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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 31 Written Thursday 22nd of January 2015 at 02:04pm by Nehkara

Hello Citizens!  Here are my notes from Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 31. Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 31 link – New community team member is Jenny. She is the Community Content Manager. – Space globes...

Hello Citizens!  Here are my notes from Reverse the ‘Verse Episode 31.

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 31 link

– New community team member is Jenny. She is the Community Content Manager.

– Space globes will be purchasable and tradable.

– The ship sale starting January 26th will be available for everyone.

– FPS Module will be linked to the Hangar Module.

– All of the video from the PU Townhall will be up by the middle of next week.

– Community team got to meet and talk to a robot.

– RSI Museum is returning soon. Interview with Richard Garriott!

– Final design for the Herald is still up in the air (whether or not it will be asymmetrical) and it will be up to CR.

– None of the ships in AC V1.0.1 are “finished” but in particular the Cutlass is not done.

– CIG isn’t specifically looking for former CryTek employees but they have hired quite a few. Their experience with CryEngine gives them an advantage in the hiring process.

– James wishes CIG made Batman.

– Reclaimer and Carrack will not be a part of the sale starting January 26th.

– Current model for selling ships has three windows: Concept Sale, Hangar Ready Sale, Flyable Sale.

– Because the concept is done, there won’t be any more shots of the Banu Merchantman until it is modeled in the game.

– CIG Germany is “coming together”.

– The way of accessing Arena Commander will be changing.

– “Q: Will FPS have any interaction or tie-in with Arena Commander?” Yes it will.

– James has confirmed a giant space crab. (AND I’M HOLDING HIM TO IT.)


– Jim Martin is the concept artist on the MISC Hull C, but Dan Tracy really nailed down the design in the design meeting for the ship. Jim Martin created the [USS Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine](http://www.foundation3d.com/uploads/art/2013/02/2-03-913941.jpg) and also the MISC Freelancer.

– George Hull is the concept artist on the RSI Orion. He has worked on lots of recent movies including Elysium and the upcoming Jupiter Ascending. He also did the concept work for the Aegis Reclaimer.

– Another confirmation from Ben that there will be a MISC Hull A, B, C, D and maybe even larger in the future. Ben compares the Hull A to a single-person station wagon, the Hull B to a moving truck, the Hull C is like a big rig, and the Hull D is like a supertanker… and anything larger is “something special.”

– Some of the ships going on sale starting on January 26th: Aurora LX, Freelancer MIS, Cutlass Blue, Retaliator, Xi’An Scout and much more.

– All ships in AC will be attainable with AC Credits.


– Just in case anyone isn’t aware of this, Arena Commander will exist in the final game. It will be an in-universe video game where you can train/play without the risk of destroying your ship and damaging your character/losing lives.

– More rooms for the hangars probably coming with the planetside/social module.

– CIG will be adding in tools to create an esports competition such as additional game modes and ways of specializing matches (For example: Only Hornets and you get a certain amount of points to outfit the ship), ranked leaderboards and so on. If someone wants to create esports out of this, CIG will support it.

– A post will go up on Monday January 25th listing the ships in the upcoming sale. This is not a sale because CIG needs money, it’s a sale to try and help the European backers who want to make a purchase before CIG is required to charge VAT.

– Arena Commander ships (ships you own only in AC) will continue to be a thing permanently.

– Things coming up from Turbulent will PROBABLY be in this order: Further update to the front page, then community hub (this will be the front page if you are logged in and are a backer), then web Star Map (I am excited!), then Organizations 2.0.

– Ben signs off with: “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”



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