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Reverse the Verse: January 8th Written Friday 8th of January 2016 at 10:57am by CanadianSyrup, Erris and Shiver_Bathory

Welcome to Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 76!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • 2.1 PTU may have an update later today. They will make the call later in the afternoon.
  • Next week will feature a behind the scenes on Jump Point and talking about updates to the Constellation and Freelancer
  • Jump Point Vol. II has the required numbers to print and will look similar to Vol. I and will have about 50 more pages than the first volume. In addition Vol I. will get a reprint if they can get enough orders. Volume 3 has been finished and if enough pre-orders happen for that one, it will be printed as well.
  • David Ladyman, main writer for Jump Point has a kickstarter happening in the next couple months featuring his board game “Star Traders. This was a concept he worked on almost 30 years ago and now is able to bring it to life. It shares some similarities with Star Citizen, but is not affiliated with it in anyway
  • January Subflair next week and will be apart of the Puglisi collection. New flair series will start in March.
  • Reliant has finished modelling completely and is currently having textures added
  • Drake Herald production was stopped as the resource on it was needed for something else, but will return to it as soon as possible.
  • Track Jackets are still available and Hoodies are on the to-do list
  • Gemini will come later after the Starfarers release. Only base models of ships will be released and then they will work on getting variants into the game.
  • Nothing new on the 300 series at this time
  • Tevarin style guide is being locked down so they can start the prowler concept.
  • Information on Cutlass rework can be referenced from the shipyard post awhile ago
  • Freelancer is undergoing many changes and will continue to do so for awhile. What you see isn’t final, just like the constellation.

Full Transcript

  • Soon! ™
  • Soon!… maybe?
  • Soon! he said, staring at the screen, hoping the little red ‘live’ blinker would turn on, rekindling his hopes and ambitions, rekindling his reason for living. She was dead right now; deader than dead, and it hurt him. Every second that ticked, every moment that passed, he hoped that the red light would blink again, would bring her back, but as every second stretched into another eternity, he knew that the red light was getting further and further away from coming back.
  • Suddenly RtV
  • Soon! He said, just as the red light turned on, and all his fears were washed away!
  • Fan-cave! New set, built for Reverse the ‘Verse!
  • It’s Reverse the ‘Verse time! There’ve been no shows for 3 weeks. Ben’s holidays – went home to visit family. Went to Pennsylvania with Ali’s family, then Maryland with Ben’s family.
  • Pizza Party! Pizza parties are appealing.
  • Ben’s personal rule – won’t buy a console if he can’t play Wing Commander on it. But he bought a N64 for Star Wars Episode I Racer.
  • Justin, for his holidays, went to Arizona. Did some small-town stuff. Something something London Bridge.
  • Disco drove around Southern California, looking for things to do, cause he was bored. Found murder hotels and stuff.
  • Disco got locked inside his apartment.
  • The camera just went black for a bit. CIG problems.
  • There’s going to be a special guest on the show soon
  • 2.1’s on PTU. Ben wasn’t at a meeting this morning, so they don’t know what the status of the PTU patch is. They were hoping to have one today, but… they’re hopeful for later today. They’re doing tests now, will make the call later this afternoon. To PTU though, not to live. Resolves some framerate issues and such.
  • Justins’ PC blew up. There was a major power surge before the start of the show, and two UPS’ exploded into flames and smoke.
  • Special guest time! It’s David Ladyman. He’s out in Austin, man behind Jump Point, manuals, brochures, etc… working with Chris since 1991, on Wing Commander II.
  • He’s here to talk about Jump Point Volume Two!
  • There are some sound issues.
  • There are… There are some issues. David’s gone. He’ll.. be back?
  • He’s back, but still having audio issues.
  • And it’s back, here we go! David right now is working on the next jump point, due out next week.
  • Interview with folks putting together Multicrew stuff. There’ll be…
  • there are still audio issues.
