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Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 65 Transcript! Written Friday 2nd of October 2015 at 11:18am by Erris

Hello Citizens, Welcome to The Relay’s coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse! Today, and next week, The Relay will be going back to the ‘old fashioned’ way of producing Reverse the ‘Verse transcripts, as Nehkara is...

Hello Citizens,

Welcome to The Relay’s coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse!

Today, and next week, The Relay will be going back to the ‘old fashioned’ way of producing Reverse the ‘Verse transcripts, as Nehkara is away on vacation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

That said, here come the notes!

Transcript by Erris and CanadianSyrup

– Soon™

– Music has stopped, waiting for images to appear.

– And here we go. I see Disco, Ben, and Alexis, but their camera is going INSANE.

– They’re having some incredible technical issues, and will BRB!


– Ok, they’re back, and the video is working.

– RtV is CIG’s weekly informal livestream where they talk to the fans, check in, and take questions.

– Joining them now is Justin Chambers.

– Ben’s week:  Nothing much happened. Pretty slow week. They all could have just stayed home. No, they made the Endeavour sale this week, and they launched season 2 of AtV. It’s got a new set now.

– The Endeavour! Yeah!

– Everyone knows about some of the drama, it’s turned out to be a ‘load of… something’

– Disco has no words he can say.

– On the balance, it’s been a good week. They got to make a spaceship.

– Personally Ben hasn’t done anything fun this week. 36 hours of SC a day. Best job in the world.

– Endeavour sale will go right through CitCon, which is Sat. Oct 10. The sale will end on the Monday after.

– There will be 3 QA posts, the first one goes up today. Each will have 10 answers.

– Probably on Wednesday and Friday next week.

– Alexis’ week!

– Getting merch prepped for Cit Con. They learnt how to mailchimp.

– CS tickets. As usual, though CS has a good handle on that now.

– When they see this kinda crap (drama) it does bring them down, so the kind words they’re seeing, they do appreciate it.

– Without going into too much detail about the bullshit, everything’s fine there.

– Justin’s Week!

– Edited a brand-new AtV. Justin just learned how they used to do it, then they changed everything, it all feels new. Justin learnt how to spell Hangar. Maybe.

– Most of the feedback received on the new AtV has been positive so far.

– Sandi’s at the new office today, supervising the setup at the new offices.

– They’re turning the camera around now to look at… Ben’s desk?

– Ben’s desk is where they used to film AtV. It’s… there’s not much room.

– Toast’s week:

– Everyone was blinded by science this week. And they were a bit distracted.

– Disco’s week:

– Disco revamped AtV! Lots of time in chat chatting with chatizens.

– Ben is having fun saying words.

– Ben washed his hair about 6 times to get the dye out of his hair from WC stream

– Lando had 3 shampoos and 5 conditioners to scrub it out

– Justin loves to use tresemme

– Justin’s wife is a hair stylist but doesn’t get the perks. (he has no hair)

– Questions and answer portion now

– Disco’s getting a call from Cambridge.

– The Wing Commander livestream was last Saturday! Played the whole game.

– Ben beat K2. Good waste of a Saturday. If you haven’t watched it, check it out on Youtube.

– Disco just got a ‘lol’ from a wrong number.

– Chris Roberts showed up for the Wing Commander stream too. It was awesome. Chris played for the first time in 25 years.

– There’ll be another lets play of Wing Commander in December, for the 25th anniversary of ‘Secret Missions’

– They will act out the parts again.

– You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Ben’s attempt at a French/Belgian lady voice.

– Ok, now for real, the question / answer portion!

[Will there be more ballcaps?] In the new year there’ll be some SQ42 caps available.

– They’ve got a lot of requests for flex-fit, so they’re looking into that.

– Justin just put on a ridiculous hat.

[Any SQ42 shirts soon?] Yes! They’re going to be selling some SQ42 to go along with Citizen Con. On the 10th, there’ll be an update SQ42 shirt, a travel mug, and a patch set.

– Patch set includes RSI, SC, and SQ42 patches, and subscribers get a special fourth patch.

– The new shirt has a different back, and a fixed neckline.

– It’s a ‘neck’ of a shirt.

– Also, the track jackets are currently on discount, but that’s for pre-orders. One more week to get them at discount.

– [What ships will be sold at Citizen Con?] That’s a surprise. Wait and see. One especially cool ship will be sold, a ship we haven’t seen before.

