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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 32 Written Thursday 29th of January 2015 at 06:43pm by Nehkara

Hey Citizens, here are my notes for Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 32. Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 32 Link – Mark Bugsmasher Abent has a broken leg. – 2200 support tickets at the moment. –...

Hey Citizens, here are my notes for Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 32.

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 32 Link

– Mark Bugsmasher Abent has a broken leg.

– 2200 support tickets at the moment.

– The issue with the PU Townhall Panel 1 video was that somehow 67 seconds of the song Jump Around by House of Pain got into the edit at the beginning.  This is a complete mystery and made James extremely confused and upset in between fits of laughter.  The video had to be cut again and re-processed.

– The RSI Orion will be the next concept sale.  Initial set of sketches are back from George Hull.  CR had a lot of commentary on them and sent those comments to George Hull.  Sounds like it will be soonish.

– Ben: “I will also tell you that the Hull series, the Vanguard, the Starliner… we just kicked off concepts for a whole mess of ships.  So, you’re not going to see a whole lot of stuff this week/next week, but there will be a steady pace going into the year.”

– New German office is in Frankfurt, Germany.

– New location for the CIG Santa Monica office will remain in Santa Monica.

– The Avenger changes (mostly about modularity) will also include the new damage system that was demoed on the Gladius.

– Still being decided if Arena Commander Credits will be used to purchase or to rent AC ships/guns.

– Gamescom trophy is still a WIP.

– [How many bugs do you smash in a daily basis Mark?] If they’re easy bugs, about 10.  If it’s a hard bug… about 1 a week.

– The 350R bug where if you die you can’t move is a tough one.  They’re still tracking it down and it has been 2-3 weeks.  They can see it sometimes but don’t know why it’s happening.

– At this point we have Jen, Alexis, Chelsea, Ben, Will, James, Bugsmasher, Ryan, and Sandi on RtV.

– Goal is to get Carrack in hangar by the end of the year.

– Explanation on jump drives upcoming.

– CCU will exist from Carrack to 890 Jump if/when they are both purchasable and flyable.

– Missile incoming message not working is a known bug but hasn’t been fixed quite yet.

– CitizenCon is in Manchester, UK this year.

– AMA was cancelled.

– On SC HOTAS, Sandi: “Working on it.  We’re almost closed.  As soon as it’s closed, we can make an announcement.

– Star Citizen travel mug, baseball cap, temporary tattoos, and challenge coin (thanks to /u/Autoxidation for clarification) are in the works.

– James is very sad that the Bulldog’s name was changed. (I agree with him and I blame YOU)  ;)

– Plans are in place to complete the Xi’An Scout.

– Next concept sale is Orion.  After that is the Hull or Vanguard.

– The new Corvette is not in progress currently.

– CIG will be at PAX East, more information soon.

– New news on the Hull series:  They will be doing the entire Hull series at once.

– No CIG event at PAX Prime.

– The ship modularity system will enable them to really be flexible in the far future of the game, and allow them to create a ton of different things.

– Aurora’s bed could potentially be replaced by more cargo or a science station…

– Bengal Carrier is back in development in the UK.

– [Is the game ever coming out?] (Sarcasm:) No!
(Not sarcasm:) The game is coming out.  The game IS out… you can play it.

– Great quote from Ben: “The hope is that we will continue to refine and expand it forever.  The game is LAUNCHING at some point.  There will be a point where the universe is live… but I hope it’s never done.”

– Once everything is up and running well, they are hoping to add 20 items a month to Voyager Direct.  Ben mentioned Q2 is a possibility when you might start to see this.

– Chelsea was a Scottish dancer for years.

– A replacement for the holotable is being discussed.  CIG even gets frustrated using it.  Mark: “It’s very temporary.”  They want to replace it but they aren’t entirely sure yet what they will be replacing it with.

– James was called out on an emergency… possibly related to Jump Around by House of Pain.

– All of the assets related to the Retaliator were handed over from Foundry 42 to CIG Santa Monica 2 days ago.  CIG Santa Monica has to now add animations.

– January Monthly Report will be out February 6th.

– Tomorrow there will be a design deep dive into mobiGlas!

– February 6th they are hoping to put out a design deep dive on shield management.

– No commercials being worked on currently.  Squadron 42 cinematics need the attention of that department.

– There was a meeting recently to plan out the Kruger Intergalactic P-72 Archimedes.  There is a plan in place to get the Archimedes and the Merlin flyable sooner rather than later.

– The 64-bit floating point conversion is not yet complete.

– David Ladyman is working on the manual for V1.1, Jump Points, and languages for Xi’An, Banu, and Vanduul.

– Jump Point Volume 2 may or may not happen because demand might be too low for it to be affordable to print.

– Star Map has been rearranged.  It’s up to Chris to approve it now.

– Drake Herald is on the schedule but not in process right now.

– Reclaimer is concept complete.  Will probably be a ways away since it is not really a ship needed for AC 2.0.

– Starfarer is coming along.

– Letters from the Chairman will be done differently.  There will be a monthly letter from Chris around the middle of the month to update us on his thoughts on how things are progressing.

– Stretch goals will continue to be deep dive design posts.  The only issue with this is that it takes about 2 weeks to do one.  They have decided that rather than stockpile them, they will write them as needed… so they will be delayed from the stretch goal in question.

– There should be deep dive design posts this week, next week, and the week after.  Hopefully that will continue.

– Starfarer is coming along.

– No update on the Merchantman.

– You will be able to start using custom skins on ships very very very very very very soon.  First ones will be a few Aurora skins.



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