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Reverse the Verse: Episode 2.06 Written Thursday 8th of September 2016 at 07:00pm by CanadianSyrup, Shiver_Bathory and

After an exciting episode of Around the ‘Verse. It’s time to end it off with Reverse the ‘Verse in L.A!

As is with any information on our transcripts and summaries, everything posted is subject to change by CIG and in some cases may not always be 100% accurate at the time. While we strive for accuracy, mistakes do happen so please let us know if you find something amiss that we didn’t catch. Enjoy the show!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Today’s guests were Josh Herman and Sean Tracy
  • Josh talks about the modularity of clothing and armour and trying to make it a thing for 2.6 when Star Marine releases.
    • You’ll be able to mix and match clothing and armour Say heavy chest with medium armour legs and light armour arms.
    • They’re debating allowing people to have each limb have a seperate type such as left and right leg being different as the performance impact can be great, they’re working on finding a happy medium
  • Character model damage states is something they’re working on to have like the ships do, but it’s a different beast and comes with a different set of challenges.
  • Someone asked about Alien races, but all they could say is the Vanduul has had a lot of work done as well as the Tervarin and the Xi’An has had some love.
  • Female character model progress is currently on shading and fleshing out the female clothing line to match her rig.
  • They know we want capes and they want them to, just have to figure out how to implement them first.
  • Sean Tracy talked about one of the challenges his team is currently facing which is hair and how to get the different hairstyles to match the 120 headscans they have. They have a couple ideas of how to tackle it, just trial and error and iterating at this point.
  • Sean loved the new male model not because it was naked(Ha), but because it ment using their new tech the zone calling to allow them to properly layer clothing and give that modularity they’re after.
  • When asked how different StarEngine is from CryEngine from Crytek, Sean said it’s massively different. Some things are similar, but many things have been completely redone or new things added.
  • Next week is Loremakers with David Haddock and ATV,RTV will be in Austin. Next Saturday also features a Wing Commander 25th anniversary livestream with Ben Lesnick

Full Transcript

  • Show is starting! Looks like some Marine armour preview in the editor.
  • Show is live, Eric Kieron Davis and Josh Herman

[Can you talk about a bit about the character pipeline? Where it’s been how it is?]

One of the big focuses is 2.6 which is Star Marine and the PU for what the character can wear and making armour modular. Right now you can buy light, med, heavy, but want players to swap out individual pieces.

[Challenges faced with the modularity of clothing?]

When you do something modular, it can’t be just its own piece like a typical character model is.

[Is the character we saw on Around the ‘Verse a Tier 1, 2, or 3?]

It was a Tier 1. Some of the heads have multiple versions depending on where you see them. The Marine suits are not tiered, same with clothing. Tier’s are exclusively for heads.

[Will we ever see character model damage states?]

We’re working on it. The ship system is pretty cool and would something like that.

[Concealed handguns or weapons?]

It’s a thing they can do, but isn’t something being worked on. You have to figure out how it fits underneath the clothing and the animations associated with that. If they want to do something like that, it has to look good and not be something pulled out of thin air.

[Do the visors on the new marine’s come down?]

They’re built to, but don’t function quite yet.

[Female character model?]

In previous video’s we’ve seen the base. Working on different shades of skin colour and fleshing out the female clothing lines.

[Do you sometimes freak outwhen working with super realistic heads?]

At first it’s creepy, but after a while you get used to it. Like the creepy floating head, you get numb to it after awhile.

[Will different armour pieces fit all other pieces? Or are there limitations?]

90-80% will work together, there will be some that are bespoke to each other like special armour sets.

[Will we be able to mix and match armour like medium on the left leg and light on the right leg?]

Yes the system is built for that, but it depends on performance. Have to find the right medium that makes everyone happy.

[Anything about the alien races?]

Working on the Vanduul quite a bit. They’ve been working on the Tevarin and recently doing some stuff to the Xi’An. Can’t say much else.

[When you start running low on ideas? How do you draw inspiration?]

Travelling and going to different places is how Josh gets the creative juices flowing and is a way he draws inspiration. Collaborating is also a great way to figure out new ideas by bouncing things off each other.

Eric: Other mediums like films, books are a good way as well to get some new ideas.

[Any advantages to the different tiers of armour?]

