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Reverse the Verse: 2.14 - DE Written Friday 25th of November 2016 at 07:00am by CanadianSyrup, StormyWinters and

Hello folks! It's the end of the week and with Around the 'Verse out of the way, it's time for Reverse the Verse with Foundry 42 Frankfurt.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's RTV was in Foundry 42 Frankfurt with Brian Chambers as the host and guests David Siba, Weapon Artist and Todd Papy, Design Director for CIG.

  • The process of an FPS weapon from start to finish is 2D/3D concept and then blocking it out to try in engine to make sure the metrics are right, and then from there is the first iteration and once they're happy with the iteration, then it's a process of refining it to where it needs to be and hooking up animations.

  • There may be non lethal options down the road, but nothing for 2.6

  • There will be ways to customise what sights you use as well as attachments for guns. Instead of a scope you could do ironsights, etc. Most weapons will be able to handle the same attachments, but in the PU you may encounter certain weapons that don't have attachments like others do from different systems because of cost and restrictions.

    • Weapons will also have wear and tear like ships do.
  • Flamethrowers won't be around anytime soon as they need oxygen to work so they'd be limited to spacestations and ground combat.

  • Alien weapons like the Vanduul's won't be usable by humans for now. This may change, but due to metrics it would be very awkward for a human to use a Vanduul weapons currently. Perhaps someone may take Vanduul tech and create a human weapon out of it.

  • There will be unarmed combat, but right now it's in a very rough state with basic punches and block.

  • There won't be any bomb/CTF modes for SM, but Todd Papy talked about their ideas for SM and AC to meet in the middle and have ships involved with FPS such as destroying a certain target or capturing the Idris(which there's no info on right now).

    • For freeflight equivalent in SM, it depends on how the servers do, currently you can play elimination by yourself if you wanted that freeflight equivalent.
  • No respawns in SM may or may not make the first iteration, they mentioned the first iteration isn't going to be exactly what they're intending it to be because there's some systems needed before it reaches that tactical level they're wanting to achieve. Once certain gadgets come online and systems like reviving, then they'll be able to make it feel much more tactical.

    • No friendly fire in the first iteration.
  • Magboots aren't a thing anymore. What they're doing is because of geometry being very complicated, EVA will be handling that and keep you oriented properly to the surface properly.

Full Summary

  • Good morning and afternoon folks. The show is about to start so grab your tea, coffee, and prepare for Reverse the Verse with Frankfurt! Today's transcribers are myself and Nehkara. We hope you enjoy the show!

  • Show is starting! Seeing some footage of Star Marine currently.

  • They're live! Hosting is Brian Chambers at Foundry 42 Frankfurt. Reverse the Verse is their post ATV Livestream about what was talked about on the show. Questions can be submitted to Robertsspaceindustries.com

  • The first guest is David Siba, Weapon Artist with Todd Papy being the second guest later on.

[What do you do on a daily basis?] His team consist of four people and lately they've been working on the multi-tool and grenades.

The Multi-tool isn't a weapon, but it looks like a weapon and maybe they'll make the cutting laser do some damage.

When he joined Frankfurt he worked on the workflow with textures and then weapons for the 2.6 patch, giving them PBR.

[How does a weapon get made?]

They get a concept first, some of it is 2D, some 3D, then they discuss what they like/dislike, change the size, materials. Then they make a blockout that they try in engine and if the sizes work out then they discuss it with Paul Jones and make the first iteration and getting feedback. Once that's done it's just a matter of making sure it's up to the standard of quality that's expected.

It's important that the Art department gets everything done that it needs before going to animation as to not waste time.

[Are there any plans for non lethal weapons for the player that you know of?]

Maybe, what he thinks of is shields, camera systems, but most of the stuff they make is lethal.

[Will weapons for other players be low or high poly?]

They try to make it as efficient as possible, they have different LoDs for weapons as you'd expect. When you're close to an enemy or friend then you'll see exactly what you see on your gun, then standard LOD's apply.

[Are you making a variety of unique sights on each gun, if so how many?]

He just built an ironsight for a Behring weapon. They have an attachment system so you can change the attachments on each weapon, so you can do a sight or ironsight, laser, etc. Some weapons may have more attachments than other, but they're not certain yet.

[Do the weapons themselves have damage states? Do they have wear and tear?]

Yes, they have a system that allows them to scale wear and tear over time.


It's not the optimal weapon for space combat because there's no air and the flame would just go out. Flamethrowers are cool, maybe for planet or spacestations but they're not practical.

[Have you worked on any alien weapons?]

Yes, Vanduul weapons are in first iteration. You may see something in the near future.

