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Reverse the Verse: April 29th Written Friday 29th of April 2016 at 10:54am by CanadianSyrup, Erris and

It’s Reverse the ‘Verse time! Check out the liveblog and transcript of the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • 2.4 PTU wont be till next week. “Strike group” Testers will begin testing it shortly.
  • Meetings in the UK have begun about insurance and taking it from initial design to making it a reality and discussing all scenarios like what if you lose all your ships.
  • Prospector Q&A Part 2 is live with the sale of the Prospector ending on Monday.
  • Manufacture patch set is available for purchase featuring Aegis, MISC, Anvil, RSI, and Drake Interplanetary.
  • Shubin application contest is coming to a close on Monday at noon pacific. Currently have 35,000 entries so far.
  • The shield system which was described by Matt Sherman should be in 2.4, could change however. 2.4 will feature persistence and shopping as they’re confident about its appeareance in 2.4.
  • REC most likely wont convert to Alpha UEC because the point of Alpha UEC is to test to see what needs to be tweaked and changed. They may reward people down the line for having a large amount of REC or participation for Alpha UEC.
  • VR has a plan in place for when they’re ready to work on it, but at the moment it’s not in active development.

  • [Caterpillar] Wrapping the internal concepting
  • [F7A Hornet] Working on it for SQ42. It’s very different from the Civilian model, but also very simliar in other aspects.
  • [890] Still waiting for its turn in the production queue. 890’s Snub ship the 85X is being worked on which will come before the 890
  • [Polaris] Shape has been selected and concept artists are fleshing it out now.
  • [300 series & Redeemer rework] Scheduled, but not happening for now.
  • [Buccaneer] Price will be roughly the same as the current cutlass, possibly cheaper, but no set amount yet.

