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Reverse the ‘Verse Notes – Episode 46 Written Friday 8th of May 2015 at 12:28pm by Nehkara

Citizens!  Check here for The Relay’s notes on Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 46! Reverse the ‘Verse Video Notes NEWS will be in BOLD, hijinks will be regular text. – SOON™ is up! – And...

Citizens!  Check here for The Relay’s notes on Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 46!

Reverse the ‘Verse



NEWS will be in BOLD, hijinks will be regular text.

– SOON™ is up!

– And they’re live, and have sound!

– I see Jenny, Ben, James, Alyssa, and Darian Vorlick is in the back grabbing a seat

– Ben got a new Hawaiian shirt.

– FPS post and Starfarer post will be later today.  Waiting on some concept art from Chris Olivia.

– Subscribers got their Flair this morning.  It’s a space rock.  But it’s cooler than a space rock sounds.

– Fridays at CIG are the days they have to be there the longest, so Friday… it’s just Friday, not FRIIIDAAAAAAY

– Everyone on RTV look exhausted.

– New joke is that the next survivor flair will be space paper and space scissors.

– With Grabby Hands… can make rock/paper/scissors game… just throw them at each other.

Starfarer sale news: By popular request, the Starfarer will be available later today.  There will be a Q&A on the Starfarer over the next week, à la Hulls.  Base Starfarer is still $195, the Gemini will be a standard concept sale with LTI.  Price is $240.  

The Gemini upgrades the weapons, engines, and shields over the base model.  More details in an official post when the sale goes up.  More armour.

– There’s some… noise in the background.  Someone’s here.  Disco just made a lot of noise coming in.

– Question: The military ships that we’re selling – are there going to be access restrictions to stations or planets that might not get along with the UEE so well? Depends on the ship.  For the Gemini, it’s not as much military, it’s just… hardier, so there won’t be many restrictions.  But if you showed up with a Lightning or something, that’d be like showing up with an F-22, which lots of people frown upon for some reason.

– You can upgrade the base Starfarer to the Gemini.

What ships will be available to subscribers and concierge during Gamescom? Unknown right now.  They might not tell anyone until the event actually happens.  Still far away from Gamescom, so it’s unclear.  

– They’re talking about chairs now.  Disco has a bad chair.  It doesn’t roll.  But it fits his butt.

– Toast says hi.  Now they’re clapping for Toast, because Toast.

Final location for the Gamescom event?  Still being worked on.  As soon as they have something, they’ll let us know.  

Will there be an active role for a fuel-specific career aboard the Starfarer?  Yes.  It can go and collect fuel and refine it.  You can go to a gas giant, skim the surface, and refine it.  

One of the concept images they are waiting for is showing what refueling will look like.

– If that image is not there when the post goes up tonight… Ben has murdered a concept artist.

– Lisa Ohanian is here in the back.  Starting stuff on the Herald soon.  We’ll see some on it further along from Lisa probably.

– They’re not going to bump CitizenCon because of a rugby match.

– CitizenCon will ALWAYS be October 10th.

FPS post – it is in the works.  They’re waiting for some more videos.  They’ve got a bunch of art aspects that Chris wanted added.  James is setting up tables, which is apparently hard in their CMS.  There will be videos, mo-cap stuff in action, how characters have evolved, we’ll hear about the back-end.  Hear about stuff from each studio. Weapons from IllFonic, audio from UK, etc…  it’s a monster of a post.  Equivalent of a monthly report, but just about FPS.

– Less Katy Perry today.

– Disco Lando – wander around an FPS map with no-one to fight.  I thought that was like Battlefield?

Apparently they’re asking if there will be ‘free fly’ weekends for FPS.  Ben says yes, probably eventually, but not at the beginning.  Paid players will get to play first.

– 10 years ago, Ben got asked to be part of a Battlefield pitch for Wing Commander.  The logline was ‘It’s Battlefield meets GTA in SPACE’.  A little part of Ben died that day.

There will be fish in the pledge store.  

– Star Wars Episode I sucks hard.

Dog tags have not shipped.  They are packed and ready to go but the hats needed to ship first.

You will see more Rovers.  Ben is meeting with David Hobbins in regards to the rovers today! :D

– Community Team is playing TONS of Hyper Vanguard Force.

How many levels in Hyper Vanguard Force? – 3 in Normal, 3 in Hard, and achievements for each mode.

Will the grabby hands make dice games and card games and things possible?  Yes.  It’s designed to be able to pick things up and throw them, so that’s not out of the question.

Will there be a proximity chat for voice in FPS?  Ben’s not sure.  They’d need Travis for that.  Darian says: Not at the moment, because mobile communication would be so prevalent by that point, that proximity chat would be ubiquitous.  Unless something’s jamming a signal, you can talk like you’re next to someone.  

Interstellar communication makes it silly to have proximity communication.

– Apparently the discussion between the three types of sample chairs for the new office has been a big thing in the office lately.

– Darian – ‘crouching lawyer, hidden lawsuit?’

– They’re now talking about what they use their elbows for.  What are they for?

They are still planning on moving Santa Monica to a new location.  

