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Monthly Report Recap: May - move to Articles Written Thursday 11th of June 2015 at 08:47pm by AnalogDan

The May Monthly Report came out, and it’s a long one! We’ve trimmed off the fat and condensed the important bits for you here. May Monthly Report May Monthly Report Recap:   CIG Santa Monica...

The May Monthly Report came out, and it’s a long one! We’ve trimmed off the fat and condensed the important bits for you here.

May Monthly Report

May Monthly Report Recap:  

CIG Santa Monica


  • MISC Reliant reveal and concept sale went up.
  • Over 19,000 sold!
  • Balance pass for missiles, specifically CS missiles.
  • Tempest, Stalker, and StrikeForce missiles are more vulnerable to chaff.
  • All missile lock-on times have been increased from 2 to 5 seconds.
  • Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner making progress.
  • Physically based damage system continuing to make progress.
  • Ballistic and energy weapons will have unique benefits.
  • Ship and Shield health, Powerplant output, Cooling rates will all receive similar updates.
  • John Pritchett and Pete Mackay are dialing in thruster handling.
  • Ship build out and component design will happen faster in the future thanks to back-end work.


  • Optimization for HUD and UI. Holographic elements can be rendered more efficiently.
  • New helmet interiors have been designed for all FPS characters.
  • New damage system is more efficient and should allow larger scale gameplay due to fewer draw calls.
  • Also sets the stage for debris salvage and ship repair.
  • You can now shoot off and claim a gun from a ship, for example.


  • Radar 2.0 is done. Anything can be made to show up on the radar given the situation, including things like grenades.
  • New signature type: decibels. Includes footsteps, weapons fire, and other audio sources.
  • Item system for attaching items to the player character (like tactical flashlights) is making progress.

CIG Austin

PU Art Team

  • Nyx>Delamar>Levski landing zone is in final art stage.
  • Stanton>ArcCorp>Area18 landing zone is being optimized for better performance ahead of Social Module.
  • Anti-griefer/criminal turret concept art is finished.
  • Marine and Outlaw characters are done. Now focusing on SATA ball characters.
  • Doing R&D on Hair and Swappable Clothing ahead of Social Module.
  • Cockpit and gunner templates, g-force animations, grabby hands all getting some love.

PU Design Team 

  • Occupations being worked on: Pioneer/Explorer, Mercenary/Escort, Bounty Hunter, and Smuggler.
  • First draft of the new Universe Simulator (formerly the Economic Simulator) is finished.
  • Now includes more than just economy: “ability to create elementals and composites, the ability to create a planet within a solar system and assign it data, and the ability to create occupations for NPC’s and specify execution logic for each occupation.”
  • Magnus>Borea>Odyssa and Helios>Tangaroa>Mariana landing locations have gotten initial designs/layouts.

PU Engineering Team 

  • Generic Instance Manager has been completed. This will improve matchmaking and party. Should be in the upcoming FPS release.
  • Universe Simulator proof-of-concept has been delivered.
  • First iteration of Solar System Server is being developed.
  • Player Info Server and Presence Server rewrites delivered.
  • Version 1 of Useable Editor is finished.
  • Character Archetype Editor making progress.
  • Prototype for Mining occupation is finished.

Live Operations 

  • Testing FPS.
  • Community Bug Council and Server Status Page have made progress.
  • Using FPS to test new launcher and patcher, but still needs more polish.

Foundry 42


  • Conversation system is making progress, including multiplayer implementation.
  • Personal Arc Welder is being fleshed out.
  • Looting system has been revamped using an item port system.
  • Hydraulic door security has been implemented, including an override system that uses the Personal Arc Welder to access the hydraulic pumps.
  • A medpack has been added to FPS. It’s a syringe-like item.
  • There are 2 forms of collectibles, items that can be physically looted, and information items that can be scanned.


  • Automated system is being used to find meshes that can be combined for graphic performance improvements.
  • The VFX team has been improving the particle lighting system.
  • Fixing FPS-related bugs.
  • Making fixes to “large world” rendering which allows CryEngine “to work with practically unlimited map sizes.”


  • Continuing work on chapters of SQ42.
  • Motion capture shoot in London continues.
  • Internal vertical slice is leading to confrontation of core gameplay mechanics and development of features for “experiential, dogfighting and FPS scenarios.”


  • Vanduul fleet is concepted, with just turrets and guns to be worked on.
  • More Squadron 42 storyline art has been worked on.


