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Reverse the Verse: May 6th Written Friday 6th of May 2016 at 10:51am by CanadianSyrup, Erris and

It’s Reverse the ‘Verse time at CIG. Check out today’s transcript of the show.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • No news on 2.4’s release or what’s inside it other than that the Avocados are currently testing it. The Avocados(Evocati) are PTU testers, but simply earlier wave PTU testers under NDA that have known to be active and give quality feedback. Their testing is not early access, but actual QA testing and it’s not fun, but necessary so they can get the bigger PTU test up to the rest of the folks and hammer out the blockers.
  • Ship reworks such as the Aurora, 300i, Cutlass black haven’t started yet because they’re waiting for resources to be able to do them and also when they build out the rest of the ships such as exploration, mining, etc, they’ll have more information to create a better ship overall. Their reworks will come in time, but they’ll be worth the wait when the component system is completely online, along with other aspects of development.
  • The ATV Fastforward was a Javelin escape pod and there wasn’t other shots to show because they don’t want to show stuff that may change because of where it’s at in production.
  • Multiplayer hangars will come after Persistence has been completed. It’s not a huge priority as everyone’s hangar is basically the same, but it’ll come.
  • Most studios are hiring for QA along with other positions.
  • Ben and Alexis will return next Friday and Geek Domo is out of the hospital and recovering well.

Full Transcript

  • SOON tm
  • Zyloh said there’s a few technical difficulties at the moment so it’ll be a little while longer.
  • They’re live! But no intro.. Just Tyler(Zyloh) and Jared(Disco) using the format from subscriber RTV last week.
  • They’re still setting things up at the moment so VERY informal at the moment.
  • Disco is doing scales
  • Welcome to Reverse the ‘Verse!
  • They don’t have the normal set up at all right now. The livestream box died 30 minutes ago.
  • Gonna do a Week in Review, some cool stuff happening this week, some questions, and then they’re both going to cry themselves to sleep because they both have large skulls apparently. It’s a problem when buying hats.
  • Ben and Alexis are away. They’re back East on bereavement leave. Alexis’ father passed last Saturday, so they’re back there, the services were today. Special thanks go out to Redacted, TEST, The Relay, and Clifford for sending flowers to the viewing.
  • Ben thanked everyone on Twitter yesterday.
  • It’s been a rough week without Ben and Alexis, as they do a lot.
  • Week in Review – Monday was 10 for the Devs. Episode came late because with the push to 2.4, they didn’t get it filmed till Monday at 1 pm. It was a rush-job on the episode.
  • The community content, 10 for the Devs etc… works around the Devs schedules. Their work matters more than the community stuff. Game development is about priority, sot hey prioritize making the game over making the videos.
  • Wednesday was BugSmashers. That gets filmed Tuesday morning. It’s again all done around the Devs schedules.
  • Thursday was Around the ‘Verse. There was a Loremakers, and an interview, and Jeremiah Lee. Jeremiah was hand-picked by Sandi to co-host that episode of AtV.
  • They’ve talked about this a few times now. The way PTU process works is they develop a patch, get it to a certain point, and there are still bugs. They get rid of some blockers, then they put it on PTU. Then it sits on PTU while they continue to work on it, then it gets to a point where it’s good and it goes live.
  • What they’ve done is, because 2.4 is such a huge patch, with lots of front and back-end changes, lots of changes to the nature of the game, it will take longer to get to the point where it’s ready for PTU. QA guys are great, but there are only so many of them. Because patch 2.4 has so many changes and things that can go wrong, they’ve deputized some of the most ardent testers.
  • Folks who have contributed lots, and high quality, bug reports. People who can properly document and source issues. They’re being called the ‘Evocati’, or the ‘Avocados’. Evocati is an old Roman term.
  • It’s really just an earlier stage to the PTU. They’re deputized QA people, so they’re under NDA, and it’s just to help them get to the open PTU faster.
  • It’s an intermediate step before the waves of PTU. If the Evocati wasn’t going on right now, there wouldn’t be a PTU anyway. They’re here to try to get the game to PTU faster. If you see them, thank them. They’re volunteering their time to get the patch out to us faster.
  • The amount of output of testing from the Evocati is extremely high too. Gotten a ton of stuff on the PTU issue council, and they’re getting lots of good feedback. It’s not a pre-PTU or anything, it’s the same process and everything, they’re just an earlier wave.
  • It’s a more manageable group so they can open the PTU up wider faster.
  • So 2.4 is on PTU now. They hit a number of unique bugs last night. Folks were spawning in the middle of space, choking, and dying.
  • Don’t see it as a group of people who are playing 2.4 early, they’re having to deal with all kinds of gamebreaking bugs. They’re wading through crap so we don’t have to.
  • Lots of work on the Monthly report this week, it’s just awaiting Chris’ approval, but it’s just about ready.
