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Reverse the Verse: Mercury Star Runner Town Hall Written Saturday 25th of August 2018 at 08:44am by Erris, Shiver_Bathory and

Summary of RtV Mercury special Town Hall

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • You could smuggle a ‘willing’ person in a smuggling container, though it may be hard to fit a person inside in theory it could be possible to do.

  • CIG would like to make it so a smuggler can upgrade their smuggling compartment(s) to make it harder for them to be detected

  • The stats on the page only include the rear cargo bay not the smuggling compartment. Rear cargo is currently rated at 96 SCU compared to 3 SCU for the smuggling compartment

  • The holo chess table is for when taking a break from working, but the button when pressed exposes the ventilation system which you can escape into.

  • Locking system on smuggler compartments will vary. You can choose for instance one with a higher security system so it’s harder to ‘lock pick’

  • All ships can send and share date, though if a ship isn’t designed specifically for data transmission it will take time compared to a ship that is designed to be a data runner.

  • Encryption is locked to specific hardware on the senders ship. The receiving ship will also need corresponding hardware to decrypt it

  • AI may be programmed to only 1 smuggling compartment possible location, but you may get one that knows them all. CIG want the AI to be immersive in this way but also gameplay takes a priority. There will be ways to make guards search certain places and miss your hiding place

  • The Mercury *can* collect data. Players should always be more than a match for NPCs. If you have a player that’s, say, found a really rich mining field, he’s trying to sell that data, if you’re there and are stealthy, you might be able to acquire that same data and sell it to someone else.

  • The official purpose of the compartments is they’re good for storing spare items. If you’re on a long trip, your items might wear out (coolers, power plants, etc…) these things can all decay over time. You don’t want those taking up your cargo space, so lots of ships have extra areas. The Hammerhead and Idris, in the big circular corridors have doors that go into store cupboards, racks of storage. It’s not a cargo grid, it’s for spares and stuff. Difference on the star runner is they’re more shielded.

  • Probably won’t be able to add similar components to other ships, unless CIG provide multiple room options for a ship, and one of those room options has compartments, something like the Tali that has modular rooms. It’s not just adding a cube into a wall, you have a lot more art, time, testing, etc… that needs to be done. If they want that behaviour, they’ll build it in from the start or add in a swappable room for it.

  • Bigger ships where you’re out for lots of time will have similar compartments.

  • One of the talking points from way back was the ability to have cargo crates that could themselves obscure what’s inside. If the cargo crate has toxic waste on the outside, no-one’ll look into it, etc… They do want to have this, since the crates already exist. If you have customs coming onto the ship though, they’re gonna find it. If they scan you from a distance, they might not find it, but if there’s an onboard inspection, you better have a proper smuggling hidey hole.

  • When the Hull C was first introduced, they were saying you could get cargo crates that would appear to be one thing on the outside, but contain something else on the inside. Could still be used for smuggling.

  • Battlestar Galactica ships were also some inspiration, and Star Trek. Also looked at Stealth Bombers. There’s a massive reference board for the ship. She also has the SR2 Normandy that was an inspiration, a model of it. Likes to surround herself with space ships. Also Wipeout. One of the common threads for concept artists is they bring their personal inspirations to something they work on.

  • You might be able to create smuggling decoys to waste AI’s time, but it might cost a lot to buy a device that’d allow it. There’ll always be a risk reward scenario.

  • You could also set up a small group of star runners, one has goods, the others don’t, could get lucky and get through.

  • You will be able to land your ship outside of a city and then try to smuggle goods in by avoiding customs, but avoiding guards isn’t easy. You have to be good at it. Lorville, for example, has a main customs checkpoint - very hard to get something through there. Or, you could land on the planet, take a vehicle to the outskirts of Lorville, the security there is a bit more lax. People do patrol and scan with handheld scanners, but they can be avoided. Maybe there’s a service hatch open at certain time of day, but then others could know that as well and be waiting for you.

  • Crusader has only introduced three ships that we know of - Starliner, Starlifter, and Star Runner. Starliner and Starlifter are above-board ships, and even the Star Runner is supposed to be for info running. Their rep should be solid, but depends on the next couple ships.

  • Three people run the Star Runner. Pilot, copilot, and maintenance engineer / cargo hider. You can also trick someone; might not think there’s 3 people aboard, someone could be waiting in a vent. Could pretend there’s only two people. You can run it on your own though, but you won’t be as efficient.

  • There is a cargo ramp on the back, it’s a nice angle for driving on to. Could get the bikes in. The grey-cat goes in as well. Not big enough for the cyclone or the rover.

  • There is a one-button wipe for data, but for cargo there’s no special way to dump cargo. You would be able to depressurize the cargo bay though.

  • The Banu are analogous to Wookies. *jokes*

  • Some parts of the data-running mechanics are figured out. There will be ways to acquire data. If you’re a science vessel scanning a moon or nebula, you’ll acquire the data through scanning. You you transport it, it’s physical on the computers. If power drops you lose your data. To pass it on you can land and download the data in the station, or you could transfer it to someone you meet with, NPC’s or PC’s. Data can be transferred between ships. Generally from a distance.

  • 3.2 freefly is beginning this weekend. Avenger, Prospector, Cutlass Black, & Dragonfly are free to fly.



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