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Meet the Devs – Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby Written Tuesday 30th of June 2015 at 12:47pm by Legorobotdude

Video Transcript by Erris: JP – Hey, where’d you get that hat? DL – I don’t know, where’d you get that hat? JP – Hey. Your hats stupid. DL – Your hat’s stupid. Hey everybody...


Transcript by Erris:

JP – Hey, where’d you get that hat?

DL – I don’t know, where’d you get that hat?

JP – Hey. Your hats stupid.

DL – Your hat’s stupid. Hey everybody, welcome to Meet the Devs, I’m Jared ‘Disco Lando’ Huckaby

JP – Stop it stop it stop it. Roll the credits.

Meet the Devs – James Pugh, with Jared ‘Disco Lando’ Huckaby.

JP – Hey everybody, welcome back to Meet the Devs, and with me today is a very, a guest, this is Jared ‘Disco Lando’ Huckaby. Thanks for coming on.

DL – It’s good to finally meet you.

JP – Yeah, I kept wondering why they put this partition between our desks, this was as genuine as it could possibly be.

DL – Truth be told, this is how close we sit, every single day. Our desks are caddy cornered right next to each other, so at any given time we’re bumping each other throughout the day.

JP – I”m not, you are, and it’s… it’s upsetting.

DL – Yes. Especially when you turn around and shake the back of my chair ‘Hey Disco, hey Disco’

JP – So anyways, if anyone doesn’t know, you were a long-time fan, made some fan videos which we found… existed, so we decided to bring you on. So how’d that whole transition go?

DL – James is correct. I made videos that existed. It all goes back to Wingman’s hangar. I used to do the fan questions and, some were better than others. If we’re all being honest with each other, some videos were better than others.  I wanted to help tilt it in the favour of the better videos, they seemed to be a hit, I got to meet a couple people on the team, came by to visit, hung out with you, Ben, and eventually when it came time to expand the team I got tagged in.

JP – It made sense. If you don’t know, we contracted out to Disco to do a couple animations and openings and things, so when we had an opening and we had to expand the team it just kind of made sense.

DL – Yeah, I did the opening you still see today on Around the ‘Verse. That started… came back on the team around Sandi’s Flight-School time, and I’ve been here for almost five months now.

JP – Which is funny cause you did the intro to AtV, and I did not know that till like, episode 34.  I had been giving somebody else credit unduly.

DL – Well, it was a contest. That wasn’t work for hire, it was just like we did with the recent ship shape, where people submitted things and then if you won, you got the ship. I never got the ship, so it wasn’t until we were at PAX South, and we were talking about ways to bring me in, and I was like, well you still haven’t paid me for the intro to the show, and if James could have gotten any whiter, ALL the colour drained out of his face. But it was never about that, so it was never an issue.

JP – Another thing you like to bring up a lot. You got this job, now every day at work you like to mention how many jobs you’ve had. So why don’t you go ahead and tell the audience, how many jobs have you had?

DL – Okay. I would like the record to show that he’s the one bringing this up now. With an actual i9 and a w2, no under the table, full on reporting to the IRS, this is my 35th job

JP – How do you manage to have 35 jobs?

DL – I did the Jack Lindon thing.

JP – I don’t know who that is.

DL – Of course you don’t. He was an author, wrote a couple books, most famously probably Call of the Wild, but Jack Lindon was a guy around turn of the century who instead of going to school, instead of knowing the one thing he wanted to do, and going to school for that, he went out into the world and just explored as many different vocations as possible. He’d do a job until he knew the job, felt comfortable with the job, then he’d leave the job and go on to do something else. And that’s pretty much what I did from… 16 onwards. It was work a job for a couple months, maybe longer, learn what I could from the job, get out go to another job, sometimes two jobs at a time. At my absolute worst, three jobs at a time, sleeping in beats around the clock.

JP – What was the longest you stayed at a location?

