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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 33 Written Friday 6th of February 2015 at 11:01am by Erris

Hello all! Reverse the ‘Verse 33 is done! Here are my notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 33, for February 6, 2015! All done!  Hope you all enjoy! – James Pugh could use a new...

Hello all!

Reverse the ‘Verse 33 is done!

Here are my notes for Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 33, for February 6, 2015!

All done!  Hope you all enjoy!

– James Pugh could use a new shirt, apparently.  He spent 100$ on a shirt, by accident.

– Yesterday their Internet wouldn’t work for more than 10 minutes at a time.

– Ship Schedule – Where is it?

– There is one, but it’s internal.  They won’t be releasing it anytime soon.

– but they’ll be able to tell us that the Orion will be the next concept sale (still need a concept that Chris is happy with)

– Why are weapons being released before other weapons are ready?

– they’re stocking the VD store for the AC credits system.  They’re putting guns online as they’re completed.  The newest gun is the gun they built to show to outsourcing studios as an example.

– wasn’t supposed to be released yesterday, they’re sorry for that.

– They’ll be back up later today, the weapons and the shields, when they post the Shields dev post.

– Bugsmashers is not gone, they just need to take a week off, as Mark Abent broke his leg, and there’s a flu going on.

– Two types of shields – each type is better against a different kind of weapon.  Probably.  More will be explained in the Dev post.

– If you bought something yesterday that doesn’t fit on your ship, contact CS and they’ll help, but be patient, cause they’re still backed up.

– Ship stuff

– No update on the Avenger variants

– Warlock is one, the others are still in the works.

– Merchantman is still waiting on a Tech designer.  It’s later in the pipeline.  Probably going to get the same answer till the middle of the year.

– They know fans really want the Merchantman, but SQ42 ships come first.

– The Xi-An Scout is on the schedule for the more immediate future.

– Starfarer – new shots in Sneak Peek next week on AtV.

– The Manticore is still a secret, but it’s ‘not exciting at all’ according to Ben.

– Herald is at the same point as the Xi’An Scout.

Rob shows up

– Fueling mechanic – they’re working on making hydrogen scoops work.

– No immediate plans for TNGS 2

– When the Constellations were released, there was an amazing vehicle artist who made cool stuff.  Unfortunately he’s making Star Wars now, so not much work is being done on the Rovers anymore.

– Don’t know if they’ll be selling an FPS package or not yet.

– different sized jump points – make for really interesting and dangerous for smaller ships, but gives them advantages cause they’re are places they can get faster than the larger ships

– Still unknown how much of the ‘jump point’ stuff you’ll have to do if it’s a known jump point

– There are lots of neat things about the PU that they aren’t going to talk about yet.

– Retaliator is looking good, they’re working on hangerifying it.

– Permadeath solution hasn’t changed yet.  There’s a life counter, then you pass stuff over to your next of kin, after they take a chunk.

– They want to finish current alien races before they start new ones.

– The Hadesians are dead.  They look like small, radioactive piles of dust.

– Might be able to test weapons in the hangar again soon.

– Vanduul capital ships are being built, no word on if we’ll see them soon.

– There are about 400 people on the screen now.

– Gladius will be flyable soon TM

– Freelancer flyable is 2.0 or after.

– at launch, probably not a ton of interaction with alien races to begin.  Going to focus more on human worlds initially.

– Cutlass black is flyable, they’re revamping the whole lineup in the UK, but it’s all TBD.

– Probably won’t have to remove fuel and weapons before crushing them in the Reclaimer, but that’s also TBD.

– CS is not caught up on tickets.  They’re catching up, but they’re still behind.

– Tigerstriek on the Avenger’s a question for the LA guys.  They just upped the ammo on it.  It’s the only mountable gun right now because the Avenger’s going to be updated totally with the new model.  They’ll update on this eventually.

– At least one waterworld

– Boarding mechanics is split between Austin, UK (using them for SQ42), and Illfonic.  They’re a combined effort.

– They’re partnering with Logitech for a booth at the event, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be partnering with Logitech for the HOTAS.  Logitech will NOT be doing the HOTAS.  They have stuff they want to do with them, but not the HOTAS.

– ‘how many systems will be in the game at launch?’ answer – however many we have done!

– no date on the weapon class changes.  They’re trying to figure out what the best thing is.

– The PU won’t have quite as deep a story as SQ42, but it won’t have the same scale.  There will be lots of larger missions and such, but nothing quite as detailed as SQ42.  We’ll be making our own stories.

– The Aurora LN is supposed to be a tough little ship, and it is.

– There are a bunch of ‘world changing’ events that they have planned for the PU, but they’re not going to take any officially yet.  It’s too early yet.

– The UEE has captured Vanduul ships besides the Scythe, but they will not be selling them.

– Cannot shoot missiles through a jump point.

– Still TBD on how long it takes to navigate a jump point.  But it will be significant and nerve-wracking.

– There’s a closing party and a panel at SXSW.  Chris has a Q&A one day, then there’s the closing party for SXSW interactive (20 minute SC presentation, then part).

– Rob’s favourite things about SC so far are things that we’re not allowed to see yet.

– There will be a game-launch livestream.

– SXSW will not be streamed.  It will be recorded and put online, same with PAX east.  Neither will be streamed, just recorded.

– Citizen Con and GamesCom will both be streamed.

– No price assessment of the Hull C yet.

– Different hulls will be different prices.

– Org hangars by launch.

– We’ll hear more about Orgs some point later this year.

– Turbulent will be hiring more people, so we’ll have more from the web team soon.

– We should know in about a week how the AC Credits will work.  There will be a post telling us how they’ll work, and asking us for comments, in the next week.

– weapon sizes and calibers don’t match right now because newer weapons are still being balanced, and they will be in the balancing process for a long while.

– Items bought on Voyager Direct do not have LTI.

– There’s a system for the insurance that they’ll explain eventually, but they’ll never have you pay for something and then take it away from you.

– CIG loves their backers, but the game isn’t special to us.  Everything will be available to everyone.  There might be a forum title or something saying you were a backer, but there won’t be any special advantage in the game for backers.

– Medical profession, like all professions, is something that you can be skilled at and get better at.  it will require skill.  not just push a button and done.

– no plans to add javelins to pledge packages.

– They may do weapon skins, as long as they’re not stupid.

– There’s been some work put into looting people you kill in FPS

– If you watched AtV, there’ll be a Sandi learning to fly segment every other week or so, as she learns different systems.

– Still not sure what the ‘million mile high’ club will be exactly, but Tony’s got it in his hands.

– Weapon modding – overclocking – is definitely in the plans.

And that’s it!  Normal schedule next week, depending on the Internet.



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