  • Vertical slice has been main focus.
  • “Particular focus has been placed on player traversal through the scene, rewarding exploration, great vistas and composition, and of course top quality artwork.”


  • Working on sparks, steam, fire damage, space storms, turret VFX, muzzle flash, tracers, impacts, and various ship effects.


  • Idris is coming along nicely and might have a few surprises!
  • Working on uniformity among manufacturers.
  • Starfarer interior is blocked out.
  • ARGO needs a shader pass, and the Mining Drone is getting some work.


  • Wwise transition hasn’t been as smooth as expected.

Foundry 42 Frankfurt   


  • Moving codebase to 64 bit.
  • Progress on zone systems and ship-local physics grids.
  • New systems are being tested with Retaliator.
  • Started R&D on procedural generation.
  • Many major tasks close to joining Star Citizen code mainline.


  • Began unifying CryEngine Communication System with the CIG Contextual Reaction System.
  • Began working on CryEngine cover system to connect it with Kythera.
  • Started prototyping the functionality to have a navigation mesh attached to a moving spaceship.
  • Began improving Kythera Behavior Tree system.


  • Continued converting old FMOD code to new Audio System.
  • Rolled out the set of new audio asset pipeline tools for simplified workflow.


  • Researching various types of fire.
  • Ranging from small fire and debris to enormous fires and explosions.
  • Also focusing on realistically blending in smoke.


  • Focused on polishing, debugging, and helping other studios, especially with the FPS module.
  • In-game chat, emote system: (/dance /dothebender), FPS Module, multi-seat and FPS load out lobbies.
  • Improved the chat system in the Social Module.
  • Implemented first version of conversation tabs for public, private conversations.
  • Fixed some flairs, the holotable, and some doors.
  • Created base spawning system for multiple players in planetside locations/hangars.
  • Created set pieces for an industrial mining planet. Will be used inDelamar, Nyx (but others as well).
  • Updated some legacy objects to be up to new visual/technical standards.
  • Refining locations on Terra Prime, Marianna and Odyssa, and creating new interior locations.
  • mobiGlas has made lots of progress, now has animations.
  • Buying, selling, and displaying UEC balance now work.
  • First pass on UI, code, and visuals for microTech Kiosk.
  • “Some shops and other locations around the verse have microTech kiosks which are used to show holographic representations of extra large products that don’t fit the location.”
  • First kiosk will be in Astro-Armada.
  • Personal locker (separate from the flair item) is being worked on.
  • “This locker will be used to not only display weapons but to prepare loadouts in order to quickly change your character’s equipment for the right job.”
  • Flair item and other secret merchandise for this month is completed.


  • Working on new jukes, starts, and stops.
  • There are unique animations for each speed, direction, state, and possible change. Lots of work!
  • Work continues on zero-g and SATA Ball.
  • Working on playability and visual cues for SATA Ball.
  • Players should be able to easily find ball, easily navigate to it, easily pass it, etc.
  • Working on converting Golden Horizon station items to work like they will in the PU, so they can be shared with other levels.
  • Polishing weapons and creating a unified rail system for attachments.
  • New VFX have been made for SATA ball and some have already gone a first polish pass with Chris’ notes.



  • “We now have full artistic designs for the top-level Galactic Level view where all star systems are laid out, showing their Jump Point connections.”
  • 2D HeatGrid for showing politics, crime, economy, etc. has made progress.
  • “Major UI component” called the “control disc”  is included in this art pass.
  • Disc is how you interact with the StarMap, and might be an in-game component.


  • Completed interface mockups for the Community Hub.
  • Will include images, galleries, videos, streaming channels, podcasts, etc.
  • More to be shown “soon.”

Issue council  

  • Core coding completed, “including data models and system level API.”
  • Actual UI is being designed.


  • Completed prototype rework of Star Citizen Launcher.
  • Based on BitTorrent technology.
  • More efficient in size and speed, and first step towards a web-driven launcher.
  • Hangar configuration, future inventory, REC activation tools will be in the launcher, in the future.

Moon Collider  

  • Worked on AI pathfinding.
  • Big changes to AI behavior trees.
  • Designers can now create/edit AI behavior trees more easily and with a better UI.


  • Ship Shape made its debut on Around the Verse.
  • A full season has been ordered of Mark’s bi-weekly show: Bug Smashers!



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