DL – I was with a baseball stadium on and off for five years. The Rancho Kukamunga Quakes, they were a single A affiliate of the San Diego Padres, at the time. THey’re currently an affiliate of the Dodgers. Go Dodgers. But I started out as Mr. Trash, which I dressed up in a tuxedo and went around with a garbage bag collecting people’s trash so they didn’t just throw it on the floor,

JP – Hold on, why were you wearing the tuxedo? Was that your own flair? You spiced up the trash job?

DL – Yeah, so I went out in a tuxedo and I sang songs, did comedy routines, took a lot of pictures with foreign tourists and stuff like that, worked my way up from that to running the line score to running the scoreboard, to eventually becoming director of operations of the entire baseball stadium when I was 19 years old, I was in charge of everything that wasn’t a guy putting a bat to a ball. Came 4 games away from a world series ring.

JP – I know what four games you’re talking about and I would rather not relive it.

DL – Yup. 1998 Yankees vs. Padres. If they had won the series, I, as one of the top three people in the Padres farm organization, would have gotten a world series ring, and I would have been doing the interview like this (holds out hand to be kissed).  Right now.

JP – Yeah. I remember the ‘98 world series well. Trust me.

DL – Yup.

*fist bump*

*Hennessy decided this was the best time to comment about the ‘Butterfly Effect’ and how if the Padres had won the world series in 1998 then neither of us would be here to have this interview and do the weird thing I did with my hands just moments before*

JP – So we know a little more about you, too much some would say, myself included, but what do you do on a daily basis? What are your duties around here?

DL – Well, I am a community manager, same as James Pugh, and Community Manager is sort of a … not a catchall, but, and you can correct me if I’m wrong in this, we –

JP – Always

DL – We manage the content that goes out to the community, whether it’s Interviews, like James, or comm-links, posts in the forums, I tend to edit some of the shows, it’s… it’s varied. Most recently, I was the lead in the Starliner sale, which is going on right now, and that involved coordinating the writers, and the designer, Andy, and the Turbulent web-team, and coming up with a concept for the sales page, which you saw. Meridian transit, which was actually your idea, and this is, again, this is where the community manager thing is. James came up with the idea, what if we do the travel thing, what if we couched the entire ship in a travel log type thing, and he came up with the postcards, then I went home and designed the postcards, and came up with the logo, we had a name for it, the writers didn’t like the name, they changed the name.

JP – Yeah, that’s right. I liked… You guys thought about Daedalus, I liked Icarus, but they thought that was too on the nose.

DL – Yeah, things go through iterations, but ultimately I was coordinating the entire sale for the Starliner, and, including recording all the audio bits, those really annoying audio bits that popped in and you were like, ‘oh my gosh where is the mute button’, those were recorded by me. Sorry. And yeah, from RtV to things on the forums to editing the show to producing the show to helping with comm-links, it’s everything. Involvement in everything that goes out from CIG to the community.

JP – Yeah, the way I look at it is like a mom litmus test, cause my mom always asks ‘what do you do?’, and it’s not as easy as oh I code the game, or I’m an artist, so I always just tell her I’m the liaison between the Dev team and the community. You’re in this interesting position where you came from the outside in. Is there anything that’s not like you thought it would be when you were just a backer?

DL – Yes and no. You could say yes or no completely truthfully. My job experienced kind of prepped me for all the different types of work environments you could have. The important thing to keep in mind here, and I kind of prepped myself for this, and when I got here it was, right, that was just what I thought, it’s that this is a new company. We, this started with an idea in november of 2012, and it takes a while to get a company off the ground and start building processes and procedures and protocol and all the other p-words that you can think of. We’re still learning. We’re still learning how to do things. Even if this was a company, this isn’t a company that’s making a game like any other company would make a game, so even if we weren’t just new, and going through all the struggles that a new company goes through, we’re a new company doing a new thing in a new way. So, the best thing about this place is the willingness to try new things. The willingness to put our necks out there, and have them smacked back, and say, okay that didn’t work, lets try this. We make some mistakes, we evaluate those mistakes, we learn from those mistakes, and we go forward, trying not to make those mistakes again.

