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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 43 – Notes Written Thursday 16th of April 2015 at 03:59pm by Nehkara

Greetings fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes from the most recent episode of Reverse the ‘Verse! Transcript done by Legorobotdude Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 43 Notes: Running the show today: Thomas Hennessy, Jenny Varner, James...

Greetings fellow Citizens!  Check here for notes from the most recent episode of Reverse the ‘Verse!
Transcript done by Legorobotdude

Reverse the ‘Verse: Episode 43


  • Running the show today: Thomas Hennessy, Jenny Varner, James Pugh, Travis Day, Cherie Heiberg… too many to keep track of
    • Ben, Alexis, Disco Lando aren’t around; they’re at a Star Wars celebration
  • New Star Wars trailer!
  • How is REC doing for ship testing?
    • REC allows CIG to hold flash sales and steer testing in certain ways. They’re still working on balance, but the process is extremely beneficial – they use that info to test, and they can give incentives to use certain weapons find out why they’re underpowered. But the hard part is that no one using weak weapons, so those tend to get tested much less.
  • Sword and crossbow will likely be in someday, but not at launch
  • Pete Mackey’s birthday!
  • Balancing: Stay tuned – don’t wanna give everything away, balance update coming in next week’s AtV
  • People in chat are saying not to spoil AtV, and the team is confused why
  • Faces are being worked on – they don’t look great right now, and they will be key focus over the next few weeks
  • Broadcast and stream them watching AtV at the same time? Hennessy thinks it’s a good idea
    • Maybe rewatch classic episodes, while doing commentary on it
  • 1.1.2 does not have an ETA, is the next update
  • Star Wars trailer is awesome! Hennessy cried a little bit as it ended
  • Jenny’s dog is named Chewbacca
  • Will have a couple classes of characters, light medium and heavy classes, and two maps
    • One has been shown before, while the other is new and has not yet been shown
  • Networking and Problems concerns: Zero-g has a ton of new animations – and programming challenges – going into it
  • Jenny wants to make a breakfast taco restaurant
  • Team voices their opinions on Taco Bell breakfast
  • Travis Day was a facilitator in Denver, improving communication between studios
  • Xi’An bomber has been concepted
  • Mass Effect 3 games will transfer to Star Citizen, co-publishing SC with BioWare and EA *this was sarcasm*
  • Character Creation: Working on how they build the characters and tying them into FPS/Social
    • Trying to make them like ships – base characters are built, and pieces of clothing are like ship hulls and parts that snap onto body part ‘hardpoints’
    • Working on the swapping-out part first
    • Still building the tech needed for hair – it’s in the R&D phase
      • There will eventually be lots of options for hairstyles, yes – there will be beards
  • Cover system
    • You duck behind objects, and the system is dynamic – doesn’t require tagging
    • You push into cover, not snap into it
      • Similar to Battlefield Hardline’s system, in that it doesn’t involve pressing a button
        • (also Travis Day says Battlefield Hardline sucks)
  • Buildings suits for all types of environments
  • New Horizon –  shown at PAX Australia, disarming bomb, Outlaws vs Marines
  • Astro Arena – zero-g virtual battlefield, testbed for zero-g combat
  • Atmospheric flight physics – yes, they have plans for it, once space flight has been finalized
  • Before PBR, characters were based on textures – they have one with solid colors now, textures will come later
  • Each helmet defines its range of movement in its XML, head movement constraint based on how it’s attached to your suit
    • e.g. 30 degrees of rotation for the helmet, 10 degrees for your neck, and 3 degrees more because they have modeled eye movement as well
  • Constellation redesign looks sick! (They didn’t show it, just are commenting on it)
  • Movement in the cockpit will work the same way as FPS
  • Can pay for facial reconstruction to change your face
  • Still building physics grid, instancing system, is holding back larger ships such as the Caterpillar, are testing them on smaller ships first, then move it to the larger ships
  • All the ships including the new Constellation are being built in a modular fashion, being built in the same way as the levels
  • Female character model – currently in the process of doing scans, so the ball is rolling and it is in progress
  • Yes, there will be a ship larger than the Bengal (duh)
  • No, they are not ignoring the Avenger
    • It’s being redone to be modular – then they’ll do the variants
    • It’s on the backburner for now
    • Base remodel will coincide with it getting the damage system, and the concepts will be out around that time too
  • Nebula graphics are high on the list – they will be in SQ42
  • Play FPS with a mouse and keyboard, like an adult!
    • No major thought has given to joystick operation of FPS, but there will be keybindings for it because it’s easy to do
  • Empire Reports coming up soon – ~3 weeks
  • Galactopedia: Have not discussed the possibility of it being narrated like Mass Effect
  • Hull Series: Will be seeing Soon™ – sooner than the Avenger variants, but later than the new AC patch
  • Cutlass will be changed, inside and out; it’s in the same boat as the Avenger
  • S and Q of SQ42 will be released at launch
    • Serious: It will be a full-length single player campaign, with a self-contained story from start to finish
    • Similar to Mass Effect, in that the choices you make will roll over to the next games in the series
  • Someone spoiled the end of SQ42 for James, but if he played the other 41 Squadrons, he would have known!
  • Herald will be in AC pre-multicrew
  • VD – Vampire Diaries (and something else worse)
  • Someone submitted a first contact fan fic… except with vampires
  • The UEE nuked the Tevarin homeworld from orbit, then took it
  • Toast is working on trademark applications
  • Travis is gonna test drive some new cars!



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