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Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 70 Transcript Written Friday 6th of November 2015 at 11:00am by Erris

Hello Citizens! Welcome to another episode of Reverse the ‘Verse! Transcript by Erris & CanadianSyrup  Notes in Italic are The Relay thoughts and Bold notes are important news SOON tm They’re here, with no sound...

Hello Citizens!

Welcome to another episode of Reverse the ‘Verse!

Transcript by Erris & CanadianSyrup

 Notes in Italic are The Relay thoughts and Bold notes are important news
  • SOON tm
  • They’re here, with no sound as per usual.
  • I see Ben, Disco, Alexis, and Justin
  • I’m sure Disco’s introducing them all. But we can’t hear him. Because there’s no sound.
  • And we have audio now. As Ben dances.
  • BuzzZZzz_Killer in RSI chat asked us to transcribe this. So I’m transcribing it.
  • Welcome to RtV, CIG’s informal… thing where they talk about stuff!
  • Ben this week spent the time getting ready for the move. They’re moving at the end of next week. New place’ll have more room more seats, they’re all very excited to move but also very exhausted. They’ve been packing boxes in between doing regular work. The Monthly Report is this week, as is the weekly report. It’s a report-filled day.
  • They’re processing some videos from the UK before sending them to Chris and if all is good, yeah. Cool stuff. Ben also saw Spectre last night.
  • There’s some drama. Disco’s trying to compete with Alexis for who watches movies with Ben. Ben says Spectre was better than Skyfall, but still is too much like Skyfall.
  • Black VIP citizen cards are available as of now. They’ll be on order for about a month. They’re non-personalized, but they’re available only to Concierge backers. $10 for shipping and construction.
  • Justin edited things, organized project files, put together some amazingness.
  • Disco was sick this week. He had plague. He’s better now though.
  • Lots of progress on the Cutlass post, probably see that next week or the week after. Top level design doc. where it was, where it is, where it’s going, etc…
  • They sat down with Randi to map out the interior of the Crucible, and we’ll see that when they launch the Crucible probably.
  • The Crucible concept will be ready soon.
  • They’re going to Austin. They fly there Sunday morning at 8am. Disco booked the flight. They’ll do a Bar Citizen Sunday night, then work the rest of the week, doing the show from Austin, 70 or 80 people have RSVP’d for the Bar Citizen already.
  • If you’re going to the Austin event, dress for the weather, because they’ll probably sit outside.
  • Hennessy is in the background now, he’s inserted himself into the stream. He’s saying it’s really cold.
  • [Why are concierge black cards not customized?] Because it was a lot easier production wise to do a non-personalized one. Apparently the customized cards were ‘hell’
  • They’ll do personalized dog-tags again in the new year but the cards proved to be too much. They still get cards in the mail return to sender from early 2013.
  • There are no tiers for the concierge card. One card for everyone. Apparently there are a LOT of concierge members. Way more than a thousand concierge members.
  • Toast appeared for a second. He’s gotta go pack stuff. Monthly report will be very cool, with very cool videos. Another long monthly report, and the weekly update apparently has cool videos as well.
  • Toast has to read through the entire monthly report, to make sure it’s good for legal. Toast leaves in typos and stuff too though, since he’s not writing it, just reviewing it.
  • Sneak peek this week was a pre-vis of an escape pod ejecting from a Tali, getting picked up by an Avenger.
  • It was developed early in the Tali creation process, but it was never seen. They decided it’s relevant to stuff that is going to be released soon, so they’ve shown it to us.
  • Chris is home! He’d been in the UK since Cit Con, working on editing for SQ42. Now he’s back in the US.
  • They apparently found boxes of all the special effects from the Wing Commander movie. They’re going to look into getting them looking fixed up and put on more updated media (this will be done in their off time, it’s a pet project). Chris gets the distribution rights to the Wing Commander back next year.
  • They’re talking about palm reading now.
  • [What does the Latin mean on the concierge cards?] Faithful until death, or something similar.
  • Ryan Archer designed the card, and the Latin came from David Ladyman.
  • They’re talking about offices now. The new office will technically be in LA, not Santa Monica.
  • guys at MogNation are doing ExtraLife with SC prizes. Go to Mognation and check it out. There’s a sticky in General Chat forums for that.
  • Lots of SC streamers supporting charities right now.
  • Check out Infinity: Battlescape which is on Kickstarter right now (There will be an The Relay article about it coming next week as well)

