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Reverse the Verse: May 1st Written Friday 1st of May 2015 at 12:18pm by Nehkara

Hello Citizens!  Check here for The Relay’s coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 45.

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Full Transcript

– The waiting screen for Reverse the ‘Verse shows SOON™

– Everyone is there.  Alyssa is on, she’s new.  She’s the assistant marketing producer, she does ‘stuff’

– I see Jenny, Ben, Alyssa, James Pugh, Disco Lando, lots of other people too.

– Disco Lando created the Hitchhikers Guide intro for AtV


– Hull B – How does it compare to the Freelancer MAX?

– Freelancer is a space pickup truck.  It hauls cargo, and while it’s good at that, it’s more multi-purpose.  It can be a missile boat, an explorer, a long range whatever.  It’s self-sufficient.  Hull ships are not like that.  Plot your course, go from Planet to Planet, make money.  Hull is one function, Freelancer is multi-function.


– Now they’re talking about Beyoncé


– Ship Shape is also planned for next week, as it had resounding positive feedback,

– The segment will get a proper logo and such.  Lisa Ohanian has had lots of meetings this week.

– Alyssa is working with Lisa, streamlining stuff, can’t talk about all of it right now


– There is singing.


– More of the interview between Dan Tracey and Ben Lesnick that aired on AtV will be on Facebook later today. Will talk about Carrier Hull E

– ‘Platform exclusives’ – they will be adding more content on, for example, the Facebook platform.  (Don’t need account to view Facebook vids, don’t worry if you hate facebook)


– The Hull C Discrete is a specific variant for smuggling.  It’s still in the game universe but not in the game yet.  It will be based on customizing the Hull C.

– It will likely have sensor dampening, things to make it harder to track.

– The one you buy through MISC is the base model

– Bad bad Hull puns, Ben is sick of them but continues because they are so easy to make


– Ben has a large head, and the Star Citizen hats don’t fit him.

– Same with Disco Lando.

– They will not spoil the Avengers.  Which is good.  Because otherwise…

– ‘Avengers is like if a bunch of Jupiter Ascendings were fighting Chappies’ – Ben


– Bugsmashers will be broken into its own show on Wednesdays

– They’re planning to have content Monday thru Friday, and posts on the weekend as well.

– Todd Papy is determining what the next Deep Dive Design post will be.

– Chris is still in the UK.  He’s directing the SQ42 performance capture shoot. He’s in the directors chair.  Chris has always wanted to direct things, and it’s exciting to see him doing so with the resources he needs.

– Interview with John Schimmel (name butchering by Erris ™) coming in the next ATV.  He’ll talk about what it’s like to live with Chris Roberts. 15 Minutes


– The ship you get in SQ42 will depend on the mission.  In Wing Commander 3 you had total choice at all times, you won’t have that in SQ42 – Hornet, Gladius, Gladiator, Retaliator, some civilian ships, things we haven’t heard of, the Lightning, we’ll be able to choose all of those at times, but not have the full pick of any of them at all times.

– Also, you’re not in ships all the time.  It’s immersive and interactive between missions, on the ground, etc…


– If you have questions about ships, go and check out the Ship Shape segment in Around the ‘Verse.

– Reverse the ‘Verse was moved to Friday, so they can answer questions about Around the ‘Verse, once everyone’s had a chance to watch it.


– There will be an episode of Wonderful World of Star Citizen this month.

– Mothers day is coming up.


– Cargo-lympics is a thing, Calix is working on it, one of those things where they just let the designers play with it (like Racing)

– It’s not confirmed though.  There’s a chance of it, not confirmed.  It could end up like the buggy race track and not see the light of day.


– Not much of a CS backlog, Chelsea is not giving any numbers though

– This does not mean submit inappropriate CS tickets.  Never do that.  It’s mean and disappointing.


– Space toilet paper stays dry at all times.


– Two new guests have arrived, Calix Reneau and Matt Sherman.

– Calix is working on the Cargo stuff – getting numbers and assets made.  He’s cleaning up his pitch for Repair features.  It’ll be his next task likely.

– Calix is also working on exploration features and on Jump Points.

