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Reverse the Verse: May 13th Written Friday 13th of May 2016 at 10:52am by CanadianSyrup, Erris and

It’s time for another Reverse the ‘Verse. Check out our Liveblog and transcript of the show.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • SC Alpha 2.4 PTU Evocati testers have been wildly successful so far with 94% activity in the first week, 1100 bugs submitted and 5 patch releases so far
    • To be an Evocati or be in earlier waves, simply get on the PTU when it’s up or live servers and participate on the issue council. The majority just download and login once and that’s not enough to be considered. They want good testers, not people who want a sneak peek.
  • Buccaneer concept will be $110, but it wont be out next week and details will arrive when it goes on sale.
  • ATV FastForward featured examples of mechanics that will be in the PU and SQ42 from multiple ways to open doors to explosive decompressions.
  • They look to send Tyler Witkin to DragonCon to give presence there, but nothing official at this time.
  • Muliplayer hangers will begin work after 2.4 is in and working as it’s should, although it’s still not a top priority as landing zones and other areas of persistence.
  • Big Benny’s Project is getting very close, they need just a little more footage and the project has expanded to include some other things.
  • No update on the Saitek Joystick at this time.

  • [Reliant] Hangar ready for 2.4
  • [Gemini] At least hangar ready for 2.4
  • [Caterpillar] Next weeks Ship Shape will walk through the updated whitebox along with some tidbits of cargo mechanics.
  • [Herald] Work is progressing well. Jared teased that the ship will come sooner than most people think, but no dates yet.
  • [Ship Variants] Standard memo. Base model for ships are a priority and once the majority of them are done, then they’ll focus more on variants unless they’re required for SQ42. Refine the base and you’ll have a solid foundation to build upon, that’s their reasoning.
  • [Larger ships] Standard memo. When resources open up later in the year they’ll begin production. The first priority will be the Carrack.

Full Transcript

  • Soon TM
  • Disco is currently adding numerous photoshops onto the waiting screen. There’s the Pirate Abaccus musician, there’s Disco and Ben, there’s a Disco Lando figurine (a crudely photoshopped Disco face on a Lando figurine from Star Wars)
  • Now there’s a man with a pineapple for a face. And someone in bed using a cake as a pillow. And a mustached man dressed as an Easter bunny. And an astronaut talking with a horse dressed as Aladdin. And a lady having hamburger headaches.
  • Two crash test dummies pondering the meaning of life, love, and everything. And now, the waiting audio has started. It’s time for the audio test.
  • ‘This is another audio test, how does this sound everybody?’
  • The intro’s a bit jazzed up today. Lots of horns in the music, and some cool shaky drum bits. Ooh, and some like… secret agent-like strings and stuff. Good intro music.###li
  • Gonna start with the Week in Review, talk a bit about 2.4, some spaceships, take some questions, etc…
  • Tyler’s week – Went to Dreamhack last weekend, met up with Captain Richard.
  • Disco got the date wrong on the stream. It’s the 13th. He put the date up as the 12th.
  • Tom Hennessy visited the Austin studio this week, helping Tyler get a hang of the equipment he’ll be using.
  • Tyler’s being doing lots of social media stuff, and some stuff with the Evocati, just been a busy week.
  • One of the side effects of Ben and Alexis being gone the last two weeks has been Disco finding out how much they do. It’s been busy on their end.
  • There was a 10 for the Devs this week, art and lore answers this week. There was a Loremakers as well. Next week there’ll be a Ship Shape for the Herald.
  • Disco shaved his beard cause this morning he tried to trim it while he had hiccups.
  • They filmed a Ship Shape for the Caterpillar this week. That’ll go out next week. Get a look at the updated features and whiteboxing of the Cat.
  • Disco started a diet this week, one that he can’t waffle on. Disco’s on the ‘get fit / healthy’ train.
  • in 2002, the FDA reclassified potatoes, to reclassify them as breads / starches, rather than vegetables. Knowledge from Disco.
  • Ben and Alexis were out this week. Justin was busy editing video stuff, but yeah. Busy week.
