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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 39 – Notes Written Thursday 19th of March 2015 at 11:17am by Nehkara

Greetings fellow Citizens, and welcome to The Relay’s coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse, including notes! Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 39 NOTES By: Myself and Erris – This is Ben Lesnick, director of stuff. –...

Greetings fellow Citizens, and welcome to The Relay’s coverage of Reverse the ‘Verse, including notes!

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 39


By: Myself and Erris

– This is Ben Lesnick, director of stuff.

– James manages community and stuff.

– They’re all introducing themselves.

– Vanguard: Nothing to announce about it yet, but soon.

– The thread asking for Vanguard questions is for next week.

– They’ll know more about 1.1 more today, new build last night that they’re testing today, hoping they have no more blockers.  If not today, they’ll do the same process tomorrow.  It’s very close.

– The ending credits on AtV were a parody of something James has in his head.

– Bug Moderator – Tiberius – is looking for additional bug mods.  Send him a message if you want to be one.

– Updates on FPS release: Nothing yet.  Going to give it a couple of weeks to polish, character animations are a big thing right now.

– Constellation updates: Not quite finished, they were still working on them Friday.  Doens’t mean it’s massively changing, it’s making things modular, it’s making characters can sit down, stuff like that.  It’s not a total redesign

– Herald update pics: the second version we were shown, the more symmetrical one, is the one they’re working with.  They’re porting it into CryEngine now.

– AC Ship Huds: Zane works about 26 hours a day, and we’ll get unique ship huds for all AC ships…eventually.

– There’s a meet-up in LA, Will might be attending.

– Updates on 64big: 1.1 contains a lot of 64 bit stuff, mostly under the hood.  Won’t have an impact on gameplay yet, but it’s mostly there.  There’s still some work to be done, but it’s going very well.

– Zane can’t get help because there’s no-one as good as him.

– Star Map updates: Not a technical blocker, it’s a Lore one.  The tools to show it exist, but the Universe is still being designed, and they want to put something out that’s pretty reasonably complete.  It’s both in-engine and in-website.

– Carrack interior: That’ll be with 2.0 ships.  Multicrew.

– Sensitivity for 360 controller: Balancing controllers is a constant process.  You’ll see improvements upon improvements over the next year.

– Weapon mounts: long been a claim that Freelancer (the game) style guns are OP, so the new system is reacting to things like that, hopefully in a way that makes sense.

– Mustang mousepads are shipping now.

– CitizenCon Tickets: sitting down to figure out some details about CitizenCon.  Last couple events haven’t been as fancy as they should be, so they want to give more details about the event before tickets will be available.  ‘A whole new style of SC event’

– Community Team refused to read the Spoiler interview Chris gave.

– It’s not as big a spoiler as people think.  We don’t know as much about the game as we think we do.

– Happy Birthday Wulf Knight!

– If you have Alpha, you get the FPS pass.  If you don’t have Alpha, you’ll need an FPS pass.

– Tried FPS play test yesterday, but didn’t work.  Trying again today.

– Gladius free flight starting in about a week or so.

– Hull series coming along well – Jim Martin working on it. (Designed Freelancer and Defiant from DS9.)

– Ben bought a CD player shaped like the USS Defiant.

– The ability to mess with XML files won’t be a thing in the finished game.

– MISC Reliant (3rd starter ship) is in concept – artist they’ve used before but they’re not saying who.

– If you had to buy an AC pass to play Arena Commander, you’ll have to buy a Star Marine pass for Star Marine.

– They are considering having game packages with just FPS (no Arena Commander) for people who want such a thing.

– Two Xi’An ships in development (Bomber and Transport are in concept for Squadron)

– Don’t want to stagger launch of FPS, like Arena Commander was staggered. Will do so if necessary though.

– No info yet on Audio Chat in game – they’re talking to tech partners about it though, they’ll make an announcement when ready.  So many people have expertise with it that aren’t’ CIG, it’s easiest to work with someone who’s already done it.

– SQ42 will be launched fully formed, so you will need SQ42 in your package (but almost every single game package has it.)

