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Reverse the Verse: June 10th Written Friday 10th of June 2016 at 10:52am by CanadianSyrup, Erris and StormyWinters

Friday has arrived which means Reverse the ‘Verse! Check out The Relay’s Summary of the show.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • 2.4 currently has one smaller blocker that’s preventing a live release, they hoping for the fix to come in tonight. If it’s good then they’ll launch, otherwise it’ll be next week. Update: 2.4 is Live
    • Starfarer, Gemini, Reliant Kore, and one gun will go on sale when 2.4 goes live. 
      • Pricing will be $300, 340, and 65 for those ships respectively.
  • Shubin application winners have been announced and the post is live on the site.
  • Drake Dragonfly has been officially announced.
    • It will be for $35 and will go on sale next Friday with LTI.
      • It will also be sold as an individual ship and a two pack based off of the utility it possess
      • There will also be an impromptu drawing contest where they will choose two winners: one closest to the concept and the one farthest from it and award them a Dragonfly. Rules will be laid out in the post coming out sometime today for that. Update: Thread is live here
  • ATV Fast Forward was displaying some of Frankfurt’s work on the EVA FPS which they’ve made the animations smoother and more fluid. Jared said that Fast Forwards wont always be glamorous as they can’t give the “Steak and Potatoes” everytime.
  • Subscriber flair this month is the Sabre model which will be attributed today and will show up in hangars when 2.4 is live, just like the space cactus.
  • A preview of the female character model is on Sandi’s Facebook with a segment about it on AtV in the coming weeks ahead.
  • CIG are partnering with some people to have a show floor booth at Gamescom over the course of 5 days at Gamescom, they will be having gatherings in the evenings for those who don’t have tickets to Gamescom. They aren’t doing a big presentation like before which is why they’re doing a booth instead.
  • Jump Point Hardcovers should ship in a few weeks time. Alexis will update when they have a clearer window.
    • Dogtags are in production and will ship closer to July
  • Slaving Turrets to the pilot is something that can only be done with Item 2.0 tech is set up as it has elements that the slaving requires.
  • Weapon sizes are still being worked on as they go through each ship, it’ll be an on going process.

  • [Vanduul Blade] Disco saw it on Patrick Solerno’s screen, but doesn’t have much info as the community team doesn’t track those ships often because they’re going into Squadron 42.
  • [Carrack] Find out more in the later weeks.
  • [300 series] No updates.
  • [Caterpillar] Might see some stuff on it with the Dragonfly concept sale and they teased a video for the AtV 100th episode.

Full Transcript

  • Soon TM
  • The intro is starting! Grab your drinks, popcorn, whatever you want while you can!
  • There they are! I see Ben, Alexis, Jared, Justin and look who’s back! It’s Tyler Witkin(Zyloh)!
  • And then there’s Tom in the background who you can’t understand anything he says…
  • Today’s topic will be about them talking about 2.4 and possibly a ship reveal? =D
  • Ben’s week in review: Killed the tutorial. It’s still there, just disabled for now and won’t come back in the current form as there’s a lot of changes to the key layout so they’ll do a new one down the road. There will be a Free fly during E3 as well.
    • Quite a bit of talk about updating AtV with three weeks away from episode 100. Support for 2.4 and setting up the live release post for when it comes out. Also work on the new concept ship that will be revealed later on in the stream.
    • The Buccaneer gun will be attributed Monday so make sure you have a Buccaneer in your account when that rolls around as you won’t get it after when they run the script.
    • Monthly Report went well and they’re talking about how amazing Jim Martin is and how peaceful of a person he is to talk to.
  • Alexis’s Week: Merchandise and setting up a spreadsheet for organising all the stretch goals and subscriber flair. Also working on a t-shirt concept that will be available sometime in the next few months for sale.
    • In Around the ‘Verse, they revealed today’s Subscriber flair. It’s a Sabre model, which will be attributed today. It won’t show in hangar, will when 2.4 is released though.
    • People who bought the sabre during the concept sale – there will be an additional model. They want them to be slightly different, they’ve done it a few times. If you bought the sabre, the model for that will come later.
    • They need to go back to the referral program and flesh out some later referall rewards. This is a note for The Relay. They use our transcripts as notes for what they say during shows, apparently, because we’re awesome.
