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Reverse the Verse: RtV Sep 28th 2018 Written Saturday 29th of September 2018 at 02:20pm by Erris, Shiver_Bathory and

Summary of RtV - Touring The Phoenix

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today’s show is focused on the upcoming RSI Constellation Phoenix in all its glory

  • The Phoenix is currently in final art stage

  • The front/cockpit section is essentially shared across the variants with the exception of the Aquila

  • The Phoenix material is spread across the ship

  • It has 2 guest bedrooms, each with a fish tank

  • The lounge area contains seats for guests, wider windows than a standard Constellation

  • Structural beams and such are hidden in the design as to blend in with the ship

  • The lounge contains a bar, communal guest seating, conference table which could be replaced with a piano by the player eventually, ‘galaxy’ roof for looking at the stars and a fish tank

  • If a backer owns a piano but not a Phoenix they will be allowed to spawn the piano in their hangar at some point in the future. It is also possible to own a Phoenix and not own the piano

  • The Mk 1 Constellation Phoenix model is used as a shipwreck decorative item in the fish tank in the lounge area

  • The hot tub can be hidden under the floor, when it is retracted you can walk, dance over the floor

  • The master bedroom has a special one way window which hinders people looking in but allows the occupant to look out without issue

  • The Phoenix has a direct access port to the cargo bay. This can allow not only quick access to the cargo bay but to the rover also. The bay itself is wider and longer than the standard Constellation but is not as high

  • The bathrooms are located in the neck of the ship, not in the lounge

  • Phoenix is slightly larger than the Andromeda, not significantly. 7% wider overall; 10% longer or so.

  • The sizing system has changed significantly since 2014. The powerplant’s size on the Phoenix can’t increase, but they’ve given it, simply a better powerplant. Competition brand.

  • Components have 3 basic stats - size, grade, and type. Size 1-10, grades A - E (A is highest), type is tuning - civilian, military, stealth, competition, industrial.

  • Originally when building the Phoenix, there was no remote turret (point defense). Now that the system exists, they’re gonna go back and include it. When the ship releases initially it won’t have a remote turret, but in a later release it’ll get one.

  • VTOL thrusters still exist.  

  • The Taurus has the smugglers hold (bottom turret has been replaced by it). The Phoenix has both turrets instead.

  • Phoenix has better armour than the Andromeda, though not by much, but that’s all being covered in future balance calculations.

  • There will still eventually be command and control functionality for the Connies. In 2014 it was unique to the Constellation, but now it’s available to most ships. They’ll be able to swap out computer blades, customize stations for different needs, etc…

  • They have a bunch of different tiers planned for the piano, things to implement later. They’ll have keys lighting up as a song plays, etc…

  • The Phoenix Emerald will be the same as the standard, but possibly with a very different colour scheme.

  • No water for the hottub in 3.3, since the planet team are working on water. They’ll figure out how to attach water to a ship… later.

  • Water will be in 3.3, but water inside a ship will not be in 3.3.

  • Stock Phoenix and Andromeda have similar combat loadouts. Little more juice for the Phoenix’s weapons, and it has a remote turret, but the hardpoints are the same.



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