  • And now we’re moving into Where’s my Spaceship. Ben, the Director of Spaceships isn’t here, but the Cat is being worked on.
  • One of the habitat modules for the Cat has been built out in CryEngine. It’s being put into engine, working on the interior modules while concepting some minor changes to the exterior. It looks like the standard Cat we know and love, and the command module is back to being 2 levels.
  • Work on the Herald is continuing in Austin. That’ll come sooner than most people think. No dates though.
  • Reliant is coming in 2.4. Go read the Monthly Report (or The Relay’s summary thereof###a href="http://imperialnews.network/2016/05/april-monthly-report-summary/" class="redactor-linkify-object">http://imperialnews.network/20...)
  • Chris Smith is working on the F7A – a new 2946 version of it. It’s the milspec Hornet, still working on shape language. It looks sleek and futuristic, but still identifiable as a Hornet.
  • It’s like looking at the new Dodge Challenger compared to the old ones. ‘Sleek’ is the perfect word for it apparently. More organic and rounded.
  • Tyler now has glasses, and has no idea how to keep them clean.
  • They’re not going to show off the F7A yet because it’s not ready to show off. It’s not ready yet.
  • They try to be responsible in what they show off. They have to be reasonably confident that what they’re showing will be representative of the final product.
  • At this point, it’s too early in the process to show off the F7A.
  • The Gemini will be included in 2.4, it looks pretty cool. It’s a milspec variant of the Starfarer. Wont’ be huge visual changes. Aegis buys it from MISC, and retrofits it a bit. It’s not prettier or anything.
  • Concepting on the Buccaneer is going well. The concept will be 110$. It won’t be next week. It looks cool apparently. Not ready to show that yet, cause they’re still locking it down, and that’s what the whole concept sale reveal is for.
  • Evocati! – It’s not a pre-PTU, it’s PTU. It’s always had limited access. With the exception of once where they blew open the PTU to test how many people would jump in. Short of that, it’s always had access in waves. The Evocati are just a first-wave of PTU testers. The only difference is they’ve got a funny name now, and an NDA. And they have that NDA because they’re trying to keep the feedback focused. They don’t want to have to track it down on Reddit, or in Youtube videos, etc… they’re trying to get more focused testing.
  • The Evocati so far have been extremely effective. They’ve put out 5 patches for 2.4 so far. 94% of the Evocati testers have actively played in the first week. 94% is an incredible number for them. They’ve had 1100 bugs submitted, which is on part with a much larger group, but they’re getting the results from less people. 140 of those bugs have over 10 reproductions.
  • The amount of duplicates has also been reduced. People are taking their time when submitting bugs. Their plan is to continue the Evocati, then add in another wave of PTU testers, and then the NDA will disappear.
  • Because the Evocati is so structured, the guys from Turbulent are flying out to Austin, they’re going to be improving the Issue council.
  • Most common question is how to get into Evocati – It’s not an exclusive playtest group. It’s not jumping in to see content before everyone else. You have to be patient and willing to play a very broken build of the game. Being active successfully on the Issue Council will get you added. There will be intervals where they’ll update the Evocati / the PTU waves. They’re looking to do that this summer.
  • Live is for everyone. PTU is a test environment. It’s meant to generate feedback and bug reports etc… When they let too many people jump in, the overwhelming majority of people jump into PTU once, see the new content, and then log out. Which means CIG have to pay data fees for it.
  • Evocati, and more focused PTU’s, let them be more efficient. It costs money for data to be downloaded, and the amount that were downloading the game and never logging in cost a lot.
  • Will Leverett is in, interacting with the Evocati every day, which is only possible with a smaller, more focused number of people. Eventually it’ll expand, they do need stress testing as well later, but the Evocati are a smaller, more focused group. They’re a scalpel, the general PTU is a sword. And Live is an elephant. This analogy brought to you by The Relay
  • The guys doing the publishing stuff for 2.4 – everyone’s putting in insane hours, and it’s all by choice. The passion in the project, especially with this patch, is incredible.
  • Check in next week for possible updates. It won’t go wider this weekend. Doom is out. Go play that.
