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Reverse the Verse: July 24th Written Friday 31st of July 2015 at 11:16am by Erris, Nehkara and

Citizens!  Welcome to The Relay’s notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 57!

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)

1. Gamescom info

This months report will come out the day of GamesCom. The stream will be next Friday starting at 8PM german time, 11AM pacific, and 2PM EST. Tune in for a ton of new info and hopefully some really cool stuff. The Relay will be streaming as well so keep an eye out for that.

2.  WWoSC

WWoSC came out this week, and was awesome, and The Relay are in it at 08:11. Watch as Disco runs away from literally everything.

3. Cutlass Krazyness

Expect to see some Cutlass action real soon. It’s totally modular now. They are not changing the Cutlass. The Idea since the beginning is that It’s an interceptor. It cracks open transports, and collects the stuff. Comes from the original Privateer, cause the Galaxy was the best ship for Piracy. Blow up shit, take all their stuff. That’s the goal of it.

4. SATAball to not be in initial SM release

The futuristic sport SATAball will not be in the first version of StarMarine. The current plan is to get Gold Horizon first, then follow with SATAball.

5. Vangard Vangard Vangard

The Vanguard probably not flyable before end of the year. Solidifying this week what ships to work on after GamesCom. The Vanguard has tech inside to ghost that the whole ship will blow up. They want you to get away if you have to use it. Vanguard will still live up to the whole ‘tough as nails’ thing.


That’s it for this week! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Reverse The Verse.

Full Transcript

– New setup!  How weird is that!

– Ben Lesnick, Disco Lando, Alyssa Delhotal, James Pugh, and Justin Chambers [New Person!]

– They’re testing out a new setup for GamesCom. Staring at a large TV instead of a screen, and they can’t see themselves.

– Week in review:

– Lot of GamesCom prep from Ben, played through the demo a few times.

– 1.1.6 hit PTU this week, hoping for live next week.

– James has been working on GamesCom stuff as well. Lots of work getting the GamesCom demo ready.

– If things go right, or wrong, join Alyssa in getting very very drunk.

– [How long is the actual livestream?] They’re still working that out. It’s impossible to predict how long Chris will talk for. It might go forever.

– No GamesCom sneak peek stuff, because they want to show us at GamesCom. Wait one more week and you’ll see the good stuff.

– GamesCom tickets will be unlocked later today, and there’ll be details about the sale and the digital items in the post today.

– Additional merchandise in the store right now. pre-orders for RSI mousepads are up. If you’re a subscriber (one, they love you, and two, you get other merchandise just for you) you can get a track jacket.

– Ben’s life is ‘hawaiian shirt Friday’

– Alyssa doesn’t own any colours.

– Sandi just took a picture of the community team.

– In theory, this episode of RtV should be on YouTube. Stuttering in the last episode meant they couldn’t get it up.

– They’re doing RtV in the same place they always do, they’re just facing the other direction.

– Monthly report will come out the day of GamesCom

– Gurmukh is now here as well. He makes ships.

– [Update on revised website, 2.0, or CCU?] No update. Revised website – the ‘community hub’ is launching. It’s for current fans. All sorts of interactive widgets and doohickeys and such. It’s looking good apparently. Doing internal testing on it after Gamescom. There’ll be an update on this at GamesCom.

– Stream next Friday starts at 8PM german time, 11AM pacific, 2PM EST.

– Like every other SC presentation ever, they’ll probably not go live at 8. Things will be exploding, Chris’ll be coding, who knows. Be prepared. No show starts on time, ever.

– There’ll be a detailed post about GamesCom later today, with times, where you can watch the stream, what’ll be for sale, etc…

– [Will other ships ever use the escape pod concept the Vanguard has?] Yes.

– We’ll find out what’s being released for GamesCom when GamesCom starts. No-one wants to steal Chris’ thunder.

– Lando sent out a tweet yesterday about two ships entering Q-drive, and while he doesn’t have video, apparently two ships emerged at the same time in the same space and just merged. Arms and legs everywhere.

– Ben is tired of hearing the world hype.

– James plans on updating the ship info page probably monthly or bi-monthly (once every two months).

– Working on re-jigging the ship pipeline working on getting early ships out earlier. Foundry 42 will be working on things like the Caterpillar. More info on that after GamesCom. Some early ships will come online earlier than intended. Not as early as we’d probably like, but sooner than originally intended.

– Art sneak peek was from the Terra White-Collar collection of PU clothing.

– Next couple AtV’s will have more looks at different fashion options.

– GamesCom tickets are sold out. They’re at capacity. Possibly a little over capacity.

– WWoSC came out this week, and was awesome, and The Relay are in it at 08:11

– There have been art of Berets pass through Shotgun. No Cargo pants though.

– [In the PU, will upgrading ship parts increase things like top speed? Will upgrading the thrusters make it perform faster?] That’s a Matt Sherman question.

