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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 49 Notes Written Friday 29th of May 2015 at 11:28am by Nehkara

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes from Episoder 49 of Reverse the ‘Verse! Reverse the ‘Verse Notes by Myself and Erris [Questions in brackets].  Important information in bold.  Everything else is normal.  ...

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes from Episoder 49 of Reverse the ‘Verse!

Reverse the ‘Verse

Notes by Myself and Erris

[Questions in brackets].  Important information in bold.  Everything else is normal.



– We are apparently live with the QA team. And Jenny, of course. Special Episode yay!

– Jeffrey (Bearded-CIG), Zyloh-CIG, Andrew…

– We’re hanging out with the QA team for a few minutes, then the regular crew will show up.

– There are 7 or 8 folks on the Austin QA team and more throughout the other studios around the world.

– [How did you get into QA?] – Went to college for something entirely unrelated.  Met someone in a hobby shop that worked for Sony doing QA, applied and got a job working at Sony as a temp employee. Became an assistant QA specialist for a pet system. To get into QA, part of it is your how good your resume is important.

– [Favourite FPS weapon?]  I like anything that explodes because I’m terrible at aiming.

– [How good at programming does QA have to be?] You don’t have to be good at it, though some knowledge of it helps.

– There seems to have just been a nerf-gun attack.

– QA lead Trance? and NekoCIG have ambushed the three QA guys on the stream.

More than 13,000 Reliants sold so far.

Lots of examples of bugs.  Gimbals not working in singleplayer modes, being able to get into an FPS lobby without having an FPS package, etc…

– Raid does not work on bugs.

– QA checks Reddit and the like frequently (Zyloh-CIG corrected me for my inability to spell peoples’ names)

– They mentioned Trendane, who’s pretty awesome.

– It took so long to record Which Glitch that they could probably have a blooper reel for the next 30 episodes.

– The QA guys gush about loving their jobs.

– QA guys love the competition rising in the sci-fi games genre.

– None of the QA guys have seen Tomorrowland yet.

– A lot of testing of the FPS module, some epic bugs which will probably end up in the next Which Glitch.

– The vast majority of bugs are very boring.  Fun/Funny bugs are the “snowflake at the tip of the iceberg”.

A lot of builds aren’t suitable for PTU because they have tons of bugs that are very obvious and if they released it publicly, they would just get a lot of bug reports on things they already know about.

– They’re talking about liking tacos and pizza.

– And that’s it for the QA guys.

– James Pugh is here with Jenny now.

– Chelsea’s around as well.

– Chelsea is going to kidnap Travis.

– Alyssa is dancing.

– They’re talking about Kung Fury now.

– [Does the Reliant have a HUD?] It’s being worked on.  Not one in game yet.

– Now they’re talking about Amiibos.

– Lisa Ohanian is here.

– Ben and Alexis are out today because Alexis’ parents are in town. They’re having time off with family.

– Travis is here.

30 minutes

– Concept art on AtV was from Nyx.

– [Where is Disco Lando?] Travis:  Disco Lando “turned into a puddle of water and leaked out of the building.”

– [Will there by style guides for species?] There aren’t any for species, but more for weapons and ships will be shown periodically.

– [Will anyone be going to E3, or will there be anything for the community in E3] No official presence, but CIG employees will be there. E3 isn’t open to the public, and is sort of against what CIG stand for.

– Disco Lando is sick today.

– Patrick does art and design.  He works on anything anyone needs.  Makes shiny things shinier and in-game.  Work on damage lately.

– For the new damage system, there’s a new set of UV’s they’re working with, so they’re going back and taking existing ships and giving them a new UV set for the new damage states.

– [What’s the next thing up for the damage state conversion?] first I do the UV set.  Once that’s in you can see through the mesh, now we need to put things underneath the mesh so you can see all the cool things inside it.  

– [How many of you are going to Manchester CitizenCon?] Undetermined.

– Reliant is still on sale till Monday.

– Lisa Ohanian says that David Hobbins is awesome to work with.

Reliant engines won’t drop down the full 90 degrees in flight (like they do in the animation).  This is talked about in the second QA post that went out.  There’s stuff with the xi’an tech engines that they’ll talk about when the ship is closer to flyable.  They do cool things, even when they’re not gimbaling.

– Different colours for weapons is not something they have thought about but it’s something that might come at some point.

– [News on the Avenger remake or variants?] Nothing new to say.

– James won’t divulge what the next Deep Dive Design Post is.

