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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 27 Written Thursday 11th of December 2014 at 02:18pm by Nehkara

Citizens!  These are the notes from the December 11th episode of Reverse the ‘Verse. Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 27 link – There will likely be some sort of in-universe way to tell how far/long...

Citizens!  These are the notes from the December 11th episode of Reverse the ‘Verse.

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 27 link

– There will likely be some sort of in-universe way to tell how far/long your ship has run.

– CR is flying back today.

– Gladiator being a medium-sized ship was a mistake and has already been fixed.

– Uncertain which cargo boxes will fit the Mustang.

– Gamescom 2014 hangar trophy is on the schedule but not an immediate priority. They want to make an all-new trophy rather than just changing the number on the 2013 one.

– NPC slots will be available in the pledge store closer to launch.

– CIG is closed for the holidays from December 24th until January 5th. (Some very well-earned time off for the developers.)

– There are a bunch of Comm-Links that will be “pre-packaged” before the holidays so that there will still be regular posts to the website while they are closed.

– Gamepad sensitivity problem is known and a fix is coming but unknown when.

– Revamped $1000+ packages will be ready for the December 19th livestream.

– CIG is pushing to get the Cutlass Black in for AC V1.0. If it doesn’t make it for whatever reason, it will follow shortly afterwards.

– We will “absolutely” see more capital ships (UEE and Vanduul for sure) in the coming year as Foundry 42 continues ship development for Squadron 42.

– Vanduul ships will probably not be for sale in the near future… there has to be a good story reason for it to happen. Some gameplay events may cause Vanduul ships to be available, however.

– Criminal activities: Piracy, smuggling, data theft, petty theft, espionage, vandalism/tagging plus more to come.

– Cannot access another player’s hangar when they are not there unless they specifically give you authorization.

– [Q: Pet death?] A: Unsure at this point. However, “if Chris Roberts is going to be killing your relatives, he is probably also going to be killing your pets.”

– Manufacturer-specific HUDs not ready for AC V1.0 but Zane is working hard on them.

– HUD will have changes in AC V1.0, as new systems need to activate.

– [Pet murder?] “Star Citizen: The $60 Million Pet Murder Simulator. That’s our Gamespot headline tomorrow.”

– Repair ships can take damaged ships aboard [presumably only if they fit of course] and jump away to safety, if needed.

– There will be an event before SC goes live where people choose where their hangar will be located.

– [Will you be addressing the holotable?] Everything you see today will look nothing like it does right now, holotable especially.

– There WILL be a holotable, however. They don’t want absolutely everything to be in mobiGlas.

– They will do the first test run-through for the livestream tomorrow. Need to test a lot of things technically as they will be livestreaming from all of the studios around the world and also want to have live Arena Commander matches.

– Voyager Direct will get some new items with AC V1.0 including some missiles.

– [How in-depth will the character creator be?] Very in-depth.

Awkward photo of Ben and Summer Glau from DragonCon 2010

– Rough order of studios for the Livestream UK, Austin, then Santa Monica. (But it sounds like other studios will be shown as well)

– In terms of smuggling, in order to get past the planetside cargo scan (as seen in PU demo video) you will need electronic countermeasures to set off a false cargo manifest.

– No more concept sales for this year. Next one is unsure, either MISC Hull C or RSI Orion depending upon which is ready first. Concept sales don’t have a hard and fast schedule – it happens when the development team is ready.

– Turbulent will have a portion of the livestream. “You’re about to see some big stuff out of Turbulent here pretty soon.”

– Hornet nose and canard turret will be fixed in AC V1.0.

– Ben likes the idea of an AC map builder and will pass it along. “It seems like building levels is so much harder now than it was back in the Doom days though. Honestly, if there are people out there who are talented enough to build great Arena Commander levels, send us your resume now – we need you!”

– [If you fly an alien ship, will that affect your standing with that race?] Yes, to some degree.

– FOV slider will not be in AC V1.0 but is being worked on.

– When 64 bit floating point is implemented, maps will get larger. In terms of ship speed it will be dependent on balance.

– [How many planetside locations are currently at the level of detail that Arc Corp is?] Two. Five initial systems are being built right now, and at the same time the tools for building star systems are also being created. Those five are being built to show that all of the aspects of the game work, and the tools to build star systems are being built separately using the assets from those and all sorts of other things. Towards the end of development there will be a point where we have 100 technical animators working on systems and you will see them all come together, as intended. It’s all scheduled out properly. (My comment: I believe those five initial systems, once complete and once all of the pre-alpha modules are done, will become the PU alpha.)

– AC credits will be important for multiple reasons. It will allow some early economy testing but, **”the most important part is the good faith aspect. We’re not going to be pay to win and we want to prove that now, if at all possible.”**

Ben’s drawing.

– [Do Xi’An lay eggs?] Uhh… I’m not gonna answer that.



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