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Reverse the Verse: 2.12 - Austin Written Thursday 3rd of November 2016 at 07:00pm by CanadianSyrup, StormyWinters and

As is with any information on our transcripts and summaries, everything posted is subject to change by CIG and in some cases may not always be 100% accurate at the time. While we strive for accuracy, mistakes do happen so please let us know if you find something amiss that we didn’t catch. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today's guests were Senior Animator, David Petty and Lighting Artist, Emre Switzer.
  • Some of the animations used such as mopping for example are a way to ground the player and immerse them. While it is the future, having elements like that bring the player back down to earth so to say.
  • NPCs will behave with one another as they would with a player and you'll see NPCs behavior change based off who they are and where they are in the universe.
  • More emotes are something they'd like, just depends on the design team and what they want.
  • Emre Switzer was originally a contributer on the Star Citizen Subreddit until he saw the job posting for a Lighting Artist
    • Initially he had experience in CryEngine, but not lighting other than being a photographer, so he spent 3 months learning as much as he could and got the job.
  • Emre has worked on Arc Corp, Original Star Marine, Recently Grim Hex and soon to be released Star Marine.
    • He's also currently working on 3.0 landing sites such as Hurston and Microtech.
  • Destructible lights are something they plan on doing, those things will come when item system 2.0 is in place and then they can overhaul the mechanics of such things.

Full Transcript

  • The show will begin in approximately 7 minutes! Your transcribers today are myself CanadianSyrup with StormyWinters assisting with editing. Grab some coffee or tea before it starts!

  • The show has begun! Seeing what looks like a whitebox video of a hangar, possibly an Idris hangar. Something Squadron 42 related I imagine.

  • We're live with Senior Animator David Petty, and Tyler Witkin as host.

  • If you have a question you want answered, go to Robetsspaceindustries.com and in the general live chat. They do not take questions from Twitch or Youtube.

[Tell us about yourself]

He's a Senior Animator at CIG. Things have changed quite a bit since he first arrived. Most things nowadays are Persistent Universe related animations such as NPCs. There are some that are shared with players, but most are for NPCs

  • Some things can be used for players that was created for NPCs and vice versa, any way that they can save time they look out for.

[Why was Ian Duncan mopping?]

One word: Discipline. Seriously though they're figuring out how much technology they're going to incorporate. They decided to have a mop and bucket in there to make things feel more alive and immersive. If everything was "the future" and high tech, it would be kind of boring, but when you have people doing traditional things in the midst of all these advanced things it grounds you.

[What ideas do you have for NPC animations in areas like the Gloc or Arc Corp in general?]

Generally, how an NPC reacts to the player, is how an NPC will react to another NPC. If an NPC walks into Astro and there's a greeter, he'll greet them just like a player would be greeted. David talks about a couple being animated where they're debating on a ship and you can tell their story about how they want "this" but they need "this" by their animations.

[Do you plan on doing different animations based off their character? Pirate, security, or based off location?]

Definitely. They're working on trying to get the base in now, but they're excited to work on those types of things where you can create some unique animations based off their character whether its wealthy areas and how they act or in the slums, you'll notice a difference.

[More emotes?]

There's so many emotes that he wants to do personally. They have a base set in there now and they'll likely add more, but that's up to design.

[What is the weirdest animation that has been requested for Star Citizen?]

Probably toilet animations. They shot A LOT of toilet animations in Austin. They also have an emergency exit animation for toilets.

[What are you plans for creatures? Do you mocap animals?]

It depends. There's many different ways you can do it. Traditional animators say its better to do everything by hand, especially if you're going for a stylized look, but on a project like this you have to take a look at practicality and what works best time wise. If you wanted to mo-cap a centipede that would be fascinating to watch, but you just have to take some shortcuts that look the same, but underneath allow you to create less work for yourself.

  • That's all for now with David! Up next is Emre Switzer!

    They're back with Emre Switzer, Lighting Artist.

  • Emre originally was a part of the community on Reddit and then after posting several items that were widely received. He was 18 when he posted the relit hangars.

  • Since he joined he's worked on ArcCorp, original SM, Grim Hex.

[Care to clarify, does tessa have anything to do with the map?]

No. All the stuff in Star Marine is based off past events so you relive those events. There's actual history in Star Marine.

[How do you go about setting up the lighting?]

They take cues from the environment and each room has its own mood so you can tell where you are based off where you are without having to see a sign.

[How will lighting interface with night vision and thermal?]

Not really his field since he's more about the level lighting

[What has been your biggest challenge with lighting since joining?]

Performance, making everything efficient as possible. They have a budget and have to stick it. Making sure that shadow calls don't overlap or are too many for one object.

[How often do you communicate with devs?]

There's a lot of preproduction and communicate with the environment team. There's some environment effects needed to make their lighting effects work.

[What's your background?]

He initially had a background in working on CryEngine and photography, but not so much in engine lighting, so after he saw the job posting, he spent 3 months learning everything he could about lighting.

[Will the environment lighting be affected by our character? For example if wearing red armour would it affect the colour of the room based on reflections?]

Eventually yes, if you walked into a white room, it would reflect onto the surfaces around you.

[Destructible lights?]

He's not 100% sure. The goal is to have it, once item 2.0 comes online they'll really overhaul the lights in how they function among other things. So if you know enemies are in a room you can through an EMP to shut off the lights and disrupt their Night vision or thermal goggles.

[What's going on in the future with you?]

Working on 3.0 landing sites: Hurston, Microtech.

  • Community updates: Espiera Prowler content is still going on until November 11th. Winner will be announced on the November 18th Livestream. Monthly Report is coming out later today.


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