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Reverse the Verse: March 26th Written Thursday 26th of March 2015 at 11:07am by Nehkara

Citizens!  Check here for notes from episode 40 of Reverse the ‘Verse!

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– Server issues

– It’s great news all around, even though it’s slowing some people down.  Working on 1.1a that should fix some issues.  It’s a good problem that too many people want to play though.

– Vanguard release tomorrow, waiting for release renders.

– Entire community team is now addicted to ‘Star Wars Card Trader’.  It destroys lives.

– Soon we’ll see things from the German office.  They’re putting together a video walkthrough.  An intro will be shot with CR later today.  The guy editing the piece is the same guy who did the Hornet commercial and all the early commercials.  Should be a good walkthrough.

– Subscriber perks are coming along nicely, should be revealed next week or so.  Before they switch to a third year of subscription, they want to reward folks for now.  Awarding REC so that subscribers can fly any ship for 7 days, instead of one.

– REC balance – Right now, REC is simply based on the current price on the website.  10% of the UEC, and UEC is 1000x a dollar or something.

– Ship Prices in REC are not based on what the ships will cost in the PU, just based on what they’re costing on the site right now.  The prices will change significantly when the economy is implemented.

– They’re talking about Doctor Who now.

– You cannot buy game-character slots with in-game credits.  That’s something you’ll have to buy with money outside of the game.

– RIP Top Gear.

– Yes, the completionist package includes the Vanguard.

– Limited ships will be “in and out” for rent with REC just like they are “in and out” in terms of being for sale.

– These will be available more often through REC than they are for sale on the Site though.  More chances to rent with REC than buy with Cash.

– New Starfarer art came in last night.  They will “find a way to share this”.

– Ship Design is a LONG process to make changes.  They capture feedback, send it to the artists, and then see back.  They make multiple passes at things.

– CIG look at all feedback.  Just because they haven’t addressed something you’re concerned about, doesn’t mean they aren’t looking at it.

– Won’t make every change fans want.

– Making a pass at the Freelancer and Constellation right now, because they need changes.  The Retaliator will get changes as well, but it takes time.  It won’t come tomorrow.

– Probably worse to react immediately to feedback.  Need to relax and gather information and feedback over a longer period.

– It sounds annoying, but they have to be measured with it.  Things have to be fixed in the best way for the most people, but also they have to stay true to the vision for the game.  They’re not ignoring any feedback.  If we know about it, Devs know about it.

– Eddie Del Rio is working on the concept for the Endeavour.  He did the Xi’An Scout.

– REC is a bit too easy to earn currently.  Will be adjusted.

– For all the arguing that came with REC, it’s pretty cool that CIG take part of the team, changed their schedule, and now they’re figuring out how it works with us.  REC was not part of the plan, but Feedback from the Fans said it was needed.

– Ben forgot the Vault Update yesterday, he will put it up today.

– Narrowing down on a release date for FPS launch.  Will do an AtV/RtV from Denver.

– Travis says the FPS is looking very good, much more polished.  Lots more work on animations, characters will be very smooth once it gets out.

– Largest ever dev playtest with the FPS yesterday.  (for CIG).  Very smooth sailing with FPS so far.

– James needs pokemon gloves.

– A reminder of the rule.  If it’s a concept sale, the ship has LTI.  Makes up for the fact that there might be 8 months before you see the ship again.  It’ll be cheapest in the concept sale as well.  It goes up a bit in price for the Hangar sale.  The earlier you pledge, the more they can put the money pledged into the game.

– Vanguard is 250$.

– Hull E confirmed. (A = station wagon, B = box truck/RV, C = tractor trailer, D = between C and E, E = Supertanker)

– They’re working on having ‘shoulder patches’ things for FPS.  Part of the character customization stuff.

– SXSW skin will be added to the store.

– Balancing input control methods will be ongoing till, and probably after, launch.  There are plans to balance mouse / keyboards.

– Changes to Mounts / Gimbals falls under that.

