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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 52 Notes! Written Friday 19th of June 2015 at 11:07am by Erris

Hello Citizens and welcome to The Relay’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 52! Reverse the ‘Verse   Notes by Erris and LegoRobotDude Notes in bold are important. Notes in italics are our own comments...

Hello Citizens and welcome to The Relay’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 52!

Reverse the ‘Verse


Notes by Erris and LegoRobotDude

Notes in bold are important. Notes in italics are our own comments.

– Soon™

– I see Alyssa, James, Alexis and Jenny

– E3 the aftermath.

– The best episode.

– Most people are dealing with the consequences of E3. Alyssa’s hungover apparently

– Alyssa has hit the swear jar already. 15 seconds in. She doesn’t know how to communicate without swearing.

– Hennessy is here too.

– Ben is hard at work on everything he has to finish today. Jump Point articles. Scythe Q&A.

– Free-fly for the next week is live.

– The Scythe post will be ‘totes rad’

– totes on fleek brah.

– They’re talking about Amiibos again.

– Apparently Lego Dimensions looks cool.

Sneak Peek talk: A UI mockup for a terminal on the Shubin mining station.

– Alyssa’s job is to find things that haven’t been showed yet, get it approved to be shown, and then give it to Lando.

– Matt Sherman is here too now. And Disco’s around now too.

– Jen’s telling an E3 story about being a fan of some youtuber.

– Chelsea and Travis are away, Ben is busy working, so… no-one’s awake.

– They went to Notch’s party on Tuesday apparently.

– James has a jump around story apparently.

– Now they’re talking about techno music.

– Which apparently Ship Shape enjoyed.

– FFVII remake was the biggest news of the show, according to James.

Citizencon trophy will be in the store closer to CitizenCon.

– They didn’t try the Oculus, cause the line was 3 days long.

– They tried the Morpheus though.

– They saw Will again, who’s doing well, which is fantastic.

– [Matt Sherman – why can you see the whole universe in front of you when you’re passing through the event horizon of a black hole?] I thought that new transformer game was pretty cool.

– Cutlass updates? – Alyssa believes someone’s working on it, but no updates on this time (she’s pretending to be Ship Shape right now)

– Will the physics engine allow for ships like the Reclaimer to pick up smaller ships and carry them? No. Tethered ship flight stuff is not really a viable thing, just for how some of the systems are going to be setup. The idea of tugs, that could still be on the table, but the ship you’re towing probably couldn’t have people inside of it. You won’t be able to just tie two ships together.

– Message Alexis on the forums with what mousepads you want, apparently.

– Dennis showed up now too.

– Jump Point is being worked on right now, being worked on today.

– Dennis played the new Battlefront.

– None of Ben’s puns are Lando’s fault. But Lando encourages them.

– [Progress on the Vanguard variants?] They’re being worked on right now.

– James just broke Alyssa.

– Dennis is excited for Fallout 4.

– [News on multicrew ships for AC?] It’s going to be with AC 2.0, which James isn’t talking about right now.

– Half Life 3 is not confirmed.

– The Relay is not having a horrible time. We’re having a great time.

– Now they’re talking about TV shows.

– [Progress on netcode stuff?] SO many people are working on getting FPS ready. The entirety of the Frankfurt office is working on that right now.

Lots of people working on it, and there is progress, but from the emails Alyssa has seen it seems very complicated, but they’re doing their best. There is no timeline, but it has to work before it goes out to PTU, otherwise it’s going to be a giant f-ton of… pick a word. It’s going to be bad, and they don’t want to give us bad stuff.

– There’s a point at which it makes sense, and getting testing data is helpful, and FPS isn’t there yet.

– It will be worth the wait.

– Regarding other game modes for AC – THey want to expand it in the future, but for right now they need to get better balance, multicrew, etc… before they get a hard-core variant mode, or a mining or gas-work or competitive mode up first. Trying to do a finely balanced competitive mode right now when things can change drastically and they don’t even have multicrew is… silly.

– A delayed game can still be awesome. A bad game is bad forever.

– Imagine if they released FPS right now, and it was bad, and no-one could get into FPS, everyone would lose their minds, CIG gain nothing to help develop the game, and it would just make everyone mad. And that’s not their goal.

– A vegemite cadbury chocolate egg is a thing, apparently.

– Toast loves vegemite.

The group of CIG that went to E3 thought the latest Oculus project was excellent, and they’ll be pushing the people to try to get more implementation for it.

– Upgrade packs in the store – Not sure if they’ll be doing upgrade packs, but sometime in the near future they’re thinking about doing weapons packs – addons for your ships.

– [Will the Merlin and Scythe be flyable in the same update?] They’re working towards the Merlin, but it won’t be the same update. The Merlin’s still a WIP.

– [Was the facial animation in the e3 trailer what we can expect in the PU?] Yes. That’s older stuff too, months and months old. What they’re doing now is even better.

– Dennis is now gone.

– Alyssa has the giant list of ships, but she hasn’t had a chance to look at it. She’s primarily working on the ones they’re focusing on for sales, cause that’s her job.

– Dennis is a humble gentleman.

– [Will beards grow over real-time like in Witcher3?] James hopes so.

