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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 64 Written Friday 25th of September 2015 at 10:57am by Nehkara

Hello fellow Citizens!  Welcome to The Relay’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 64! Reverse the ‘Verse Notes by Erris and Myself Notes in Bold are important.  Notes in Italics are just our blathering...

Hello fellow Citizens!  Welcome to The Relay’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 64!

Reverse the ‘Verse

Notes by Erris and Myself

Notes in Bold are important.  Notes in Italics are just our blathering.

– Soon ™

– Still panning over the epic poster made by Fiendish Feather, but should go live any second now.

– I see Disco and Ben. No sounds right now. There’s a error message on the screen.

– I see Alexis too. There we go, sound now. Sandi’s in the back as well

– There’s Thomas Henessy and Justin at the back as well.

– James and Alyssa have left CIG. For their privacy, CIG can’t give any details about that. That wouldn’t be fair to anyone involved, that’s just how it works.

– They were very fond of them, had a great time with them while they were there, but SC marches on.

– No change at all to development. Community will work a bit more to make up for the holes they’ve left.

– There are some new job listings up. Jared will do the productin on AtV, so expect it to get more Disco soon.

– This is something that happens. It’s a shame, but it will all be okay

– Anyone using this as evidence of some kind of crusade, that’s inapropriate. These are human beings, they should go off and have great careers, without having crazy people tainting them with rumours.

– Lisa Ohanian, unrelated to this, has put in her two weeks notice. She’s going to a fantastic new job.

– It’s a job she could not turn down. They’ll figure out how to do ShipShape without her.

– It’s always sad when people go, but people come, people go, and people follow their dreams.

– Lots of folks have come and gone over the past few years, Ben’s proud of working with all of them, and the game continues.

– Sandi’s been in and out this week. She’s been really sick all week (hasn’t been shouting, cause she’s sick)

– Sandi filed for PTO. She was supposed to be gone all week, but called in cause… stuff.

– Toast is here too, because he works during the stream all the time.

– They’re having some audio issues today

Ben this week – lots of work on the Endeavour. It’s coming along. Not sure if it’ll be tonight or early next week. Tony Z’s working on a science design doc.

Waiting on shots to come in from Chris Olivia, and blueprints from Ryan Archer as well.

Two weeks ago we saw some WIP images. The ship’s iterated since then. Looks similar, but it’s different. Much more detailed, pods make more sense, etc…

Sneak-peek on AtV was one of the medical pods.

There are many pods, they’re still trying to figure out how many.

Wide array of science pods. They are blinded by science.

Alexis – Subscriber-only RtV was on Wednesday, that went well. Sandi and Alexis are working on Merch for CitizenCon – SQ42 t-shirt. Patch-set (RSI Logo, SC Logo, SQ42 logo, subscribers have a special patch), Posters at a later date (probably after CitCon).

Also track jackets will be shipping soon.

– They’re having a fashion show with the track jacket now.

– The track jacket is very minimal, looks nice.

– Toast – Wrote a post on the forums, which went up on Reddit. Toast is awesome.

– Disco’s been ragging on Justin all week apparently.

– Disco apparently tried to order smoreos. Bought a pack on amazon. Sent him a box, no oreos in it.

– Ben says smoreos are sub-par oreos.

Speaking of melting, the new CCU system is in active testing. First iteration will be side-grades and upgrades, and then there will be downgrades eventually.

– Sandi has 15/15 vision apparently.

– [Sandi, do you still practice Martial Arts?] She does MMA, kickboxing, taikwondo. She’s training with a 6-dan blackbelt, twice a week.

– They had a Pinata in once, and Sandi wanted to spin-kick it. But she didn’t cause she had a dress on.

[Rain on ArcCorp – plans?] Yes. There are plans for day/night cycle as well. That’ll happen eventually.

[Word on Calix’s writeup?] Yes. They’re working on it. Not next week, it’s very in-depth, but it’s coming soon.

– They want to get Pete Mackay in for that as well.

[Can the Hull series mount Endeavour modules?] Don’t think so. Attach points are probably different. Also, Endeavour modules are manned modules. Have to be able to walk into them.

Also the Hull series are not designed to meet the power requirements of the Endeavour.

