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Reverse the 'Verse: July 1st Written Friday 1st of July 2016 at 10:53am by CanadianSyrup, Nehkara and

After an exciting subscriber ATV this week, it’s time for the regular Reverse the ‘Verse. Check it out.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Citizentalk will not be coming out today as it’s not ready yet. 10 for the Chairman may not return either as they’re changing their video format.
    • They’re completely revamping their video content as seen in ATV 100 which will be the standard from then on, shorter, but more concise segments and wanting to keep the runtime to 30 minutes or less.
    • Loremakers Guide to the Galaxy will have their own show now on Wednesdays, alternating with Bugsmashers.
    • Any feedback about previous shows, current and future is important to them and don’t hesitate to talk to them about it on the forums, chat, etc.
  • Gamescom will feature 2.5 and possibly 2.6 if it’s ready by then. They’ll be livestreaming for 5 days straight and look to have the booth setup to be like the bridge of an Idris.
    • There will be stations to play the game, people talking about Star Citizen, giveaways, and swag.
    • They also plan to have meetups every night during Gamescom week with the first three days being informal meetups via twitter and etc with the last two being a properly announced venue to attend to.
  • Carrack hasn’t started development just yet, it’s after the Caterpillar as it begins to wind down, but Gurmukh and others who would be working on it are currently focused on Squadron 42, space stations and other items of priority at the moment.
  • 2.5 is currently being tested by QA in Gamedev, but isn’t feature locked just yet. Tyler said they do look to branch it out soon however.
  • ATV Fast Forward was the Habitat module. The next ATV’s will feature the Cargo module(Not mechanic), and Engine Module.
  • The new communication platform “Org 2.0” is currently on track and they have prototypes working at the moment.

