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Reverse the Verse: 2.15 - U.K Written Friday 2nd of December 2016 at 08:00am by CanadianSyrup, StormyWinters and

Hello Citizens! From the Spectrum we have received a transmission for the latest Reverse the Verse, stand by!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's RTV featured two guests from Foundry 42 U.K: Barney Oram, Junior Sound Designer and John Crewe, Lead Technical Designer.

  • Barney has only been with CIG for three months, but joined shortly before Citizencon and was put to work on the Sandworm that we all know and love. He's also been working on ambient sounds for Star Marine, specifically Echo 11.

  • This is also his first game, before this he was in University.

  • Things like the glass breaking effect causing depressurisation is something they're working towards, Item system 2.0 will play a part in being able to have something of the likes.

  • A baby Soundworm sounds like this

  • John Crewe talked about the Evocati feedback and said they had good feedback overall, some positive, some neutral, and some negative. They had some who were very against it, but when they tried it out they warmed up to it.

  • Fuel will more or less feel the same in the PU as it does in AC, but slower because AC has pickups and PU doesn't so that changes accordingly.

    • Someone asked a similar question pertaining to fuel drain at max afterburn. When you hit max afterburn speed the afterburner will go into an idle state and will use small amounts of fuel to keep itself powered. You will always use a little few however because even though they know how physics work, it's a game and there has to be limitations for some things. However some ships may be able to negate the penalty by scooping enough fuel to slow or counter act the effect.
  • The spikes on the Caterpillar are purely visual as of right now.

  • Missile and ballistic speeds have been reduced to keep them in line with 2.6 speed changes.

  • They're talking about having seats and possibly other things be customisable as per cockpit decoration stretch goals.

  • Physicalized damage will come to Star Marine in 2.6, but not for ships.


  • Hello folks! The show will be begin in approximately 3 minutes! The show will be hosted by the U.K. team today featuring what appeared on yesterdays ATV. Your transcribers today are myself CanadidanSyrup, and StormyWinters assisting with editing. Enjoy the show!

  • They're live! Jared is hosting today's RTV with Foundry 42 U.K. guest Barney Oram, Junior Sound Designer.

[What is a Junior Sound Designer?]

It's a varied job that involves handling all different kinds of aspects of the game that uses sounds. He's recently been working on the ambience sounds in Star Marine. He also worked on the Sandworm and tried to figure out what it would sound like to them. With trial and error they found what would be exciting to them. He's been working on the project for a little over three months and immediately was put to work on the Sandworm for Citizencon.

[What is an ambience sound?]

An ambience is any sound in the environment or the space. It tells a player a lot about the space they're in and can tell a story based of those noises as well. It's the general noises that you hear. Ambience is very important for a game, it can either immerse you into a game and bring the world around you to life or make it drab and boring. Echo 11 has a lot of character in the visuals alone and the ambience will have its own unique take to complement those sounds.

Q&A time, questions can be submitted to robertsspaceindustries.com in the general chat

[What would a baby sandworm sound like and can you make the sound right now?]

No, he can't [Tries anyways, more of a shriek]

[Is this the first game you've worked on?]

Yes, He was in university prior to this. He doesn't necessarily work on ships as the senior sound designer works on them almost exclusively.

[Do you have a process for making sounds or is it on the fly?]

It varies, sometimes you know what something should sound like and can go from there, otherwise you take inspiration from things around you.

[Will we see famous sounds paying respect to past projects like the Wilhelm scream or the Doom door noise?]


[Will there be as many sound sources in the PU as there are in Star Marine]

He knows some of the sound design for the PU. Star Marine sound is very focused to do one job, but the PU they're making sounds that are flexible and varied.

[Do you play the game much? What sounds do you currently admire?]

He jumps into playthroughs twice a week andIt's important to play the game as to get a feel for it. loves going around and shooting things

[How will things like glass breaking affect ambient sounds?]

it's something they've been thinking about a lot. At the moment they have a pressurising and depressurising, when you exit through the forcefield it pulls the sound out to emulate space, when you shoot out the glass it would theoretically pull all the sound out into space which is something they're working on.

[What got you started in sound design? Was it something you always wanted to do or did you evolve into it?]

He evolved into it, he enjoyed music and working on it and with games it married his love for sound with games.

[Concerning Star Marine's gameplay, what other FPSs inspired you?]

Mass Effect was a big one with some Call of Duty in the mix as well.