24:00 Question time

  • [What will the mocap studio in the office provide?] It’s a shared space. They’re building 3 standing spaces for community productions, one for AtV, one for Meet the Devs, something else. They’ll be on wheels, so when they need to do mocap with the mocap equipment they have, they can wheel that stuff out, and do mocap in the room. Performance capture will still happen at proper studios.
  • There’s an AtV set, an all-purpose one for interviews, and a third one for a new ‘Dev vs. Dev’ show.
  • They need a LOT of mocap for things. One thing they do when creating new ships is look at angles on walkways and how doors opens, and they invariably need new mocap done for each new ship that comes around.
  • Making a lot of strides in unifying the base shapes of the cockpits though.
  • Sandis’ facebook yesterday had an image of Gurmukh working on the standard Anvil chair – that chair was from the Crucible.
  • [Backer tours of the new office?] Probably not till after the new year. They’ve got lots of work and have to get settled in first.
  • [Will all ships be available in anniversary sale?] No announcement on what’ll be available yet but most ships are a possible option. Anniversary Week kicks off Nov. 19, with a three-hour livestream. A good livestream. Chris, Sandi, cool new stuff to show. mini-CitizenCon vibe. Lots of new videos and things to show.
  • They’ll probably do theme days, there’ll be surprises, not everything’ll be available at once.
  • [What ships will be available in Alpha 2.0?] Connie and Tali for Multicrew. Might have a hangar-ready surprise or two also, but they won’t talk about that yet. No hype for things that might not happen.
  • They saw the Reddit thread decrying the lack of 2.0 talk on AtV, not intentional. It’s just at a point where there’s not much to say. It’s ‘content complete’, but it’s in the long and boring QA process where they build, send the build to QA, QA says it crashes when you take off in a Tali, then coders and designers fix that, make changes, build again, send to QA, QA says ah, Tali is fixed, but now all the Hornets are backwards, etc…
  • It’s a long process.
  • Ben’s talking about how he’s bad at making cakes now.
  • They’re eagerly watching QA reports, responding to things as needed, there’s just not much to say right now. It’s getting worked on.
  • They get some questions like ‘which avenger should players have as a default’, but other than that, it’s just work on QA stuff.
  • They did a big play test on 2.0 yesterday that worked very well. Very productive playtest.
  • Blockers reported from the playtest – If Tali is spawned, players can’t connect. Connie can’t be spawned. Tali engineering control panel has no effect on ship. Spawning Andromeda issue. Spawn issue in Vanduul Swarm. Crash with particular animations. Ghillie stops talking in the tutorial. One part of the map where damage isn’t reported correctly. Use prompt isn’t being reported in one station. etc… etc…
  • There was another issue that would only happen if they had 16 people on the map.
  • That’s one of the reasons they put it on the PTU before it goes live, to help test the game, but they have to get it to a working point before that.
  • Connie Andromeda will be in 2.0, no other variants.
  • They’re leaning towards the Connie in most cases for what you get, but they’ll be posting the rules for that. If you have a more expensive ship, you’ll probably get a Connie till your ship is done.
  • [Ship status page?] They’re very close. There hasn’t been an update in a while cause the ship team is redoing the pipeline, breaking it up into new segments. Until they had that key, updating the old pipeline made no sense. Talking to Elwin, they’re close, probably have signoff in the next two weeks, then they’ll work on an update pass on where all ships are in the new pipeline.
  • [2.0 playtest happening right now?] QA guys are probably in it. The one yesterday was company-wide. There aren’t 40 QA people, so they get scheduled tests to get more players in at once. No large one going on right now though.
  • [Concierge cards in 20% off sale?] No. It’s a pre-order, and they’re not making any money on them. That 10$ is production and shipping. Also, for the anniversary physical merch sale, 20% off all merch excluding the concierge cards, deeper discount on the Connie models – 80$
  • They don’t really answer questions on ‘When’ on RtV.
  • [Unmelting ships before 2.0?] Probably not. Just talked to Turbulent about it this weeks. It’s in the works. Soon, but… no idea of when exactly it’ll be.
  • They have to go through all of the various ‘what if’ situations, then the system has to get built, and Turbulent are an outsourcer. There’s a cost and a schedule for it. They go to Turbulent, turbulent say it’ll take this much time, it’s a complicated matrix. But unmelting has been approved, it just has to happen. Won’t be ready for Anniversary sale.
  • Don’t plan on being able to unmelt ships through the automated system, or through CS, for the foreseeable future. Certainly not till after the Anniversary sale.
  • [Morrow tour?] Still working on it. They want it to look as good as humanly possible, so they’re still working on it.
