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Reverse the 'Verse: July 15 Written Friday 15th of July 2016 at 10:56am by CanadianSyrup, Erris and

After another week at CIG comes Reverse the ‘Verse. Check out the summary of the show.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Big Benny’s shirts go on sale this afternoon for $25 including shipping and will be limited to sizes large to 4XL. If the sale goes well they will do another run, if not then they wont.
    • Subscribers who pre-order will get  Big Benny’s patch as well.
  • Subscriber flair is also being attributed to accounts today, but will not be in hangars until 2.5 launches.
    • Jump point comes out today for subscribers
  • 2.5 isn’t feature locked yet, however that doesn’t mean it’s still away’s off as Tyler says: it’s about tying up some loose ends first. They’re already testing 2.5 and it’s going good so far.
    • They’re hoping to have 2.5 out and released to live before Gamescom
  • Reverse the ‘Verse and Around the ‘Verse may be going away and replaced with two new shows in its place, but similar format.
    • The current ATV format is more than likely here to stay with rotating which studio is being featured that week.
    • RTV format will stay similar, but instead of having everything based in LA, they’ll rotate which studio is on and having Ben or Tyler or Jared host.
    • Nothing is set in stone as they continue to change the video content, so don’t hesitate to give your feedback on the forums and other forms of social media
  • Hotas is still waiting for a prototype
  • Patch size reduction system likely wont make 2.5 as they’ll want to roll it out internally first and once they’re confident then they’ll go live with it.
  • Argo’s price is still in the air at this point, but they’ll make an announcement soon on when it’ll go up for sale.
  • Gamescom is just over a month away and shortly they’ll be announcing which 4 streamers they’ll be having at the Gamescom booth.
    • They’ll have constant streaming of the game, their booth will be setup like the bridge of the Idris and lots of ship give aways over the course of the event.
  • CIG will not be attending any other events this year officially as CitizenCon and Gamescom are where their attention is at the moment with what resource they have available.
  • A shipyard post is in the works from the folks at the UK and it will feature the Freelancer.

Full Transcript

  • Show starts in 4 minutes! Your transcribers today are Erris and myself CanadianSyrup assisting with editing and posting.
  • Show is live! It’s just Jared and Tyler this week.
  • Reverse the ‘Verse is CIG’s weekly Informal livestream with the fans.
  • Tylers week: A lot of ATV recording prep. Managed to get a little bit of sleep and learned a lot from the new processes for video content.
  • If you haven’t been watching ATV recently. Every week has featured a different studio to focus on for the show. First was Los Angeles, second was Foundry 42 UK, yesterday was Austin and last will be Frankfurt.
  • They’ve been wanting to shake things up a bit and bring about a more refined experience to the backers as well as to the public to show them what CIG is really about.
  • Tyler: Very excited to keep making the shows better and better. Sometimes they had to use a paint roller and string as a makeshift boom mic as an example from where they’ve come.
  • This change for video content doesn’t just affect the community team, but the entire studio as they have to get used to daily filming and integrating it into their routines. This doesn’t take away from their development time, but finding creative ways to bring about harmony to this new process.
    • 10 for the Chairman wont be coming back, but they’re experimenting with a new format that’s similiar, but shows off more of the game. Chris loved 10 for the Chairman, but wanted something fresh for backers.
    • They may rebrand Around the ‘Verse as something else depending on the changes coming to the show in the future.
    • They also may have Reverse the ‘Verse in other studios, possibly Frankfurt with Brain Chambers. HYPE! They don’t want LA to be the focal point as other studios do as much if not more in terms of production as LA does.
  • Tyler is looking down a lot because he can reach a pokestop in the room.
  • Ben is home sick today. He’s got the flu.
  • Alexis will join shortly, she’ll talk about the new sale that’s going up today. Also this week was the ‘final’ release of the Ballad of Big Benny’s. It’s a 3 minute long music video based on the original 30 second Big Benny’s audio-clip.
  • The song tells a bit of a story. It was in AtV 100, and it’s on CIG’s Youtube.
  • Also on AtV was Tony Zurovec. They recorded more than they aired with everyone, with Tony Z, with the Animation team, etc… that they’ll put out there eventually.
    • Tony did everything in one take. He knew what he wanted to say and just talked.
    • Common trait at that level, between the likes of Tony, Chris, Brian, and Erin. When you know that much, you have a lot to talk about.
  • AtV also checked in on Emre Switzer, who’s doing the lighting for Grim Hex. They’ve actually made major changes to lights themselves; lights and their emisisons are now a single entity. First saw that in the video of the Starfarer at night a few weeks ago.
  • New people showing up. We’ve got Justin and Alexis now.
  • Alexis is here with a Merch update. Right after the show, Big Benny’s t-shirts will be available in the store. Subscribers who pre-order will also get a patch. They’ll be 25$, includes shipping, same price for subscribers and non-subscribers.