Full Transcript

  • SOON ™
  • Welcome to The Relay’s textual broadcast of CIG’s auditorial elevator music, going on live right now at twitch.tv/cigcommunity
  • This is an audio test! If you can hear this test, it’s working!
  • Intro video is playing.###li
  • Blink 182, supplemental cheese, women’s soccer, star wars. Won’t be talking about any of those subjects.
  • I see Ben, Alexis, Disco, and Justin.
  • They’re talking about what Tom Hennessy talks about on dates.
  • Welcome to Reverse the ‘Verse!
  • Week in Review – Ben – Busy week, but all boring stuff. The longer you get into the job and the higher you climb in the company the more boring things get. Arranging travel, budgeting for set purchases for the next 6 months, etc… no exciting ship kickoffs and things.
  • Meeting with the UK about implementing insurance, turning insurance from Chris’ initial design to something in the game. Looking at edge cases like ‘what if you lose all your ships’ etc…
  • Disco will remove all ability to post to the forums before that goes live.
  • Working out how to track and punish insurance fraud, etc…
  • Got their third AtV set, it’s a separate set. It looks like Terra.
  • There’s some chaos going on, cause isn’t there always?
  • Interpersonal tensions in the office are at a high in the office cause they’ve been playing a lot of Uno. Apparently makes them want to murder each other.
  • Wiffle ball assault happened
  • Uno makes you a bad person.
  • Prospector QA went up, special shoutout to Tyler Witkin for putting together the QA.
  • Second Prospector Q&A will be going up anytime now.
  • Last chance to pick up a Prospector during the sale, sale ends Monday.
  • Designers know the end goal for insurance, but they’re working on seeing how it’ll affect people once it’s in place.
  • Alexis’ week – Merch stuff, and the subscriber RtV on Wednesday with Pedro & Ross.
  • Pedro barely made the sub RTV and he was telling Jared,” All is okay, you are the best I know” to calm Jared. Amazing Pedro impression from Jared.
  • There are new patches available, they’ll be up right after the show. Manufacturer patch set. Aegis (pronounced eeghis?), MISC, Anvil, RSI, and Drake Interplanetary
  • Those’ll be available at noon PST after the show.
  • Alexis’ working on getting stuff for gamescom giveaways and handouts for events and stuff this week. They got chairs for the lobby.
  • They had recycled furniture till now. Took them four years to get new furniture that wasn’t re purposed from something else.
  • There’s more stuff in the fancave now too.
  • The wall on the right is the Org Wall, they haven’t really showed it off yet.
  • They showed off BNG, Disco’s letting Tom know that The Relay is on there too, and he’s not showing us. Makes us sad.
  • There’s The Relay!
  • And the Ausmonauts, some other stuff… it’s very shakey-cam.
  • Justin’s week – work on the documentary for the making of SC, and working on the show-and-tell. They put together an internal show once a month to show people in the company what’s going on throughout the company. Show and Tells is shown to us in the AtV segment.
  • AtV this week had Ship Shape about the Drake Herald, with Josh Coons. Ship’s coming along nicely, is a ‘herald of things to come’ – Ben.
  • Ben wrote an intro for Disco – Hark the herald angel sings, or something along those lines.
  • They’re shooting a ‘thing’ with The Relay soon – we like things!
  • Where’s my Stuff! Section where Disco asks Ben where stuff is
  • [2.4?] It is April 29th. They’re close to the first limited PTU test of 2.4. If it hasn’t already happened, it’ll happen soon ( to the special PTU people). 2.4 is coming along, it’s a BIG deal, biggest jump since 2.0. Almost certainly wont’ be live in April, but it’ll be worth the wait.
  • Lots of work being done to fix persistence, which is huge, but there’s a lot of game changing content as well. Earning and spending money, changes to port olisar, holotable is gone, etc…
  • Shooting a segment with Sean Tracy on Monday that Disco’s wanted to shoot for a while.
  • Geekdomo – one of the best SC streamers – is having heart surgery this morning. Thoughts from CIG go out to him, and thoughts from The Relay go out to him as well.
  • [Caterpillar?] Starting to wrap up the internal concepting.
  • Moving towards next month’s concept ship. Getting ready for the Buccaneer. Late may.
  • [F7A Hornet] Working on it for SQ42. It’s not ‘like the C’. It’s very different, but very similar at the same time. Easily identifiable as a Hornet.
  • Supposed to have kickoffs for two tiny ships. They’re looking at what ship concepts they want to have well after the game’s out.
  • Dad Lando – if anyone follows Disco on Twitter, Disco’s Dad is a Star Citizen. Plays more than Lando does too. And he loves the Cutlass.
  • Disco’s dad is in the room. Disco’s Dad!
  • Disco and his dad look like the same person.
  • Disco’s Dad – ‘Disco, I am your father’
  • They’re wearing black hats, both wearing RSI track jackets.
  • Disco’s Dad (DD) – He was a gamer before SC, been a gamer for a long time, Halo, Destiny, etc… lots of FPS games. Jared was doing SC stuff on Youtube, told his dad it was gonna be the best game in the world (this is 2013 or so).
  • DD didn’t pay much attention to it, but a couple of years later, Disco got hired as an employee. DD thought that was great, cause he loved the Wing Commander movie (and Chris Roberts), cause the movie hit something inside DD. Decided to buy a ship, bought an Aurora. At that time there were lots of glitches.
  • Looking at the ship at the beginning ‘if this is the beginning of what these people are doing, then the ending has got to be phenomenal’.
