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Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 44 – Notes – Updated Apr 24 Written Thursday 23rd of April 2015 at 02:29pm by Nehkara

Greetings fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes on Episode 44 of Reverse the ‘Verse! Reverse the ‘Verse Notes – Updated Friday April 24 – Lots of people on the show today.  Jenny, James, Travis, Disco...

Greetings fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes on Episode 44 of Reverse the ‘Verse!

Reverse the ‘Verse

Notes – Updated Friday April 24

– Lots of people on the show today.  Jenny, James, Travis, Disco Lando, hopefully a Ben soon too.

– CIG will never change.  Nothing works the first time around for them.  It’s awesome.  They did something wrong, and are re-starting the Twitch stream.

– Travis working on finalizing the release time frame for the FPS as well as the feature set.  Also working on integrating all of the new animations, assets, characters, helmets, and weapon improvements.  Dates for implementation of all of these things have been locked down and approved by Chris.  Timeline is tight but Travis is confident.

– Travis: “The Hull series is pretty cool.  They won’t call it Hullapalooza, which really bummed me out.”

– Travis: “Show you not only just the ships in one state but also in another state.  And… when they’re in that other state… sometimes with things and sometimes without.  And animations between those two states… that are things that I haven’t talked about yet.  And also in another state where some, if not all, are landed… depending on what state they’re in.”

– Sneak peek on AtV was one of the Hull series.

– The smaller the Hull ship is, the more likely it will be flying sooner.  Small ones are easier to make and require less in terms of upcoming tech.

– Lisa Ohanian focusing on bringing structure and organization to the art pipelines.  Less focused on specific modules. More focused on making sure the art is done as efficiently as possible at as high a quality as possible.

– Lisa’s favourite ship she can’t talk about… they had to edit it out of her previous interview.

– Lisa really likes the Genesis Starliner and the Crucible

– Lisa’s goal is to “make stuff go faster”, looking to optimize processes.

– A lot of the current weapon issues are being cleaned up, new physically-based damage in the works.

– Lando: Stop sending candy and stuff, send new chairs.

– Hull series will first be seen tomorrow when the sale goes up tomorrow.

*Half-Hour Point*

– A lot of the minutiae of weapons being examined currently.

– Calix and Elwin are going to be going through and updating all the stats for all the ships.  They have this on their schedule within the next two weeks.  It will then probably take a few weeks to be approved at which point it will be available internally.  Then, the next time Turbulent can find the time they will go ahead and make the changes to the ship stats on the website.

– Projectiles have mass, have a base velocity, but the barrel of your gun can adjust the escape velocity.  Density of the material the projectile is made of.  All sorts of great physics-y things.

– Zane has had his artwork in Pacific Rim, the show Eureka, other places too.  Lots of TV and Movie people use his stuff.  Sometimes with credit, sometimes without.

– Aurora HUD work-in-progress.

– 2D Radar is functional, but there’s no screen space available for it yet.

– Org 2.0 is not at the top of Turbluent’s plate right now.  It’s going to take longer than you’d like, but sooner than you’d guess.

– Disco Lando met Billy D Williams.  Ben, Alexis and him went to the Star Wars celebration.

– Ship Updates:

– Starfarer in greybox including materials, lighting and the like.

– Caterpillar has not begun the modelling process.

– Merchantman will be a while.  Hasn’t started the modelling process yet.

– Freelancer, Constellation, Cutlass, Retaliator the focus currently for the multicrew release.

– Constellation is on track.  Exterior and interior greybox – materials, lighting, etc.

– Idris is a Frigate, there’s no new Corvette created yet.

– Bengal – Travis won’t say if it will appear in SQ42 episode 1.  It will be in SQ44 (joke)

*37 minutes*

– They’re arguing about Mario Kart now.

– The Xi’An Volper, probably won’t see it for sale.  It appears in other parts of the game, in the PU and such, but it’s a full XI’An AI piloted ship.

– Helmets will not have neck seals.  The suits themselves will have the Gorget.

– Ben and Sandi have arrived.

– Collaboration between studios is going really well.  As releases are getting closer, there are a lot more inter-team meetings.  Lots of syncing up on what issues need to be fixed on a daily basis.  Right now it’s biweekly, as release comes closer it’ll be triweekly, and then right before release it’ll be daily.

– There’s a big gun in FPS, a cluster bomb that gets fired from a launcher?

– HOTAS – contract has not been signed yet.  Sandi sounded sad.

– More on weapons – will ammunition constraints make projectile weapons niche things?

– No – right now energy weapons are more powerful than they should be.  How much power they take, and heat the make, isn’t in line with physical weapons yet.  That’ll be cleaned up.  People will want to use them.  If nothing else, they pierce shields, so you’re doing damage to the target, not the shields.

– The Herald is in the greybox phase – final phases of being modeled.  Will probably see it sooner than you think.

– Any base package will likely require a ship, so you can get around places.  No FPS only package planned right now.  But never say never.

– Personal weapons will work on ships, and there will be EMP type weapons.

*45 minutes*

– There are eight people on RtV now.

– Banu Merchantman bigger cargo capacity than A or B, but smaller than C, D, and E.

– Pretty close to the C.  ‘numbers haven’t been divided by four yet’  Hints on the Hull layout?

– SATABall has replaced the Team Elimination game in the Astro Arena

– It has replaced the team elimination game mode in Astro Arena

– Crossbow will not be in release.  There’s concept art for it, but that’s it.

– What prevents people from using emergency exits all the time (reference to this weeks AtV) – Generally no, it’s not just about the player, it’s also about the AI as well.  Think SQ42.

*50 minutes*

– What players can do with the emergency animations is still TBD

– How many Hulls will fit in the hangar? “Well, the Hulls have interesting states… so more than you might think.”

– Turbulent is doing most of the Web UI, not Zane.

– Localized game servers won’t be available as soon as we’d like, but with the FPS module we’ll be getting a full rewrite of the matchmaking service (and other back-end stuff).  It’ll also probably get a deeper dive.

– CIG partnered with Google on network services.  Possible CIG could get players not closely located geographically playing together with reasonable pings by using Google’s black fiber network.

– The back-end writes – something else that’ll be revealed with the FPS module, there’ll be a new version of the launcher / patcher, which should hopefully resolve lots of issues people have been having.  This is also delaying FPS a bit, but it will all be good.

– Wonderful World of Star Citizen is taking a break but will be back in May with new segments.

– Sataball will be in the first iteration of the FPS module.

– FPS game modes – Gold Horizon is 8v8, sataball is 16v16.  Still working on network issues and framerate issues, but it should be possible.

– CIG is a little over halfway through the backend rewrite.

– All of the character models for FPS dating back to PAX Australia, they’ve all been updated.  New helmets, new helmet interiors, new animations.

– Galactapedia is planned to be on the website.  In game, it’ll probably be a feature of mobiGlas.

– Active request from the mods – if anyone wants to be a bug mod, there’s an opening that.  PM Tiberius from the website.

– Hull sale tomorrow in the late evening (AKA an undisclosed time).

– No one has guessed yet the design of the Hull series.

– Hats on sale tomorrow.

– If you’re interested in streaming after RtV, contact Jenny.

– That’s it for this week.



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