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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 48 Notes Written Friday 22nd of May 2015 at 11:35am by Nehkara

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes from episode 48 of Reverse the ‘Verse! Video Reverse the ‘Verse Notes by Erris – The Reliant is out!  It’s really early, and it’s probably a record...

Hello there fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes from episode 48 of Reverse the ‘Verse!


Reverse the ‘Verse

Notes by Erris

– The Reliant is out!  It’s really early, and it’s probably a record for how early they’ve gotten something out.

– The ship is epic.

– ‘Cross between a manta ray and a B-wing’

– There are no packages with the Reliant yet.  It’s still a concept sale.  There will be a package sale when it’s hangar / flight ready (which should happen at the same time).

– If you pick up a concept one now, you can add the package later.

– [Question] Can you remove the Xi’An tech from the ship?

– The Reliant was 100% Human built, 100% human labour, just has Xi’An technology.

– [Is the Reliant reliable?]  No.  And a chorus of boos at the bad joke.

[What is the News Van variant of the Reliant intended for?]  Don’t want to expand too much on the variants at this point.  Streamers are a big part of Star Citize and games in general and they’re trying to figure out good ways to bring them into the ‘Verse.*

– The Constellation Phoenix will likely be available again at some point but it’s not on the schedule at all currently.

– Do not send birds to CIG.  They can’t stress this enough.

– Jenny is sad about the Rockets.  Basketball?

– She’s making excuses for why her team’s going to lose.

– The Reliant’s landing mode is when it’s horizontal.

[Question] Can the Reliant take the place of the Cutlass Red as an ambulance?  Not really.  It doesn’t really have live-in modules, at least as its concepted right now.  There’s no toilet in it right now.  

[What’s the purpose of vertical orientation?] Handling.  Instead of it being more pitch/yaw, it’s yaw/roll heavy.  Going to look a lot more interesting when it’s doing its maneuvering.

[Jump drive, yes or no?] if not coming with one stock, which is still up in the air, it’ll be able to install one.

– [Why pick the Reliant over the Cutlass Black?] They’re very different ships.  Cutlass is more heavily armed.  

Reliant will be available for 10 days.

[Please tell me the Reliant is almost hangar ready] No.  It’s a concept.  

[When can we expect it?] As soon as we can get it done.  

Good news: a very cool hangar-ready ship will be coming up for a sale in the near future.  It’s very cool apparently.  But that’s all we’re being told.

– The Reliant cannot land vertically.  It wouldn’t make sense.

[What is CIG’s official definition of a starter ship?] A ship that comes with the starter packages?  a less expensive ship that has more potential for different directions.  Aurora, can run cargo, explore, dogfight, same with the mustang and the Reliant.  More jack-of-all-trades than masters of anything.  Lets players coming into the game experience different aspects of it.  More role specific than an Orion etc…

– There’s an impromptu fan visit upstairs that will apparently pass through.

[Will the swivelling cockpit chairs let you write excuses into the lore for letting people not pass out as easily?] They’re not free-range swivelling when its in flight.  When it goes vertical in flight, the pilot seats turn and lock into place.  When it rolls, the whole thing rolls.  Pilot and copilot won’t swap positions on who’s above the other one constantly.  

– CR probably had an hour off today, cause every email Ben wrote him in the past two weeks got a reply at once.

[Merchandise coming soon?] Coffee mug, track jacket / hoodie thing.

[How are the weapons set up on the Reliant?] When it’s in the hangar and flyable, it’ll have 2 s1’s mounted on the wings, one on each wing.  The turret mount on the side is the s3 hardpoint, working on having two versions (s2 with a tractor beam when it’s initially flight ready, twin-linked turret in the animation will be an optional piece of equipment)

– The US and German offices have Monday off.  They will put up 10ftProducers with Travis and Ricky Jutley though.

– Comm-link schedule probably won’t be up till Tuesday.

[Is the cargo bay connected to the cockpit?] It is, but it’s inaccessible when you’re in the vertical mode.  It’s part of the section that rotates when it goes vertical.  You can go into horizontal flight mode and go into the cargo hold though.  

– Reliant was developed by Dave Hobbins.  He was full time, then left to work on movies everyone’s excited for.  He also did the mustang, the rover for the constellation, the carrack, etc…

– He still has a full time other job, and he just does ships for SC now in his spare time.

Dave Hobbins is also designing the Reliant variants, as we speak.  

– Concept artists don’t always do the variants, so it should be good.

[How do you eject?] Same way you eject from an Aurora – you don’t.  Pretty much go to the horizontal configuration, go to the cargo bay, and dive out.  In the Aurora, you can’t eject, you get out of the seat, open the side door, and bail.  Same with the Mustang as well.  No ejection seats.

– One of the big goals for the Reliant though for the cockpit area is making sure it has the best viewing angles for both seats for any of the starters.

– Reliant is one of James’ favourite ships.

The mounts on the Reliant – the ball turret with the two size 1’s is the listed s3 hardpoints.  It’s just one of the possible configurations when it gets flyable.  It’s not the main two s1 guns for the ship.

– James started watching Hannibal this week, and apparently freaked out.

– Jenny just told everyone to watch Hannibal, cause she wants a season 4.

– Ben and James came up with the worst name ever – Super Mario Buddies.

– They wanted to start a podcast talking about stuff, and James thought the name super mario buddies was great, and everyone else thinks it’s dumb.

– Skype sound, skype sounds, gotta get those skype sounds.  *Jenny singing*

– Apparently there’s a pop-up pokemon boutique coming to LA, and they want to go.  Selling pokemon-themed things.