What variant was shown in ship shape this week? – the Standard model.

Colours for the Connie? Right now they’re in whitebox – no news if they’re revamping the colour palette for the Connie.  Eventually we’ll be picking the colours anyway.

Apparently the designers of the Connie are taking a lot of fan feedback for their changes.

Can you eject someone if they’re sleeping in an escape pod? Ben: If you have an escape pod… yes?

There’s no answer for what the FPS controls will feel like yet.

Are we going to be restocking the store with more shirts and hoodies?  Alexis and Sandi are working on Hoodies, and they’re in the works with the coffee mug as well.  And they’d like to put together decals for computer cases and such as well.

There is a giant list of all the events they want to do, but they’re still deciding which they’ll do.  PAX Australia is on the ‘maybe’ list.  No confirmation either way yet.

– Alyssa is doing ‘stuff’ still.  She started last week. Main responsibilities are to work with Lisa and the production team to make sure they get assets for sales on time, stats are ready to go, the goal is to make the sale process smoother so everyone’s happy (mostly Ben).

– She’ll also be managing all of the Events stuff.  Who, what, when, how, where, why, and how much.

– Hyper Vanguard Force is controlled with the mouse.  This is not a commentary, it’s not intentional, it’s just how you play the game.

– Ben doesn’t like corn.  Lots of people are saying they don’t like corn.  I like creamed corn, but not corn on the cob.

– CIG are asking for more Vegemite.  They’re out of Vegemite and Tim Tams.

Hyper Vanguard Force might be in the game.  They’ve talked about having all the mini games in the final game somewhere.

– The Queen’s bodyguard did the dance moves for the Heavy Marine mo’cap dancing.

We’ll see more about the mo-cap for FPS later today.

– Sandi has made it to London to work on SQ42.

– Sandi is conducting a secret interview today. [I’m speculating that this might be a SQ42 cast interview.]

– CIG aren’t intentionally not answering questions, just lots of the time they don’t have the answers to huge ‘what ifs’ yet.  They’re working on core concepts, working on polish and pretty – once that’s done, they’ll work on the more nebulous and complicated stuff.

– Lots of systems they want to do, but they just haven’t been fleshed out yet.

– ‘Something that can be imagined in a second can take months to implement.’

– #blamejames

New Starfarer has size up on engines, size up on three manned turrets, a larger double-shield.  It loses cargo capacity, maneuverability, and speed.  It has more armour too.  Clunkier, more protected version that the Military uses versus the less protected civilian variant.

– They’re talking about Demolition Man.  There’s no three seashells.  The toilet paper is a sponge.

– CIG is bent on creating the next “weird space toilet”.

– The sponges have LTI.  They’ll last.

Reliant variants – they have ideas, and they’re going to get concept artists started on them next week.  

Freelancer- no news.  It’s being worked on and looking cool.

Ship Shape will also talk about pipelines, what it takes to get from step A to step C and such, but Lisa will talk more about the process of creating the ships, not just the ships themselves.

Lisa talking about possibly highlighting one part of the development of a ship on Ship Shape.

– No new weapons for Voyager Direct in the immediate future (next few weeks).

– Ben and DL just bought X-wings stuff?  X-wings miniatures game?

– They’re two weeks into their diet.

– Ben, Alexis, and DL started a diet two weeks ago.

– Ben says it’s going great and he feels better.

Wear and tear.  Do ship hulls lose condition over time?  They do, but they can be restored to good shape again.  It’s not permanent.

No official announcement on the Reliant sale, but it’s coming soon.  Sooner than we think.

– Ben and Lando won’t stop making Star Wars jokes.  Bad ones.

Don’t be mean.  They’re working on the controllers, they’ll get the CCU’s, just don’t be mean.  If you want your stuff read and considered, don’t be a jerk when you make it.  

– James didn’t watch Star Wars episode 2 last night, because he’s still mad at episode 1.

– Then he was going to watch Arrow or Flash, but he went to be instead.

Vanguard variants – Gurmukh will start concepting them next week.

In the case of both the Vanguard and the Reliant, they know what the variants are, they just have to make the pictures of them.

Reliant variants are with an outsourcer.

Art has come in recently on the Genesis Starliner and the Endeavor.

They have ideas in mind for dates for both the Vanguard and Reliant variants, but nothing final.

Different kinds of artists are working on different things.  Just because they have people working on concept art for variants, that’s not to say they could be doing something else.  Either they’re doing variant concepts, or they’re doing nothing.  Not all artists are interchangeable.

– Lando is wrong about everything.

You’ll be able to upgrade your ships to newer ships without CCU’s eventually.

– No official presence from CIG at GDC.

– They’re being silly now.  Jenny put up a banner saying that the Star-G is on sale.  But it’s not.  She tried very hard on it though.

Unsure when Constellation and Merlin updates will be in hangar.  Merlin will be ready first.

Constellation’s waiting for Multicrew.

– Lisa’s been around for a month, she’s happy to be at the point where she can answer lots of questions now.

Assets need to come in before posts go out… but it will happen tonight.

– That’s it!



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