– Ben mumbled a question. No idea what the question was. (~19 minutes)

– There will be a fly free week at GamesCom. Disco Lando’s going to build a little ship on camera.

– Hennessy is operating the camera this week.

– No plans for a convention in the DC / Maryland area yet.

– They are doing DragonCon though.

– Everyone at GamesCom can get one of the little airplanes, but you can only get them if you’re at GamesCom.

– Jenny is not with CIG anymore. That’s why she’s not there. They wish her all the best in future endeavours.

– [Ben have you realised how much we love you?] Yes, he has, and he appreciates it.

– [Do any of you play Elite Dangerous?] Ben backed it, but hasn’t found time to play it. They go out in the community and see people battling about it, and don’t do that. It’s awesome that there are two space games. E:D is awesome, even if they never get time to play.

– Reminder, if you have a question on RtV, use a [question] tag on it.

– Ben doesn’t hate the Cutlass.

– Expect to see some Cutlass action real soon. It’s totally modular now.

– Matt Sherman is here now.

– He is scared and intimidated by the new setup they have.

– Kruger Intergalactische. Disco talked to Dave Haddock, his response to the Kruger thing is 900 years. Another planet on the other side of the galaxy. Things change.

– It’s done on purpose, it’s part of what makes it an immersive universe.

– [Top speed question again from earlier] Getting sorted out with ongoing balance and tuning changes. No permanent answer right now. They’re exploring some cool things for thrusters, and there’ll be tuning options in the PU, but what it’ll all cover, can’t say quite yet.

– [Connie variants available at the same time as the Andromeda?] No. Andromeda first.

– [Flair tradable in PU?] Yes. It’s tradeable now.

– [Merlin able to dock with ships other than Connie?] Yes. There’s a Merlin QA post that went up on Wednesday, and that’s addressed in there. Includes known ships right now that it can dock. No over-promising on future ships until they get the base of the ship flyable.

– [How evil is Alyssa?] James says she’s not evil at all. She’s a chihuahua.

– Apparently she really likes the coasters. Lando stacks coasters all over Alyssa’s desk. Alyssa asks Erris not to send her coasters, while Lando asks him to send them specifically to her. (I will send her another box of 20)

– They are not changing the Cutlass. (Ben reads out the original description for the Cutlass). Idea since the beginning. It’s an interceptor. It cracks open transports, and collects the stuff. Comes from the original Privateer, cause the Galaxy was the best ship for Piracy. Blow up shit, take all their stuff. That’s the goal of it.

– No RtV next week, they’ll all be in Germany.

– No AtV next week either. There will be standard comm-links though.

– Last time Ben was in Cologne, Ben stayed in a hotel, found out there was only one couch in the lobby where his wifi worked, and he had to hold his laptop sideways.

– No news on the new corvette.

– As FF pointed out, they’re sorry for referring to the Idris as a Corvette. It’s a Frigate now.

– They don’t hate anybody. They skip some questions because they don’t have answers, or they’ve already answered, or any number of other answers.

– They don’t hate Germans. They go to GamesCom because they love them.

– There’s no more information on Fuel yet.

– Sound just went down a lot.

– They’re listing people who will be at Gamescom.

– Also Darian Vorlick is in the background now.

– Five people from the UK office going.

– Quantum Drive is an in-system drive for going places in a star system very quickly. It’s a sub-light drive for crossing great distances quickly, because star systems are much bigger than everyone imagines. (roughly Star Trek impulse speed)

– Q-drive is how you get from Earth from Jupiter. Jump Drive is how you’d get from the Sol system to another system.

– [Will we be able to discover marine life?] They’d like to. One of the pods on the Endeavor will be for collecting specimens. Science pods confirmed.

– Grabby Hands – Calix and Matt talked about it in the chat. Something Calix did when he was doing cargo work. Want it to look cool, but it’s not going to be something where you can really see your grabby hands go all over the place. It’ll be cool when it goes live, won’t be in initial FPS. It’s still going to be a ways out.

– [Possible to play and have fun without having a spaceship?] Technically no, because you have to have a game package when the game starts, which includes a ship, but theoretically, you could. You could fly around in other people’s ships and never fly your own, yes.

– There will be plenty to do without a spaceship

– [Banu MM in hangar when?] No specific date. Being worked on, but no specific date.

– [Attempt to reduce load screens?] Yes. The idea is not to have them at all, and they’re working towards that.

– [Why no space whales?] Tell CR you want space whales.

– [Any more Aegis ships in the next 4-6 months?] Can’t comment on that. Someone’s been reading Ben’s email.

– [Will the game have actual star systems like Sirius and Alpha Centauri?] Ongoing debate. Settled on right now that all the systems map to actual ones, but not a big deal. Letting people be creative from that point.

