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Meet the Devs: Ricky Jutley Written Tuesday 2nd of June 2015 at 05:27pm by Nehkara

Greetings Citizens!  Time for another episode of Meet the Devs, this time featuring Ricky Jutley, Project Manager @ Foundry 42. Meet the Devs   Transcript by Erris Meet the Devs – James Pugh, with Ricky...

Greetings Citizens!  Time for another episode of Meet the Devs, this time featuring Ricky Jutley, Project Manager @ Foundry 42.

Meet the Devs


Transcript by Erris

Meet the Devs – James Pugh, with Ricky Jutley

JP – Okay, so you and I are going to do this for a couple seconds, and then I’m going to look at the camera and go, ‘Hey everybody, I’m here with Rick Jutts, from Foundry 42, Project Manager. This is how we’re going to differentiate.

RJ – What are we going to say though? What do you mean have a back-and-forth?

JP – That’s just it.  Like, this, this beginning part, there’s no sound in this beginning part,

Hennessy – You don’t hear it, you just see it.

JP – Yeah, there’s no sound in this beginning part, so honestly we could be doing this right now, so you and I are just having this conversation, doesn’t really matter

RJ – And then you’re going to say

JP – And then I’m going to look at the camera and go…

*Intro plays*

JP – Hey everybody, I’m here with Ricky Jutley, project manager from Foundry 42. How you doing Ricky?

RJ – Doing really well, thanks.

JP – Thanks for coming on, thanks for visiting us out here in California…

RJ – Yeah, it’s good, it’s definitely different.  Been eating a lot.  I was on a diet, probably a few months ago…

JP – Why were you on a diet?

RJ – Cause I just wanted to be like, completely trim.  And now it’s just gone out the window.

JP – You’ve been in the US for two days, and you’re like forget it.

RJ – No, I started going slightly off it when Forrest came over actually,

JP – That’ll do it.

RJ – And now it’s just all downhill.

JP – Too many pubs.

RJ – Something like that yeah.

JP – So how’d you get started with the project?  Cause I’m going to let you know right now, you’re one of my favourite people on this project.

RJ – Do you say that to everyone though?

JP – No no, go back through all the other ones, it doesn’t mean I don’t like the other ones, but there have been numerous times when I was like, oh crap I have to get this done, I’m screwed, and I was like…oh, Ricky’s on the task, Ricky, and you figure it out.  So thank you.

RJ – Well, I was working at Travels Tales previously, and that was a company that Erin worked at, then Erin had left, and then kinda got in contact with a few people, and then…taken it from there.

JP – Travellers Tales, so did you make Crash Bandicoot and the Wrath of the Vortex?

RJ – It was…working on predominantly the Lego games.  I was on the team as probably QA in 2010, then I moved into production in 2013.  So latest projects were lego marvel and lego hobbit.

JP – Cool, and Erin was like, come with me.

RJ – I wouldn’t say that, you know, I went and kind of contacted him, and it just went on from there, really.

JP – Was it the opportunity that brought you to this, or was it the scope?  What this thing…Did you know what this thing was?

RJ – So, before I found out obviously Erin had moved over to CIG, I knew briefly about SC, not too much to be honest, and then I did a bit more research on it, and I just think the ambition is…yeah, it’s pretty damned ambitious.  So I see it in two aspects.  THe enjoyment of what the game is, bringing in FPS and exploration and dogfighting etc… coupled with then the professional sense, the globally communication, the scheduling, on the project management scale, that was quite attractive

JP – So, the concept of scheduling is attractive to you?

RJ – Whatever floats everyone’s boat, right?  No, it’s just part of my nature, something I’ve always liked is being able to set milestones, goals, targets, that sort of thing.  And then people achieving them as well.  It’s always great to see smiles on Developpers faces when they’ve gone and achieved something, and that’s great that people in production can also push that along as well.

JP – So did you always want to be in games?  Or is it something you kinda fell into?

RJ – I always played games and I always loved games, but it was definitely something I fell into.  I was doing my Masters in psychological research methods, and then on my last month, I had someone message me, one of my really good friends, I always played video games with, and he was just like, look, there’s a QA job, at travellers tales, and I was like, you know what, lets go for it.  And I would never look back.

JP – Nice, I actually started in QA too.

RJ – What’d you work on?

JP – Some Sony games.  God of War, Uncharted.  I was going to go to Law school, and in between the time when I took the LSATS, and I saw what I got, I got a job at Sony, and I never looked at my scores, and I’ve never looked back.  This little thing we’ve got going here.

RJ – We just don’t look back.  We don’t care about the people behind us.

JP – Or we’re really stupid, that’s also possible.

RJ – Maybe…

JP – So what kind of games do you play?

RJ – Preference is Football games…Soccer, that is, by the way, just in case.  So, Football Manager, FIFA, but then i like beat ‘em ups as well, so Mortal Kombat X, and some platform games, some of the Pokemon games, um, a good mix really.  I like the Uncharted series, I liked the first one.

JP – Did you like Uncharted Fight for Fortune, the PS Vita card game?

RJ – Did not play that.  Did not have a Vita.

JP – I spent a year of my life on that. Who’s your, I assume you like premier league, who’s your team?

RJ – Liverpool.

JP – Ugh, nevermind.

RJ – And it just ends.  I’m very sad cause Steven Gerrard had his last game on the weekend, and yeah.  Sad times.

JP – So, we’re going to let you out of here, but before you go, we’ve got some rapid-fire questions.

RJ – Okay, go for it.

JP – Favourite movie?

RJ – Right now, The Fountain

JP – I have seen The Fountain.  There’s one.  Favourite video game?

RJ – Pokemon Gold.

JP – Pokemon Gold?  Dude, word. Favourite ship in SC?

RJ – Retaliator.

JP – Retaliator, why?  I’m curious

RJ – It’s one of the first ships I saw as multi crew, that we helped prototype on the outside, and I’m currently working obviously on a lot of the multi crew stuff now, and it’s one of those ships I’ve gotten to see a lot of.

JP – Awesome, man, thanks again for coming on, and I’ll miss you when you head back to the UK.  I’m James Pugh, and this is Rick Jutts, and you just met Rick Jutts.

RJ – See you ‘round the ‘Verse people.



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