– You can currently jump from system to system.  There’s nothing in the systems, but you can jump between them.

– Also working with Mark getting scanning interesting – not ship to ship radar, but ‘what’s around here, what can I do’.  Locating jump-points and such, finding what’s around your ship.


– Jump points don’t work, but Calix has made a ‘version’ of them.

– SCU: 1.25 meters cubed. (1.25 meters in all directions)

– Calix does not know any magic tricks. (he’s playing with a deck of cards)


– Matt Sherman is working on more prep for Physically Based damage, which will affect almost every component in the ship. Ship health is getting changed, powerplants are getting changed, consumption is getting changed

– Not sure when it’s going to come online, but it’s going to be a huge overhaul to get AC ready.  When SQ42 hits, when AC 2.0 hits, the PBR damage system will be ready so they don’t have to frantically change numbers.


– Cargolympics – Calix is building out all of the systems that go together to become cargo management.  Looking to get Cargolympics in a functional state after FPS.

– This is because Zane is way too tied up with support for FPS, and in order to get ship 2.0 things working, Calix needs to be working with the HUD, which Zane has to do first.

– Player to object stuff works.  Ship to object stuff needs work.

– Calix and Matt Sherman will be featured next week on Around the ‘Verse, with a roundtable on Controller Balance.  Which Ben doesn’t like, but from Calix – there’s a lot of cool things we can do with controllers’.

– Mouse only in the next patch. [Super serious factoids] (THIS WAS A JOKE)

– DDR Pads and N64 controller support coming next. (THIS MIGHT ALSO BE A JOKE)


– Working on a post about FPS, Travis is wrangling assets, coming early next week

– Post will talk about all the things being done to make FPS cooler.

– Hitchhikers intro was written by Ben, voiced over by Disco, and drawn by Ryan Archer and a community member, Angry Peas (?).


– Will the community team shave beards at release?

– Golfing has been outlawed by the 27th century… thus long since extinct in Star Citizen.  It killed too many people from boredom.

– CIG started using beard oil, but they they found out it’s expensive, and they stopped.

– Now they’re talking about Sephora? (Its right down the street)

– Hats are shipping from China


– The Auroras can all carry the Big Box

– They might look at cargo hardpoint mass.  Calix can’t think of his words, but how much mass you can put on a given hardpoint.  They’ll be going back to all the Legacy ships for that hardpoint mass number, but otherwise all Auroras can carry the Big Box cargo container.


30 Minutes


– Lisa Ohanian is now on the show. 9 people now! :D

– She talked about the Merlin on AtV.  Exterior remodel was done by Elwin Bachelor.  It’s coming along.  Mark Toscano’s working on lights for it.  Doing work on the interior, which will also look fantastic.

– The Bengal Carrier is “a ways out.”

– Constellation – Lisa just reached out to Josh Coons and Chris Smith who are working on that, told them she needs some ‘nifty stuff’ from them.  She wants some of the whitebox and graybox for the interior for the episode next week.

– Reliant will be “one of the next several” ships Lisa talks about.  Elwin will be working on modeling it after the Reliant is done concept.

– Vanguard variants are coming eventually.

– The P-72 Archimedes was going to be done at the same time as the P-52 Merlin but that has changed.  It will be coming later. Need to focus on the Bengal and such.

– Lisa: “I don’t know what soon means.”

– P-52 will be one of the next ships to be hangar ready (and probably flight ready)

– The Avenger variants are “not coming along yet”.  Trying to give them to outsourcers for some work.  They know what they are (the concept of the variants) but they haven’t been assigned to anyone yet.


– The Space Toilet doesn’t have toilet paper… it’s a damp sponge dispenser.

– Starfarer – Soon, without the ™ –  Legitimately Soon

– They’re putting together something to show us, maybe next week.


– Lisa is swearing up a storm… “Ship Swearing with Lisa.”

– Alyssa will have a “metric F-Ton” to say next week.

– Alyssa wanted to come to CIG with Lisa when Lisa left Activision (they worked there together)


– Rene Vasquez – Tech Designer working on Pirate Swarm.  Also working on balance.

– Hopefully we’ll see Pirate Swarm soon.