  • DD – ‘It’s kind of like looking at art. For those of you that know great art or music, when you see something that is great, you want to soak it in, to enjoy it, and that’s basically how I got started with SC. I saw something in SC that I’ve never seen in any other game. I saw a way to become a part of it.’
  • DD – ‘You go through life, and Star Citizen gives me, personally, a place to be a young person again, and not be foolish about it either.
  • If Lando ever quits or gets fired Ben’s hiring DD.
  • Also DD has the best voice ever.
  • DD owns a couple ships now. Lancer DUR, beautiful ship. Loves the colours and such on the DUR. Picked up the Redeemer as well, loved the ability to protect people, taking space marines and running black ops etc…
  • He bought a couple of Redeemers. He originally bought Cutlass Reds, switched them to Cutlass Blacks, will upgrade them to Blue’s eventually.
  • Question time! – Questions are taken from General chat on the RSI website.
  • DD just bought a Mustang and gifted it to Lando’s brother.
  • [Is Disco wearing makeup?] No. Just a new hat.
  • [AC theme was incredible, can we get an official version?] They left the mics up on purpose. They’re pushing out a soundtrack and selling it, that’ll be where you get the clean version of it.
  • [How big are the saddlebags on the prospector?] Same containers that can hook into the Hull.
  • Olem dropped off a Wacom tablet.
  • [Pictures of the 890 Jump?] None right now. It’s waiting for its turn. They’ve talked about the 85X, which you’ll get before the 890 Jump likely. That’ll be put together soon. All pictures for the 890 and the BMM have been released.
  • [May subscriber flair?] Space cactus.
  • BHVR guys care a LOT about the plants and such. The Relay will be visiting BHVR soon to talk Star Citizen and their upcoming game, Dead by Daylight. Mid-may hopefully!
  • [Shield system described by Matt Sherman be in 2.4?] It should, that’s the plan. If they’ve got it up and running, it’ll be in. They’re confident talking about the persistent and the shopping, cause that has to be in 2.4. Not sure about the shields.
  • [Shubin app contest for the Orions?] Closes Monday, noon Pacific. Over 35,000 entries, so it’ll take time to read them. Tyler will be reading the entries. Bug him about them.
  • Ben forgot to mention – they’ll use the entries as source for Lore. They’ll give them to the lore people for NPC backstory and such.
  • [Patches on sale?] Going on sale right after RtV ends. In 17 minutes.
  • [What ship are you looking forward to most DD?] Starfarer.
  • [Status of office? Tours?] Close to being able to do a video tour. 2 things stopping that – just putting together the lobby. Really close, just waiting on CR to do it, he’s in the UK working on SQ42 for the next4 weeks.
  • Chris’ll be back in June to do a video tour.
  • [Polaris?] Selected the shape of it, concept artist is fleshing that out now. Should see it in the next couple months.
  • [Change REC to alpha UEC?] Possibly. It’s something to entertain, but it wouldn’t be as much of a benefit for testing. Want to see how people will play, how much people should earn, how long it should take to earn things, etc…
  • Maybe once they get to UEC can give people who have tons of REC some UEC. Alpha UEC exists to nuke, change, etc… It’s for testing.
  • [ICC Stellar Surveyors?] Still the logo for the ingame version of Subscribers. Doesn’t do much know, but who knows in the future. Something the writers came up with.
  • [How long is the Cat?] It’s all guesses till they get it built out. Can’t walk around in it till it gets built out. Hasn’t changed substantially though.
  • There’ll be a ship shape on the Caterpillar whitebox in the near future.
  • [Updates on 300 series?] Scheduled for rework, not happening now. Same with the Redeemer.
  • [VR?] Check Brian Chambers news segment from AtV three weeks ago. They have guys in Frankfurt, they have a plan, but it’s not in active development. Have to prioritize for more people vs. few people.
  • [Buccaneer price?] Roughly the same price as the Cutlass. Last they did a preliminary look it was 10$ cheaper, but that could change. They may do a segment showing how they do pricing for ships.
  • Ben got a whiteboard this week that he’s proud about.
  • Ben’s poster got stolen from his office. Hennessy’s showing how framing is supposed to work. The paintings didn’t have supports, so they were taken down, sent back, so they can have support added, so they don’t bow in.
  • DD wants to tell about the time DL got his tongue caught in an egg beater.
  • ‘Even as a small child, Disco was very strange. When he was 9 – 10 years old, I moved the family Montana to Ontario. His friends were all in the Coulton area. Got a phone call from an area, saying Jared rode his bicycle 50-some miles. Disco had ridden his bike 50 miles on the freeway.
  • When DD picked DL up, they’re driving home, DD says ‘what possessed you to do that?’ DL says ‘ I weighed the consequences with what I wanted to do, and decided the risk was worth it.
  • DD immediately knew that DL was someone special.
  • DD’s telling Disco Lando stories. They’re good.
  • DL lost a third of his tongue in an egg-beater.
  • Looking Ahead – Prospector Q&A part II should be up. Sale goes till Monday. Next week, 10 for the Devs. Hoping for Sean Tracy. AtV next week, Loremakers is back. Also a segment with Sean Tracy about Item Ports, hopefully. Also, Monthly Report next Friday. There is no release date for 2.4, but it’s getting close.
  • And that’s all for RtV!

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