– DragonFly is undergoing a true concept – what the look and feel will be like, how it fits into PU, give it a personality and a role.

– At that point, it’ll go to a concept artist, go through a ton of iterations, etc… It’s a very very long ways off from even being considered for a concept sale. Months and months.

– Jenny’s said this is going to be a short episode.

– People are busy with E3, people are crunching for FPS, so there’s no point in a full episode, so with that said

– James thanks everyone who’s here, thanks everyone for tuning in, and that’s it.

– Stream done.



– News from Ben – Concept sale next Friday – the Genesis starliner. Doing lots of cool design work on it, why ferrying passengers around will be interesting. Price later today, locking it down now.

– Chris Reed, a friend from the old Wingman community, is an engineer at Boeing, and lots of the Genesis comes from him. We’ll hear lots about that on next weeks’ ATV 50.

– It’s just Ben and Jenny now.

– Now James and Alexis are back now. Ben was really happy to see Will at E3 again.

– Ben’s favourite part of E3 was when you leave the publisher booths, and you get to the weird booths, from people who are the distributor of Nintendo games in Vietnam. Ben likes the background stuff.

– [Will the endeavour be able to defend itself?] An escort is suggested, but it will have some weapons.

– You will hear more about Social module after FPS ships

– Right now, one of the reasons no-one’s here is there’s a company-wide FPS review going on right now, expect to hear more soon.

– AtV Sneak Peek is UI for Shubin, which is part of SQ42.

– Not Cutlass update right now. Ben is becoming Ship Concept Director, and will hopefully soon have a better idea of where ships are and what’s coming.

Gamescom – Chris, Sandi, Ben, Ali, James, Travis and Chelsea, they’ll all be there.

Ben can’t share too much about the sneak peek, but it’s a mining UI for Shubin, which we’ll see at the start of SQ42. Shows the level of detail they’re getting into for the computer interfaces.

No update on the MerchantMan.

– Jen saw all the misspellings on the sneak peek.

Hardest technical challenge CIG still has to overcome – Ben’s guess, without being a technical person, is netcode. They want SC to be played by many people seamlessly at once, and getting there is a challenge.

F8 will be obtainable in the PU, though it’ll be extremely rare. They’ll revisit it later this year, though there’ll be a teaser of it in the sale next week. The F8 is something you’ll see mostly in SQ42, but there may come to a time when they do produce a civilian version.

– James wants to live in the future when spelling doesn’t matter.

Herald in SQ42 – Ben can’t say what it’ll be doing, just that it makes an appearance, which we already knew.

– There are no hangar fish in the production now, but they have need of more.

CIG will not be selling the F8. They’ll think of it in the future as the Universe evolves, but right now, it’s a SQ42 pure military ship.

The Starliner’s a ship that’ll be cool for players to have, it’ll be like the Orion, in that it’s a big piece of gameplay, but a lot of it will be background noise of the Universe. Wing Commander 1-4, they focused on building the military ships you played with, but now they’re building the Universe. So, what’s the most common airplane you ship? It’s a boeing 747 or something. So they’re building out the sinews and muscles of the Universe, to show how deep the gameplay will go. It may be in the background of SQ42, if they get it done in time.

– [Will SC have a bigger presence at E3 in the future?] Probably not, because it’s the industry looking at the industry, not the community. They want to focus their money on us, not the industry.

– That’s why they do things like PAX, Gamescom, Dragoncon, etc…

What does the star marine review entail? – Ben doesn’t know, cause he’s not in it. Probably just looking at where we’re at, looking at results of QA testing. Ben’s not trying to hype us, it’s not coming out today, but they’re working on it.

– Jump Point is tonight.

– Dave Haddock has taken over one of the articles for tonight’s Jump Point. There’ll be a Cubby Blast article, the ship is the Reliant, etc…

– Ben is most hyped for Kings Quest.

– James thinks Horizon looks cool.

– They’re talking about more E3 games. Ben’s looking forward to Battlefront.

– Also Fallout 4. Ben loves Fallout. He’s from Rockville, where Bethesda is located. He started with Fallout 3 (he has played 1 and 2 though, he does have cred)

– Ben has preordered the pipboy edition.

– The stupidest thing Ben saw at E3 was a ghostbusters licensed puzzle game for iOS, that they were selling with sexy ghost buster booth babes.

– Ben’s not happy about animal crossing spinoffs this year. Nintendo makes James cry.

– Jen is falling asleep.

no timeline for buying characters yet, need to lock-down NPC’s first, which the folks in Austin are working hard on.

– Ben has lost a lot of weight in the past few weeks and looks great *three cheers for Ben*

– Ben and Alexis ordered a hot dog pizza. Which is apparently that, exactly. A hot dog pizza.

– James has been kicked out of three taco bells before.

– They’re talking about tacos and taco bell.

– And that’s it this week. Next week, when E3 is not happening, and things aren’t crazy, they’ll have a better show.

– Stay tuned for FPS. Ben wishes he could let us into their heads, but they’re trying their best.

– And that’s it. Stream actually done this time.




Erris is Canadian. He does some random things for Relay, no-one really knows what, but still they're stuck with him. He’s also written one Young Adult novel that he can’t stand, which can be found here.

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