  • Jeremiah is here now. He hosted AtV 2.30
  • Jeremiah is currently working on SQ42. The Marines are all done and approved.
  • Omar and Cheyne are working on that now, to get them running around.
  • Apparently there’s a BDU that looks really good.
  • They’re testing itemization where they layer components, and they needed a base suit. So they decided to make a more badass looking BDU. Jeremiah spent about a day doing a concept, then when Shane showed up, first day, he was asked to go into Zbrush and sculpt it. He hit the ground running day one.
  • Disco has never seen DragonBall Z
  • Disco ‘I was already doing stuff with girls when DBZ came out’
  • Jeremiah is now gone.
  • Jared is singing again ‘this is the best episode of RtV ever’
  • ‘Pour one out for the livestream box’
  • 2.4 is on PTU. They’re testing it now. Other than that, work continues apace. Prospector sale closed this week, it was fantastic. They have a pretty good idea of how well a sale will do, and the Prospector was really close. They sold 2% more than they thought it was. Next concept sale is the Buccaneer, the Drake Buccaneer. No date yet, but it’s later this month. Concept is wrapped up, just nailing out final details.
  • The Orions for the Shubin Mining Contest – they’ve been sidetracked with the bereavement leave. Covering for both Ben and Alexis is taxing, so they’re not going to be going through the 30,000 entries right now. But they will get to it. They want to give many people their due.
  • It’s not who’s ‘best’, that’s not quantifiable. It’s going to be the five entries that move the needle for them. That intrigue them.
  • This week GeekDomo got out of the hospital, so congrats to him. He had heart surgery this week and came out okay, which is awesome.
  • Check him out. Give him your best.
  • There was a lot of support for Geekdomo on the day of his surgery, which was awesome.
  • And they’re going to take questions from RSI chat now.
  • [Can you put the small subscriber ship models as examples in the ship sales kiosk?] It’s not a priority, but you’ll be able to buy some variant or version of the subscriber models in-game.
  • [Will Austin be the centre for game support agents?] There are support agents in multiple studios. Leverett is in Austin, Danks is in UK, and the teams will build up in both places as the need arises. Also room for it to grow in Frankfurt, as they’re adding another floor to that studio cause they’re growing fast.
  • All studios are hiring as well. Disco’s doing interviews for marketing artists.
  • Ben and Alexis come back Friday next week.
  • Not answering questions about content for 2.4, as people testing it are under NDA. There’s lots in it right now, and the stuff they can make work will hit live, the stuff they can’t make work will get pulled temporarily. Not going to talk about it till they know 100% what’ll be in.
  • [Tyler’s week?] I think Disco muted Tyler while he talks about his week. I can’t hear it anyway.
  • And Disco’s looking pretty smug.
  • Yup. Disco’s laughing now.
  • Trying to hide his face.
  • Tyler’s gotten up and walked away.
  • Tyler’s back.
  • Tyler’s week – busy week. helped preparing the Monthly report, gathered lots of screenshots for stuff. Took over social media this week.; running Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. AtV intro and MVP this week – he got that all ready. Goes through the forums, deals with tickets for media stuff, lots of meetings for future community plans, segments, etc…
  • There are a LOT of community videos. If they’re going to highlight one per week, it has to be excellent. It has to be doing something different and unique. If you clear Vanduul swarm fast, that’s cool, but they have lots of videos of that. They need stuff that shows things like emergent gameplay. Sgt. Gambel’s bowling with ships last week. people find ways to make fun, and that’s what they like to show off as MVP.
  • [Election lore piece was cool, more?] Almost definitely, but that’s up to the writing team. They’re still wrapped up in SQ42 stuff, but they’ve discussed eventually doing a model UN. Where Cherie, Adam, Will, and Dave all pick a system to represent and represent them in a model UN.
  • [Javelin escape pod?] That was all the pictures they have. That’s the escape pod for the Javelin. Different people on the teams work on ships at different points. Some people who were working on the Idris are done their work, and they’ve moved on to the Javelin, and they’ve finished the escape pod.
  • Art sneak peek was here’s one image, maybe two or three of some random thing. Whatever production had cleared to go ahead. They try to show things that are at least close to being done.
  • Fast forward is more about exploring work the Audio team is doing, work animation or AI guys are doing, etc… about exploring more than just a few images.
  • Might not be able to do fast forwards every week, but the next 3 week are three parts of the ‘pipes’ system.
  • [How’s CIG LA working out?] Combined with the west hollywood staff, which is neat. You’ve never partied till you’ve partied with a comptroller.
  • Disco’s 37th job, and it’s the best job he’s ever had.
  • [Carrack sale?] Why would you want to buy a carrot? [Any news on Carrot?] I think they’re talking about the exploration carrot?