Full Transcript

  • Hello folks! show starts in 5 minutes! Your transcribers today are myself CanadianSyrup and Nehkara!
  • 2 minutes till showtime!
  • Audio test happened, it was a bit loud and made me jump a bit. Red 1 Fix it!
  • Now we have a duet featuring Tyler and Jared and Jared just missed his high note completely
  • And we’re live! Just Jared and Tyler on Reverse the ‘Verse tonight.
  • Reverse the ‘Verse is CIG’s weekly informal livestream with the fans.
  • Tom is giving Jared the evil eye apparently.
  • Tylers week: Lots, work being done for 2.5. QA has been very busy testing a variety of things for Gamescom and really exciting stuff in general. Tyler can’t say, but he’s smiling wide. Worked with Justin on getting some changes for the video format in Austin. Also doing a lot of video and screenshot capture (i.e. new gameplay bumpers in AtV).
  • Jared week: Gamescom prep. Apparently there might be something else very exciting that they can show at the Gamescom booth which requires them changing the booth entirely, but it involves having the booth looking like the bridge of an Idris. There’s something very exciting that they will show at the Gamescom booth, but can’t talk about it. The Gamescom booth will be setup like the bridge of an Idris. The latter is not tied to the former.
  • Gamescom build will have 2.5 and possibly an early build of 2.6 depending on how things are going. As opposed to previous years when they had a 3-hour stage presentation, this year they will be broadcasting live all-day every day for 5 days showing various aspects of the game including new features – this will also include ship giveaways and other prizes.
  • Jared talks about the feedback from people wanting more stuff to see and it’s a balance between what they can show that’s ready to show and what’s not.
  • Talking about ATV 100. It was originally planned to have it be a two hour episode, but instead of killing us at The Relay, they split it up into probably four episodes. No it’s not because of us, it’s just easier for the viewers to digest and enjoy. Over the coming weeks you will therefore see ATV 100 part 1 (this week), ATV 100 part 2 next week, then part 3, then part 4.
  • They’ve been working on the Big Benny’s music which is why they needed footage for that as it will be used in the music video. They’ll be happy to have it out soon.
  • in ATV there was a glimpse of the video format changes. More concise and to the point, but still packed with good information. From here on this is what to expect in the future, they may have blockout larger segments like they do now instead of combining it into one episode.
  • What sets CIG apart from every project is that no one at this stage of development would have a community, it’s different and requires ways to bring information to the backer that aren’t traditional to other games. A lot of the outreach is done through video, and not only that, but the excitement of the milestones is different than some games where persistence is a big deal right now, but down the road it’ll be something more atkin to a new planet and etc.
  • So now their goal is to take their community outreach and production values of community content to the next level and get it up to where the big guys have it like Blizzard and etc. They’ll still have that flair of who they are, but they aren’t a basement project anymore and want to bring it up to a higher standard.
  • There’s a poll on the subscriber den about voting for their favourite segments in the past to give them an idea of what the majority like.
  • They always listen to feedback, but rely on you guys to let them know in the forums, chat, etc.
  • The 10 for the Chairman format may be going away with the new episode, supposed to be coming out later on today, which is currently being called Citizentalk (placeholder name). They don’t know when it will come out, not today, but when it’s ready.
  • They’re in the middle of drastically changing their video content, but nothing is set in stone so everything they’re discussing can change, they just want to explore a variety of ideas and take all of your feedback seriously from the forums, chat, etc.
  • Right now the production is based in LA because that’s where the community is, but in the future they want to have other studios be able to host the show sometimes. LA is only 1/4 of the Star Citizen story.
  • Lots of changes are happening and some things may take time like the CitizenTalk that isn’t coming out today and may not come out next week even, but bear with them as they go through the changes. They take the subscriber funds seriously and they sure to never use development funds for Community content.
  • In the upcoming episodes of ATV look to see the Big Benny’s music video. Loremakers Guide to the Galaxy will be its own show occupying the same timeslot as Bugsmashers. So every week will have something on Wednesday with Bugsmashers and Loremakers alternating.
  • Wednesday the 6th is when Loremakers starting as its own segment.
  • So going forward, smaller more condensed content, but it’s a huge project to change the way things are currently, but know that the backers time is valuable and want to give them the best experience in as little of time as possible as their focus for the changes.
  • It’s question and answers time! It’s only Jared and Tyler so they can only answer what they can actually answer and don’t ignore questions because they don’t want to asnwer them, it’s usually because they can’t because of knowledge or NDA.
  • [Jared what kind of headset are you using?] Audio Technica, BPHS1. It’s great for cutting out everything around the mic and just picking up what is directly in front of the mic. They have three which will be used for Gamescom
  • Jared showed off his Rogue Squadron helmet. Limited edition
  • [Status of Org 2.0?] Can’t go into detail about 2.0 and what it contains, but it’s going really well and it’s on track for when it’s planned to come out.
  • “Orgs 2.0”. which isn’t called that anymore, will be a massive upgrade. Orgs 2.0 was a fairly small idea originally. This upgrade will have new chat, new forums which are bespoke (built specifically for Star Citizen by Turbulent). Changes to the whole website including store. Will completely replace the communications platform for RSI. It will also sync with the chat in the game so you can chat with people in-game from the website. Has a lot of great functionality including some similar functionality to Discord.
  • [2.4.2 before 2.5?] Unless something breaks, it’s full steam ahead to 2.5.
  • [Turrets for caterpillar?] Next week they’ll have Elwin on the show so wait until next week to ask Caterpillar questions for when he’s here.
  • [Will Ship Shape have its own show?] The plan right now and it’s nothing set in stone is the segments will be broken out as their own things, it’s hard to explain as you’ll see what they mean later on, but it’s something on the table and not set in stone.
  • [Will you do live broadcasts at Gamescom?] Yes for five days! Playing through the missions, all the modes, etc. They hope to have a build beyond what they’ll have at Gamescom to show some new stuff coming out. Giveaways. Interviews as devs come by.
  • [Will there be a new Ask a Dev section as the current one is closed?] It should be open, if it’s not, Tyler will take a look and make sure it is.
  • [How is the Carracks development coming along?] Haven’t started yet, there are things before it that need to happen. It’s on the schedule, but some Squadron 42 stuff and Gurmukh who’s playing with some space station stuff at the moment needs to get past that stage before they get to the Carrack. There’s almost 300 people working on the game, not including outsourcers but resources are still finite. When they have the resources, they will work on it.
  • [What will the GrimHek station(Pirate base) come with?] 2.5. isn’t locked down yet, so they can’t say what will come with it and even if it will make it in 2.5, but they hope to have some more gritty, dirty stuff there (i.e. murder scene with crime tape).
  • [Will there ever be something like Citizencon in Canada?] Right now probably not. They’ve only recently been able to get to a point where they can work full steam on the project and before they were able to send people away to other areas because they were waiting for stuff to finish, but it’s harder to do that now adays. There was a Bar Citizen in Canada with Behavior and it was livestreamed. Stuff like that can happen, but not like CitizenCon.
  • Tyler gives a shout out to fans to look for a Bar Citizen in your area and fan Bar Citizens around the world.
  • [Will the UK office will be affected by the Brexit?] No one knows.
  • [ATV FastForward?] This week was the Caterpillar Habitat module, next week will be the cargo module (not mechanic), and engine module after.
  • [Where is the where’s my ship section?] Normally Ben is here to do that. They prefer to have the people who know what’s happening with certain aspects of the project to speak about it instead of them such as Ben who’s the Director of Spaceships.
  • [What length of ATV are you shooting for?] 30 minutes right now, could be shorter than that.
  • [How long will 10 for the Chairman be away and Chris himself?] Until the next segment is ready and until he finishes filming Squadron 42 in UK
  • [Any update on the progress with 2.5] 2.5 has been in QA testing for a little while. They’re testing in the Gamedev right now and it’s going well, but not feature locked right now.
  • [How is Lando dad?] Good, he just had a Birthday and he’s old.
  • [When can we see Tony Zurovec again?] Everyone loves Tony and when you schedule something with him, you know it’s going to be a long episode because of how passionate he is. It’s up to him if he wants to particpate, they don’t force people to be on the show.
  • [Will the livestreaming at Gamescom be like the Nintendo E3 streaming booth?] No idea because Jared didn’t watch any of the E3 stuff.
  • [Will Ben be back next Friday?] Yes
  • [Does the Caterpillar come with different command modules?] Just one for now.
  • [Meetups when you guys are in Germany?] Absolutely, they will be doing a Bar Citizen type meetup every single evening that week. The first couple days will be informal and have it be based off them tweeting “Hey, lets go to this bar” and something low key. The last two days will be more formal and and have an event like the beer garden event.
  • [Can we know when you plan to lock down the features for 2.5 or is it a secret?] It’s not a secret, it just depends on how the development goes. Development is fluid and changes constantly, they set a goal and work towards it. They can say they’re close to branching it out.
  • [300i rework?] Hasn’t started yet, on schedule, just not now. Chris Smith is very excited to work on that as the 300 series was one of the first ships he worked on.
  • Tyler started playing the Ocarina of time song… and Jared just gives up (after putting on his Rogue Squadron helmet) and that’s the end of the show!


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