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Reverse the Verse: May 27 Written Friday 27th of May 2016 at 10:51am by CanadianSyrup, StormyWinters and

It’s regular Reverse the ‘Verse time at CIG. Tune into today’s transcript of the show.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • 2.4 will not be going live today. Code 7 Error is the biggest blocker and getting that sorted out is important as well as raising the FPS a bit more.
  • Mark Skelton’s last day at CIG is today. It was a hard decision for him, but he wanted to be near his family more as he travelled between LA and Austin in two weeks intervals. He thanks the community for all their support, especially when his family needed support during a recent incident.
  • Buccaneer:
    • Buccaneer sale will go live today when the last art piece comes in. Could be an hour from now or three.
    • The mini game they teased will not come out with this sale as it was deemed not fun, instead they have a Drake market research survey to fill out which if you buy a Buccaneer, you can receive a Voyager direct size 4 weapon for your Buccaneer after the survey has ended
    • Only Cutlass black owners before yesterday will receive the $10 coupon for the Buccaneer. Cutlass Red and Blue owners have ships with distinct roles and are more expensive where as the Cutlass was designed as a jack of all trades that didn’t fair well with game balance and will have be redesigned to have a more focused base role in the future when it is reworked.
    • You will only receive the $10 coupon if you own a Cutlass black yesterday when the script for coupon was run. If you melted your Cutlass black, you will not receive one, if you had an original Pirate pack and upgraded your ship, you may or may not get one, Ben is looking into that.
    • Buccaneer will not be a heavily armoured ship.
    • When pit against the Gladius, the Buccaneer has the guns as does the Gladius has the missiles. Different focus on armament and gameplay style.
    • Variants for the Buccaneer are unlikely at this time as its loadouts are more the focus on how the ship differs from one another.
    • Buccaneer loaner ship will be the Hornet.
  • Reliant variant owners will not get a Reliant Kore hangar loaner in 2.4, but when the Reliant is flyable they will receive a flyable Kore.
  • Starfarer, Gemini, and Reliant will go on sale when 2.4 hits live.
  • Shuban Mining contest winners will “Hopefully” be announced next week as they forgot to comb through the entries last weekend.

  • [Carrack] Currently undergoing a pass at the moment to make sure it still fits within the gameplay style that is Jump Point plotting and exploration. Next month we may see some or hear more details on its progress.
  • [Caterpillar Price] It may go up a little bit, but Ben talked about a chance of having a concept sale at original price down the road before a hangar ready sale.

