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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 42 – Notes Written Thursday 9th of April 2015 at 02:21pm by Nehkara

Hello fellow Citizens!  Check here for our coverage of the 42nd episode of Reverse the ‘Verse. Reverse the ‘Verse   Notes – RTV is live.  James is not here, so they don’t know what they’re...

Hello fellow Citizens!  Check here for our coverage of the 42nd episode of Reverse the ‘Verse.

Reverse the ‘Verse



– RTV is live.  James is not here, so they don’t know what they’re doing.  Sound is…horrible.

– James just called Ben.  Can’t hear what he’s saying though.  James is taking a day off it seems.  Well deserved.

– Steam has stopped while they try to figure out mic issues.

– 4:06

– 4:07

– They are back.

– No-one knows why the show is named Reverse the ‘Verse.

– James is receiving a reward for podcasting today.

– Jenny is in Santa Monica full-time now.

– Disco Lando is now a member of the team.  He’s giving some backers a tour right now.

– Because Ben forgot about the caterpillar, a fan sent them a 3D printed model of the caterpillar.  So he’s going to start forgetting more ships now.

– If I bought 80 auroras using REC, do I get 80 Auroras for 7 days, or 1 aurora for 500 days?  Ben says we’ll see what happens, cause someone did that.  Best use for REC.

– What can be put in the bays behind the Hornet intakes? – Probably where things like gun cooler go, but not 100%.  No real answer from Ben.  But they do leave spaces in the current ships for things they haven’t had time to build yet.

– Idris P status – being modeled in the UK.  There are some nice shots, but they can’t be shared, cause they’re SQ 42 action scenes.

– Still deciding who is going to CitizenCon.  They hope to go, but they’re not sure.  Lots of people at Gamescom this year though, details tomorrow.

– FPS – Doing great work on it.  Will be best-looking module when it releases.

– Backend re-writes are holding up the launch of FPS. Update next week likely.

– Ben ‘forgot’ entirely about the Banu and other alien ships, and wants us to send him a 3D model of them.

– By the time bigger ships like the Merchantman and the Starfarer will be available, there won’t be any CCU’s anymore.  Because they won’t be needed.  There will be a new system to go from ship to ship.  No more CCU’s once large ships come into play.

– No release date for Org 2.0 but Turbulent are working on it again after a few other things took up their time recently.

– Now they’re back to working on things they enjoy, like the map, and org 2.0 and such.  Shout out to Turbulent, cause they’re amazing.

– Female models in various stages of completion.

– Not sure if female models will make it into FPS at launch.

– They hope that you make a job like ‘entertainer’ from SWG yourself.  It’s not something you sign up for, but if you can entertain people and make money off it, you can.

– More solid view of Squadron 42 timeline after they have some of the performance capture shoot done and they can see how much work needs to be done to it.

– Ben says he thinks the whole Episode 1 will ship at once, but he is NOT sure, and wants us not to quote him.  But he already said it.  It’s news now!

– Banu and Xi’An ships will be purchasable.  Ones that have been sold so far will be brought back at some point, and new ones are in concept, and we’ll see them eventually.

– This month’s subscriber flair model is the Xi’An Scout

– Interview with Christine and David @ Behaviour next week. Will include our first look at the Xi’An Space Plant.

– Because Behaviour are incredibly cool and awesome people and Erris loves them all.

– Don’t look for Behind Enemy Lines purchasable anytime soon, all focus is on the first episode of Squadron 42.

– If you cut an Idris in half, as per how the physics engine works, it’s hard to say if you could control it.  Now, stuff works.  For a long time, stuff didn’t work.  We’ve seen teh Constellation floating around in the PTU now (no-one knows where it came from, by the way).  None of that is finished and working in the game, but the system is there that allow things to still work in the physics system.  The same would be true if you were cutting a ship in half.  Yes, you’d be able to cut the ship in half and fire engines, maybe, and man some engineering stations…yeah.

– No news from Behaviour on the 890 Jump.  It’s not at the front of the priority list.

– Jenny is watching an Operation Pitchfork t-shirt.  Big thanks from CIG for the orgs who sent them free OPPF shirts!