  • [More Cutlass remodel?] We’ll see that when the remodel happens. It hasn’t happened yet. It’s at the same place it was after the shipyard article way back.
  • Every time they make a ship they learn more. There’s an assumption that CIG have all the answers right from the beginning. They don’t. They’re learning how to make 80 different ships that could all be the hero asset in another game. Every time they build a ship they learn more. They redid the Hornet twice, Connie 3 times, Freelancer a few times too.
  • If they rebuilt the Cutlass now, they’d rebuild it with the info they have now. If they wait and build all the different types of ships first, explorers, miners, etc… and learn all those lessons and then go do the remodel, then they remake it with much more information, and you get a better ship from it.
  • Cutlass, 300 series, and Aurora are not being remodelled now, so when they do go back and remodel them, they have more experience and can do it right.
  • Waiting sucks, but the wait will result in a better ship.
  • [Evocati get a special patch?] Maybe? This might be the only time they use it. If people keep breaking their NDA, they probably won’t use the Evocati again.
  • [How hard did you hit the wall in the April Fools dance?] Tyler was approached by a few people who asked if that was scripted. That entire thing was a five minute idea before it happened.
  • Tyler just asked if he was muted. Jared said he wasn’t muted. Then muted him.
  • Justin played music on his phone. and Jared just flew across the frame and slammed into a giant green wall. 8 ft tall, 12 ft wide wall. It moved. Everyone was worried about Jared.
  • None of that was planned. The April Fools gag came together in 3 days.
  • [Plug the interview you did recently?] Disco needs more info to plug things.
  • [Revamp on the Vanguard in the future so it’s closer to the concept?] Possibly. That means it’s not ruled out. But there aren’t any plans to do it. They’re going through all the individual ships right now. Once resources free up, they may send resources back to look at what need to be fixed. And there’s differences between what The Relay and TEST and Redacted and every individual person thinks needs to be fixed.
  • it all comes down to what Chris wants the ships to be.
  • Disco pledged so that Chris could make the game he wants, not so that Chris would have to answer to disco.
  • [Thrustmaster updated HOTAS?] It looks like a flashier version of the stuff they’ve already got. That’s been CIG’s experience. CIG asked people to go and make something new, and companies mostly said ‘nope’
  • [Can we custom paint ships and armour?] That’s the hope and intention. It’ll be at some point later on. There’s lots of discussion about it. But they’re still building ships and armour, so they’re not at the point yet.
  • [ATV interview with people in UK?] Probably will get lots of interviews in August during Gamescom stuff.
  • [Keep Evocati and get rid of NDA?] No. Inmates don’t run a ship. We don’t not do a thing because some people are misbehaving.
  • [How’s Chris as a boss?] phenomenal. Lots of people are intimidated by him, Disco likes going and showing him stupid things. Chris gives him the Chris stare.
  • They’re continuing the show a bit longer cause they started late.
  • [Do you realize it’s May?] Yes.
  • [Multiplayer hangar module?] Comes after Persistence is totally up and running. On the list, but it’s not a priority yet. Now that hangars can be decorated and persistence is coming, it’ll make sense to do multiplayer hangars. No ETA though.
  • [Mass Effect Livestream?] Probably not. Disco’s disappointed in number 2. Gameplay is good, graphics are good, but the morals of the game are too simplified. He played ME 1 making the real decisions he would make.
  • Renegade wasn’t evil in the first one. It was more pragmatic. In ME 2 it’s more ‘evil’, red crackling face and red eyes and such.
  • [Explain the NDA?] Disco did at the beginning of the show. He’s sure it’ll be in a transcript somewhere.
  • [Privateer stream?] Yes. They’ll do one for the 25th anniversary. Whenever that is.
  • [May hangar flair?] That’s for Alexis to share when she gets back.
  • [Call a CIG studio for a tour?] Arrange tours through the CS ticket system. Send in a ticket indicating which studio you’d like to visit. They happen on specific days at specific times. You don’t get to pick when the tour is.
  • Also don’t show up unannounced for a tour. They don’t do that.
  • [Ask a Dev?] New ones have opened, you can ask them now. Devs will look at them after the 2.4 crunch lets up a bit.
  • Coming up! Monthly report today.
  • This weekend, nothing.
  • Zyloh is streaming with Cpt. Richard.
  • They’ll be streaming later tonight from Cpt. Richard’s Twitch channel. They’re gonna hang out.
  • 10 ft Devs is with Omar and Adam. Writer and Char. Artist.
  • No BugSmashers next week. Thursday’s AtV will be hosted by Sandi and Forrest.
  • Segments will be – Interview with people who created Voice Attack. Should be ready in time. And there’s a Wonderful World of Star Citizen covering The Relay that’ll go up next week as well.
  • And that’s it for this week!
  • That’s Jared and Tyler signing off. Stay classy San-Diego.


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