– Everyone ever has Beta access (except for the most basic game package).  If you want access to alpha modules and don’t have Alpha Access in your package, you need passes for those modules (Arena Commander, Star Marine, etc).

– No updates on Cutlass (still at Foundry 42).

– Player and NPC law enforcement is in.

– No pre-orders for FPS module pass.

– No price for Vanguard yet.

– Yes to melee combat and it will work in EVA.

– 1.1 is a hard maybe for today.

– Extremely sexy F8 Lightning is ready but it’s a special ship (“reward fighter”) for Squadron 42 and there’s no reason the UEE Military would sell them to civilians… so they won’t be selling it.

– You’ll be able to find them in the PU, and they’ll be out there, but they’re not being sold in advance. (might have to steal them from the UEE Navy)

– Do not go steal an F22.

– July – August for the new Santa Monica office.  Plenty of new room and stuff.

– Jenny moving in April to Santa Monica.

– As with any ship in Star Citizen, the Retaliator will undergo changes.  The interior is NOT FINAL.

– Every ship will be different when the game launches from what they are now.

– Hull series will likely be launched at the same time.

– For the Hull series, it’s not really variants, they’re different ships.

– Idris is not actually bigger… but when they could actually get in it and move around with all of the NPCs it seemed huge.  72 NPCs and it still felt kind of empty.

– Turbulent has finished REC system. Will launch with 1.1.

– Turbulent have been working on REC rather than Org 2.0

– Ben confirms that new modes are being worked on for Arena Commander.

– New modes, new maps, lots of new stuff coming to AC.

– Foundry 42 employee asked if he could work on an idea he has for a new Arena Commander mode that he had an idea for, in his spare time.  Shows their passion for the project.

– Possible Linux support: Linux support has been announced.  CryEngine supports it, and so can SC.  If CryEngine ever supports Mac, then so would Star Citizen.  Those things are beyond CIG, they rely on CryEngine support

– They won’t be at E3 officially, but some of them will hang out on the floor.

– Not sure what kind of matchmaking vs server browsers there will be in Star Marine.

– Should work similar to Arena Commander but with the proviso that Arena Commander is constantly changing.

– Working on DK2 support.  Engine work is being done in Germany.

– Update on Banu ships: There will be some in the finished game, but we can’t see them yet.

– Can’t see REC-rented ships in hangar.

– The Prowler is Tevarin, not Banu.

– CIG Santa Monica is in an outdoor shopping mall.  People walk by their door from the parking area to the stores.

– Snub fighters will not be able to jump independently from their mothership.

– Herald took priority over the Xi’An Scout.  Foundry 42 needed the Herald, so it moved ahead.

– Once the Herald is done, the Xi’An will take priority again.

– 3rd Street Promenade (name of mall where CIG Santa Monica lives). It’s in Grand Theft Auto.

– Still no HOTAS update.

– Vanguard is the next concept sale.  Not entirely sure when.  Soon hopefully.

– The Retaliator will be available for sale once 1.1 drops.  It’ll come with a brochure.

– Mark Abent joins the crew.  He is working on fixing something on the Retaliator that got broke… and multiplayer issues.

– mobiGlas progress: Just basic design.  It will come after there’s a better game for it to work off of.

– Endeavour has a concept artist.

– Snub fighters DO have a quantum drive, so can travel in-system.

– Two mount adapters in store when 1.1 launches. Can be rented with REC.

– Get REC’d with EA.

– No more stretch goals with each million, but if they think of something they want to do they will make it a stretch goal.

– Manned Turrets: Manned turrets can maybe be replaced with unmanned turrets?  It would require a piece of kit that has not been built yet.  But maybe not, since it might give a big advantage.  So unclear.

– The Merchantman has a bridge, not a cockpit.  An aaaalien bridge.

– Starfarer news: no

– Gladiator hopefully be in before 2.0, with the second crewman locked to the second seat.

– SXSW – might not be an additional video.  There was an in person Q&A rather than a full presentation, so no additional video from the event.

– Jump Point for tomorrow.

– Watch the Forums and Reddit for when 1.1 might launch.

– And done.



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