– He’s also working on a ‘test gym’, to have various ships fight each other to see balance and such.

– According to Twitch chat Rene looks like Vin Diesel, he mentioned people called him Min Diesel in the past (because he isn’t as buff)

– Lisa Ohanian and Ben Lesnick just discovered they grew up near to each other.


– The P-52 Merlin has a really good looking cockpit according to Calix (internal view)

– TBD on whether the Merlin will be sold or rented as a stand-alone ship.

– Parasite fighters need a relay (like a parent ship) to be feeding them radar information, they don’t have a full size radar array of their own.


– Darian Vorlick working on cleaning up JIRA.

– Darian Vorlick and his dad have an extra joint in their thumbs.


– There will be smaller salvaging and mining ships but they won’t be coming soon.

– Later this year they will do a backer poll to ask people what ships they would like them to proceed with first.

– CIG are starting to prioritize some of the stretch goals, so people can see that they are being worked on.

– Gamescom trophy is in the works, and there’s an update for the 23 million Xi’an reward that was given.  Behaviour is working on making it more special, because they got a lot of feedback on it being the same as the subscriber reward.

– Imagine Trailer about to hit 1 million views.  All because of Years1Hundred (Years1Hundred created the original Imagine trailer, which CIG later updated with prettier artwork).

– If they hit 1 million views, Disco will sing a ‘thank you’ song.


– Herald – Lisa doesn’t know exactly who’s going to be working on it.  Whoever it is, they’re finishing up a few other things, but in the next week they’ll be working full-force on the Herald.

– More RTVs than ATVs because they skipped ATVs some weeks

– 2nd fleet dog tags are being packed, should be shipped in the next week or two.

– On ne sait pas si CIG vont etre au ‘Paris Games week’ – we don’t know if they’ll be at Paris Games week.

– CIG will have ‘a presence’ at Paris Games Week but it won’t be big and fancy. (This is what Ben said)


– Lisa at one point was able to write fluently in ‘Al-Bhed’ from Final Fantasy X

– Everyone in this room is a spectacularly awesome geek/nerd/cool human.

– They’re talking about speaking in Elvish and Drow and such.  Several people read the Silmarillion every year.

– Now they’re speaking Japanese.


– No paint skins actively being developed right now, but they will be in the future.



55 minutes


– Five minutes of FPS questions:

– FPS = Soon

– FPS release update will be early next week.  It’ll give an idea of when to expect it, and what to be expecting.

– Guns will be kept to a realistic size, taking into account ergonomics – talking about reducing the size of grenades.

– There is no coughing in the current animations.

– You can’t shoot yourself in FPS and claim insurance.

– Light armor and light loadout will mean you can move quieter and show up less on radar as a result.

– Bot modes will not be in V 0, but will be in V 1. CIG are working on AI right now

– Zero customization for weapons at initial launch.

– Weapons – Laser Pistol, Combustion Pistol, Laser Assault Rifle, Burst Cannon, Sniper Rifle, a quick barricade, an electric claymore, a hologram that creates a 3D version of yourself, med kits, frag grenades, EMP grenades, force propulsion grenades, Electric Shotgun.  (I might have missed one or two.)

– Customization will also come in V 1, with the attachment system.

– Have concepts for the crossbow, but it has not been modeled, one of the things the weapons pipeline will work on.  The weapons pipeline is in the UK, led by someone.

– Female character models for FPS – no.  Girls don’t exist.  Girls don’t shoot guns.

– THAT WAS A JOKE.  There will be female models as they go forward, of course.


– CIG don’t have one specific military consultant, but a lot of the mo-cap performers are military or ex-military, one is a bodyguard to the Royal Family, etc… So they do have lots of input.  One QA guy at Illfonic did 3 tours in Iraq with the Rangers(? Travis couldn’t remember who with)

– Ben has a Skype group of former military backers that they sometimes run things by

– Hull sale is on till Monday.

– Hull E post coming later today

– (They’ve really stretched the Hull jokes till they ripped a Hull in them…)



– And that’s it.

– Again, CIG ask for feedback.  There are forum threads to talk to them, and if you want to be featured on RtV after, talk to Jenny.



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