JP – We go forward WITH those mistakes

DL – We take those mistakes with us!

JP – We hold on to them for dear life! Those are our favourite mistakes!

DL – But, it’s exactly what I thought with Chris at the top. One of my favourite shows was West Wing, you always got that thing where, we serve at the pleasure of the President. We serve at the pleasure of Chris Roberts. He’s tremendous at taking other people’s ideas and letting them contribute. Like, we contributed Meridian Transit already, now that’s in lore, we did that! But at the end of the day, we’re all here serving the pleasure of Chris Roberts, and… it’s exciting. It’s a lot of fun, and it is more work than I… it’s more work than I thought it would have been. It’s morning, noon, night, it’s with those emails you get at 5am, it’s whenever there is work to be done you do the work.

JP – Alright, we’re going to let you go, but we’re going to get you some rapid fire questions. I don’t know if you’ve seen this show, you edit it every week, but maybe you won’t know the questions. What’s your favourite movie?

DL – Jaws.

JP – Never seen it.

DL – Lawrence of Arabia.

JP – Never seen it.

DL – Raiders of the Lost Ark

JP – Never seen it.

DL – Empire strikes back.

JP – I’ve seen it. Empire’s my favourite Star Wars, but that’s the easy answer. That’s everyone’s favourite Star Wars. Favourite video game?

DL – I guess if we go for hours played, if that’s the biggest criteria, like, i’ve played this game more than any other in the world

JP – Not necessarily, it’s more, cause you’re gonna say World of Warcraft?

DL – Yeah, it ends up being everybody’s ‘favourite’ game in that way, but as far as, as an experience I will remember for the rest of my life, Halo Legendary co-op.

JP – Halo: Combat Evolved?

DL – Yeah, that first Halo, first campaign, co-op, spending 15 hours straight on a saturday into Sunday, just stay back there! you’re my corpse respawn point! and charging in cause we weren’t decent enough at the game to succeed on our own. Just experiencing that without knowing what was coming ahead

JP – Just stuck in Library for days

DL – When does the Library end! It’s gotta end after this turn. We’re gonna take this turn, and LIbrary’s gonna be over, right?

Both – Nope!

JP – So that’s the one thing you need to know about Halo, actually, it’s a little known fact. Library’s actually infinite, no-one’s ever beat that level, cause it never ends. Favourite ship in Star Citizen.

DL – A lot of people expect me to say the 890 Jump,

JP – Why do people expect you to say that?

DL – They take the ‘Lando’ thing and they jump, they take the e to the ‘Lady Luck’, which was Lando’s ship, and the 890 is sort of like the Lady Luck, it’s a process people go through

JP – No-one’s ever done that!

DL – No, I get asked that a lot.

JP – That’s the first time

DL – No. You’ve never seen Lawrence of Arabia.

JP – That’s true.

DL – But, when I saw the Retaliator at, was it PAX East? I had to work on that video, that really cool trailer, where they revealed the Retaliator, that just blew my mind. The Retaliator is soooo slick. It was UK team throwing the Gauntlet down to everybody else, saying, this is how we make ships now. And now everybody else is, you’re gonna see the Merlin, real close, real soon here, and… then the Connie and… I still like the Connie. I still really like the Connie.

JP – I didn’t expect this to cause such internal strife with you.

DL – I’m a man of conflicted emotions.

JP – Alright. I’m James Pugh, and this is Brisco Brando, and you just met a Dev.

*Hennessy* – Best ending ever.

JP – That was on purpose, it’s kind of unfair, but whatever.

*Hennessy* – Cut. That’s it, there is no second take.

JP – That was on purpose.

*Hennessy* it would have been interesting if you said the 890 Jump, cause that was my favourite ship when they did the… *trails off



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