– The next combat-ready ship is uncertain (maybe Herald or Merlin…)

– A lot of server-side stuff being done right now.

– CIG forgot to sell the SXSW skins.  They’ll be up soon, hopefully.

– Land based races? Sure!  Grab a couple rovers or greycats and race away.

– Ship-to-ship communication details later this year.

– Ben considering doing a Wing Commander walkthrough/Let’s Play.

– Cutlass a good platform for surgery.  Endeavour is the main platform for black market purposes and as a hospital ship.  Carrack good for research.

– Can’t talk about the Manticore.

– Some members of the community team will be at Star Wars celebration (Ben, Alexis, Lando).

– Paint system slowly being expanded to more ships but will take some time.

– A strong chance that more TNGS ships will make it into Star Citizen.

– Working on bugs with new damage system.  Constellation and Freelancer are getting the new damage system right now.

– Discussions about the Hadesian artifact.  We already have a clue!

– Auto-renew option for REC items? Unsure. Ben will check on this.

– CIG Frankfurt Inside CIG at 9 AM tomorrow.  Studio includes Todd Papy of God of War fame.

– Hull series concept sale later this month!

– Caterpillar vs Hull series roles will get cleared up somewhat with concept sale for Hull series.

– Herald *Edit – Actually the Vanguard * is slower than Gladius but Faster than Constellation

– Alpha 1.1.1 is what the next patch is called.  It won’t have a multi-seat lobby, you’ll have to land in free-flight and add the second person to the Gladiator and SH.  Just a teaser for multicrew.

– Jenny needs a new top hat.

– Ability to call for orbital support for ground operations is something they would love to do but it will be post launch if/when it happens.

– Some people just showed up then disappeared.

– Will the Herald be able to add extra fuel capacity? – yes

– Will there be an option to turn off sounds in space? – Ben – mmmaaaaybe.  Do they really want this, is it really fun?  It might be a toggle they add, but it probably won’t be fun.

– They will have a small event in Montreal eventually, for local people, and if anyone takes my spot at that, I will … hurt them.  (This is from Erris)

– Ben’s birthday next week! He’s taking the day off.

– It’s my birthday next week too! (Erris)

– More AC maps in progress but not ‘soon’ tm.

– Secret military bases? Yes.

– If they’re building something for SQ 42, it’ll be in the PU.

– SATAball likely to have another version in gravity similar to the lore.

– There will be a trainer ship – a two seat trainer you learn to play in.  That was originally the Avenger, so it’s not used for that anymore.

– FPS weapons overheating? Yes, but maybe not the first release.

– Thorshu Grey needs to earn citizenship.

– Sakura Sun weapons progress? Yes.

– Ben: Why did all the old drugs stop working? All sci-fi has fancy space drugs.

– Now they’re talking about their weekend plans.

52 minutes:

– 10 for the designers, producers, and other people will replace 10ftC while Chris is away in the UK.

– “The sun never sets on the Roberts empire.”

– ‘can i kill peoples pets during boarding actions?’  Jenny is mad now.  Why would you do that.  You really shouldn’t do that sort of thing.  That’s just evil.

– Gamescom and CitizenCon will be livestreamed by CIG!  Expect these events to be good – they saw the need for significant improvement in the presentations.

– Planning them as a team now.  There was nothing to do beforehand, so this time there’s more people, more swag, more entertainment.  More stuff to do, a much tighter event with more interaction.  Limited edition merchandise, digital stuff that comes with tickets, it’ll be cool.

– Ben will remind David Ladyman that a Caterpillar Jump Point would be cool.

– Ben thinks Ben for the Chairman should be a thing.

– CS people have the most exciting stories, but they can’t tell them, because it’s always ‘horrible backer a did this’.  If you keep writing in to CS asking to buy ladies shoes…don’t do that.  And don’t ask if anyone’s single.  Your secret is safe with them, but don’t.

– New subscriber flair is the Xi’An scout model.

– Espera Prowler info? No. Has not gone out for concept.

– Melting weapons for metal? Yes.

– Sandi is at a Retaliator commercial script meeting.

– Ben will be missing from RtV next week.



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