[Will we see any heavy weapons anytime soon? RPG's Grenade launchers?]

Yes, They're working on the railgun right now, it's in LOD 0 stage right now which is one of the final stages.

[Does each manufacture have it's own specifications? Does that affect how each others weapons are built?]

In terms of influence, all manufacturers use the same ammo, style is completely different between them.

[What's your favourite weapon you've worked on so far?]

The multi-tool has been something he's really enjoyed from concept to engine and optimising it.

The multi-tool has been around for two years, but the first iteration was way too big, and the other problem was the old weapons were not made in PBR so they would have had to revamp them anyways to the current standard.

[What is the amount of tries used in the mutli-tool 0 mesh]

It's around 32k mesh polygons and each step has half of it. They don't work with standard baking as you would typically, but rather close to how ships makers do LOD's

[Can you use the multi-tool for healing and other stuff?]

They'd like to add more and see where it fits into the concept of what the Multi-tool is designed for.

  • That's all with David for now, up next is Todd Papy
  • They're back with Todd Papy, Todd Papy is the Design director for CIG and is responsible for keeping all other design leads and other leads on track and making sure Chris's vision is realized and people like Tony have what they need.

  • Star Marine isn't as tactical as its intended to be for the first iteration, but later they'll add different elements that require teamwork to be successful such as no respawns or limitations such as Stamina. They'll have to put stuff out, get feedback and make changes accordingly.

[Are there any other areas or materials that are destructible apart from windows?]

Yes, but it's not working at the moment, that's what they're working on right now, and having the effects of decompression and other aspects that would affect your character. This work will be not for 2.6 however.

[Will there be unarmed combat?]

Chris wants this. Working on getting it in there but it's very basic right now - punch/dodge.

[Any plans for CTF/Bomb mode in SM?]

Nothing like that right now. They're looking into having a hybrid where SM and AC meet in the middle, but nothing concrete.

[Any plans for class based gameplay, such as for medics?]

That'll be something more for when they have gadgets in and working. So depending on how you outfit your character will dictate what you're intending to do and that requires communication with your team before you start a match or go into combat. It won't be like battlefield where you choose Engineer or Medic.

[Anything on capture the Idris?]

L.A. came up with that idea, and then Frankfurt thought of it a different way, Austin and the U.K. did as well, but nothing right now.

[Will EMP grenades affect energy weapons and HUD?]

That's the goal. They're working on code to make something like that happen. If you think about it, everything runs on power and you can affect almost anything that has power including satellites, space stations, players, etc.

[Can humans use Vanduul weapons?]

Not right now, but may change in the future. It's more down to metrics because of how big the Vanduul are compared to a standard human.

[Will there be any perma death modes in Star Marine?]

Not right now, it's something that once they have the revive mechanics in then they'll flip the switch and make that happen. They want lives to feel meaningful. In addition, they would like all of the bits and pieces of the game working correctly (radar, etc) before creating more punishing game modes.

[Do you have a freeflight mode equivalent for SM?]

Not yet, you could do elimination by yourself, but they'll see how things go with servers after launch of SM.


No. What they're doing is because of geometry being very complicated, EVA will be handling that and keep you oriented properly to the surface properly.

[What's the next thing that's the closest to come online for 2.6?]

Bugfixes, Echo 11's art is coming in and it's looking good, but at the same time it's not there yet, design wise they can't tune it until that's done. Hud is coming in as well as the front end. Internally the round based spawning is something Chris is pushing for so that may be one of the last changes to go in.

[What is the size of the design team?]

There's currently 49 across all different types of designers.

[How does being a design director feel?]

A lot of time is spent on Skype and getting everything on track as much as possible. There's only so much you can do and have to trust your leads to get it done, he does focus on certain areas at times like Star Marine and PU.

[Friendly fire modes in SM?]

They need to have system to be able to kick players and that there's proper feedback to know who's your team and not at a quick glance, they're working on indicators right now to enable that. Once they're happy with it, then they'll turn it on.

[What happened to the original two maps from the original showing of Star Marine and will we ever see gold horizon?]

You won't see Gold Horizon in the way it was before. It wasn't modular and was inefficient from an art standpoint. You may see a Gold Horizon variant down the road, but nothing soon and not in the way you saw it previously.

[What's in the pipe for the team after 2.6?]

3.0 work and seeing how Star Marine and PU gameplay will pan out. Getting people transitioned from 2.6 work to 3.0 work.

Community news: Q&A part 2 of the Prowler goes up today. Anniversary sale is ongoing and runs till Sunday. New flavour of ships today with more tomorrow.


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