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Reverse the 'Verse: June 24th Written Friday 24th of June 2016 at 10:51am by CanadianSyrup, Shiver_Bathory and

After a great week in content for Star Citizen, check out today’s summary of Reverse the ‘Verse!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

  • Half hour episode today so not much information.
  • New subscriber perk starting July 1st. Each month they’ll give subscribers a ship to fly starting with the Sabre. In the future they might have a poll where subscribers can choose which ship they want for the next month.
  • Unmelt token will be attributed July 1st, so if you want to unmelt something and you have a token, use it now as they do not stack.
  • At Gamescom they will be giving out lanyards, stickers, tattoos and will be revealing a new concept ship.
  • GrimHex, the pirate base, will not be a copy of Port Olisar.
  • Starmap posters will ship shortly, they’ve now established a warehouse locally and want to use that as their first run.
  • Dragonfly Q&A #2 will be up shortly.
  • Subscriber RTV next week at @11am pacfic on Wednesday featuring the DevOps team in Austin with Tom, Ahmed, and Jason.
    • Monday will feature a special show with unknown cast and format similar to 10 for the series, but different.
    • In the future for 10 for the Chairman and other shows they’re looking to have it be more focused on what the devs are doing currently rather than future topics.

Full Transcript

  • Show will start in 7 minutes!
  • Your transcribers today are CanadianSyrup(Me :D) and Shiver Bathory assisting in editing.
  • Joke: Who is the most feared vampire in Star Citizen?
  • Drakeula Ayy!
  • Intro has begun!
  • And we’re live! But no sound…You had ONE job Tom, ONE.
  • They are making lovely hand gestures however
  • I see Ben, Alexis and Justin, but no Jared.
  • Reverse the ‘Verse is CIG’s weekly INFORMAL live stream with the community team.
  • Jared(Disco Lando) is on vacation right now.
  • It’s a shorter show today, only a half hour because it’s very busy right now and Chris is leaving soon to go back to the UK so they want to get more filming done with him.
  • Justin’s week: Felt it was busy, but it was good. A lot of it was spent overhauling the video process
  • Tom’s weeks: Every week is different, but is also the same. Tried some new things such as pilots for Chris and Sandi. Also spent more time playing 2.4 and getting used to the new changes.
  • There is a subscriber’s thread up asking for feedback and idea’s for new video content going ahead
  • Alexis’ week: Arranged Gamescom and CitizenCon swag. For Gamescom swag, lanyards, stickers, tattoo’s. For merchandising: Polo shirts, Big Benny’s shirts and stickers to get them made.
  • Ben’s week: Work desktop died, RIP. Dennis replaced the HDD and it still had the same issue. Dennis is also on vacation so no computer or IT guy. One of the Austin IT guys is over in LA for a bit however.
  • Dragonfly Q&A #2 goes up shortly after Reverse the ‘Verse ends. If you missed the first Q&A, check it out.
  • Ben talked with the lore guys about the Banu and how their culture and thought pattern is alien, and that would affect ship design.
  • The third quarterly Unmelt Token will be attributed on July 1st. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a token that allows you to unmelt a ship you melted at one point using store credit, etc.
  • Sandi is here!
  • Sandi’s week: Getting all the studio’s synced for video content and trying to get more German and UK folks on camera. Sandi thinks she finally found a warehouse company to use so they’ll help prevent product damage as apparently some products were arriving damaged.
  • Gamescom booth will look nicer and has good stuff planned for it.
  • Questions time.
  • [When, what will be the next concept sale] Can’t say yet, but maybe a flight ready ship that will be included with a patch? At Gamescom they will reveal a new concept ship.
  • [Why are some ships permanently on sale versus limited?] They have their base ships for various aspects of the game and the more exotic stuff that doesn’t maybe have a mechanic yet or limited in its roll is something that’s limited for now, when more ships come online they would like to have more ships available.
  • [Is Grimhex a copy of Port Olisar] It’s different.
  • [Starmap posters?] They would ship them now, but they’re organizing with their new warehouse and to use that as their first run, it’ll be very soon.
  • Jared is stalking the stream and liked a tweet
  • [Sandi, have you ever dyed your hair?] When I was a teenager, have had it red, blonde, brown.
  • [Orion?] On schedule, but doesn’t have folks on it. It’ll come with the mining mechanic.
  • [Ejection seats on Drake ships?] Chris answered it on 10 for the Chairman and that’s how it’ll stay for now.
  • [Soundtrack CD?] Working on the prototype case at the moment, not ready yet.
  • [Polaris?] It’s looking good. Likely to have the concept sale later in the year.
  • [Unmelt tokens on packages?] Maybe, they’ll check with Turbulent to get exact details.
  • [Free fly coming up?] They’re working on 2.4.1. right now, but once that’s up they’ll look at a free fly.
  • New subscriber perk! July 1st they will start a rotation of ships available to fly starting with the Sabre. So if you’re a subscriber you get to fly a Sabre for the month. They’re talking about having it where subscribers can do a poll on what they want to fly next month.
  • [How excited are you on a scale of 1-10 for the PU content coming for 2016?] 11. Ben’s very excited for what’s in the pipeline and is proud of it.
  • [Balance on ships?] Always ongoing
  • [Why cannot I not unmelt physical packages] They’re working on fulfillment for the people who have them currently in order to give a hard number to the manufacturers for stuff that’s required. After they’re done then maybe they’ll allow it, but for now they need a locked down number.
  • [Endless loadscreen?] It’s a target bug for 2.4.1, they’re working on it.
  • [Can you tell Jared we miss him] Yes, we can, he’s probably watching us right now.
  • Jared’s at Disneyland so If you have your picture taken at Disneyland with Jared, they will give you a ship. (Not seriously we think, but find him anyways)
  • Subscriber RTV is coming up next Wednesday @11am pacific featuring the DevOps team. Tom Saywer, Ahmed and Jason.
  • Dragonfly sale ends on Monday. It’ll be available in-game sooner than you think. It’s a different way of experiencing Star Citizen so check out the brochure at least.
  • Bugsmashers on Wednesday. It’ll be a different kind of Bugsmashers.
  • A special feature will be released next week on Monday. It wont be 10 for the Chairman, but a somewhat similiar format.
    • In the future they’re looking at changing the format of the questions to be more specific about what devs are currently working on and giving a topic that’s more focused.
  • That’s the show for today and it cuts off with Ben rambling in the background…


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