Full Transcript

  • 7 minutes until showtime!
  • Our lovely elevator music is here, the soothing sounds.
  • They’re talking about hotdogs and melting cheese and oh… I’m hungry now.
  • Intro time! Disco didn’t mess up the music this time around. Good job Jared, you did your one job right.
  • We’re live! I see Ben, Alexis, Jared, Justin, and Tom! No Tyler for two RTV’s =(
  • Bens week: Lot of getting ready for 2.4 and Buccaneer. 2.4 isn’t going to go live today, too many system bugs at this point.
  • Ben shot a 10 for the Chairman with David Haddock where nothing gets answered…
  • CIG has Monday off, a holiday for a change!
  • Monthly report is due a week from today
  • Jim Martin has been Drake’s primary Concept Artist for every ship except the Dragonfly at this point.
  • They’re talking about movies and Jared just can’t stop shaking his head at how much time is being wasted by the conversation.
  • Bets on which movie will win this weekend
  • Topic is onto 2.4. PTU
  • Code 7 issues are one of the main blockers. They’ve made progress on quite a few other things, but they’re also wanting to get the FPS up a bit more before live as well.
  • Evocati testers are working hard as well as the expanded PTU testers are banging away at the servers and bugs.
  • Some sad news today. Mark Skelton will be leaving CIG today. He made a post on the forums giving his farewells. He wants to stay in Austin with his family as he goes between LA and Austin every two weeks. Chris offered to move him to LA, but Mark wanted to keep his family settled in Austin as they love it there. We all wish him the best. RIP Gold Shirt.
  • Alexis’s week: Mostly Merch stuff this week and the Subscribers RTV and Tom flipped out for a moment about his mic.
  • Justin’s Week: Thinking about retiring the MONEY hat and will decide on which of the three hats he’ll bring next week to vote on.
  • Drake Buccaneer will go live today when the last art piece comes in. Could be an hour or three, depends on when it gets here.
  • The mini game that was teased to come with the Drake Buccaneer has been scrapped for a later release because it turned out to not be so fun. There will be a survey you can fill out for Drake to see where you stand morally. There will be five options to choose from and after 10 days they’ll give an add-on package depending on which vote wins to everyone who purchases a Drake Buccaneer.
  • Cutlass Black owners should have received a $10 coupon for the Drake Buccaneer by now in preparation for the sale. No details on Red or Blue owners.
  • Subscriber RTV was this week with Calix Reneau, Matt Sherman, and Matt Intrieri. There was other folks chosen, but 2.4. pulled them away so they took LA designers. Most likely will have the Austin guys next time or for a future show.
  • Sandi’s twitter was a picture of Chris Roberts on a boat enjoying his Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Chris Roberts!
  • Oh god they’re singing and it’s so off key it hurts….
  • Question and Answer time! Thank god!
  • [What can you tell us about the Vanduul and other languages? When we see them in game?] Can’t say much right now, but they have a video from one of the Linguists and will release it when the time is right.
  • [Will the Cutlass to Buccaneer get the weapon?] No, but Ben says he’ll try to get it to work anyways.
  • [Will the Buccaneer be armoured like other armoured ships?] The armour system as a whole is still in progress, but durability wise it won’t be as durable as a Super Hornet, it’s not heavily armoured.
  • [How do you think the Buccaneer will compare to the Gladius] Buccaneer has the guns in the way the Gladius has a missile loadout. Different areas of focus on firepower.
  • [Hey Ben, is it just me or is Jim Martin’s way of talking just relaxing?] When you meet them, you can just feel like they have a calming soul, Jim Martin is that. Nice guy, would work with him forever if he could.
  • [What recipe did Ben talk about in before the show about hotdogs and 5 pounds of melted cheese] It was a joke about a low carb diet. Coming up with food Tom could bring to the office.
  • [Can we actually rent the space for rent in the video?] Actually, Yes.
  • [Who are the winners for the Shuban Mining competition] They, forgot. They’ll have something early next week, they’re very sorry.
  • [Are there plans to offer the flair items from past concept sales in the store?] Alexis talked with the person who asked it and said they’re working on what they talked about. Ben: You can get them in the game eventually, but doubtful from Voyager direct.
  • [With 2.4 going into May and possibly June, will 2.5. content make it into 2.4.?] No, we won’t add new content this late into the build. It’s important to get out what we have now and work on the 2.5. as a separate entity.
  • [Tevarin updates?] Still working on some more concepts, not much else to talk about right now.
  • [Odds of Orion owners getting a Prospector loaner to test mining?] It depends on which comes first, Orion will most likely come first, but if it doesn’t then yes you will.
  • [Do people who traded into their Cutlass Black get a $10 coupon?] No, only those who had a Cutlass Black in their inventory get one.
  • If you owned an original pirate pack, upgraded it and didn’t melt it, you may get it still.
  • [Is the Camera better in the UK? AtV looked amazing this week] Yes, the camera in the UK is better, but that may change.
  • [Carrack?] It’s getting another solid pass and making sure it delivers that big Jump Point plotting gameplay, hopefully have stuff next month, but no more details just yet.
  • [Org 2.0 updates?] It’s a part of a much larger improvement overall which replaces the forums, RSI chat and website. Its been approved and is being worked on right now.
  • [How is the Buccaneer a second take on the Cutlass?] One of the conundrums of the Cutlass at first was it was a ‘jack of all trades’ that was better than other ships. This didn’t make it good for gameplay balance and as such the Buccaneers role is to take the Interceptor and fighter aspects and emphasize those roles. It’s meant for pure combat in the Drake family. There’s still work for the Cutlass with redesign, but it will have a more purposeful role in the future after they’ve gone over it.
  • [Buccaneer variants?] Not sure right now, the base model is more important right now as well as loadouts instead of older variants
  • [Will the Gun that comes with the Buccaneer come with LTI?] Same as Voyager guns, you keep them. No you’ll still need to insure it once ingame as any other Voyager Direct gun.
  • [Will the Reliant go on sale again when 2.4 goes live?] Yes and the Starfarer and Gemini.
  • [Do you know if the Caterpillar price will go up for the Hangar ready sale?] Nothing set in stone yet, but maybe a little bit. There’s a possibility it will go on sale as a concept at the base price before Hangar sale.
  • [Ben,do you love Return to Zork like I do?] Yes I celebrate the entire Zork canon
  • [Which is bigger, Reliant cargo hold or Cutlass cargo hold?] Cutlass will be slightly bigger.
  • [Will reliant variant owners get a Reliant Kore for Hangar state and flyable Kore when it’s flyable?] Hangar no, Flyable yes.
  • [I was shot in the cockpit several times in 2.4j with full shields and died instantly what will you do about this?] There’s a lot of factors we don’t know from what you said. Depends on what ship, who shot you, etc. In a Merlin and getting shot at the cockpit twice will most likely kill you.
  • [Will the Buccaneer be offered in a game package or standalone?] Just a standalone ship.
  • [Can you get a coupon if you just bought the Cutlass?] No.
  • [Will Cutlass Red or Blue owners get a coupon?] No, it was intended for the base model as the Red and Blue have separate distinct roles and they’re more expensive.
  • [Will characters in Star Citizen be able to wear hats backwards like Tyler Witkin?] The only problem is clipping issues, if they’re going to do it, there will be restrictions on what you can wear, but it’s still in concept.
  • [Why aren’t you selling a Murray Cup?] Because you have to earn it! that’s the point of a race!
  • [What will the loaner ship for the Buccaneer ship be?] Hornet, same as most single seat fighters.
  • [Waste of space, insult or compliment?] Compliment.
  • [Jared will you be using anymore of your awesome image scrambling techniques?] Not anytime soon, but maybe?
  • They’ll do the retweet campaign differently next time with just one image and not multiple ones as people just retweeted the same one.
  • [Who put the bomp in the bomp bomp bomp?] Tom is talking, but everyone is ignoring him.
  • [Are you guys planning on doing another marathon movie weekend?] They want to! but Twitch doesn’t like them using it for movies, will use Youtube next time.
  • [Heyo! is 2.5 scheduled for June?] It’s scheduled for after 2.4. It’ll be out when it’s ready ;)
  • Chris Roberts is not on a boat and is now looking over the Buccaneer specs and wants Sherman to answer a question about the mass.
  • Matt: When it comes to mass it can be picky about how it performs in a nutshell.
  • Bugsmashers will be on Wednesday with Mark Abent.
  • AtV next week will feature a Loremakers with Adam Wieser and possibly a Behind the Scenes on 2.4. QA
  • Remember to fill out the Drake market survey if you purchase a Buccaneer.


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