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Meet the Devs – Paul Reindell Written Tuesday 22nd of September 2015 at 01:20pm by Nehkara

Greetings fellow Citizens!  It’s time for Meet the Devs with Paul Reindell, Lead Engine Programmer at CIG Santa Monica! Meet the Devs – Paul Reindell   Transcript by Me! PR = Paul Reindell JP = James Pugh...

Greetings fellow Citizens!  It’s time for Meet the Devs with Paul Reindell, Lead Engine Programmer at CIG Santa Monica!

Meet the Devs – Paul Reindell


Transcript by Me!

PR = Paul Reindell

JP = James Pugh


JP – Were you really grabbing a beer while Chris was on stage trying to give his presentation?

PR – Yeah, I was literally down getting some food and drinking a beer and I heard upstairs… like two floors up, that he called my name and I was like, ‘Oh shit, I should be on stage!’ So I ran up the stairs and I still hand in one hand my food and in my other hand my beer and I was like, ‘Okay I should at least get rid of…’

JP – *laughing* The food…

PR – Run on stage and then… ‘Hey Cologne!’  That’s a typical German thing… Germans are pretty open minded…

JP – Yeah… a lot of good beer too.

PR – Yeah.


JP – Welcome back to Meet the Devs, with me today is Pain Reindell.  Paul, how are you doin’ man?

PR – Hi!  Nice to meet you.

JP – It’s good to finally have you on to finally meet you.  Feels like you’ve been this enigma.  People need to know who you are.  So, how did you get started with the project?

PR – I got started with the project basically when Chris was working on the original prototype back in 2012 and at that time I was at CryTek and I would help him with his prototype.  So, while I was at CryTek I would also work with our different licensees on their projects and Chris was one of them.  So, I would get in contact with him and he would have questions about the engine and I would help him and that’s how I got familiar with the project.  I think the first time I really saw… he sent me a demo build and I had to fix something on it… and I looked at the Bengal Carrier in the space level and at that moment when I saw this Bengal Carrier sitting there, I was like… ‘That game is awesome, I want to be part of it.’  And then I applied right away.

JP – Nice!  Did you originally come to Austin or did you come here first?

PR – I came to LA directly.

JP – Nice.  You’ve been with the project since the beginning.

PR – Yes.

JP – What is it about – besides the Bengal – what is it about this project made you want to work on it so bad?

PR – So, I’m a huge sci-fi fan… so working on a sci-fi project is just awesome.  And then, the whole space simulation – back in the days I was a big Wing Commander player.  I think that when I was at school, one of the first games that I actually bought for my PC was Wing Commander 3 and… yeah, space sim games, sci-fi games – it’s just my genre, I love it… and that’s why I wanted to be part of this project.

JP – Nice.  So, you said you came over from CryTek.  What were you working on over there besides 3rd party?

PR – So, at the time… when I started at CryTek I would work on the engine team, especially with licensing support – giving training at different studios that worked with CryEngine.  I would then eventually go to Ryse and work on the Ryse project for a year and that’s when – almost at the end of the project I applied for a job at Cloud Imperium and moved over.

JP – Yeah, and we recently had Todd Papy on here and he talked about working on Ryse as well… well Ryse 2 I believe when he was there.

PR – Yeah, he was kind of after my time.

JP – Oh, cool.  So, how long have you been in the industry total?

PR – I think… 2011.

JP – Okay, so not too long.

PR – No, CryTek was my first gig.

JP – Oh, really?  Nice.  What made you – what interested you about CryTek?  Was it just the engine?

PR – First of all, in Germany there are not so many big game devs.  So, CryTek is actually…

JP – The biggest?

PR – Yeah, the biggest one.  Also, it was pretty close to where I lived… 30 minutes drive.

JP – Nice.

PR – And then, they would give lessons at our University and that’s where I made the first contact with some devs from them, because I would go – every time we had game dev class I would instantly sign up because that’s… games are my thing, so I would meet the guys and I would talk to them and then eventually I would write my diploma thesis with CryEngine basically.  I did a little head tracking mod for Crysis.  So, yeah that’s how I became part of CryTek and then part of the whole industry.

JP – Alright, so we’re going to let you go but before we have three rapid fire questions, are you ready?

PR – Okay.

JP – Favourite movie?

PR – Star Wars.

JP – I’ve seen Star Wars.  Which Star Wars is your favourite?

PR – The second of the original.

JP – Yeah, Empire Strikes Back.

PR – Yes.

JP – Yeah, it’s everyone’s favourite.  Favourite video game?

PR – Civilization at the moment.

JP – The original?

PR – Civ 5.

JP – Oh, yeah I know I love Civ 5.  I didn’t actually play a lot of Beyond Earth, did you?

PR – Yeah, I did.

JP – Really?  I don’t know it’s…

PR – Oh!  Beyond Earth, no.  I actually bought it and I couldn’t dig it.

JP – Really?  I tried to play it once and I don’t know… I’m not saying it’s bad, I just couldn’t get into it.

JP – Favourite ship in Star Citizen?

PR – The Hornet.

JP – The Hornet? Why?

PR – Because it’s badass.  Like, it’s super fast.  It’s super maneuverable.  But it has firepower.  I love it.

JP – Awesome man.  Again, thank you so much for coming on.

PR – Cool!  Thanks for having me.

JP – Once again, I’m James Pugh, this is Paul Reindell.  You just met a dev!

JP to PR – You gotta point at the screen.

PR – *thumbs up*

JP – That’s fine.



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