[Will there be a starter in the future that will have room for a rover?] Probably not.  Anything that can carry a secondary ship or craft is bigger than a starter ship.

[Any plans to sell the Orion again before the Beta PU?] Probably.

[Any more information on the dragonfly?] Lisa wanted it going out in the next few weeks for concepting, but it won’t be that soon, since it’s going to require some new functionality.  It won’t be in the next week or two. They’ll probably focus more on variants for existing ships for the next few things.

45 minutes

– [When will CitizenCon tickets be available?] Soon-ish.

Not sure if all variants will be announced with ships, it depends on the ship.  Variants were announced with the Reliant, but it won’t necessarily always happen.

– [What does FPS stand for?] Flight Protocol Syndicate.

– [Plans for a new printed Jump Point?] No plans right now.

– [How is the Scythe coming along?] Sooner than you might expect?

– It’s hard to answer questions without Ben around.

– Alyssa’s cats are Minion and Deathcat.  Minion has asthma.

Merlin update – moving along.  Lots of people making progress on it.  We’ll hear more soon™.  Sooner than usual ™.

CIG has talked to LEGO about the Hornet.

– Cutlass is outsourced to UK, being worked on for the modular variants.

– Archimedes and Lynx have not entered the pipeline. The archimedes has been designed though.

[How long does it take for a ship from concept art to release?] Varies greatly.  Two big things are how big the ship is, and what it does.  If it’s big, or it does something new, then it takes longer.  Usually have two people working, one on the interior then one on the exterior.  After art, people work on it for a month or so to get it flyable.  Other factor is what’s in the pipeline. Another factor is time differences.  Sometimes fast-tracking things can take time.

– Lisa Ohanian’s new nickname is “Ship Shape”.

– [Would future ships stay in hangar for a while or go straight to AC?] Two people tend to work on the art, and after that it can go hangar, but it takes a lot more people to put it in AC.  Depends on the resources they have to spend, and how much they want to get it flyable immediately.

– Do not get a tattoo of the ship shape logo, or Lisa will change the logo.

– [New CCU system?]  No current timeframe but they are working on it.

[Will there be a sniper?] Yes.

– [How long before we can actually board a ship in the FPS?] Hopefully AC 2.0.

– [Any news on the anvil devastator?] No.

– [Any big blockers?] Yes, but they’re feature-locked.

– [Can you shoot ground-based people with the Bengal rail gun?] Not originally, but…

– [What’s the coolest gun?] Travis likes the ATT4 laser assault rifle

– [Is there going to be a female character?] Eventually, yes.

– [Can you list major blockers?] Game crashes when you join it.  

– Feature locked – a new branch structure has been moved to.  Main sits in the middle (its the one that leaked).  Once a outside branch is ‘feature locked’, it moves to the main branch, so things can be worked on there.  Below main, there’s the game dev and feature streams, and those are worked on daily.  

– FPS is in main branch, so it’s feature-locked, but now it’s getting bug fixed and fine tuned.

– We will see heavy armour and powered suits.

– Version of the character creator does not come with FPS

– [Will weapons have camo and paint?]  Yes, eventually.

Daniel Kamentsky is here. He’s done a lot of work on the Freelancer.  Now he’s working on materials and textures on the ships.  The process of adding camo – not supported right now.  They’re changing the way the approach surfacing.  A lot they’re experimenting now though, it’ll make it easier to change colours and swap out textures.  In the future, with FPS armour and weapons, should be able to change colours, add digital camo, etc…

[If you could hype people for the FPS, what would you say?]  You can shoot people.

Coolest thing about the FPS is not even in the module, it’s what it makes possible.  Once there’s a working FPS module, things like AC 2.0, it makes zero-G from one ship to another, killing the pilot of the enemy ship and taking it over, makes that possible.  FPS is most exciting because it enables the whole FPS Universe thing.

FPS is also another module, another part of the game.  Ties a whole big chunk of the game together.  It makes it so you can walk on a planet, etc… Everything you do has FPS aspects.  AC and FPS are the base for the rest of the game.

[Are the maps large enough to snipe?] Not a super big open map at this point.  More like CS.

Herald is slated to be worked on soon, but is not being worked on right now.

[Will female characters have a smaller hitbox?] Answer is probably no.  ‘Playing a female will be like playing oddjob in Goldeneye’ (sarcasm).  The actual size of the appendages will be your hitboxes.  

– Someone start a poll on the forums, let Lisa know what ships we want to see soon on Ship Shape.

– And it’s over.



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