– [How’s Cutlass feedback going?] Disco has some emails out to F42 for information, but nothing yet. They’re working on it.

– Lisa Ohanian has arrived.

– They’ve figured out who’s gonna take out the ships stuff. Mark Hong, from the Austin office, he’s going to swing by in a bit. He’s going to be working remotely, then coming out half the time, and then he’ll be in Santa Monica full time in December. Lisa’s training him up.

– Everyone will miss Lisa. She’s done a fantastic job, everyone will miss her.

– Lisa’s leaving for a great new opportunity that Ben’s pretty jealous of. And now, she’ll answer ship questions!

– Was there an image of the interior of the Herald yesterday in AtV? Yes, yes there was.

– There were two interior shots of the Herald in yesterday’s Ship Shape.

– Those were images from white-boxing for the interior. So it’s still got some room to get even cooler.

– [Can you release style guides to fans?]They might release the style guides to fans once they’re finalised.

– [Will Idris be ready with Multi-crew?] Nope, probably not.

– [Crucible?] who knows?! They’ve got the work they want, working on some concept art, but no new about when a sale for it’ll be.

– No current plans to sell the f-8 lightning (that includes Cit Con

CCU system is coming along. They’re hopeful it might appear next week, just before CitizenCon.

– [Carrack?] Don’t know

– [Connie?] Doing excellently for the final push. Just had a review on it, having daily quick updates on everything for the Connie, as it’s being finished up.

– No feedback thread for AtV anymore, they get feedback in AtV and Comm-link comments and on Reddit. They started rough, but they’ve fixed it up a lot more, so feedback will be more organic now.

– Also, it’s not all about AtV. AtV is how they get information out, they’re not trying to be TV stars or anything.

– [Endeavour – how many modules / pods are planned?] Ben gave a huge write up about it, different categories, different specialty pods, etc… It’ll be a while before we see additional pods. plenty of ideas, but they need time to build more out.

– No, CIG don’t monetize the youtube page.

– No news on the Drake Dragonfly

– [Can the endeavor land] Short answer yes it can.

– Joining the stream now is mark hung

– He’s currently going take the place of Lisa,

– Mark is working on stuff for the PTU and solving blockers in the engineering department

– He’s excited to come out to LA but will miss the Austin team dearly.

– [What’s the diff between CIG and RSI?] Initially, CIG was the entire company, RSI was the in-fiction organization. Now, RSI is the name of one of the subgroups, but Ben’s not sure which one. There are different business entities, F42 UK, etc… and RSI is one of them.

– [Connie modularity?] Right now, the guys working on it are just working on the Andromeda. Lisa’s been putting together scheduled projections for what they’ll do after, for how many people to work on Variants and Modules and such.

[If you leave the drive section and science section in orbit, what stops people from stealing it?] There are a lot of ships that you’ll leave most of them in orbit. They won’t’ be easily stolen. Park it above Terra, probably safe. Park it above Nyx, maybe not so much.

– Nothing’s absolute yet.

– Lisa’s quoting “The Room” now, even though she’s never seen it.

– “You’re tearing me apart Lisa!”

– [Archimedes?] Gurmukh is working on that right now, going pretty well.

– Tonight, Gurmukh will be livestreaming his Gnomen? If you’re interested about learning his 3D processes, tune in.

– Gurmukh is the only ship concept artist at Santa Monica. More are over in UK.

– Lisa will be curious about what happens with ships after she leaves.

– She still won’t tell anyone anything though.

– Lisa doesn’t want to say what she’s going to go do, but everyone’s proud of her.

– [Can I upgrade my Carrack to an Idris?] If and only if the Idris is available. Only covers ships that are on sale.

– [More about the BMM this year?] Probably not this year. Might have an idea of when it’ll start getting work next year. It’s on the first tier of ships to get tackled, but it won’t get started before the end of the year.

– Freelancer’s in the UK, Lisa has to follow up with them.

– Justin will wear the money hat always now.

– [Will CCU system open options for limited time sales when they go up?] Yes.

– [890 jump have medical facilities?] Lisa’s not sure. It’s a big ship though with lots of room for modularities, so there’ll probably will be a variant with those abilities.

– For most Endeavour questions, remember there are 3 QA’s coming soon.

– [Starfarer?] Currently being worked on by 2-3 people in the UK.

– The Starfarer’s one of the first ships the UK will do to the new level, then they’ll be taking what they learn with that to Freelancer and Endeavour.