  • That's all with Barney for now, up next is Lead Technical Designer John Crewe.
  • They're back with John Crewe!
    • He's wearing a new Foundry 42 shirt which is pretty cool

[What does a Lead Technical Designer do?]

He leads a team of six technical designers at F42, they do a lot of ship briefs, figuring out how they work, getting them to concept. They also do balancing on ships and weapons.

[What can you tell us about the kind of feedback that you've gotten from the Evocati for 2.6?]

They've got tons of feedback from it. Lots of people like it, some dislike it, some people were really against it at first then came around to it after getting their hands on it. The build the Evocati are playing now isn't the final result and they still have more changes planned. Jared: It's always difficult building a game and releasing it as its ready as the final result takes several builds to get it where to they want it to be.

[With lower speeds, will certain maneuvers like rolls feel more snappy as that is a way to determine whether you're in control.]

Yes, you'll feel more control with your ship, they've tuned thrusters, engines to get a different feel.

[How important is it that these ships feel different from each other?]

It's massively important. It's not something you can do quickly, there's over 40 flyable ships at the moment and doing one small change to affect the ships and it takes one hour to apply it, times that by 40 and you can see how quickly it needs multiple hands. For the person who owns one ship now, that's how that ship flies to them now, but may not be how it does down the road, but some ships may suit their style more than others as well now or later. They'll always tweak ships over time, it's not a set one and done things. People will also be able to tweak their ships with the component system such as coolers, power plant, but also down the road adjusting thrusters themselves or thruster sets. Could have an Aurora racing thruster set to better suit it for that.

[Will fuel be the same in the PU as it does in AC because slow fuel drain in space doesn't make sense]

It will feel the same, but the rate at which it drains will be slower as AC has pickups to replenish your fuel instantly, and PU doesn't have that.

For drain at max cruise, you use your hydrogen fuel to hit your "Goal" speed, they then hit their idle afterburn state which incures a small penalty over time. You'll be able to go for several minutes or more depending on the ship itself, but will cause more heat over time which requires either a better powerplant or cooler to counteract those effects. Quantum travel is what you want to use if you want to get around larger spaces.

Some ships may be able to scoop fuel fast enough to counteract the effect entirely.

[Caterpillar front spikes/prong thing, what the hell are they?]

In the earlier concepts, one of them had it looking like guns and the other was big spikey bits. They're not guns and not planned to be guns otherwise they would be size 6 guns. They're purely decoration for the moment.

[Is physicalized damage and penetration still coming?]

It's on the books, but not 2.6. Penetration will be in Star Marine, but not ships.

[Is there a new picture of the BMM concept?]

Can't talk about that. SoonTM Editors note: It's not actually anytime soon guys, it was more of a joke

[How do you envision a slow moving big ship escaping a fast nimble ship?]

Slowly, it takes time for them to get to speed, but their afterburn speed is typically higher than other ships. A carrier will be one of the fastest in terms of afterburn speed.

[When boosting at full afterburn speed, will it be the current method where nothing changes?]

Right now it remains the same. When you move at full afterburn it calculates a nice straight burn and when you tried to use boost at full afterburn, the IFCS tries to counter the effect of you turning because it goes by straight lines while at that speed.

[Will there be alternate IFCSs for people to swap out?]

It's something they've discussed and something they'll look at to some extent, They can't say what, but their current thinking is you'll have your computer plates that plug in and you have your advanced IFCS where you can fine tune how much of a certain element you want like 50% of this direction's max.

[Do the speed changes affect missile and ballistic speeds as well?]

Yes, because ship and weapons speeds were changed, they had to change those as well. They tried to move weapons into categories instead of sizes as a repeater has different properties as a cannon. They're implementing a new guidance missile system that changes where before if a missile misses, it will turn instantly to try and hit the target where as the new system it does a nice arc to try and come back.

[Will there be third party body kits, like different seats and materials for ships?]

Yes and no. They haven't thought about in ways about here's body kits to change geometry, but seats you may be able to swap your Aurora seat with a fancy leather one, as well as the paint system. Cockpit decoration was one of the stretch goals so they'll have something of the like.

[I understand that we cannot just keep accelerating with burner, why can we not just stay at the top burner speed without using it?]

That's an actual flaw to the current flaw that John will be fixing. You'll be able to go at that top speed and then into an idle state that uses small amounts of fuel. As far as doing it and turning it off, it's a game thing at the end of the day. It'd be fun to be able to travel X amount of space for millions of miles, but it's just not practical with the way it's designed.

That's all for RTV today! Thanks for watching folks.


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