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Reverse the Verse: April 22nd Written Friday 22nd of April 2016 at 10:53am by CanadianSyrup, Shiver_Bathory and

Reverse the ‘verse is here! Check out The Relay’s transcript of the show.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • MISC Prospector is now available for $140. Q&A will go up next Wednesday and Friday; questions for Wednesday are being taken now.
  • There is a Shubin mining page to go along with the sale where CIG will take the best 5 submissions from the latest application people post(The last mining application you post on your Shubin profile is what they will look at) and give them an RSI Orion!
  • 2.4. PTU target is for next week, but is subject to change.
  • Working on setting up the next Concierge Bar Citizen
  • New Merchandise samples have come in, check them out on Sandi Facebook page.
  • The next small career ship might be a… YARRR.
  • Subscriber RTV next week will feature the Audio team including Pedro who will debut 2 pieces of music, one new one and one familiar one.
  • Prospector is designed for planetary mining. This wasn’t intended originally, but with procedural tech progressing as it is, it was a clear choice.
  • CCU downgrade has no updates at this time because the focus is on economy implementation at this point.

  • [Reliant] Slated for 2.4. Unknown if Flight or Hangar ready.
  • [Starfarer Gemini] Slated for 2.4.Unknown if Flight or Hangar ready.
  • [Orion] No updates, still on the schedule for later.
  • [85X] 890 Jump’s small ship has begun design, but not production, neither is the 890 jump in production either.
  • [Herald] There will be a ship shape next week detailing the progress on it.
  • [Caterpillar] Interior concept work is still ongoing. Concept work is done in 3D, but not in engine to clarify what concepting means.

