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Reverse the Verse: March 11th Written Friday 11th of March 2016 at 10:53am by CanadianSyrup, Shiver_Bathory and

It’s time for Reverse the ‘Verse! Check out our Liveblog and Transcript!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Darian Vorlick is helping the community team with social media and other community related things
  • Justin Chambers is out east for his movie premier
  • Free Fly for all ships till the 20th with a sale near the end of that week.
  • Subscriber flair should be in hangars today for the start of their Spaceplant series.
  • Squadron 42 Dogtags are going on sale at 1pm Pacific today.
  • Starmap orders will begin fulfilment for separate orders, not those which came with game packages.
  • Citizen Con tickets will go on sale next week. Subscribers will get a pre-sale which happens in 6 days. Event location is The Avalon Hotel, Hollywood CA. Same place as CitizenCon 2014. No official price for tickets although they could be around $60, but not confirmed. Stay tuned for details.
  • Concierge flair is coming soon, stay tuned for an announcement in the coming weeks
  • No details on Gamescom event at this time.
  • Redeemer needs to be brought up to the same tech standards for the work that needs to be done on it.
  • Caterpillar is still going strong in Santa Monica
  • Bengal Carrier is in active production in the UK with a lot of resources behind it.
  • Starfarer is finishing up hangar ready status in the UK
  • Reliant is finishing up hangar ready status as well.
  • Xi’An Scout is finishing flight trials and Austin and Herald has begun work since Xi’An Scout went live.
  • They will change the speed again in the future, nothing is final.
  • They talked about VR and how they are very much wanting to do it, it’s just not efficient until it’s ready.
  • They’re waiting for the Hotas prototype to arrive at this time.
  • No update on the downgrade system at this time.
  • Hoodies are being sourced with the same material as the drake ones and will be Squadron 42 themed.
  • Wing Commander livestream on April 9th with a through on Secret Missions 2.