– [More Game Commander episodes on the way?] Yes. One might be filming today. They’ll come when they come. No real schedule. When there’s something interesting to show.

– Volunteers for CitizenCon, keep an eye out, but you’ll probably be talking to Alyssa. Statement on that no later than the end of August. Alyssa will start organizing it immediately after GamesCom.

– [Space Whales using Jump Points?] Maybe, yes, the theoretical non-existent imaginary space whales would probably have some kind of biological method to jump-fart from system to system.

– [Carrack vs Endeavor for Science?] Carrack is more the front-line, out there, exploring and categorizing stars and scanning things and bringing things home. Endeavor’s more of a home base. Big floaty research lab that you come home to.

– Carrack brings the data to the Endeavor, Endeavor does stuff with it.

– Now they’re talking about when they all wash their hair.

– Lisa Ohanian (Ship Shape) has arrived.

– [Landing zone on the moon?] TBD, but possibly.

– [Can you stop mid jump point?] No.

– [Starfarer have toilet paper?] They took the criticism of that seriously. It’ll be responded to next pass.

– [SATAball included in initial release of Star Marine?] Current plan is to get Gold Horizon first, then follow with SATAball.

– [Vanguard escape pod being destroyed?] Super heavily armoured. It’s possible, but don’t be worried about it. Even in its description, it has tech inside to ghost that the whole ship was blown up. They want you to get away if you have to use it. Vanguard will still live up to the whole ‘tough as nails’ thing.

– Frankfurt are really busy right now, no time to get onto AtV. But they’ll be talked to during GamesCom.

– [Progress on fourth landing site for Earth?] Can’t talk about that right now

– [Pipeline timelapse?] Maybe eventually. Takes a long time from concept to ship, and they’d want to show one that goes through a normal cycle. Lisa likes the idea, but not now. Maybe eventually.

– Might be some kind of ‘making of the Vanguard’ at some point.

– Behaviour and Turbulent are still working hard. Behaviour are supporting PU development. Building worlds and art and character customization stuff, turbulent doing web stuff.

– Probably no video FPS update. But there’ll be a lot of information on it when it’s released.

– [Height and weight adjustments to characters?] Yes.

– [Holiday after GamesCom?] No. Full speed ahead to CitizenCon. And there are milestones between the two.

– Vanguard probably not flyable before end of the year. Solidifying this week what ships to work on after GamesCom.

– Should be some information later about what ships to expect by the end of the year soon though.

– [Pax Prime?] They will not be at Pax Prime.

– [Next ship in hangar?] No idea. Cool stuff coming up, but can’t talk about it.

– Again, no AtV or RtV next week. GamesCom stream will start around the same time as RtV normally starts though.

– Hardest part of editing stuff for CIG (from the new guy) is the amount of content they make.

– Lisa chooses her own topics for Ship Shape. Puts a lot of effort into the show.

– New weapons and fleshing them out stalled as they’re getting the physically based damage system and the components done.

– S1 automatics and gatlings will happen, but they take time.

– Now they’re talking about… Ranch kool-aid? I don’t know anymore.

– They’re talking about what they all dip stuff in. Old Bay, Ketchup, Ranch, etc….

– Next Dave Hobbins concept ship? He’s currently working on Reliant variants. See ‘em when they’re done.

– Later today there’ll be the weekly FPS post, a post about GamesCom about tickets and the livestream and what they’re selling, and that’s all for today.

– Working on stuff for next week. Monthly report, GamesCom itself, new stuff going up on the store, it’ll be a good week.

– Next ship for new damage system? Lisa doesn’t know off-hand.

– MISC glass on Chris’ desk during Game Commander was from a backer. It’s been there for a while.

– [Questions about the Cutlass thread] James Pugh will look at it, but if it’s another thread of everyone angry at everything CIG say, they won’t respond. Be nice, and they’ll be nice.

– [Hope variant right away on Endeavor sale?] Probably not. Science pods are being worked on first.

– [Crucible?] Yes. There was a review on it this week. Looking good.

– [Docking a Merlin from one Connie to another?] If both have the docking collar, should be doable. Lando expects to see at least one ‘musical Merlins’ video.

– [Which SC ship most like Serenity from Firefly?] Interesting question. Lisa asked that on her first day. Consensus was probably the Freelancer.

– There’s a herd of carts rolling past the CIG door.

– Yes, there are plans for two-tier authentication

–  Xi’An scout is close, but it’s on the backburner for GamesCom. After GamesCom, UK will be working on it again

– MIS vs. Cutlass, depends on who gets the drop on who, and if the Cutlass can avoid the first volley of missiles from the MIS, cause the missiles won’t reload instantly.

– And that’s it.

– Next episode will be August 14th. Hopefully The Relay will be streaming after that episode.

– At 1pm CIG time, Army12BC will be on the Twitch Weekly stream.



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