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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 37 – Notes Written Thursday 5th of March 2015 at 11:22am by Nehkara

Hey Citizens!  Here are my notes for Episode 37 of Reverse the ‘Verse: Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 37 Notes: – Today is the earliest that AC v1.1 could hit. HOWEVER, not necessarily today… it...

Hey Citizens!  Here are my notes for Episode 37 of Reverse the ‘Verse:

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 37


– Today is the earliest that AC v1.1 could hit. HOWEVER, not necessarily today… it could be tomorrow or Saturday or next week… or whenever it is ready.

– 1.1 contains REC and there is a lot of stage setting for FPS and Social Module.


– 1.1 is not planning to go to PTU but it *might* happen.

– Disco Lando helped with the edit for AtV this week.

– Thomas Hennessey did the ‘breaking bad-ish’

– Multiplayer free-flight is close but not in 1.1.

– Cutlass designed to be worse dogfighter than the Hornet, but better than the Aurora or 300i.  Has the big advantage of being able to board and haul.

– Ships are typically slightly more expensive ($5 or so) for flight-ready sale and hangar sale than concept sale.

– CIG has plans to honour Leonard Nimoy.

– Access to FPS:  Alpha backers have access.  Those without Alpha will require $5 FPS pass.  New packages will go up in price $5 and include FPS.

– Retaliator commercial will come with Retaliator variants.

– Cinematic people currently constantly working on Squadron 42.

– Cutlass is being revamped in UK but is not close to ready yet.  Cutlass Blue and Red will be in after this revamp.

– Gladius flyable and Retaliator in hangar for V1.1.

– New damage states for AC ships:  Slowly more and more ships will be given the new damage state system.

– Drake Herald is not in production currently.

– Vanguard will be the next concept ship.  Looking great.

– Redeemer is at Illfonic to refine its FPS capabilities.

– AC 2.0 will contain many multicrew ships.

– PAX East video will be up Monday.

– Some videos will go live during presentation that will be queued up to go live on the site.

– No pricing details on Vanguard or Hull series.

– Working on a new holotable.

– Sim Pod probably in 1.1

– Major revision of gimbaled weapons upcoming.  CIG devs working on balance feel that there is no downside to gimbals right now.   This will be changing such that fixed weapons have advantages too.

– Changes to gimbals MIGHT be in the design post tomorrow on weapon changes.

– Chelsea and James in a battle for who swears the most among the community team.

– Still determined to be controller agnostic.

– Any news on the Caterpillar? No.

– Reaching the point in Star Citizen development where ships will no longer be the big milestones, releases will be.

– Community team going to see Chappie tonight.

– Starfarer in progress (needed for SQ42).

– Jenny is spending the whole show eating… :D

– Planetside/social module will be similar to AC when it launched… ‘just the bare bones to begin with, then we’ll add meat and organs’.

– Two design posts and monthly report this weekend (including Friday).

– Character customization in social module.  Doesn’t sound like it will necessarily be with the initial launch.

– Planetside/Social module is the first expansion of the real Star Citizen universe (not a simulation).

– CS is now under 1000 tickets for the first time since Christmas.

– 100,000 tickets in the past two years.

– Hat, challenge coin, travel mug coming.

– CIG got shipment of returned dog tags.  They need the bumpers and key rings and then they will sort them and contact the owners.

– New character animations with V1.1.  One of the reasons V1.1 is “coming in hot”.

– If CIG can get rights to the GDC presentation video, they will post it.

– 890 JUMP not in progress currently.

– Jenny is redoing the fan kit (which hasn’t been redone in 2 years).  She is also doing a brand refresh.

– Constellation rework underway in Santa Monica.

– Cutlass is being reworked ‘entirely’.

– Org 2.0 delayed due to Turbulent being insanely busy.

– Talking about second wave of the early T-shirts.

– Modified ‘Cal is my wingman’ shirt coming back that doesn’t say ‘Cal is my wingman’.

– They have investigated a bajillion different manufacturers for physical merchandise.

– Terra not changing names.

– Idea is that Terra and Earth are in conflict, both wanting to be “Earth” as in the centre of the UEE.  Therefore, the name fits and will not change.

– Ben’s job: designs spaceships, planning marketing strategies, hosts YouTube TV show, along with pretty much everything else.

– Voyager Direct melting is the subject of a current debate internally.

– MISC Endeavour is in concept.

– Ben will start sitting down with Travis once a month and creating a document that shows where each ship is in its production schedule.

– Room system will be utilized more with the social module.

– Tony Zurovec immediately wanted to expand the Planetside experience when he joined the project.



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