  • [Updates on Archimedes?] Concept complete. Gurmukh has done the artwork and presentation stuff, just lacks a blueprint. Going to a technical designer next to put it in the game.
  • [Orgs 2.0?] No comment.
  • [Source of music played before RtV?] Pedro Camacho. It’s all over Youtube, there’s a soundcloud with his stuff as well, stuff composed for commercials and iterative releases.
  • [Next patch?] 2.0. There will not be a 1.3.1
  • [Merlin able to dock with Connie in 2.0?] No. Chris said 2.1, maybe 2.2.
  • 10 for the Chairman is returning next week.
  • They won’t say when we get 2.0, cause they don’t know. It’s an iterative process. Once they have a build that works, then they’ll release it. it’s soon, very soon, barring terrible incident, but they don’t know.
  • [Other physical merchandise considered? Lanyards?] Just sent a lanyard sample over to their manufacturer. Looking to it for future events. Could probably also sell it.
  • There will be hoodies in 2016, but not drake hoodies
  • [Updates on SC HOTAS?] No, but tune into the Livestream on the 19th for the latest on the HOTAS!
  • [How do we access hangar in 2.0?] Good question. Ben doesn’t know. But it’s one of the 10ftC that’ll be on Monday.
  • [Can you visit Manchester?] Yes, contact customer support, they do tours once a month
  • When the new pipepline is finished they will do a whole post on it
  • [Updates on the Freelancer?] Probably the same as last week. Folks at F42 have accepted the Freelancer into their collective. They looked at the inside, said hell no, done some new concept work that they’re trying to get approval to show us. Some internal changes.
  • It’s the next ship. The Connie was a priority cause its’ the closest to the Tali. And there are a LOT of Connie players. It’s the proof of concept, it does everything. Multiple crew, modular system. Once the Connie is ready, they can take that tech to more ships easily.
  • They’re hoping to go out to the UK a little more often to film tours and such. They can’t do it constantly, but once in a while, they’re working on a plan for that next year.
  • They’re giving a lot of information, asking if they’re hurting us at The Relay who are typing. They’re not. We’ll take more information please.
  • They then did an evil laugh, like HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It was cute. They should do it more often.
  • And now they’re singing In the Jungle.
  • [CIG holiday livestream?] Yes. December 16th. It’s going to be fabulous and fancy fun.
  • Full of Holiday cheer. Santa will make an appearance.
  • [How married are Jared and Ben?] Justin – We should do 10 questions. What’s Ben’s favourite film. Sorry everyone, they’re being weird again
  • Alexis guesses ‘love in the afternoon, 2001, Wing Commander’. Those are top 5, but there’s one more.
  • Justin guesses ‘Spaceship Troopers’ Then was choked to death by Lando (Almost)
  • New Star Trek! how cool is that?
  • Ben’ll pay 6$ a month to watch Star Trek.
  • Alexis’ favourite movie is Rosemaries Baby.
  • Disco just stared at the camera very hard, again, cause Justin’s telling silly stories.
  • Ben’s asking for more questions, but Disco’s broken.
  • [Can ships fire at Curise speed?] Not sure. Might not be able to? They don’t know the answer.
  • No designers showed up today; they’re all working on 2.0
  • They’re all trying to solve bugs for 2.0
  • [Reliant?] Yes. Actually look at the Monthly Report for some Reliant teases.
  • [CCU from standalone ship to a package?] No. Strictly ship to ship. Created ideally so you can maintain your package.
  • If you want a different package, you should melt your ship and buy it.
  • [Are you hoping for 2.0 out by Anniversary sale?] Not necessarily. Everyone who wants to buy ships knows about Anniversary. They don’t plan releases around anything but when Devs say it’s ready. They’d love if they could do that, but it’s never happened before.
  • It’d be fantabulous if they had it go live for the Anniversary sale, but they’re not whipping Devs till it happens, they’re not releasing a shoddy product either.
  • Sabre’s not in yet, but it’s coming soon.
  • In general, they can say ‘it takes 6 weeks for a concept ship, we can have it delivered for this event’, but that doesn’t work with game releases.
  • [Why don’t you just release tali and conie into the hangar till 2.0?] It’d be a seperate build, they’d have to test it separately from 2.0, they’d have to pay to push it to everyone, it’s dead-end work. That would be a waste of money.
  • And that wraps up reverse the ‘Verse! Later today, weekly development update, monthly report, they’re heading to Austin next week, 10 for the Chairman on Monday, Anniversary sale stream on Nov. 19th!
  • Sunday there’s a Bar Citizen in Austin! Ben, Disco, Spaceship Troopers, Hennessy, Sandi (maybe), Austin guys!
  • And they’re out!



Erris is Canadian. He does some random things for Relay, no-one really knows what, but still they're stuck with him. He’s also written one Young Adult novel that he can’t stand, which can be found here.

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