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Meet the Devs – Randy Vasquez Written Tuesday 7th of July 2015 at 02:06pm by Erris

Hello Citizens! Check out this week’s Meet the Devs below, with Randy Vasquez! This week’s transcript is done by The Relay’s newest contributor, Seraph! Transcript Hennessey: You know what, you hire a professional sound guy...

Hello Citizens!

Check out this week’s Meet the Devs below, with Randy Vasquez!

This week’s transcript is done by The Relay’s newest contributor, Seraph!


Hennessey: You know what, you hire a professional sound guy, like me—

James Pugh: Yeah…

SG: I get, uh, very concerned about the sound—

JP: Makes sense.

SG: Yeah, that’s my thing, you know, sound…

Randy Vasquez: Is that your thing? Really?

SG: Yeah, that’s my thing. James knows…

JP: That’s what it says on his card, it says “Sound Guy”.

SG: That’s my thing.

RV: “THE Sound Guy”.

JP: “Sound muchacho”.

SG: I’m all about sound.

JP: “Sound-chacho”! Nailed it.

*RV and JP fist bump while repeatedly saying “sound-chacho” and how much they like it*

JP: Hey everybody… *everybody starts laughing* That would have been so good…


*Unintelligible conversation while intro music plays*

JP: Yeah I don’t get that at all.

RV: Read this. *Motions to shirt that says “I WILL CUT YOU” with picture of unicorn*

JP: Hey everybody thanks for joining us, I’m James Pugh and I’m here with Randy Vasquez. Randy, how are you doing?

RV: I’m doing alright man, yourself?

JP: Pretty good man, thanks for coming on! So how did you get started in the industry?

RV: Um, let me see, I started actually in QA, working at *UNKNOWN* back in the day, and just testing games; and then since my experience with IT and everything, I was doing min testing, um, min spec testing, I was doing parts requirements, I was doing burn lab stuff, and then all the network testing behind all the games to make sure that the games were syncing up to the servers and everything properly.

JP: Yeah I was doing that actually at Sony before I got this job too.

RV: Nice!

JP: Yeah. So how’d you hear about Star Citizen?

RV: Um actually my buddy Tavy hit me up and, like, when I was still working at Carbine—

JP: Big ups to Tavy!

RV: He had hit me up and basically he was like “Oh my god dude, there’s this game!” You know, cause we used to play the crap out of Wing Commander and TIE Fighter and all that stuff so I was like, *gasps* “OH MY GOD. SPACE SIM. FUND IT.” And then…

JP: You had not heard of it before then?

*RV shakes head*

JP: How long ago was this?

RV: I wanna say when the Kickstarter first when out?

JP: Hmm, ok.

RV: So, like, it was right when it first started and stuff. He was all about it, inside it, and *UNKNOWN*. I had never actually Kickstarted anything, so I was kinda like “I’ll…wait…”, and then when you guys got your own website then I was like, “Alright, I’ll pledge.”

JP: Alright, cool, so you were a backer before you got the job?

RV: Mmhmm.

JP: What was it about video games that drew you to the industry?

RV: I think actually like tabletop games actually got me into it. So like I started with *UNKNOWN* and Robotech tabletop, but the thing is, is that my brother wouldn’t actually play the game with us, cause it was way too complicated and too many rules. So I ended up making new rules and simplifying everything down, and then I created everything in Legos so that way we didn’t use the little models, we actually made like pure, big Lego models. So ships, robots, everything; vehicles, tanks, hovercraft, like I made all this stuff in Legos. I had it all labelled, I had dice rolls for it, I had like spreadsheets, like on paper basically of what the stats were and stuff like that. And then when you wanted to make a pilot, you’d roll dice, you’d be a robot or human or whatever…so yeah I went all crazy with that, I did that when I was like, 8 or 9? And I kept up with for a few years with some of my cousins and my brother, and then when I got old enough to realize it was a really job I was like, “What?! You can do this as a real job?! How is this a thing?!”

JP: Cool! Where did you grow up?

RV: I’m a military brat, so I kinda grew up everywhere. But I was born in Puerto Rico, and then we moved to New York, which is kinda like a mini-Puerto Rico, and then Florida, Virginia—

JP: That sucks. (referring to Florida)

RV: I love Florida!

JP: Sorry Florida, just joking!

RV: I was in Panama, Central America, for a little bit…I’ve been all over the East Coast and stuff, Maryland, Delaware, Jersey for a bit, like…everywhere.

JP: Wow, you’re a world traveler, dude!

RV: I don’t know about that…I’m working on it.

JP: You’re a world traveler and you came back to be here. That shows how awesome Star Citizen is! So where was your favorite place to live?

RV: Favorite place to live…I have no idea, actually. I mean, every single place is different, right? Every single place, like, the culture, the vibe, everything like that. I know I love going back home to visit Puerto Rico and stuff, be with my family, have tons of food, tons of drinks, party out with them, um…

JP: Do you still have family in Puerto Rico?

RV: Mmhmm.

JP: Oh, cool.

RV: I still have a bunch of there, I have a bunch of family in New York, Texas, Virginia still, Florida still, all over the place. We’re so spread out.

JP: Yeah I mean, my mom was a military brat as well, she’s one of seven, and each of her brothers and sisters were born in different states.

RV: Sounds about right.

JP: Yeah, your tendrils go out far. So before I let you go, I’ve got some rapid fire questions. You ready?

RV: Mmhmm.

JP: Favorite movie?

RV: Anything Mel Brooks, kind of.

JP: Anything Mel Brooks, like Young Frankenstein?

RV: SpaceBalls.

JP: Not Young Frankenstein?

RV: I like that one too, but SpaceBalls definitely hit my funny bone.

JP: I have seen both of those, by the way.

RV: Are you old enough to have seen those?

JP: I mean, you know. Favorite video game?

RV: Secret of Mana for Super Nintendo.

JP: DUDE. *fistbumps RV* Heck ya! NO ONE talks about Secret of Mana, I’m so upset! That game doesn’t get the props it deserves!

RV: It’s so good!

JP: It WAS so good! And the rest of them weren’t…very…good…

RV: Eh…no, they weren’t.

JP: Yeah, Secret of Mana, super awesome game. Favorite ship in Star Citizen?

RV: Ooooh…I don’t know, so like, I actually like the Cut—

JP: You can’t say Starliner, you can’t say Starliner.

RV: No I know, I know better. I actually like the Cutlass a lot. It has that kind of, um…functionality and stuff like that. I like that functionality of where it can be kind of…anything? It’s kind of like watching Firefly/Serenity, like, I LOVE that ship because it’s not the prettiest ship out there, but it has a lot of functionality, it has a lot of character and class to it, and the Cutlass I think has that for me. Some of the other ships, like, all the super-sleek ones, I’m like, “Eh…whatever, that’s fine.” But I like the “box-y” look, kind of, I guess. I don’t know. I’m weird.

JP: What about the Xi’An Scout?

RV: Mmm…it’s ok.

JP: *Disapproving sign* Whatever, man. Alright, this is Randy Vasquez and I’m James Pugh, and you just met a Dev! *Looks off camera* How’s that?

SG: That was *UNKNOWN*

JP: Yeah that was pretty good! We did it!

SG: Did you curse under your breath there?

JP: No!

SG: I could not hear if there were curse words or not, it sounded like there might have been curse words…

JP: Well if there are, bleep it out this time!

*Everyone laughs*

UNKNOWN: You didn’t bleep me out last time!

SG: Well you gotta let me know when it happens! Cause you’re saying, “Don’t worry, someone will bleep it out,” and then– *VIDEO ENDS*




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