  • Okay! I think this might be better now. Jump point, a week from today, Friday the 15th. Behind the Scenes with folks who put together Multicrew. They’ll also be covering updates to the Connie and Freelancer.
  • They’ve also hit the numbers, they’ll be doing jump point printed Vol. II. It will look a lot like Vol. 1. It’ll be hardbound, and will have about 50 pages more than the first Jump Point volume.
  • In addition, they’re going to reprint Vol. 1 after the Vol. 2 sale is done. If they can get enough orders, they’ll reprint it.
  • They’ve also gotten through Volume 3. If they get enough preorders for that as well, they’ll get that jump point printed as well.
  • Jump Point Vol. 2 is still available for pre-order. It’s hard to print a book; they need ~2000 copies sold before they can print it, but the book stuff is the one thing to buy right-off.
  • There’s an ad behind David Ladyman advertising Star Traders. TradersLuck.com David Ladyman is about to kickstart a board game. Similarities to Star Citizen, but they’re unintentional. The game was developed 30 years ago. Travel from world to world, pick up cargos; worlds and contracts and things seem very classic sci-fi inspired.
  • They’ll be kickstarting it in a month or two.
  • It’s a game David worked on years ago, and they’re bringing it back; David Ladyman and Ryan Archer. It’s not Star Citizen, but check it out when it hits anyway.
  • They hit the 2000 required for preorders for books, but it can still be ordered. It will close soon though, so get a preorder now if you want.
  • [Who is David?] David got into gaming back in the 80’s; worked on Car Wars, Gurps, etc… did Star Traders at that time. Then worked on Renegade Legion and MechWarriors, did some D&D work, then started with Origin. Started just after Wing Commander; started with Secret Missions II, did the Wing Commander Movie book. Did Game guides for Everquest, lots of stuff.
  • [What was your favourite game manual you worked on?] Possibly Ultima 9.
  • [What ages is Star Trader made for?] Star Traders has five levels of play. lowest level is 7 and up, then 10 and up, 13 and up, and then there’s the cutthroat version.
  • [ Plans for an online version of Star Traders? ] One – maybe. First one has to be successful first. Two – There’s actually someone who owns the trademark for the electronic game Star Traders, so it’d have to be named something else.
  • And that’s it for David Ladyman. Go pre-order Jump Point, go check out Star Traders.
  • And now it’s question time! Questions from RSI general channel and Twitch chat! [QUESTION] time!
  • [January Sub flair, when and what?] Not till next week. The first Friday was a holiday, so they’re arranging based on that. It’s going to be Puglisi collection item. Past Puglisi have been the Space Rock, the Vanduul armour, keeping in line with that stuff. Might be the last Puglisi for now; new flair series will start in March.
  • [Reliant sneak peek in AtV?] Entering texturing phase. The AtV sneak peek was the very beginning of texturing. So the model is built.
  • [Drake Herald?] The person working on the Herald was moved to another ship, but he’ll be moved back to the Herald as soon as possible.
  • [Word on the next wave of track jackets?] What next wave of track jackets? Track jackets are still available. Hoodies are on the to-do list.
  • [Updates on the HOTAS?] Waiting on some shipping information. There’s no answer for it yet, they’re still working out details on shipping.
  • Not much has changed, as they’ve been on break for about two weeks.
  • [Any update on the room system?] The thing that you’re thinking of as the room system no longer exists. Port Olisar and Arc Corp have rooms; that’s the room system in action. Rooms exist.
  • Doesn’t mean there won’t be changes to the hangers. There’ll be more reconfigurability in the future, but the room system is done.
  • [Gemini at the same time as Starfarer?] No. Base models first, variants afterwards. That’s the same for the Connies, Freelancers, etc…
  • [300 series rework, news?] There’s no answer. No update. It’ll happen when it happens.
  • Folks are working on the Vanguard, Reliant, Starfarer, etc… first.
