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Reverse the Verse: Jan 29th Written Friday 29th of January 2016 at 10:50am by Erris, CanadianSyrup and

Greeting Citizens!

It’s Friday which means Reverse the ‘Verse! Transcript inside.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Monday will feature a new subscriber landing page as well as some revamped subscriber perks.
  • Free fly kicked off this morning and no code is needed so tell your friends! Hornet, Aurora, Mustang Delta are available to fly
  • Buy back tokens are live. You can reclaim one ship per quarter using store credit, tokens do not stack either. It’s only once per quarter so people do not abuse them.
  • Gillian Anderson Interview will be live later on today with Sandi
  • Three ships in concept stage still are a Pirate cruiser Interceptor, light corvette and the Tevarian boarding ship: Prowler. Still figuring out assets for them among other things.
  • In case you missed it there’s a first look at Hurston in the AtV interview with Mark Skelton.
  • Starfarer will be in hangar in one of the next patches, but there is no set date. They will also allow Gemini owners to have one in hangar as well(They’re still figuring that out)
  • No word on whether Idris will go to Hangar or release straight to flight ready.
  • They’re hoping for the Reliant to be out for 2.2, but no promises. They don’t hold content back for release purposes, they will release it when it’s ready like other things.
  • The shopping system that will be launching with Casaba will not be the final version as their custom system will be released later down the line.
  • Regarding the HOTAS, they’re talking to Saitek about the schedule and Saitek now has a manufacturing schedule, however CIG would rather do the pre-order closer to when it’ll ship, stay tuned for more details.
  • Holotable is bad and they’re aware, but they have a good layout on what to do with it
  • Caterpillar is going well, Randy Vasquez is now a Producer, but still keeps an eye on his baby as he has handed it off to Calix with Gurmuhk and Elwin assisting in bringing it to life with some really cool features
  • Carrack internals are not finished as that’s slated for after the Caterpillar is done.
  • The marines are getting a revamp to hook them onto the character system to customize them as well as making them look even better.
  • Railgun shown on AtV is a shoulder mounted Anti-Spacecraft weapon
  • Next Great Star Marine Is still happening, they’re shooting for march, but stay tuned for details.