– They’re in Alpha right now.  They’re looking at ways to make things as nuanced as possible in the final game.

– There was no SXSW presentation, just the trailer, so that’s all that’s going up on the RSI site.

– Avenger variants will be a little longer… Squadron 42 is the focus right now.

– Ben will try to get some new images of the Idris, being polished up in Foundry 42.

– James has passed his 1 year anniversary with CIG.

– Crucible and other ships are being doled out to concept artists.

– The Cutlass can land in an Idris.  As can a Hornet.  The Orion can’t.

– We’ll see the Herald again soon.  It’s being put into the game as we speak.  It’s in SQ42 chapter 1.

– Chris is headed to the UK this weekend.  He will be there for THREE MONTHS as he will be directing the big performance capture shoot for Squadron 42.

– CIG have dealt with the issue of the Reddit leak.  It’s off site, they’re not going to censor it.  Even if CIG hate it, Reddit can do its own thing.  Reddit’s organic.

– It’s in the hands of legal now.

– Starfarer mid-space refueling will probably be similar to mid-air refueling as it is in real life now, but it’ll probably be pretty automatic.  It’s not another skill that needs to be learned.

– There are always three types of sales.  Concept, with LTI.  Hangar-ready, with 6 months, flight-ready, with 6 months.

– Reliant will be different.  It will be added permanently to the store as soon as it is flight-ready.  Will appear in the Fly Now screen with the other starters. Will be made quickly and likely go from Hangar to Flight fairly quickly.

– The Idris Landing ability is an ongoing term of debate.  It will still have protection – same protection as being in a Hangar – but they don’t have a definite option.  Still plenty of time before that’s needed.

– There may be the option between manual and automatic for mid-space fueling.  There’s no downside to doing automatic, though it might be needed sometimes because something’s damaged or something.

– The MISC Reliant will have an LTI concept sale.

– UEE Environment Coat, like all clothing customization options, will have an impact on your character.  In this case… protecting from environmental hazards somewhat.

– Twitch stream went down at this point for a few minutes and then came back.

– Alexis shoots every enemy in FPS games in the crotch. Alexis: “It got the job done.”

– There’s some live IT shaming going on right now.

– Turducken SC style – P52 in a Connie in a Reclaimer in an Idris.

– ‘We cannot comment on our horse related interests in Star Citizen, but we thank you for all your horse-related inquiries’

– Horse armour will be $99.

– If you want to know what the Vanguard is, check out today’s AtV.

– GURMUKH EVENT TONIGHT.  He will be talking at the Gnoman School of Visual Effects – Gurmukh, Omar, Elwin, Forrest.  In LA area @ 7:30 local.

– Merchantman – it’s coming.

– Working on creating “better” events with a lot more stuff to do, more information on what you will get and what you will see.  Make them more comprehensive.  Not particularly happy with how PAX East and SXSW went.

– Ben plans to take Kingdom Come Deliverance horse tech and slap it into SC. (not serious)

– May 9th – 24 hour livestream with James

– They’ll play FPS and Smash Bros.

– Discussing Oreo burrito.

– They’d like to do Star Citizen trading cards someday.  Can’t tell if serious. (Nehkara thinks serious) (So does Aieris_)

– No plans to do refunds for REC items bought during 1.1 server issues.  We’re earning more REC than planned, that makes up for it.

– CRAB PLUSHY required.

– Both velcro and snap-back Star Citizen hats coming SoonTM!

– Vanguard sale tomorrow, fry-free week for Gladius tomorrow, Vault Update will go up, 1.1a will be today or next week.

– They’re aware of 1.1 naming concerns.  It’s an internal debate right now.  Some people want it alpha 1.1, some people want it 0.1.1.  In the past, they worried about it in the past.  Internally they just called it 1.1.  But fans consider it to be a marketing designation, when it’s not, it’s just what they call it.  Ongoing debate, probably more information next week.

– And that’s it.  



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