    • Shirts are all-cotton. The shirts are a limited quantity and a limited number of sizes, large through 4xl. They’ll do another future run based on sales.
  • Subscriber flair is also out today. Flair this week is a space plant, but it won’t be in-hangar till 2.5 is out.
  • Tyler just caught a Wartortle.
  • And we’re now into QA time.
    • Questions will be taken from the RSI chat, not twitch chat.
  • [The mobiGlas found a new look from the original design, will the exclusive omniGlas find similar changes?] The functionality will stay the same, the difference in the physical appearance.
  • [Will you be able to unequip the mobiGlas?] They’re not sure, probably but not at the point to make the decision yet.
  • [Will the RTV format come back with all the people around the table?] They don’t know. There’s a scenario on the table where RTV and ATV go away. New shows would replace them, similar format. Thursday would rotate between the studios so each studio is featured in one episode and that’s something they for sure will do. Fridays show will stay similar, but basically Jared or Ben or Tyler would be in the small window and in the big window would be Brian Chambers, or Erin Roberts, Tony Zurovec, etc.
  • Tyler: Apparently QA has been testing about making the Big Benny’s machine work in persistence. The logic there is that if the Big Benny’s machine works, a lot of other items can work as well so Big Benny’s has created test cases for them.
  • Luke Pressley in the UK, head of PU design, Disco sends him messages every once in a while about things people are doing in the PU. It’s not just about taking info from Devs and giving it to the community, it’s also about taking what the community are saying and doing and making sure the Devs know about it.
  • [Updates for CAT?] Not yet. We’ll see updated specs when it becomes hangar-ready. There are three stages of ship updates. Concept, hangar, flight. Hangar-ready stage is the next stage, it’s when we’ll see the updates to the CAT. Up until then, things can still change.
  • [Will Benny’s machine eventually dispense noodles?] Machines will eventually be usable, and with Subsumption NPC’ll interact with the environment, using useables. One of the ones they’ve done is the Big Benny’s machine and the Pips machines being used. Once you’ve set it up for one machine, you can have an array of machines that can all be interacted with.
  • [With realisation we’ll get ships quickly from SQ42 development, any idea what those ships’ll be?] Yes.
  • [Jalopy ship in pipeline?] No
  • They try to get info from the horse’s mouth as much as possible. Anything SQ42 related, while they have some info, it’s better for it to come from the guys in the UK.
    • They’ll save SQ42 questions for shows once they start rotating them to the UK.
  • [2.5 content locked?] No. They have the plan, they know what they want in it, but it’s not locked yet. Just because it’s not feature locked doesn’t mean the team aren’t confident with what they’re putting in. There are loose ends to wrap up, but it’s more about how fast they get things working together.
    • Just because it’s not feature locked doesn’t mean it’s going to be late.
  • [2.5 before Gamescom?] Disco can’t speak to it, but he knows that’s the goal. It’s looking really good according to Tyler.
  • [Who shot Tony Z interview?] William ‘Soulcrusher’ Leverett
  • [Digital t-shirts from last AtV as merch?] No plans as physical merch, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that if there’s something in-game that sells a lot, maybe they could do it as physical merch.
  • [Updates on HOTAS?] None yet. Still waiting for prototype.
  • [Argo sale price?] Don’t have it yet, still some talk about the Argo sale price. They’ll announce it asap, they’ll know it at least a week before the sale.
  • [What use will the Argo have?] They’re discussing that internally as well. One of the things that Disco’s excited about is seeing what community does with it that they didn’t intend.
  • [Update on what we’ll be able to purchase in-game next?] New clothing. Until 2.5 is content locked, they can’t commit to anything though.
  • [Talk more about Cargo that Tony Z talked about?] Can’t really. It’s part of why they’re gonna rotate the shows so we can hear it from Tony Z directly.
  • [Will Phoenix still have larger guns than other variants?] That’ll be determined when they do the rebuild, but Disco hasn’t seen anything that’d suggest that it’ll change.
  • [Evocati testers?] They’re looking to add more towards the end of the summer, but it’s mostly algorithm. Participation on the issue council is a big factor and not just submitting fillers, but meaningful contributions.
  • [Will reduced patch size be ready for 2.5?] Probably not. With the initial rollout they’re gonna test it internally first, cause devs have to get multiple new builds per day. Once they’re confident with it internally, they’ll roll it out.
  • [Adoption numbers for MFA?] On Tuesday they rolled out MFA, came from Turbulent. Long-needed feature for SC. They don’t have adoption numbers on it yet, but they’re very pleased with it.
    • If you haven’t signed up for MFA, do so!
  • [Non lethal weapons in FPS gameplay?] Possibly, they’re looking at it. There’s a feature on the weapons in ATV, so no promises, but look to next week for that.
  • [Is Brian Chambers coming to Gamescom?] Yes!
  • [Will the mobiGlas get pokemon Go?] No.