– James made an amazing photoshop of Ben as Mario, himself as Toad, and someone else as Luigi and Princess Peach.  And by Amazing I mean… not… amazing?

– Lisa Ohanian is here, and she’s wearing pants.

If you have someone in the second seat for the Reliant, you can take full advantage of the massive firing arc on the turret.  You will be able to look behind you… overall, it’s about at 270 degree firing arc from that mount.  Huge coverage range.

– The way the News Van variant of the Reliant will work is still being detailed out.  However, they want built-in systems in place to help community streamers and the work they do to spread the word about Star Citizen.  They want to make sure it is something everyone can get involved in and have some fun with.

– The Constellation – no major updates.  It has been put aside for the moment because they needed to work on some Squadron 42 stuff but they will be coming back to it very soon… no need for panic!

– Still have time to get your Ship Shape logo in for the contest!

– At least one more week of ‘insert logo here’ for ship shape.

– Also one more week of just Ben, then Sandi’ll be back.

– Lisa Ohanian went home.  Her mom’s not a gamer, but she will watch RtV just to talk with them.  And she reads the comments for RtV.

– Freelancer will be spotlighted in Ship Shape sometime in the next few weeks.

– McDonald’s will not be in the PU, cause they’d probably get sued.  Unless they pay CIG, in which case, sure, McDonalds in the PU.

When someone wants to advertise in the pu, they have to be IN the PU.  They can work with companies to figure out what they’re like in 2946.

– Grimace is a milkshake?  Or questionable regret.  Grimace is how you feel after you eat McDonalds.

Connie rework is being put aside for a week or two to work on SQ42, but it’s still coming along really well.

– Lots of people want more Wing Commander on the stream.  The Super Mario Buddies are going to do a more comprehensive lets play of it probably.

Freelancer rework will be on ship shape in two or three weeks.  It will not be done, but Lisa will talk about it.

– There’s one small ship they’re trying to get working before they move onto the larger ships (probably the Herald?)

Lots of people in the UK working on the Idris.

– William Shakespeare is working on the Idris right now. (they’re joking about british names)

Lisa will never try to give dates.

– Twitch just sent me its e-mail saying CIGcommunity just went live.  Only 35 minutes late.

– Now they’re talking about Benedict Cumberbatch Cumberbombing.

– CIGcommunity are now officially Tumblr.

The Variant sale for the Reliant is far off.  No estimated date for it, but it’s far.

– they have an internal date for when they’ll maybe be, but it’s internal only.

If you want an LTI variant, get a Reliant right now, the variants will not come with LTI.

But also remember, LTI doesn’t matter, don’t chase after it.

– People didn’t like being surprised about the Gemini, so CIG are trying to be more open about variants before they happen now.

– The Reliant is mostly for cargo, not so much people carrying.

– There is something coming for people carrying though (Genesis Starliner).  It’s getting towards final concept now, and it’s looking good.

– Matt Sherman is not Calix Reneau.

– Calix does weird stuff.  Lots of card tricks.  And apparently he could pull of Gambit as a costume.

– Crucible is being worked on, as is the Endeavor. 

The Endeavor is a little further along than the Crucible, it’s been sent out for concept.  It came back, they wanted to make some changes, Chris wanted to… you’ll see.  The Endeavor’s being put together by Lance and Gurmukh, taking the initial concept and refining it.  They have an initial shape, they’re working on some modules that will plug into it.  Endeavor before Crucible.

Endeavor – inspiration is the Discovery from 2001: A Space Odyssey.  

They’re thinking of another concept to give to outsourcers, and they’re thinking of giving the Dragonfly to outside contractors.  The Dragonfly is a ‘space motorcycle’, might be the next ship to get concepted.  Lisa wants it to be the next thing, but it won’t necessarily be.

2600 Reliants sold already this morning.  

– Lots of chatter here that’s not terribly interesting, sorry.

In a few of the Reliant pictures you can see some intrusive cross bars that could obscure the view from the cockpit.  They are already working to minimize this and improve the view.

No sleeping/living quarters for the Reliant.  Possible one of the variants will have a fold-out cot or something.

– Someone’ asking if ‘Xi’An Connery’ is going to be in SQ42.

– Ben is being silly.  Much laughing.

– Calix is here now.

– 9 people on RtV right now.

– Some of the Community team are joining some UK members in Vegas.

– ‘Xi’An-luc Picard’

No news on the Carrack right now.

– Ben will not be in SQ42.  Sandi is, and she’ll be back in two weeks.

No word on the Xi’An Scout.

– ‘Xi’An Claude Vanduul’ – whoever said this wins the game.

– Jenny thinks they’ve over-punned.

– CIG have been shooting footage every two weeks or so of the office they’re going to put in soon, and it’ll look cool when they put it together in a time-lapse.

– Chris has been involved in the design of the new office interior.  Several architects have killed themselves so far, but it’s going to be cool.

– They should be moving in late-July, or a bit later.

No-one working on the Redeemer right now, but it’s on the radar.  It’s not one of the next few though.

FPS – no release date, it’s still being worked on.

Company-wide FPS test with every studio participating this morning.

– They definitely want to get it out.  Next step in Star Citizen.

[How fast is the Reliant?] In between the Aurora and the Mustangs in terms of speed.

– [Flying in horizontal vs vertical?] You have the choice of which you want to fly in, it’s a choice of which axis of movement you want to work with.  

There will be walking space in the Reliant.

That’s it!



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