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Notes from Around the ‘Verse – Episode 29 Written Thursday 29th of January 2015 at 10:41am by Erris

Hey Citizens!  These are my notes from Around the ‘Verse – Episode 29: Around the Verse 29 Notes: Intro: Ben is back from Austin A lot of footage for the show, office in Austin’s very...

Hey Citizens!  These are my notes from Around the ‘Verse – Episode 29:

Around the Verse 29 Notes:


  • Ben is back from Austin
  • A lot of footage for the show, office in Austin’s very different now
  • PAX south townhall
  • Big success, turned out great, lots of PU stuff shown.
  • PU videos will be released throughout the week.
  • Video of snippets from the PU Townhall.
  • Electronica music in the background with video of fans and devs and yeah, just the presentation in general.
  • 2 days left on the pre-VAT sale.
  • Carrack, Reclaimer, and Herald were added.
  • 70 million hit at PAX south
  • Ben thanks everyone, it was during PAX while CR was standing on the stage, and yeah.  People can start seeing that there IS a game coming together.
  • 1.0.1 released, then a hotfix for the Aurora was fixed.
  • Added lots of things like Missiles, fixed lots of bugs that were discovered.  In the process, they broke the heat system on the Aurora, but issued a hotfix on Monday.
  • In Fiction recall was pretty good.

News from Around the Verse:

Arena Commander:

  • Landing Gear animation has been fixed on several ships
  • One of the newer systems, the landing system is breaking pretty frequently.
  • SC is fashioned in such a way that, when they break things, they’re breaking them in the way that an actual ship might break.
  • If they cause some problem with the heat pipeline, the guns overheat.  If they cause an issue with landing gear, they don’t deploy properly.
  • Fuel system added to Missiles
  • Missiles are a great ‘microcosm’ for following the development of the game.  As they go forward they’re getting more balanced, and more complex.
  • Missiles have fuel now, and need fuel to fly.  They’ll become increasingly complex, and they’ll be part of the economy, so…watch missiles!
  • 350R thrusters adjusted
  • Improving the thrusters for a racing ship


SQ 42 News:

  • Conversation system proof of concept is ongoing
  • The conversation systems’ not quite like anything we’ve seen before.  Its’ not the mass effect dials, it’s going to be cool.
  • Three more Vanduul ships in concepting
  •  Guys in the UK are doing an incredible job of turning out Vanduul ships.
  • Just the scythe for months, now there’s a Destroyer and a Cruiser, and a gunboat and many cool designs that are coming together very quickly.
  • Something looting code is ongoing
  • For the FPS aspects of the Universe, picking up dropped weapons, equipment, that sort of thing.


PU News:

  • Concept art for Anthony Tanaka’s statue on Nyx has been completed.
  • Ben doesn’t know who he is, but knowing Dave Haddock, he’s probably got a lot of backstory.
  • Support for buggy skins has been implemented
  • you can now skin your buggy in one of seven different ways.  More are coming.
  • This is the tech that’s now applied to the ships, so we’ll start seeing all kinds of ship skins soon.
  • ‘Shut up and take my money’ skin
  • Chat user interface is being designed and mocked up
  • CIG is trying to figure out how to get people to chat in game rather than through some other client like TeamSpeak



  • Multiple vanduul ships have continued in greybox phase.
  • In addition to the three vanduul ships that just started concepting, there’s a whole fleet in development.
  • New damage tech has been implemented for the gladiator and gladius
  • One of the reasons there’s no new flyable ships this month is because they’re switching how they do damage states, which will make it much easier in the future to release ships more quickly, cause they’re not having to paint in each individual pixel anymore.
  • Unfortunately while this will help down the road, it’s delaying the release of some ships like gladius and retaliator.
  • Bulldog has been renamed the Vanguard.



  • Sniper Rifle model has had its first art pass
  • They’re striving for a very high level of quality with all the FPS weapons
  • Standard gun classes – sniper, assault rifle, machine gun, handgun, etc…
  • Animation for grav generator has been fixed
  • Part of the big demo level that will show off 0G fighting
  • Battle arena has received a texture pass on the exterior of the station
  • It’s looking great, they’re starting to get some of the actual level building done.



  • Pop culture!  Movies!  Clever reference!  Bugsmashers!
  • Looking at why the Aurora got recalled.  Heat no longer dissipates.  Powerplant was generating way too much heat.  Fixed by reducing the amount of heat the powerplant was shooting out.


Customer Service

  • Still very backlogged, between holidays, sales, and new VAT laws.
  • Merch updates – mousepads, SQ42 tshirts, and dogtag preorders have been closed.  However, the mustang mousepads are ready to ship so anyone who ordered one should be getting their info in the next few weeks.
  • AMD has restocked on codes for the AMD Mustang Omega, so you should be able to get the code through their website now, if you were having trouble before.



  • Two new members of the community team.



  • Screwball – thread that collects and catalogues music for use in SC.


Second Interview

  • Ben sat down with one of Cloud Imperium’s co-founders, Ortwin Freyermuth.
  • He’s been with the project since the very beginning, but in the background.
  • He’s in the background as business and legal support.
  • He provides the business support that goes into making sure what Chris and the art team have come up with to implement is protected, and that all rules and regulations for a company are followed.
  • This is his first forray into games.
  • Attorney by origin, worked in films for a long time.
  • CR hired him originally way back to help with his film company.
  • When CR moved back into game, brought Irwin on.
  • He keeps the time CR has to spend on law stuff to a minimum, so CR can focus on the game.
  • I apologize, I skipped the rest of the interview.  It’s around fifteen minutes long, and break time is only so long.



  • Tomorrow – the last of the PAX south panels will be online.
  • Tickets for PAX east and SXSW go on sale tomorrow.
  • Contest this week.
  • Amplifier have given some art…things…prints on cloth
  • They want to give one away.  Come up with your favourite Star Citizen store.  Come up with a drawing / photoshop / whatnot of where you’d shop in the Universe.
  • Mobiglass design post tomorrow.  Should be awesome.
  • Art sneak peek
  • pistol shooting the Gladius.
  • Hole cutting (burning holes through parts of the ships hull
  • looks…gorgeous.

And that’s it.  




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