  • The Overwatch beta happened in the middle of Ben and Alexis being gone, so Disco didn’t get a chance to play it.
  • Tyler and Disco both are really excited for Overwatch as am I I NEED MORE OVERWATCH!
  • And now, it’s question time.
  • [Buccaneer – how does it transport cargo?] Buccaneer questions will wait till the sale.
  • [Ship shopping in the near future?] Probably not in the near future. Nothing to do with sales, the pledge process is to support the development of the game. In-game, it depends on when they’re comfortable enough with persistence to iterate in ship-shopping. They have to be more confident in persistence, since 2.4 is just the first iteration.
  • [How far is Procedural generation?] How far along? It’s like… 42%? It’s not really quantifiable. You build it for one type of ecosystem. You build it for forests, then you have to do deserts, then tropical, then oceanic. It’s going to be a long process. But the stuff Disco’s seen recently, there are full planets now that are rocky, they have physics, you can get in a greycat and drive along.
  • It doesn’t look too much different, they’re working on technical aspects right now.
  • [Prospector QA part 3?] It was a 2 part comm-link.
  • The backgrounds in the show are older Emre work on lighting. It’s older work.
  • [Favourite overwatch hero?] Disco likes the whole ‘man with no name’ – Mcree. Tyler likes Junkrat.
  • [AtV fast forward?] That’s part 1 of the piping prototype, done by someone in the UK. It’s an example of different mechanics that can be included in levels. Multiple ways of opening doors and disabling security etc… In part 2 you’ll see early hacking, etc…
  • We’ll see some of the mechanics in SQ42 as well.
  • Vinnie is here. 2.4 testing is going well, it touches a lot. There’s a lot of interconnecting parts.
  • They’ll do a segment soon with Paul Reindell about Persistence, and why it’s important. Filming that Tuesday next week, so probably in AtV the week after.
  • [DragonCon this year] They had plans to, but then they expanded the Gamescom plans, and that runs over dragoncon, so they’re still working that out. Tentative plan is to send Tyler. Nothing definitive yet though.
  • Hennessy went on a diet, so they haven’t had cheesesteak friday in a while.
  • [What do you have against polite Canadians?] ‘nothing I don’t have against any Canadian’
  • Sean Tracy is the only Canadian Disco’s met in person. Also WTFO, but Disco forgot about that.
  • [Way to watch behind the scenes of game making?] Yeah. Visit CIG’s Youtube channel. Full of videos about the making of the game. They put out 2-4 every week.
  • [Why aren’t hangars open for multiplayer?] Because that relies on Persistence. Hangars have been running on local machines till now. persistence and 2.4 swaps those over to CIG servers.
  • With Arc Corp and Crusader, multiplayer hangars became less urgent as well.
  • With 2.4, the hangar can be arranged how you want, so now multiplayer hangars will start getting worked on.
  • [Will F7A kit have to wait for SQ42?] Not for SQ42, but it does have to wait for the F7A to be built.
  • [NPC’s in Arc Corp?] It’s being worked on. David Pang has been doing animation work to set that up.
  • [Corvette price?] No price info. There’s a thread in the official announcements forum. The second they know the price, they post the price in there. When they know, it goes there. If it’s not there, it’s cause they don’t know the price yet.
  • [Ship-loaner chart for 2.4?] Ship loaners – if you have a multicrew vehicle, you’re supposed to get a Connie. If you have a single-seater, you’re supposed to get a Hornet. That varies when there’s another ship in the series available. If you have an Aquila, you’ll get a Connie. If you have a Vanguard Sentinel, you’ll get the Warden. If there’s a ship in the line, you get the ship in the line. If there’s not a ship in the line, you’ll get a Connie or a Hornet.
  • Anywhere that that’s not the case, it’s a bug or an error, and that’ll be fixed with Turbulent eventually, but there’s more important things right now.
  • [Will buggies get throttles?] The Greycat is using the default CryEngine vehicle stuff. It’ll get reworked when they start working on ground vehicles. The first ground vehicle is on the calendar for this year, the Ursa Rover.
