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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 34 Notes Written Thursday 12th of February 2015 at 11:27am by Nehkara

Hey Citizens, follow the jump for the notes from Reverse the ‘Verse! Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 34 Link – Will, Ben, James, Chelsea, Alexis, Ryan, Megan, Jenny, Billy, Thomas and more are present for...

Hey Citizens, follow the jump for the notes from Reverse the ‘Verse!

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 34 Link

– Will, Ben, James, Chelsea, Alexis, Ryan, Megan, Jenny, Billy, Thomas and more are present for RtV.

– Ryan’s hat is fedorable.

– Hoping to get the back seat of the Super Hornet usable soon (between 1.0 and 1.1).

– We’ve seen what there is of the Starfarer.  Second shot soon.

– Co-op will be in FPS.

– No additional items in the Voyager Direct store this week.

– CIG is going to experiment with unlocking all the weapons in the PTU to allow you to play around with them, starting today or tomorrow.

– Hull series are on schedule.

Orion Concept Sale Next Friday! ($325-350ish)  They think… but only if the art that comes in is on point.  Sale will be 7-10 days, not quantity limited, with LTI.

– The characters wear clothes.

– Currently exploring the limits of clothing customization in Austin.  A lot of tech and logistics going on for clothing.

– Dog Tags will probably be another 2-3 months.  Lead time is huge.

– Cool plans for streaming tech (streaming the game) to come down the line.

– CIG is working with Warhorse Studios.

– Soon you will be able to rent “ships and such” with REC, which will be outlined in the post tomorrow.

– About Gladius and Avenger hardpoint sizes – they will be balanced over the next year or so.

– Hour long RSI Museum episode tomorrow.

– No updates on the Avenger variants.

– All of the star systems have been named.

– Quite a bit of space to move around in the Starfarer in the cabin.

– CIG Germany is getting set up.  They will be focused heavily on under-the-hood engine work.

– One of the guys now working at CIG Germany helped on the early SC commercials and is now with CIG full time.

– Certainly some love to the internals coming for the 300 series.

– Gladius will be flight ready soon.  Gladius and Retaliator are in the main branch that uses a lot of Squadron 42 tech… it will be branched back into the AC branch at V1.1.  If they try to put them in (Gladius flyable and Retaliator in-hangar) right now it just breaks things.

– The Drake Herald has been locked in and will be symmetrical for the base Herald.

– Continuing to make progress on the new damage states.  Fully implemented by SQ42.  The new system really helps decrease the time to develop a ship.

– No plans at the moment to move alpha access from being ship/package attached to account attached.

– HOWEVER, they are looking at a new system to replace the CCUs so you will be able to upgrade to a new ship easier without losing alpha access.

– Feedback council being formed to sort through all of the incoming feedback from the community.

– Work being done now to decide what the clothes will look like, once they get further with that work things will come faster.

– Chris gives feedback very quickly to artists on their creations.

– Kilts will be possible to put in the game because they will have skirts for female characters… but are they fashionably acceptable?

– Space kilts in zero gravity are apparently scary.

– Orion was roughly twice the size of Constellation a couple weeks ago, but that was not the final ship and they asked for it to be widened.

– Starfarer in SQ42 Episode 1 so it is a priority.

– P52 and P72 getting love.  P52 is being done by Elwin and is about 20% done.  P72 will be based on the P52.

Space Crab Drawing Battle

– James and Megan hope that pets will have clothes.

– You might POSSIBLY be able to fly the P52 Merlin before the Constellation… but you might not want to.

– With SQ42 they will share how they are making it and that they are making it and maybe tiny bits here and there but they want to keep most of it secret.

– Revere the God of Facial Hair (hirsutemedes) and the God of Hot Dogs.

– Battle Sphere and Gold Horizon station in FPS.  ArcCorp in Social module.

– Nothing new on Carrack or Merchantman.

– The Banu race is with Foundry 42.

– No news about flyable Scythe.

– You will not be able to wander off on your own in Squdron 42.  Military campaign.  Think Wing Commander, not Privateer.  You can choose to exit Squadron 42 and enter the PU though if you choose (this will be permanent).

– Will and Jenny are daydreaming about fish clothes.

– You can post bug reports in French, German, and Spanish.

– PTU on schedule to go up tomorrow.

– MISC Reliant is not far along.

– Toast betrayed the Federation.

– Every patch has tweaks to the flight model.  Started with big tweaks, now refinements.

– Design post on Mining next week!

– AC Credits design post isn’t counting as one of the stretch goal ones.

– Deep dive design post tomorrow on AC Credits, known as REC.  They will want lots of feedback on the system!



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