  • Lots of Disco’s work right now is prepping up for AtV 100. Gonna stretch some stuff out over a few episodes. They’re gonna celebrate all the different segments, they’ve got some cool stuff coming up.
  • Justins’ week – lots of editing. 10 for the Devs with Brian Chambers was this week, it was a wild ride. When Chris’ out of the office, it can be a scramble to find people to fill in. They went to Brian very late to do the show, and eventually he said ‘can I do more than 10 questions?’ – He wanted to do 13 questions. And a fire round. This week’s was crazy.
    • Total of 22 questions.
  • Apparently Brian made Disco promise him something for August, but he won’t let us know what it is. We’ll find out in August.
  • Tyler’s week – Busy week, everyone’s trying to get 2.4 out the door. He’s happy to be back – he was on a trip to the X-games. He worked on the Buccaneer Q&A posts, lots of screenshot and video gathering this week, working on the 2.4 release post, etc…
    • He’s happy to be back.
  • Time off is terrible, apparently.
  • 2.4 is on the PTU – they rolled 2.4 out to everyone last night. They’ve been working on network issues the past few weeks that have been blockers. They’ve got a build now that looks really good. There’s one smaller blocker – ships spawn inside the landing pad. They’re working on a fix for that, should have that later tonight. Fingers crossed for tonight, if not, next week. They have the Bugsmasher himself working on that one.
  • 2.4 has new controls, they’ve done a PDF with what’s changed. The 2.4 post will include lots.
  • Few things will come back on sale with the post as well. New gun on Voyager Direct, there’ll be the Starfarer, the Gemini, and the Reliant Kore.
  • Starfarer should be 300, 340 for the Gemini, and 65 for the Reliant.
  • Drake Dragonfly! That’s the other announcement today. They talked about it on the show yesterday, but they’ll be bringing it out next Friday.
    • People have been talking about the Dragonfly for a long time. It narrowly lost in a user poll to the Reliant, but they’ve been stuck on a space motorcycle forever.
    • It’ll be a useful ship in game. They normally announce the pricing a week out – Dragonfly will be $35. It’s a little guy. But apparently it’ll be useful in game. It’s smaller than a Merlin, but it has some very interesting utility.
    • On Monday they’re filming a segment about it for AtV, tune in on Thursday for that, and maybe see an early teaser image.
  • Ben’s starting an impromptu contest. He wants your ‘Ben’ drawing, posted in the forums, about what you think the Dragonfly will look like. It has to be hand-drawn. MS Paint. All five of them will pick their favourite, and the one that’s closest to the final one, and the furthest from it, and those people will get a Dragonfly.
    • They’ll announce the winners next week on RtV.
  • They also finally announced the Shubin mining winners. If you haven’t seen that, go to RSI website, see the top five winners. Those winners will get Orion’s, and five runners up will get MISC Prospectors.
    • Ben made a bad joke, and silence happened.
    • There were a lot of entries. Lots of ‘lol asteroids’. One person submitted the lyrics to ‘Tell me what you want, what you really really want’.
    • A lot of the entries revolved around the characters father. People thinking about space families. There were also a handful of ‘my moms’ in there.
  • And now, Female character model! There’s a preview of it on Sandi’s Facebook, and there’ll be a segment about it on AtV in the coming weeks.
  • And now, Questions and Answers.
  • [Can we get a 10 for the Turbulent devs?] That’s a good idea! They can go to Benoit and others. They’ll get back to us on that, but they like the idea.
    • If Turbulent are willing to do it, then they’ll do it.
  • [Going back to the BUK’s (from the Vanguard). Are there plans to sell Idris P and M kits before release?] No.
    • It was something they promised very early in the campaign, because there’s two different Idris’s, they don’t want to just sell you a better Idris. It’ll be something you do in-game.
  • [Do you promise to judge the Dragonfly contest in a shorter time?] Ben – I promise nothing! – Pictures are easier to judge. They had to do a lot of reading.
  • [Will any other ships go on sale after 2.4’s push to Live?] Just the two Starfarers, the base Reliant, and the new gun.
    • It’s possible that the 2.4 sale will be going on at the same time as the Dragonfly, but they’re two separate events.