[TBD surprise for today?] Was supposed to be… it was supposed to be saying there could be the Endeavour sale post, which they’re still working on for today or Monday.

– [Ben, gray hair?] ‘I do have grey hair, yes.’

Tomorrow, Disco and Ben will have blue hair paint for the 25th anniversary of Wing Commander. On the CIG Twitch, at 12 CIG time (3pm EDT) they’ll do a livesteream playthrough of Wing Commander.

– There’ll be breaks with some special guests. Lots of people involved in Wing Commander’ll be coming in to talk and show things off.

– There’ll be a lot of trivia too!

– It’s going to be pure Ben in his element.

– Ben will see if Chris can Skype in too.

[Progress on Starfarer?] Yes. It’s very far along. It’s huge. Sandi’s seen it, cause she was involved with the Starfarer for some SQ42 stuff. It’ll probably the first of the really big ships to make it into the game.

– [Are Calix, Forrest, and Hennessy 3 different people?] No. They’re all the same person.

[Crucible, what can and can’t it fix?] It can fix hornets / gladiators / etc… in an interior bay. It can fix other things via the outside. Specifically designed to repair military fighters. The bay is detachable and they envision it being swapped for other things like a workshop or something to help repair capital ships.

[How long will the Endeavour sale last?] Probably through to the start of Cit Con, because they gave notice late.

Run through to October 9th or 10th.

– [Updates on Connie?] No updates, but you’ll see it with multicrew.

– [Is SC going to have birds as well as fish?] ‘In the future all birds are extinct’. But no, there will be some degree of birds.

– There’s a thread in the Subscribers den on the forums for ideas for new flair.

– ‘Subscribers den – put a bird on it’

– [Who’s going to take over the Cutlass thread?] TBD, they’ll figure that out.

– Probably Disco.

– [Vanduul Plushy?] They’ve talked about a vanduul mousepad.

– Disco will work up a Vanduul mousepad. They’ll explore it.

[Other modules planned for Caterpillar?] There are many. We’ll learn more about the caterplans in the future. [Yes, that was Ben.]

On Ship Shape yesterday, we saw some Caterpillar talk. There are many more modules than the ones shown on AtV.

– They have the next 5 AtV weeks of shows slightly planned out, on a board in the office.

[Anything about direction Cap ships are taking?] Bigger, haven’t you seen the Idris?

A lot of the cap ships will come along once the Idris is ready. Chris talked about this on the livestream. Now that tech issues are resolved, we’ll see more cap ship stuff coming.

For questions on flight mode, they’re working on something in the next few weeks.

– [Why is toast not working?] Toast is always working.

– CIG Santa Monica are in two seperate suites. Original suite, with devs programmers artists etc. The one next door, it’s connected internally, but separate alarms, keycodes, etc… When they close for the night, Dennis has asked that they Skype out. Long story short, Toast has been locked in a few times.

– He also eats cheetos with chopsticks.

– Toast likes his bread.

– Sandi’s favourite flower is a white tiger-lilly

– Ben likes flowers you can eat. Honeysuckle.

[Difference between AC 2.0 and large world release?] They are different things. Large world is the baby PU/exoverse. AC, Star Marine, they’re built into the world. They’re games within the game. The Baby PU is a giant stage for CIG to play with stuff. All of SC’s parts are supposed to go in there, break, be fixed, etc… AC 2.0 will come out once multicrew’s perfected in the baby PU.

AC 2.0 isn’t soon anymore, it’s something that’ll come out of the baby PU. The baby PU lets them do things like chuck the mining mechanics into the live server, or salvage, exploration, etc… That wouldn’t make sense in AC 2.0

We’ll see Baby PU before AC 2.0

– Similar, but separate.

[Will subscriber wall be in game somewhere?] Yes.

– They’ll take photos when they get to the office.

[Will Empire Report make it into the game?] A version of it will. It’ll be like the proper news in bars.

– They’ll need to shoot some new Empire Reports soon.

– There’s a rumour they’ll be exciting. Ben’s starting that rumour now.

– CIG shoot all the Empire Reports at once. That’s why Sandi looks the same in each one.

– Sandi was on the phone to the UK this morning.

No information yet about how ships too big for the hangar will be dealt with. Either they’ll expand the hangar, or it’ll be in a different place.

– No updates on the Freelancer. It’s still in the works.