Full Transcript

  • Soon tm
  • Awesome intro time!
  • The audio finally worked on the first time around!
  • I see Jared, Ben, Alexis and Darian Vorlick!
  • Beard Vanguard is going on right now
  • Reverse the ‘Verse is Cloud Imperium’s weekly informal livestream.
  • Justin Chambers is on the east coast for a premiere for his movie!
  • Darian has been helping with social media lately
  • Ben’s week: Meetings for ship concepts, helping with bugs.
  • Free fly for all ships till the 20th!
  • New segment on ATV with Cherie Hieberg called Lorewalkers Guide to the Galaxy, check it out it’s pretty neat!
  • Ben was helping edit footage for the “Making of” Star Citizen along with shooting more footage to hopefully have a first rough cut of the first part soon.
  • Darians Week: Splitting time between Development and Community Team. Been working on boosting the community side of the team and helping them sync better with the community across other forms of social media. He saw Deadpool, loved it, girlfriend hated it.
  • Correction on Behavior Behind the Scenes about Simon Prichette he’s a 3D not a 2D artist
  • Alexis week: Subscriber flair should be added to the hangars now, it’s the start of the spaceplant line. If you backed before 49 million you will recieve the other stretch goal reward which was a spaceplant that came last week. Bar Citizen was last week, it was as huge success. For those who in the second group at Frankfurt, they’ll be planning another event soon.
  • Squadron 42 dogtags are going onsale at 1pm Pacific
  • Henessey created a box to take pictures of merchandise and apparently creates great selfies.
  • Starmap orders will begin fulfillment. These are separate ones, not ones which came with the game packages. Remainders will be put on sale after first batch is fulfilled
  • Kicking off sales on CitizenCon tickets next week. General tickets will go onsale one week from now and a pre-sale will happen 6 days from now for subscribers. Same place as CitizenCon 2 years ago: The Avalon Hotel, Hollywood, Ca.
  • Moving onto “Exploring the Fancave” segment.
  • Showing off where Tom Henessey works and our ears were bleeding from echo and static…
  • Beautiful picture of the 890 Jump, now there’s Tim from Wing Commander and now the Banhammer!
  • A Nerf robot sent by Wulf Knight, there’s a lot of echo which makes it hard to focus at the moment.
  • Physical copy of the Hunter comic and Citizencon 2014 shotglasses, a copy of Red player one, Whataburger 42 order number.
  • The glorious original Lamp! Also some custom Squadron 42 and UEE made signs from a fan in Austin.
  • Henessey’s bag of balls, Star Wars action figures with Lando of course. Model of the Constellation and a Star Citizen (Cro)bobblehead of the first ingame character.
  • Original award cheque from the next great Starship.
  • The Relay Logo on the wall!
  • Another one from Cosmonauts, Star Pirates.
  • There’s the D…. from the old CIG office.
  • Pristine copies of Wing Commander 2 and 3.
  • Award from PAX Australia in 2014 and a fanmade Vanduul rubber knife, sent four of them and there are around the office. Award for best PC game for Wing Commander. Wrapping up the tour with Coasters from Erris at The Relay. There’s some wooden Squadron 42 and Star Citizen signs from Pax East. The 3D Retaliator printed by Mr Combustable and Firespikez with torpedoes inside! That’s the fan cave!
  • It’s Q&A time!
  • [What is the plan with the Redeemer?] Next step is modernizing it to their current standard.
  • [Is Darian the new Community Manager?] No, he’s still a Producer with Eric, just here giving support and helping with some of the pile up.
  • [Is Justin coming back?] Yes, he flew out for the premiere of his movie.
  • [Can we get a Xi’An Verticle Mousepad?] Alexis: Flat out no.
  • [Any updates to concierge flair?] Yes, it’s coming soon, it’s done and hopefully will come out in the next few weeks, stay tuned for an announcement.
  • [Any details on the GamesCom event?]Still pinning down location and schedule for GamesCom
  • [is the Reliant release just the base or will the variants come out too?] Just the base.
  • [What are the chances of an LA tour immediately after or before Citizencon?] Maybe, it depends on how things go leading up to the event.
  • [Can you tell us what the next ship to be worked on is?] They work on multiple ships at once. Caterpillar is being worked on in Santa Monica, Bengal is in active development in the UK. Reliant is getting hangar ready. Starfarer as well. Xi’an Scout is finishing its flight trials in Austin, they’ve also started back up on the Herald as well.
  • They always want to show off more stuff, but they want to keep things exciting.
  • [Will you have a presence at Comic Con in Silicon Valley] No, but Ben’s brother will be there, but knows nothing about Star Citizen
  • [Where’s the Where’s My Spaceship?] They did a tour this week, it’ll be back next week and topics wont always be the same.
  • [Can we expect more speed changes?] Yes, they will always keep tweaking until they get it right, the more you guys play, the better data they get.
  • [Update on the Ship Downgrade System?] No update yet, Turbulent is very busy and that’s a question for them but an update will be soon.
  • [What is the Big Benny’s footage going to be used for?] Awesome stuff, can’t tell you.
  • [Will the Cherie segment return?] Yes, but it’s not just Cherie, but the whole lore team.
  • [Will the Jukebox be fixed anytime soon?] Lando didn’t know it wasn’t working, have you tried turning it on and off again? It’ll get fixed eventually, just other priorities at the moment.
  • [Which ships other than the Starfarer are in the prior ready hangar status?] Just some Squadron 42 stuff like the Argo, but not many.
  • [Did you enjoy Bar Citizen?] Ben enjoyed himself and got a little buzzed
  • [Thoughts on support for Vulkan?] It’ll be something Chris decides and not something the community team can answer.
  • Chris is always looking into tech, but you have take time to decide all aspects of the tech to whether it’s worth it.
  • VR is still coming for SC, but not today.
  • They love the VR, but they have to decide whether to dedicating resources to constantly fixing it throughout release or wait till it’s finalized.
  • [HOTAS updates?] Waiting on the prototype at this time before they give the thumbs up. Once it’s good, then they’ll kick off sales.
  • [Hoodie updates?] Yes, Alexis and Sandi are working on sourcing the same fabric for a Squadron 42 version.
  • Also working on ship manufacturer patches.
  • [Any plans for insectoid races in the game] Chris apparently hates them.
  • [Plans for Pax east?] No formal presence, but some devs may be there on their own time, not official.
  • [When can we walk again?] Should be able to since last patch, is it broken?
  • [How much will CitizenCon tickets will cost?] Unknown, possibly $60? Not a firm number, wait for details on that.
  • Some new folks to CIG have come in. Shane, Character Artist. Justin, Concept Artist working on environments. Patrick is sitting in the back, but we know him already.
  • [What has Omen been working on?] Squadron 42 stuff, can’t say what in particular.
  • New guys have been working on Character stuff.. They don’t know what they can talk about.
  • Sean Tracey is here! and Forrest! To take away their new recruits to throw them into the meatgrinder.. Err.. development
  • Next week will feature a 10 for the Chairman who’s now in the UK for the next couple weeks. BugSmashers on Wednesday. AtV on Thursday, possible ShipShape about the Reliant.
  • A sale may happen at the end of the next week Ben teases.
  • WingCommander livestream on April 9th playing through Secret Missions 2.
  •  Ben is reenacting… Alexis begged him to stop.. and That’s the show… Thanks for tuning in folks! A standard transcript will be up shortly after.



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