  • [CR said there will be birds. Will there be owls?] OWL have to see about that – Ben
  • Justin – where’s this come from? Disco – His butt.
  • [Tevarin?] Someone’s working on them, locking down their style guide right now, so they can start the Prowler concept stuff. Talk this week about whether they’ll be slightly Egyptian style; still figuring out what they’ll look like.
  • [Is there a correct way to catch subscription to current if you’ve missed months?] It’s all counted the same on the back end. If you’re missing a month, the best way to catch up is buy a pass, and you’ll have that extra chunk of time on your account. On the backend they see ‘Imperator time, 13 months’. They see it in month time.
  • Ben and Alexis got a toy. Two months ago they did the whole go to Target and make a Star Wars character out of your face, but the machine didn’t work. The person in charge of the company was watching the show, apologized for the trouble, and sent them figures. They came right before Christmas.
  • [reworked Cutlass?] Check out the Shipyard post from a while ago; gives a whole explanation of the Cutlass’ history.
  • There are visitors! Randy Vasquez, Matt Sherman, and Calix Reneau!
  • [How do non-pilot seats work?] Lots of things that govern the ship already. The thing to do with those is present it so you can influence them as a non-captain pilot. Lots of UI that has to go into that, and there’s only one Zane. He’s got some support now, but there’s a lot of work to get each station done.
  • [Freelancer?] Dont’ let Calix fly. I don’t know what this has to do with the Freelancer, but apparently that’s the takeaway from the Freelancer.
  • Hennessy just man-handled all the Designers so they can be seen and heard.
  • Calix can now start making real plans for flight load changes; the Freelancer will be affected by it. The Freelancer has flight problems, but it’s not the worst on his list. The Cutlass is higher on his list, for example. A number of ships that don’t perform the way they want them to.
  • This is also the first pass on the Freelancer. It needs a lot of ongoing balance to get close to where it needs to be. Every ship will have lots of balance issues. There are bugs, the game’s not finished, ships won’t fly perfectly right now.
  • They’re having weird bugs with the flight modes and the mass system; flight modes, flight behaviours, weapons revamps, component updates; there’s a LOT coming to ships. All balance will be affected, multiple times.
  • Weapons will change, then shields will change, then armour will get added. It’s impossible to get it perfect in a first pass.
  • Only way to get the game right is to keep iterating.
  • Randy’s been cleaning up implementation of some of the 300 series ships, learning the components stuff.
  • They don’t make ships the way they used to make ships; and that’s good.
  • Matt is still doing work on the components system, some work on the hangar-ready set up for the Reliant done. Majority is the component system though; changing every part installed in a system, figuring out what ships will have what coolers, power plants, ships, etc… and also planning out the components for bigger ships at the same time. It’s a groundwork for every ship in the game.
  • Calix is also working on ‘a thing’ that Jared has said he can talk about but that he hasn’t… Which makes Calix worried about it. He’s working on a ship. But he’s not allowed to say it. NEVERMIND.
  • [Sell ‘Big Benny’s Noodles’ merch?] Maybe?
  • Justin ‘Disco could very well be Jesus, he has jesus hair and eyes’ Ben ‘But Jesus is kind…’
  • Noodle based economy confirmed.
  • [Updates on Tali modules?] NO updates yet.
  • Justin fell asleep the first time he watched Force Awakens…
  • Hennessy has seen it six times.
  • Disco asked Hennessy a favour yesterday. Doing that favour, Hennessy ended up in Urgent Care. He stood up, gashed his head open, had to get staples.
  • Hennessy and Disco are being man children.
  • for real info, check out 10 for the Chairma, AtV, or The Relay’s RtV notes ; )
  • Looking forward to – Monthly report is early next week. Not everyone’s back to work yet.
  • Lando, Ali, Ben, Toast, some people will be at a thing on Sunday. Convention in LA.
  • annnnd suddenly Sopranos ending.. That’s all folks!


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