  • Ben’s secret for remembering the early guns – he stuck a Wing Commander reference into each one.
  • [New things to buy in-game in 2.5?] They’re not code-locked on 2.5 yet. Almost certainly, but they can’t say what they are, in-case things break in the next few weeks.
  • [Ejection seats?] Some ships have them, and some ships don’t, because they’re not 100% essential. It’s a trade-off. Survivability ups the cost of the ship. It’s a spectrum, not every ship has everything. As for specific ships, that’s up to Design.
  • [Vanduul Blade?] Disco saw it on Patrick Solerno’s screen. They (community) don’t track the Vanduul ships too much, cause they’re all going into SQ42, so they don’t get to show off much.
  • [Who’s the face of the female model?] The face on the model is not final. The face in the pictures is placeholder. They’re still working on the faces. Also they have no idea who the face is.
  • [Starliner update?] No movement on variants for it. It’s scheduled out, it’s on the production plan, but no-one’s working on it now. They’ll work on variants after they get the first ship done.
  • [Dragonfly LTI?] Yes.
  • [Plan once 2.4 goes live?] Ben’s gonna take a long nap. No, they’ll all play some SC. It’s going to be good for the whole team. It’s the basis of a lot of systems. Once it’s in, they can flesh out stores, clothing, etc…, and the item port system is big for the component system, etc.
  • [Ask a Dev?] It’s up now! UK programmer Ben Parry took some time to answer quite a few questions in the Ask a Dev section.
  • [New mousepads?] They just shipped the last one they did. So maybe fall? They’re working on shirts right now.
  • [News about Caterpillar?] You’ll see it more real soon. They’re sharing some stuff about it with the Dragonfly. Might even be a neat video in the AtV 100 celebration.
  • [Fast-forward wasn’t any different?] The fast-forward is not gravy every week. Can’t have steak every meal. This one was highlighting continuing work in Frankfurt on the movement animations. It was much smoother, EVA’s not done though. Still being refined and tweaked. There’s stuff down the line still to show.
  • [Brickleberry?] They don’t watch it.
  • [Gamescom hype?] They are pretty hyped. They’re probably reverse hyped, cause it’s looming now, and they have to fly 16 hours, and change planes, and be in a foreign country for 3 weeks, so there’s some terror and some excitement. It’s coming up soon.
    • The Comm-Link talks a bit about the Gamescom plans this week. They’re partnering with some great people to put together their first show floor booth. Should be very cool. They’ll be on the floor all five days. Then there’ll be announcements about gatherings in the evenings. At least one, you’ll definitely want to be at.
    • They’ll unveil a ship in person at one of the gatherings too.
  • Matt Sherman has just arrived. Matt is one of the Technical Designers in LA. He’s been doing work on the Buccaneer, the Dragonfly, etc…
    • Matt’s here to talk a bit about the Dragonfly. It’s gonna be an awesome little ship. Different than people are expecting.
    • Matt will now be one of the judges on the contest for the Dragonfly, too.
  • [Why’s the Dragonfly cost more than P-52?] They’re different ships. There’ll be a two-pack, if people want more than one Dragonfly. It’ll be more apparent when you see the utility of it.
    • Prices are also much more regimented now as they get closer to releasing things. Many factors go into prices. THey’d like to do a segment about how prices get determined.
  • [Caterpillar sale talked about on the last Ship Shape a thing?] Last time Matt was on RtV, they talked about possibly bringing it back. But that’s outside of Matt’s hands. Ben – ‘Stay tuned’
  • [Colour of the carpet in studio?] Doesn’t have carpet. That’s why there’s so much echo. It’s concrete. There’s some grey carpet by the offices.
  • Tyler has some checkerboard carpet.
  • [Update on Carrack or 300 series?] No update. Carrack is after the Caterpillar. Stay tuned, again.
  • [Jared’s dad on RtV?] He was on a month or two ago.
  • Ben’s telling a story about how his mom saw it was Sandi and Chris’ birthdays. And their birthdays are close together. And they can’t have separate celebrations, which is sad.
  • [Will there be a beacon on your person after ejecting so friends can find you?] Anything involving rescue mechanic is still being sorted out. They want to make sure it feels good; beacons, black boxes, distress calls, etc… but they’re still hashing out the specifics. There will be some sort of alerts for distress, but the exact form it’ll take shape is still in progress.