  • [Will Polaris be able to dock an Argo?] Disco can’t see why not. Until they’re both built it’s impossible to be 100% sure, but Disco’s first answer was ‘absolutely’, so it’s probably around 97% likely.
  • [Don’t go back to old AtV] The new AtV is here to stay, it just might have a different name. And they’ll continue to improve as they go.
  • [Grimhex a safe zone?] They’re still going back and forth, they’re doing internal testing. Not finalised yet. More Grim Hex info coming in next week’s AtV.
  • [List of CIG people going to Dragoncon?] They’re not doing Dragoncon this year. The Euro trip is the higher priority, especially with the new video stuff they’re doing. They’re exploring what they can do, how to improve things, etc…
  • [PAX Australia 2016?] They won’t be there. Only events for the rest of the year are Gamescom and CitizenCon.
  • [Can Argo grab a Big Benny’s?] Disco hopes to find out.
  • [Thought about giving each studio their own branded show?] Branding is less important than the content. They’ll call it something like Star Citizen Weekly, and it’ll just rotate through the studios, but that’s not an official name, just something Jared pulled out of his head at that moment.
    • Ultimately the name is not what’s important with the show.
  • [Going to Comicon?] Disco’s not. He’s not a comic person. Standing in front of 100,000 people and bumping into people, waiting in long lines… nothing for Disco at Comicon.
  • [Plans for a ship sale at Gamescom?] Yes.
  • [Have you see the SC Reddit T-Shirt suggestions for Big Benny’s?] They have. They’re very cool, and they’ve forwarded the feedback on.
  • [Clarify how far the Herald is?] Still being worked on. It’s one of those things where Disco could say it’s 80%, but that doesn’t mean they’re 80% through the amount of time involved.
    • The last 10% of game development takes 90% of the time. Even if they’re 80% of the way, then they find something that needs way more attention to detail, etc… it’s impossible to give a % of completion for a ship.
  • [How is VR in SC? When’ll it come? Vive or Rift?] No when questions. Things take the amount of time they take. Disco’s understanding is Chris wants to support as many VR platforms as possible. That said, it’s not a thing they’re doing right now, it’s on the list for later.
  • [PU and SQ42 are priorities, but is there work being done to AC?] There have been discussions about having an AC – centric patch to fix things up, maybe add a few additions. It’s something they want to be great, definitely. They’ll revisit AC, definitely.
  • [Picture behind Disco from Levsky?] No.
  • [Let us DL graphics for additional shirts?] People pull stuff from game files all the time. People’ll do that for themselves.
  • [Will the Benny’s shirt ship in time for Cit Con?] Unknown. Manufacturing has started so it’s possible, but it’s impossible to say. They’re not a merchandise company, they’re a videogame developer who dabble in Merch on the side. They don’t have a giant Blizzard store or anything.
  • [How many hours does the Community team spend reading the forums?] They don’t really clock it, it’s just throughout the day, throughout the evening, when mods bring things to your attention, it’s constant.
  • [CIG considered SC toy ships for kids?] Way down the line. They’re making a game here, that’s way down the line.
  • [Where will people land on GrimHex?] Look at the Emre clip from this week, there’s an 8 second clip of the exterior, there’re landing pads on top. The entrance on the side of the asteroid doesn’t lead to more landing space.
  • [Future Jim Martin ships?] Hope so, nothing currently scheduled
  • [Star Wars Celebration?] Ben and Disco are in LA, they’re not there this year.
  • [Will the Aquila fit in the same jump points as the Carrack?] Probably, but until the Aquila and the Carrack are built and jump points are built… who knows.
  • John Crewe and Steve Tuberfeld in the UK are working on the next Shipyard post. They did the last one on the Cutlass, they’re gearing up to explore the Freelancer in the next post.
  • [Buccaneer?] Not currently being built. They don’t build all ships at the same time. They have a finite number of resources. only so many people can work on so many things at the same time, which is why when people ask every week about the BMM, the answer is there’s still no movement, because they’re not in active development.
  • Basically, there’ll come a time when they say that a ship is now in development, that’s when questions about it are appropriate. Before then… it’s not being worked on.
  • [Orion Cockpit?] No decisions have been made, cause it’s not being made yet.
  • And now into Looking Ahead.
  • Gamescom starts in exactly one month from today. They’ll be broadcasting all five days of the event, on the Star Citizen channel (not the cigcommunity channel that RtV broadcasts on)
    • Bringing out four Community Twitch broadcasters. They’ll announce who they are soon.
    • They’ll broadcast 2.5 from the floor, maybe some other cool surprises as well. All 5 days, open to close, tons of ship giveaways. Celebrating the heck out of SC that week. Gotta be watching to win though.
  • Jump Point comes out later today, keep an eye out for that.
  • The show floor booth is based on an Idris.
  • Austin Bar Citizen is having another event, July 22nd at the Woody’s across from the Austin studio, a few of the devs’ll be there to hang out.
  • And that’s been RtV.


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