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PU Townhall Keynote – Transcript Written Saturday 31st of January 2015 at 02:04pm by Nehkara

Hello fellow Citizens!  These are my notes on the “Keynote” PU Townhall Presentation.  I hope you enjoy! – Terra tower is 3 km tall. – Glass elevator goes up tower. – Deep dive design posts...

Hello fellow Citizens!  These are my notes on the “Keynote” PU Townhall Presentation.  I hope you enjoy!

– Terra tower is 3 km tall.

– Glass elevator goes up tower.

– Deep dive design posts upcoming on mining and piracy.

– Terra will be a big landing zone compared to others.

– Planetside demo at SXSW.

–  Can’t buy things in the initial Planetside, but will likely change with the first major update to Planetside.

– mobiGlas will be in Planetside. (This will be a simplified version at first)

– Basic NPC AI in initial Planetside drop.

– Working on skins.  Need to build a tool over the long term to allow people to create their own.

– SimPod will be used to launch Arena Commander and FPS.  SimPod will be added soon.

– Contact list in mobiGlas for social module.  Full “friends” system out in the version after the first release of the social module.  Making contacts allows you to visit that person’s hangar.

– Elevator system will take you to Planetside and your friends hangars.

– Initial Planetside will allow you to window shop… you can look but not buy.

– You will the store’s stock on the shelves… if the shop fails to receive their delivery because the cargo ship carrying it was destroyed (or something of that nature), then you will items missing from the shelves.

– You can see other people’s mobiGlas, and you can see your own in 3rd person view.

– Early mockup of home screen, catalog shopping, and AR mode shown.

– Customs area on Arc Corp has been improved.

– Have to go through customs.  If you had a weapon on you and your reputation is poor, they will refuse you admittance.  You’ll have to go stow your weapon before being allowed in to the main area.

– Arc Corp medical unit is where you would “respawn” after dying nearby.

– NPC AI will be active in the Planetside module.

– You can dance in the bar.

– Parts of the Arc Corp bar can be reused… you will find a wide variety of bars in the ‘Verse from high class to dives.

– Astro Armada is a high end ship dealer.  They sell a variety of ships.

– Trade and Development Division – You go here to get many missions, economic information.

– Getting close to being able to allow you to do missions and obtain loot.

– Stasis field projector within cargo container keeps things inside in place.

– Cargo containers come with their own movement system.

– In-cockpit system map is in progress.

– Jump point pre-viz video shows how jump point navigation will look.

– Nyx is a lightly regulated planet.  You could probably move stolen goods here.

– Nyx establishment is along the edges of a huge excavated crater on an asteroid.  It was a mining colony originally.

– After being abandoned, political activists, pirates, and squatters took over.

– Very industrial, very run down (grime and graffiti).  Back alleys are likely to have flickering/malfunctioning lighting.

– In the Helios system is a water planet.

– The landing zone is a large walled city.  It’s a old city a lot of history.

– Visually interesting… you will be inside the walled city and see huge waves crashing against the walls.

– You will massive waves across the surface and volcanic activity.

– There will be some planetside locations where human colonies will adopt some alien technology.

– Pirates are going to wind up being one of the more interesting careers.  Pirates are constantly engaged in theft and smuggling.  Gameplay mechanics for sneaking cargo past authorities, jam distress beacons.

– Inside of a UEE safe zone, pirates will have to jam communications to prevent distress call from going out or the authorities will jump in.

– Inside a UEE safe zone, another tactic for pirates could be stealth… boarding a ship as surreptitiously as possible and either taking it over… or alternatively just opening the hatch on the cargo bay and relieving the unsuspecting captain of his haul.

– You will have to be careful as a pirate… if a distress call does get out you just have a couple of minutes to get what you came for and get out.

– Players will have to be aware of ways to dissuade pirates from attacking.  If you are carrying something small, best to use a very fast ship to outrun pirates.  If you are carrying a large load of valuable cargo, best to get mercenaries to protect you and outfit your ship with the best armor, shields, and weapons you can.

– Even if you get a distress call 0ut, it will be a few minutes before they arrive in which time you will need to fend off your attackers.

– You will have to regularly pay NPCs.

– One of the Avenger variants is the Warlock which is an electronic warfare variant.

– Jamming/Ewar, fake ship ID codes, fences will all be tools for pirates.

– For cargo haulers, special cargo holds, signature masking will be your tools.

– Stealing things for a pirate (ships, cargo) is only half the battle.  You then have to find somewhere to sell it, and get it there.

– Nyx is one of those places.

– Terra Prime you won’t be able to go anywhere near with stolen goods.

– You will also get a reduced price for stolen goods.

– NPCs cannot mutiny anytime soon.

– After SC releases, CIG would consider creating some “in-fiction linear stories” using the game assets.  Unsure if this would be TV-style or a feature film.

– Extremely long range combat is not planned, simply because it’s not personal or visceral or fun.

– Larger command and control ships in the works.

– Most things will be available if you have enough UEC, so you don’t necessarily have to engage in combat to acquire good equipment.

– Fast travel disguises the process of dumping out old data and streaming in new data, so it will never be faster than that.

– About 10 minutes at 0.2c to traverse a system.

– There will be a lot of variations of Arena Commander.  A lot of mission types will be added, making it a different game.  It will be the prototype for a lot of the PU careers/missions in space.

– FPS will prototype interactions on foot.

– FPS and AC will increase in complexity as they use them to prototype more and more involved missions.



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