  • [Will Avocados get special forum title?] No
  • [What will the Evocati get as a reward?] They’re just contributors. They’re not really going to get anything special or unique as a reward.
  • Hennessy and Justin are in the background now.
  • [How many systems playable by the end of Beta?] No idea. They’re still building out Alpha. Horse before the cart. Who knows how big the company’ll be between now and then.
  • They didn’t think they’d be this close to procedural planets till well after release. That’s what game development is. It’s not game construction. You lay out a plan, and a goal, but there’s no predicting inspiration and breakthroughs.
  • [Big Benny’s Project Update?] Very Close.
  • Tyler wants to show off the Austin office sometime.
  • But it pales in comparison to LA
  • [What’s in Tylers right hand?] Dogtags from SniffleWizard!
  • [Gemini in hanger?] If you own one, it’ll be in hangar in 2.4
  • [Mark Hamill or any other actors played the game?] Yeah, Mark Hamill tweeted out #Star Citizen a few days ago. No idea if they’ve played it though. If Mark wants to come over and hang out though… The actor that plays Morrow plays though. Disco set him up with an account.
  • [At the end of videos, it says copyright 2015 CIG. Will that be updated?] The year on a copyright doesn’t mean much. It’s the year when it’s filed. It doesn’t mean it’s not active anymore.
  • They can’t predict anything about launch. Everything changes. Can’t prognosticate on things that’ll happen years from now.
  • [Update for Orgs 2.0?] There are some really cool things happening, but nothing they’re ready to talk about. It’s an update to the entire platform. They wanted to do cool things for orgs, but they wanted to do it on the whole site, not just the orgs. It’s a full on redo of the entire communications platform. Chat, forums, community hub, issue council, everything. Top-to-bottom redress of the communications. Created entirely by Turbulent. No more repurposing of Vanilla or anything else. It’s a bespoke solution.
  • But it’s been approved and budgeted, and it’s being built now, but it’s going to take time to do the solution well.
  • No info on the Next Great Star Marine. They’re trying to get a specific sponsor for that to help pay / get prizes. They want to be able to provide cool prizes and stuff.
  • 1080 GTX hype – yes. Hype.
  • [Is anyone working on Cargo right now?] Yes. In one of the recent show-and-tells, Calix put together an epic video showing some Cargo. And there’ll be some of that in the Caterpillar ship-shape. Tractor beam and such. Some doesn’t work correctly yet. There’s a part where the Cat opens up and spills cargo everywhere.
  • There’s going to be a mini-game for the Buccaneer sale. They’ve been working on it for two weeks. It’s not Hyper Vanguard Force, but it’ll be a fun distraction.
  • The mini-game is not a farming mini-game.
  • [Cutlass Cutlass Cutlass Cutlass Cutlass] Yes.
  • Work on the Caterpillar will directly influence later work on the Cutlass.
  • [Will melee combat be viable?] Knives will be a thing. There are some interesting Vanduul weapons. And in Star Marine, you could hit X to melee. So yes, melee will be a thing.
  • Vinnie just did the worst Italian accent ever. Also he has a Philadelphia Flyers hat on, so he’s cool.
  • When you have a thing that affects a small number of people, and a thing that affects a LOT of people, you have to work on the thing that affects more people first.
  • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Linux stuff will come, VR will come, but they have to prioritize the standard first.
  • [Phoenix?] They’re trying to do most of the base models before going back and doing variants. Focusing on base models before they go back and do variants.
  • With a couple exceptions.
  • [Vanduul language interview?] Not sure. There was an interview. Think they’re holding onto it to make it part of something bigger.
  • [Saitek prototype?] Yeah. They want to know about where that is too. They don’t have it yet.
  • And that wraps up this edition of RtV. Next week Ben and Alexis and Justin will be back, Hennessey running the cameras, etc…
  • Next week is 10 for the Devs. Bugsmashers on Wednesday. AtV will have Ship Shape Caterpillar 2. If you haven’t seen Ship Shape Caterpillar 1, you should. There’ll be another Loremakers as well.

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