From a gameplay standpoint yes such as light armour is lighter and more maneuverable but takes more damage, vice versa for heavy armour.

[Accessories like glasses and cigars?]


[How are you getting shorter female art to fit into to all the cockpits that are established?]

It’s mostly a tech and animation thing. Making the asset and making it fit. It’s important not to exaggerate because that can cause complications.

[Will there be two static frames for each gender and more in the future?]

at first just one and then down the road making more unique body shapes.

[Will there be consistency with skin colour even if you’re wearing clothes?]

Yes your colour should be the same throughout. They have a tech that makes it so it hides what doesn’t need to be rendered, but when you see something, it’ll only render that.

[What is the purpose of facial animations for player characters?]

They have some really cool ideas that they don’t want to go into it yet because they’re not ready to be spoken about, but there are some cool ideas of why they’re important.

[Are holsters considered an article of clothing with different styles and colours?]

Sort of, they’re more of an accessory and they can be customized, but not necessarily like “clothing” par se, but you can change the colour.


They want them.

Sean Tracey is here now.

[What are some recent challenges that you have helped the Art and Design Teams overcome?]

Everyday there’s a new challenge. It’s difficult to schedule around as things constantly change. A good example is they’re up against is: The fit of the hair across all the different heads. There’s about 120 different heads that have been scanned. Everyone’s head shape is different so you can’t just copy and paste.

  • Sean would die to have Eric’s hair.
  • With the hair they can have individual hair assets which would mean 1200, but that’s too many resources. What they’re thinking of is having a morph target for the head, and within that asset it can save the location. The morph targets still need to be made, but they don’t have to have a bunch of duplicates.
  • The next iteration is to wrap the scalp’s to the head and forming a sort of customisation rig and joining all the assets. They’re currently finding the happy medium between this system and the morph system.
  • I’m trying hard to keep up with sean but he’s so techincal

[How much do you love the naked male?]

LOVES it. It’s an exciting asset and it’s more than just what it looks like. What Sean didn’t talk about was the zone culling technique. Now they can implement the items properly via item 2.0 with the new character.

[How are characters textured? tiled like the ships or high res?]

They’re different than the ships. It’s a blend shader technique. It’s a set of tile textures via the layering system, but it’s not quite as simple as having a couple of preset materials and masking them out for piece. You have to have a bunch of draw calls per piece and finding the balance is a challenge.

[How does zone culling work and how does it allow damage and tears to work?]

What they’d loved to do is have what the ships damage system is and port that over for the character, but it’s a lot more complex for characters. The mesh is different for characters than ships.

how zone culling works is the meshes are split into chunks. With 2.4 the zone culling wasn’t online and they were hiding parts such as putting a vest would hide the shirt underneath. Now they have a much more unified base mesh approach and allow more zones and give flexibility for clothing choices.

[What is the biggest technical accomplishment that you’ve had so far]

It depends because it changes a lot. When Sean was still working with CryTek he was proud of the first demo Chris put out with the Bengal. Currently he’s proud of the Gamescom demo and the CitizenCon demo from last year with the landing demo. Overall it’s more the team in general and what they’re able to accomplish

[Do you think there will be mesh deformations to simulate muscle contraction?]

Yes. There are muscle deformations built into the rig, but it’s not so obvious right now, but with the system implemented in 2.5 they’ve updated the rig to accommodate that and add-on to that.

[Anything you can share with what may or may not show up in 2.6?]

On the item 2.0 stuff the characters are all geared towards that for 2.6 hopefully.

[Are all the character assets loaded even from a different player’s perspective]

Yes they are, but it really depends on the entity type. Lots of things are LOD’ed to what’s relevant to the player.

[How much does the SC CryEngine differ from the CryTek one.]

It’s immensely different. Some things are the same, but in other areas it’s completely different with all the new tech that’s been built like 64-bit (floating point unit) and shading techniques.

  • That’s all with Sean Tracy and the Jared will end off the show with a community update.
  • Next week is Loremakers Guide the Galaxy with David Haddock. ATV will be in Austin and RTV. On Saturday will be the Wing Commander 25th live stream. Lots of prep for Citcon
  • That wraps up the show! Thanks for tuning in folks. There’s a couple things I missed so I’ll add those in shortly. The standard summary format will be available on the site soon.


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