Full Transcript

  • Soon tm
  • We’re live! We have Ben, Justin and Alexis, But Disco is gone … To Pax south
  • Week in review, Alexis: Working with Turbulent on the Subscription page revamp, a new subscriber landing page. Also revamped some Subscriber perks as well, that’ll go live on Monday, more information on that soon.
  • Free-Fly kicked off this morning. It doesn’t require a code. If you log into the website, you can set up a free fly with three different ships. Introduce your friends to Crusader.
  • Buy-back tokens have gone live. You can reclaim one ship using store credit. [How often will they be awarded?] Once per quarter. You get one per quarter, but they don’t stack.
  • They’ve put the stream down for a second to fix the banner. Lets hope it comes back…
  • They’re back.
  • Justin’s been busy this week. Lots of filming.
  • There’ll be a Gillian Anderson interview up on the site later today. Full interview with Sandi.
  • Hennessy has shown up. He thinks he’s not in frame, but he is.
  • There was an RtV on Wednesday with Sean Tracy, it was amazing.The Relay Has a transcript of the stream on our website
  • ‘the stream feeds off of Hennessy’s anger’
  • They’re using DSLR’s for the stream somehow.
  • Ben got over the flu this week, he’s not sick any more. They did some ship pipeline meetings. Not exciting stuff, but yeah. They have three ships in concept work right now; Pirate CruiserInterceptor, Light Corvette, and the Tevarin boarding ship, the Prowler. They’re figuring out assets for those, figuring out what concept artists to assign, stuff like that.
  • The whole studio’s planning out the year.
  • Ben learnt to use JIRA. The Community team are going to start to learn the JIRA system, so they can integrate with the rest of the team better.
  • Ben did some interviews. Lots of positions up at the site. Looking for a Community Manager, an Editor, and a Marketing Artist.
  • Sandi found a stock of Wing Commander material. Ben’s been super excited about it.
  • Ben’s showing off Kilrathi warship concept art.
  • Check out Ben’s twitter for more info about the Wing Commander stuff.
  • Once Chris heads to the UK, they’re going to do a Steve Bender and Sean Tracy 10 for show. Should be magical.
  • They snuck a ‘first look’ at Hurston into an interview with Mark Skelton this week. It looks amaaaazing
  • Now they’re talking about Star Wars Rebels.
  • Tom has taken over, and is complaining about the lack of deaths in Star Wars Rebels.
  • And now they’re going to question time!
  • [Is the Starfarer delayed?] It’ll be in hangar in one of the next patches. No release date.
  • There’s a patch going up today 2.1.2 – bug fixes mainly though, nothing too exciting.
  • For the next couple of months, there’ll be PTU patches, they did 2.1 this month, they’ll do 2.2 next month. Active period with PTU patches till it goes live, then they’ll patch essential bugs, and there’ll be a lull till they put in content for the next ‘big’ patch. 2.2 will go to PTU, it’ll get patched and fixed up, then go to live, etc…
  • [Plans to celebrate the package split?] Nothing in particular. Maybe something in the days leading up, but nothing exciting planned.
  • [Will gemini owners get the base Starfarer?] Yes. They’ll make it happen, somehow.
  • [More Meet the Devs episodes?] Not in the near future. It wasn’t really watched, they’re working on a way to make it more interesting.
  • [Was the mocap for SQ42 just for episode 1 or all episodes?] It was just for Episode 1. But it’s not like episodes of a Telltale game, Episode 1 is its own full game. It’s more like Episode 1 of Star Wars. It’s a full game.
  • Now they’re talking about Star Wars. Apparently it’s going to be delayed because lighting techs in England are going on strike.
  • Eric Kieron Davis has now arrived to answer questions.
  • Lando is at PAX South on vacation.
  • EKD has a Flux Capacitor watch.
  • Eric Kieron Davis will herein be referred to as EKD, because… reasons.
  • They’ve got lots of people visiting the studios right now, meetings with them. EKD’s been working with Randy, who’s got a promotion, EKD’s moving puzzle pieces around to optimize development, get people in the places that they can be the most effective, and the most passionate.
  • Also Chris is back, so they’ve been working together on the strategy for the studio for the year.
  • Ricky Jutley – working on the PU, visited from the UK. He was awake for 29 hours straight when he got into the building, saw the new building, and wanted to start working straight away. Apparently the new space is very fun.
  • [Regarding the hangar ready Idris, will it go flight ready? Or just hangar?] TBD. No call on that yet.
  • [Player count?] It’s been discussed a lot, but they recently increased player count on the PTU. Was a good test for how much they can add, the test went well.
  • Trying to do more global internal gameplay tests as well.
  • They’ll always be pushing for more players.
  • [Reliant slated for 2.2 or beyond?] They have goals for each patch, but they don’t have to be met for the patch to go out. They hope for it to be ready for the next patch, but if it isn’t ready, then it won’t be in. It’ll be in if it’s ready.
  • [More SQ42 gameplay?] It looks the same as AC, cause it looks the same. They’re keeping missions secret to keep no spoilers. The Morrow tour was the only thing they’ve shown. They’ll show off more later, it’ll be a more traditional game roll out for SQ42. There’ll be teaser trailers and trailers before the game, etc…
  • [Changing outfit in hangar will change it in PU?] There’s been a design pass for how outfits and items will be changed, done by the Frankfurt devs, so that’s in progress.
  • Customization, the amount of clothes and options and such, are being worked on by Frankfurt, and it’ll all integrate into SQ42 and PU eventually.
  • The ships available for the free fly – Hornet, Aurora, and Mustang Delta.
  • [Shopping in Casaba?] It’s coming. People looking thorugh the files may have seen it’s in development. But it’s coming. There’s a lot of technical aspects that have to go into shopping, and they have to identify and R&D everything before it can be released.
  • The system they launch now is what they’re stuck with, more or less. They’re working on systems to get them to us as soon as possible, which is abnormal for game development.
  • Ben’ll log into shotgun and someone’s uploaded 60 different types of pants.
  • [HOTAS?] They’ve been talking to Saitek about the schedule. Saitek has a manufacturing schedule, CIG would rather do the preorder closer to when it’ll ship, cause Saitek are handling fullfillment. It’ll be a bit later. They’ll update us when it happens.
  • With other merch, CIG control the pipeline, this time they don’t so they’re being more cautious.