  • [Can I go to the zoo with you?] No.
  • [Will vehicles be storable in cargo holds without them sliding?] They’re looking at it. Go back to the Hull series concept sale, they want to explore it. It’s still in the ‘we want to deliver it, but still determining the shape it’ll take’. Want to be able to crate up ships to move them from point A to B.
  • [Info on new launcher?] Check Turbulent section of Monthly Report. Still being developed.
  • [Will Drake get its own fuel transport platform?] Not anytime soon.
    • They might put a pod of some kind that can do it in the Caterpillar, but who knows.
  • [When’s Chris back?] This weekend. He’ll be back next week.
  • [LA tour?] They’ll put Chris on it when he gets settled back in.
  • [Info about Gamescom?] Not doing a bespoke event as in the past, they’re just gonna be on the show floor all five days. Visit them there. If you don’t want to buy a ticket, there will be impromptu gatherings. Some will be big, some won’t be.
    • Check social media and such during Gamescom. They’ll put up a nice ‘how to meet Disco’ guide. How to approach him. Come from the left. Don’t look him in the eye. Don’t ask him to sign anything. The works.
  • [Glaive getting 4 s4 fixed?] Last Friday, when the second part of the Buccaneer Q&A came out, there will be some changes with the hardpoints. Some ships will have fixed twin-linked mounts. It won’t be every single hardpoint can run everything. A manned turret needs a cutout into the ship, etc… With the Glaive, it probably won’t have that, especially cause the Vanduul ships are in their own tuning bracket. They’re not as interchangeable with their human counterparts.
    • It’s complicated, please watch exactly what Matt said here for more details.
  • [Anyone tasked with Farming?] No.
  • [Update on ETA for Jump Point hardcovers?] Alexis’ll give an update when there’s a clearer window, but it was tossed around with legal and David Ladyman, there were some changes, it’s with the printer, should ship in a few weeks time.
  • [How far out is Org 2.0?] It’s not off the menu, but it’s a larger roll out that effects the whole website. New forums, new chat, new everything. It’s a spectrum of changes.
  • [Pilot slaving turrets?] Slaving turrets requires more of the item 2.0 tech to get set up. It’s coming, just requires some other tech first.
  • [Are dogtags still estimated to ship this month?] Probably closer to July. In production now though.
  • [Talk about weapon size system more? x2 s3 for Hornet?] They’re still going to go through each ship. Safest bet for twin-linked is underslung Canards. Hornet, Mustang, Gladius, etc… They still have to go through and see what fits and looks right. It’s about visuals as well. Some of the new sizing happened because they had to redo physical volumes on weapons. s1’s on the Hornet ball turret looked too small, for example. Making sure that the look and feel hold up, as well as potency.
  • [Updates on map room?] They’re going to tie it into the web work that’s being done.
  • [What office prank went too far?] They don’t do a lot of office pranks.
    • Tyler hired Brice ‘Under5c0re’ in QA. Before he moved there from Iowa, they convinced him that Texas had a massive scorpion problem. Don’t sleep with sheets, check shoes multiple times a day, etc…
  • Ben promises that once Star Citizen ships, he will tell about the one prank that they can’t share.
  • That ends the Q&A period.
  • Looking ahead!
  • 2.4 continues work on PTU, hoping it’ll be live very soon.
  • Monday will have 10 for the Devs, with Forrest and Cheri.
  • Bugsmashers on Wednesday. Mark Abent’s excited to get back to bugsmashing.
  • AtV – Part 2 of the Jim Martin interview. He worked on Scythe, Caterpillar, Endeavour, Buccaneer, Hull series, and more.
  • Next week is a Jump Point week. Dragonfly on Friday.
  • A post about drawing the dragonfly will go up in a few minutes. No photoshop. MS Paint or hand-drawn only. MS Paint mouse-only. Nothing fancy.
  • Towards the end of the month they’ll have the Subscriber RtV. Hoping to have live-ops in Austin talking about network performance.
  • Austin Bar Citizen group have put together a meet on June 18th, the Flying Saucer in the Triangle.
  • And that’s Reverse the ‘Verse


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