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Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 26 Written Thursday 4th of December 2014 at 02:26pm by Nehkara

Hello Citizens!  These are my notes from the December 4th episode of Reverse the ‘Verse! Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 26 link – No ETA on P-52 Merlin – Paint system will be in on...

Hello Citizens!  These are my notes from the December 4th episode of Reverse the ‘Verse!

Reverse the ‘Verse – Episode 26 link

– No ETA on P-52 Merlin

– Paint system will be in on the developers side for AC V1.0 but not the user’s side. However, the hard part of the implementation will be done.

– (When multicrew ships go into AC, will owners of multicrew ships that are not in it get placeholders like they do now?) If we launch 2.0 with just the Constellation, then everybody will get to try a Constellation until your other ships are finished.

– The ability to earn temporary credits in Arena Commander is scheduled for the first major patch after AC V1.0 (so likely AC V1.1).

– Carrack’s scout ship has not been started yet but Gurmukh will be working on it.

– Reclaimer is finished concept but will likely remain at its current state for several months, as it is not needed in the near term.

– Cross-Chassis Upgrades explained in simple terms: If a ship is more expensive and flyable, you can use a CCU to upgrade to it.

– CIG now has a venue for an event PAX South (San Antonio, Texas January 23-25).

– Aurora variants flyable in AC V1.0

– You can trade in your Aurora for a Mustang in AC V1.0 (also very likely means that the ship commercial we will see on December 19th will be the Mustang commercial).

– Mustang will be flyable in AC V1.0

– Cutlass Black will be flyable in AC V1.0

– No date will be given for AC V1.0.

– Chris is in the UK and is very busy with a big company-wide summit which is why the Letter from the Chairman has been delayed.

– Year 2 hard back Jump Point books are up in the air because demand for Year 1 was lower than expected. If you want it to happen, post in the forums and let them know.

– Next hangar flair is a Mustang model

– Avenger variants will be unveiled in 2015. In concept currently. There will be an event, similar to other variant sales, with a commercial.

– Carrack should be customizable for use in command and control and prospecting.

– (Are there any more Banu ships coming?) Yes.

– Cutlass will be used in Chapter 1 of Squadron 42.

– Arena Commander going from 5 ships to ~16 ships in AC V1.0.

– Javelin is being tested in-engine.

– There may be a patch between now and AC V1.0 to add the Gladiator to the hangar.

– Next big design post will be capital ship/multicrew ship systems, next week.

– Early in 2015 there will be a few PU design posts from Tony Zurovec.

– Would like to get to a point where design posts are every other week.

– Update to the Voyager Direct store (adding new components and weapons) will be with AC V1.0.

– No new Hangars in the works right now, but probably far down the line.

– For smuggling, you need to know what types of scanners you have to protect against and buy/install the appropriate components to mask your illicit goods.

– Sounds like the Gladius won’t quite be ready for AC V1.0. (Not 100% sure about this one)

– Corvette is in very early concept.

– Freelancer in AC for V2.0

– The Manticore is a ship being made for Squadron 42.

– Foundry 42 ship team focused on creating the ships needed for Squadron 42 (including Xi’An and Vanduul ships).

– Ship team in the US is focused on ships for AC V1.0 and then will shift focus to ships for AC V2.0.

– Hull C and Orion are both still in concept (concept not done).

– Ben will talk to UK and see if they would like to show video of the work being done on landings.

– (ETA for Social Module) 2015. They won’t give specific dates anymore.

– Over the long term, more maps for racing and dogfighting in AC.

– Some work being done to possibly have day/night cycles for New Horizons.

– Discussion on who is the most handsome gentleman working at CIG.

– Hull C will have some modularity, similar to the Carrack.

– (Will the two-seater Avenger be available in the PU?) Wait and see what we do with the Avenger. It’s going to be different than you’re expecting.

– Fewer stat updates going forward due to the drama associated. Will update stats for a ship when they’re “locked down”.

– With the Reclaimer, when you find a ship you want to salvage you can either go over to it and pick the parts you want off of it, bring them back with you, and then salvage the rest for scrap metal… or you can just turn the whole thing into scrap.

– Monday will be “10 for the Producers”



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