  • [Holotable] No idea when, but they’ve got a good layout of what they want to do with it. They know it’s bad, but they’re working on it.
  • EKD has been recalled because the office is on fire, and Randy is replacing him.
  • Randy is now helping the design team with scheduling, task generation, etc… helping them facilitate things.
  • He’s also plugged into engineering and design as well.
  • [How many ships finished before the end of the year?] Randy‘All of them’ Ben ‘THAT IS NOT A PROMISE’
  • He’s a producer now, but Randy does still get into the game to work on it sometimes.
  • [How’s the Cat going?] It’s gone over to Calix now. They’ve been talking with Gurmukh, Elwin, lots of people, lots of interesting tech going on with the Cat.
  • [Carrack internals finished?] No, that’s slated for after the Cat.
  • [Do you ever get worked up with trolls questions?] Not really. Ben was thinking about this recently. The first time you encounter trolling, it’s like omg why do they hate me what’s wrong. When Ben’s stressed at work, he reads the Reddit Cat forum. He clicked on New instead of top, and he found out that there are people who live their lives to troll people who post their cat pictures. It’s not a problem with the people, it’s just that some people are just jerks, and you learn to ignore them.
  • People can trash your art in a nice way, or a mean way, same with design. Sometimes it’s good feedback, and even some of the trolls have points, and you have to push past the troll to read the point. It does make it a lot harder to find the concern though. Filtering out passionate people from trolls can be interesting sometimes.
  • Using lots of different tools; bug tracking software, excel spreadsheets, etc… They have scrums as well. Not adhering to one specific format for teams though, whatever works best for the team.
  • New item system is coming along, people are working on it. Hopefully they can share more when it’s in a better state. Lots of work on it.
  • Randy’s still most excited about multicrew, making sure all the roles on the ship are fleshed out, so that captains can set out roles, and they’re all alive.
  • [Sending Devs to attend GDC?] Not any official presence, but some Devs might go?
  • Ben’s talking about webshows now.
  • They’re going to do a ‘Star Trek 2-3-4’ movie day soon probably.
  • Real star trek.
  • They’re all talking over each other, it’s chaos. Now they’re talking about Adele.
  • [What will the main role of the new community manager be, and will the cost be justifiable?] Speaking of trolls… putting more forum management here. They used to have 3 comm managers at a time, now they just have one. As the community grows, they need more managers.
  • The Community team is small.
  • [Why such a low amount of unmelt tokens?] To prevent people from abusing the system.
  • [Mustang Omega?] There are some limitations for upgrades and downgrades and the like with it, because of contractual obligations. When they can do more with it, they’ll let us know.
  • There was just some concept art done for Concierge stuff, more info in April.
  • There’s a Bar Citizen in Montreal, Behaviour and Turbulent will be there. They’ve sent some giveaway swag. They’ll give more info on that next weekend.
  • Artists have now arrived around the table. They’re working on Characters.
  • They’re doing concepts and in-game sculpting of characters. All for SQ42.
  • Some characters we’ve met. Others we’ve not.
  • They’re working on Old Man, completed character tech for him. He’s looking good for SQ42.
  • SC trailers this year have had more Mark Hamill than Star Wars.
  • One of the artists hopped onto Reddit to answer some questions, went to lunch, came back with 200 messages. Gets out of control.
  • Just had a meeting with the design team with Steve and Riggs, Forest and Mark Skelton, regarding the Heavy marine. They have a solid gameplay design spec. The heavy marine will be coming soon; it’ll look a lot better. Medium marine looks better now than what’s in the game, the heavy will get that too. The Marines will be getting a complete revamp for form and function and gameplay.
  • [Railgun shown on AtV?] It’s a shoulder-mounted anti-spacecraft weapon.
  • [Who designed the railgun?] Multiple concept artists create something. Someone might design a look, and someone might take that look and form it into a handheld weapon, etc… lots of artists involved in the art process.
  • [Birds in the game? What role does Larry Bird play? Basketball?] Good question!
  • [Female characters?] In development, still no release date on when they’ll come though.
  • [Will Nyx be released when it’s ready or held for the rest of Stanton?] Released when it’s ready. Crusader, and Stanton, will come together in chunks.
  • [Are toilets lootable?] Not yet.
  • [Clear-view helmet?] Certain helmets have different functions. They’re doing a deck crew EVA suit that has almost a full glass visibility.
  • [Still working with Kingdom Come Deliverance folks?] They had a sharing of knowledge early on, but they’re not using their stuff any more; they’re doing their own stuff now. Still fans of the game though.
  • [Next Great Star Marine?] Still happening. Now that Sean Tracy is in the LA office, he’ll be involved in the set up for that. There’s meetings with Turbulent about setting up the site for it. They don’t have a specific date yet, but are aiming for march-ish.
  • [Alien languages?] No updates yet. But if you’re at PAX South, Ladyman is showing off his new game, Star Traders. Ask him about the alien languages.
  • [What’s the process for taking a character from concept to in-game?] Normally there’s a list of characters in the entire game, and their outfits. Producers and leads figure out which ones are priority. Go down the list. Concept guys will talk with animation team and design team. Art director and lead will discuss visual look and function of the character. Will players have access, is it an NPC, etc…
  • Once they’ve locked down a direction, they’ll do some sketches, get that to final, then get it approved. Then they do a callout sheet for a character artist. Once the character artist gets the drawings, they sculpt it, figure out what rig it’s on, figure if it’s for SQ42 or PU, and then sort out the issues for that. Sculpt the character, get it approved, make it match the art as much as possible, then optimize it, do material passes, make sure that the character runs as smoothly as possible, etc…
  • And with that, that’s the show. Now they’re talking about fireplaces and whiskey. Later today there’ll be a post with details about buy back tokens, free fly week, etc… and there’ll be another post with the interview with Gillian Anderson.
  • And that’s the show.



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