  • Hear a lot more about that with the Cutlass post. Ships were designed to look cool, but as the game got designs, they realised you need to eject, reach engine panels, move cargo, etc… Freelancer’s getting its turn with that now.
  • Rework started with BHVR. They do good work.
  • Thanks go out to the team in Austin. The Community team had a great time there.
  • Cutlass post is probably coming later today; Chris has to look at it first though. Very close.
  • Weekly CCU downgrade has been approved. They’re developping it. Turbulent have some internal estimates, but it is in the works. In active development now.
  • [Clarify earlier statements about 2.0?] Stream will be the same, done from the Santa Monica office. Part of the move involves shutting down all server-side stuff, moving static IP, multi-day IP process. They don’t want to do that till 2.0 ships. Means they have folks upstairs that want to be on their PC’s for the next couple of days.
  • No more details on the Next Great Star Marine project for a while. They have ideas about prizes and such, but no details till later. ​
  • Apparently Ryan Archer and David Ladyman (?) are working on a non-SC board game that Ben tried and likes.
  • [Xi’An Scout?] Josh Coons is working on it. It looks great, it’s coming along.
  • [Have you tried AC 2.0, do you like it, etc…?] Yes. They had some playtests in Austin. It’s a lot of fun, mission system is cool. not quite the system we’ll see in the full PU, but it’s fun to explore and discover missions. Disco loves the scale. you don’t appreciate the scale till you get in and fly.
  • [Ships on sale during Anniversary?] Not saying which yet. But the 20% off physical merchandise will start on the 19th, and will go for 48 hours.
  • [P-72 fits where the P-52 goes?] Yes. You can choose either to go with your Connie.
  • [When will ship status thread be updated?] As soon as the new ship pipeline has been updated, then it’ll be updated with new statuses. The new ship producer, Mark Hong, he’s making the move from Austin to Santa Monica, he’ll be in charge of that. We’ll meet him more in the coming weeks.
  • [Show us concierge black card?] It’ll look the same as in the pictures. They don’t have a final version with the black ink yet.
  • [Freelancer Max designed in tandem with the base?] No. They work on the base version first, then go to the variants after that.
  • Hello to Alyssa! She was around last week.
  • [Will Ben and Disco do another Wing Commander playthrough?] Yas! December 5th, a Saturday, they’ll be playing the ‘Secret Missions’ pack.
  • Concierge card has nothing to do with the Million Mile High club. That was limited to the 100 Wing Commander packages it was sold in, it closed after that. If you know someone with it, they can invite you, but that’s it. Tune in during the livestream to learn more about that. And apparently there’s another way to get access, but we have to ‘stay tuned’ for that.
  • They’re working on in-game concierge flair, which’ll happen in 2016.
  • pre-orders are closing cause they’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of orders for the cards.
  • They can bring back more cards in the future, but they’re not a merchandise manufacturing company. They do this on the side. It needs to stay small and manageable.
  • News about Connie modularity was in the segment on yesterdays AtV.
  • Battlescape Infinity is 6 days from the end (there’s an article about it on The Relay, check it out)
  • Subscriber flare comes out today. This month is a part of the Puglisi collection. It’s a skull. It’s a ‘creature from the deep’.
  • [clarify one more week for 2.0?] No. There’s no release date. They don’t know when it’s coming, it’s being tested extensively right now. End of the day Pacific they kick off a build. That hits morning UK time, UK tests it, gives feedback. They send that feedback to bugsmashers, they try to fix those errors, do another build, that build is ready for fixers in Austin, etc…
  • They’re giving their guys as much time to contribute as they have to before they move the LA team. Letting them have an uninterrupted time to work on it. The move won’t stop 2.0, but 2.0 won’t stop the move either. Apparently.
  • [Will 2.0 have an iterative rollout on PTU?] Iterative rollout. That’s the current plan. It tends to work best, feedback wise.
  • They were testing with 12 players for a long time, then they started playing with 16. 12 was fine, with 16 there was a memory issue, which’d kill the game. They fixed that, but the more players they add the more bugs they find. It’s frustrating, but a rollout is the best way for testing.
  • They can’t estimate the size of the build for 2.0. The builds they play with are hundreds of gigs, before Excludibur takes things out for the general public.
  • Now they’re talking about boardwalk game prizes Hennessy won
  • [When can we learn more about the Anniversary sale?] Trying to lock some things down right now. They’d love to announce the price for some stuff early next week at the latest for a couple of concept things. Might be one, might be two, might be three. The actual sale will be themed. Pirate day, merchants day, military day, etc… where they bring back the ships for that profession. They’re also do a free-for-all at the end of the week where everything’s available.
  • [Tevarin?] Nothing to show about them, or say, at this point. But they will in the near future, because the Prowler has been fasttracked. Chris wants it done ASAP
  • [Buccaneer?] There are lots of angry folks in the Cutlass thread. Some are jerks, others are concerned by their favourite ships. Ben got called a Bond villain, because the Cutlass they’re offering now is what Ben imagined three years ago. Which’ll make more sense when you read the post.
  • They’re looking into offering a smaller, more pirate-focused interceptor that people could switch to if they want to. The Buccaneer’s not the final name.
  • For those asking about variants, ti’ll be a will. Want to get different flyable ships before doing variants. Pheonix, Max, MIS, etc… you’ll have the standard ship for quite a while.
  • The 8 months for the Constellation is because it was the standard bearer; proof of concept for multicrew. Once it’s in and they’ve perfected all the new techniques to make it, it’s much faster for everything else. That 8 months was to find ways to make a ship more detailed that takes less poly’s.
  • They’re not ignoring any ships. They have to pick one ship to focus on and learn from, so they can take what they’ve learnt on to other ships.
  • We’ve all seen Port Olisar in 2.0. That appeared practically overnight, because they’ve spent 18 months building Shubin, and Shubin parts. Now they can say hey, we need a new space station, and it takes no time for them to make one.
  • And that’s it for this week. Tune into the livestream next Thursday – 11am to 2pm pacific. Weekly update later today, Cutlass post later today (pending approval)


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