Full Transcript

  • Soon™
  • Cue elevator music
  • I’m not sure but I think I saw a frame of Disco Lando with Billy Dee Williams!
  • Intro time!
  • Some nice jazz music for the intro
  • And it’s live! I see Ben, Alexis, Jared and Justin!
  • Oh and Tyler has appeared!
  • Reverse the ‘Verse is CIG’s weekly informal livestream
  • Week in review is up first.
  • Bens week: Busy personal week, took a day off so he wasn’t working everyday of the week and went to the beach. Big thing was polishing the Prospector which is now available. Did a kick off for the Origin 85X which comes with the 890 Jump.
  • It’s just a design for the 85X, not actually building it out and it doesn’t mean the 890 Jump is in production just yet.
  • Ben, Sandi, Chris, Alexis, Justin and Jared went and saw the Jungle book and they ate Chris’s Chili too apparently. Chris blushed for the first time after asking about Ben’s tattoo and then getting embarrassed by what it actually was. (Paladin’s tattoo from the Wing Commander movie)
  • They recommend Jungle book. Go see it.
  • Alexis’ week: Sandi and her went out to check out another warehouse. Got some new samples for merch. Working on setting up the next Concierge Bar Citizen.
  • Justins week: The usual, weekly shows and edited an extra 10 For The Chairman because Chris is in the UK now.
  • Thomas’ week: [He stared intently at Jared]
  • Tylers week: Productive week! Livestreamed painting the green screen so he can move around and not break everything. Worked on making some ATV stuff to be a higher quality coming out of Austin.
  • 2.4. PTU today tease? Keep the hype trains on standby
  • I have no idea what’s going on now…
  • Hair styling tips from Disco Lando, it’s also on the internet somewhere
  • Disco came out to his car one day and there was a giant package on his seat and he was furious because of it. One of his doors doesn’t lock which is why there was a package and the people he car pools with put it there because they know that and gave Jared a thoughtful gift. Awe
  • They’re talking about how you just tell Brian Chambers to talk and he goes…
  • MISC Prospector segment now.
  • Surprisingly Alexis is into the Prospector.
  • Ben talks about the progress of the Prospector and how it’s after you’ve begun to fly around in your starter and early game ships and deciding whether to go with a military career, or trading career. Like Hornet, Freelancer, Prospector type of selection for players.
  • There’s a Shubin Career site you can check out and it’s so good that the fake ads on the page are Ad-blocked because they looked so real.
  • You can generate a mining application which then CIG will choose the 5 best submissions from folks and will give away a RSI Orion to those folks.
  • Prospector is centered around Planetary mining because of the procedural tech. It was originally planned, but because of how the tech has come along it made a good fit. The Orion will be for asteroid belts and very large rocks.
  • Only submit your best mining application because they will take the latest one.
  • Where’s my Spaceship? segment
  • [Orion] No update, it’s on the schedule for later.
  • [Herald & Caterpillar] Josh Coombs will have a segment next week on ATV about it, check it out there for your update on that. Caterpillar is having work continue on it.
  • [F7A] Chris Smith is working on it and bringing it up to current standards for Squadron 42.
  • The F7-A skin was for a veterans charity in 2014 that makes your F7-C look like a F7-A, but still has the performance and loadouts of the C model.
  • That’s it for the Where’s My Spaceship? segment!
  • Question and Answer time!
  • [On yesterday’s ATV the Reliant and Gemini were mentioned that they were slated for 2.4. Is this correct?] Yes that’s correct. They are working on including both for 2.4. They don’t mention hangar ready or flight ready
  • [More details on the ATV Fastforward and where that place was?] That was the AI subsumption. Blue lines are where they hear you, yellow is sight, and red is where they think you last were. The area was a gas station.
  • That gas station was vertical slice out of Squadron 42 that has all the features in Sq42 and made into a level for testing, they do this for a few things
  • [When we will hear information about the Orotani system?] That’s up to the lore team.
  • [Tevarin race?] They’re being worked on!
  • [Will the Prospector have a way to off-load cargo?] Yes there are pods that eject on the sides.
  • [Did I get here on time?] Yes
  • [any updates about the possiblity of CCU downgrade?] No updates right now, more about getting economy in the game.
  • [Can the F7A skin be applied to more than just the base?] Possibly all, but they’ll check on that.
  • [Reliant] Hopeful inclusion for 2.4.
  • [Will we see another 10 for the Artist soon?] 10 for the Developers will be soon with the round table discussion, but yes there will be more in the future.
  • [What does Disco shirt look like?] It’s a shirt with stuff on it.
  • [Merch patches: is there an instruction guide?] You can iron them on from the back of a shirt.
  • [Why do the devs talk about concept when referencing the Caterpiller?] They’re still concepting out the interior, they do the art in 3D, but aren’t doing engine work so they can visually see before they go in engine, but they also do concept as the ship is developed sometimes too.
  • [How is Gurmukh?] He’s doing good! He’s happy to be back.
  • [Any plans to have Vanduul Swarmesque FPS testing down the road for their AI?] Don’t really know at this point.
  • [What controller setup are you guys going to use when Squadron 42 releases?] Jared: Gamepad. Ben: Joystick flying, gamepad walking around.
  • [Will it be possible to overload your ship? Shoving cargo into small spaces in your ship?] Maybe, we’ll see when the cargo system comes out.
  • [Will there be a catalogue of Loremakers broken out of episodes?] Yes! They currently do it for big interviews and other segments and Loremakers is included in that.
  • [With the Propsector post talking about being a small career ship and referencing others, what are those other careers?] Possibly… YARRRRR.
  • Disco’s dad will be here next week the 29th.
  • Disco’s dad is coming to replace him and Ben is explaining a dream where this happens.
  • Somehow a dance party is involved in this… Ben’s yelling… and Jared said you can’t fly the M50 and Ben fired him for that.
  • [Org 2.0?] It’s a huge project that affects everything, it’ll be worth the wait.
  • Moving onto Looking Ahead.
  • Coming up: MISC Prospector is available for sale now. Q&A on it next Wednesday and Friday.
  • 10 For The Chairman is on Monday. Wednesday is the Monthly Subscriber RtV which will feature the Audio Team this time around.
  • Pedro will be there and will debut two pieces, one full one that people will recognize and 30 seconds of a brand new piece.
  • ATV next week will have ship shape with Josh Coombs on the Herald and Which Glitch will appear!
  • Next week they’re trying to push 2.4 to PTU, but no guarantees.
  • That’s it for this weeks episode of Reverse the ‘Verse.
  • Thanks for watching folks! Standard transcript will be up shortly. CanadianSyrup, Signing off. Shiver Bathory: Don’t forget little old me too! =P


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