– Most update questions, the answer is no updates yet. If you see a ship that’s done, it’s done. If it’s not, it’s in the works.

– They don’t sit on much. When stuff is ready, they push it out. The only stuff they keep hidden is SQ42 stuff.

– They’ll give answers when they have answers to give. People are still working on designing the game. When they have answers, they’ll share them. That’s why there’s no time-frame given generally.

– If Empire Report is the CNN of the ‘Verse, is there an NPR?

– Randy Vasquez has shown up. He was summoned.

The coloured areas in the caterpillar were for different modules. There’s a lot of ideas for different modules, trying to make sure they can give everything that’s been asked for. They’re solidifying what they see the cat doing in the ‘Verse. Hopefully soon they can show some more details like what they did with the Starliner.

[How’s the FPS playtest?] Disco didn’t get to participate, but it went well. There’s another this afternoon. Testing continues.

[Why does the Caterpillar command module detach?] Cause it’s awesome. Also, think of it as a safety feature. Oh man, we’re getting attacked, it detaches and breaks away. Like a lizard tail.

– Can’t talk about anything asking ‘when’.

– CitizenCon is October 10th.

– [4K videos from CIG?] Some of the comercials are in it. Ben doens’t think anyone wants to see his face in 4k. They’ve talked about switching to a black magic camera setup, but even then, they’d film in 4k and downsize to 2K.

– There’s an old student film online somewhere where Ben plays a cannibal. It’s called Bad Meat and was made by Ben’s brother: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=733gk4k0eXs

[Events after CitCon?] Anniversary livestream on November 19, Holiday Livestream Dec 16.

– Wulf asked for further de-tail on the Caterpillar. Because he’s awesome.

[How will the hangar connect to the baby PU?] Can’t talk about that. No-one knows right now, not there anyway.

– Disco will ask around. They’ll try to have an answer for next week.

[CCU system – still required to be flyable?] No. It’s whatever’s available for sale at the time.

May have a thing where you can’t prevent yourself from having a package, but that’s something they’re still working on. Making sure you can’t acciedentally destroy your packages with it.

– Ben said ‘Star Citizen, Accidentally destroying your package’ and Disco gave up.

– CIG are moving to a new office space in November / December.

[Updates on original ship skins – take my money, exploration, etc…] Those have to apply to all the ships. Waiting for tech to be available on all the ships. Skins are pretty easy, take about a day of dev time. Once they can do them, they can put ’em out fast.

[Wait time for CS?] If you write in over the weekend, probably have a wait till Tuesday. But the great CS Backup has been soundly defeated.

– Sandi did 2000 tickets.

Caterpillar questions – Caterpillar modules will each have their own functions. Based on what you want in it, it’ll change the entire ship. You can have whatever ship you want, within reason.

Hopefully next week or soon they’ll be able to show more on the Caterpillar.

– ‘I’ve always BEN a verb’ – Ben.

[Plans to allow furniture decoration of the hangar? chairs, couches, etc…?] Yes. It’s in the plan.

[When will the Caterpillar be back for sale?] It’s a limited ship. There’ll be probably a variant / module sale at some point. Look for the Anniversary sale, that sort of thing. And it’s still asymmetrical.

[Endeavour?] They’re really close to the sale. Info will come with the sale, then there will be the standard Q&A posts. Probably three of them.

[Move cab to the other side on the Caterpillar?] Don’t think so, no.

– Sandi joined a French book club. She’s starrting to read Lord of the Rings tomorrow. At 9am.

– Ben used to speak french. He lived in France. He doesn’t speak it anymore though.

[Un-melt requests again?] Yes, but please don’t inundate them. They can do a couple. It’s just hard when they come at the time of an event. Really impacts the response time.

– It’s not a formal system. Please don’t abuse the system.

– Star Citizen: Hamburgers everyday.

Wing Commander 25th anniversary livestream! Tomorrow! Noon CIG time! 3pm EDT!

– Ben! Jared! Toast! Special Guests!

– They’ll play through the entire game. Commentary, some missions in real time, it’ll be good. Talk about the development, what it meant for games in general, lots of trivia, should be fun.

– 24 hours from right now.

– And that’s it!

As mentioned in RtV today:

Bad Meat

Starring Ben Lesnick



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