– [FPS test play?] They had one today, but it wasn’t able to happen, but they fixed the blocker already. We’ll find out more in tonight’s FPS post.

– Not going to PTU today for 1.3, but they’re going to it very very soon.

– [What’s expected in 1.3?] Can’t’ talk about it. It’s a secret. There’s not much to say really, just the first build after the ‘great merge’

– [can any employee boot up the game and play the latest test branch?] You could, but it takes a long time if you haven’t updated in a while. For company policy, anyone’s allowed to try, but most of them don’t have time.

– they’ve started having time on fridays for feedback and have been diligent on that within the company.

– [Will there be posters?] We’re trying but it’s difficult to do them.

– They do want to do a ‘Collectors art set’ that’s on the radar. They know we want art.

– Fulfillment and shipping is usually hard.

– [Connie Modularity again] Making a decision in the next week or two about that, and where resources will go. Likely a few people will stay on that, might roll out later, but who knows.

– Same thing with the Herald, working on the base model.

– [Will larger ships have a more complicated startup sequence than fighters?] Question for designers. Almost certainly, but ask Designers.

– [Are there going to be new models of ships soon?] Working out the Connie models first, then they’ll move on to more maybe. They still have Connie models, but they have to fulfill the smaller version of it too, then in the future they’ll consider models of more ships.

– [Monthly report?] There is one. Lisa wrote all about the LA Art section. The internal deadline for it was today, but they’re doing it the same day as CitizenCon this month. Many people are working on cool things for Cit Con that they can’t talk about. They’re writing it as if Citizen Con has happened, it’ll be published on the 10th.

– Apparently Disco looks like a young George Lucas.

– [What’s the best restaurant around the office?] There’s a lot but they’re all expensive

– The Hope class has the same separable front cab. As do they all. They’re the same ship.

– Ben’s hugging the community. Lisa and Lando are not part of it.

– [Will LTI be kept if CCUing to another ship?] Yes.

– The new CCU system is all to help original backers keep their packages.

– [Concierge Citizen Cards?] They won’t have your name on it, but it is just for Concierge.

– Doing one metal engraving for everyone that wanted one was tough. They personalized them early on, and they still get tickets about those.

– [If they have LTI on a ship, is it possible to permanently lose the ship forever?] Ben’s not sure, and he won’t speculate. It’ll be looked into in the PU.

– No news on Avenger or Herald modular parts.

– [What ship’s most similar to Serenity?] Probably the Freelancer. According to Lisa.

– Disco thinks the Carrack. Carrack in size, Freelancer in spirit.

– CIG are $900 away from 90 million.

– [What ship do you plan to start out with?] Ben’s gonna start with an Aurora. Beer for the BeerGod and Ben were talking about starting in Privateer, buying your jump drive, how good a feeling it was.

– Disco’s gonna start with a Connstellation. First ship he pledged for. He wants the Millennium Falcon feeling.

– Ben is a bad-ass fighter pilot.

– SC hit 90million!

– 90 MILLION DOLLARS! woop woop *choo chooooo*

– Ben: It’s insane. Ben remembers starting out with Sandi, Chris and Dave, they never dreamed of anything like this.

– Someone sent them freeze dried ice cream

– Ben just wants to thank everybody. They wouldn’t be here without us.

– Lisa: Even though people at CIG are super incredible, the Community are the amazing part.

– Sandi’s here! She just saw the new offices.

– Sandi doesn’t actually have 15/15 she checked and it’s 20/15

– Toast comments that it says a lot that they have bottle openers but not can openers

– They will try the freeze dried ice cream next week live

– Ben’s sleeping this weekend. Maybe some star wars stuff. Ben and Disco are gonna play some Star Wars miniatures or something.

– Ben uses fancy shampoo. Disco doesn’t.

– Sandi looks so hollywood right now.

– Ben: ‘the future’s so bright Sandi needs shades’

– Justin ‘we’re lit up because the fans shine so bright’

– They do not have an intern program. Not yet anyway.

– [Taurus flight ready when Andromeda goes live?] No. Base first, rest after.

– CIG are very close to a million Citizens as well.

– [Who’s a better pilot Sandi or Ben?] Ben obviously but sandi got pretty good during flight school

– Ben’s much better at Wing Commander than he is at Arena Commander.

– And that wraps up the show!

– RtV, for Friday, Oct. 2nd, 2015.

– Tune in later today, there’ll be an FPS report and a QA on the Endeavour.

– Sandi’s taking a picture of everyone.

– And that’s it.



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