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Meet the Devs: Josh Coons Written Tuesday 4th of August 2015 at 02:13pm by Legorobotdude

Hello Citizens! Check out this week’s Meet the Devs, with James Pugh and Josh Coons!   Transcript by StormyWinters and Luke Washburn JP – James Pugh JC – Josh Coons   JP – So, that’s...

Hello Citizens!

Check out this week’s Meet the Devs, with James Pugh and Josh Coons!


Transcript by StormyWinters and Luke Washburn

JP – James Pugh

JC – Josh Coons


JP – So, that’s a sick shirt.

JC – Thanks man.

JP – Where’d you get it?

JC – Buffalo Exchange, it’s a thrift shop in Austin, Texas. On Guadalupe, pretty sure that’s right.

JP – Guad-a-lupey

JC – Yeah. It’s Guad-a-loop if you’re from Austin.

*JP laughs*

*Intro Plays*

JP – Hey everybody, welcome to Meet the Devs. I’m James Pugh, with me today is 3D modeller Josh Coons. Josh, how you doing, man?

JC – What’s up?

JP – Thanks for coming on.

JC – Thanks for having me.

JP – So, you’re here visiting from Austin. How did you get started here at CIG?

JC – Kinda stumbled upon, you know a little bit of the hype on the internet. You know, CIG is completely crowdfunding. Up until this point most of the games that fund themselves this way are, you know, small IPhone games….

JP – Yeah.

JC – Then you got this game.

JP – I think you were before this it was just, honestly, it was a Double Fine and a couple other people who had actually been really successful here.

JC – Yeah.

JP – In that sphere of Kickstarter.

JC – So, that piqued my interest and then I started thinking about it, ‘that is the only way to make an MMO now.’ Like, you know, post World of Warcraft era. MMOs that are huge and this is definitely…. I just looked at the game and watched a couple episodes of The Next Great Starship.  Chris Roberts – I like the fact that the guy heading up the project, like it’s his game. It’s the game he wants to play and that means passion and I follow that. Watching The Next Great Starship, I’m like, ‘Oh man, they’re doing stuff online. This is new, this is fresh.’

JP – Yeah.

JC – They don’t have a publisher, this is crazy. I’m crazy, so I wanted to join the gravy train.

JP – You seem crazy.

JC – I’m a little crazy.

*Both laugh*

JP – Where were you at before this? Were you in the industry before?

JC – Yeah, I was at id Software up in… now Richardson.

JP – You might have heard of them… id.

JC – You might have heard of… DOOM.

JP – Is that what you were working on over there?

JC – *points off in the distannce* Yeah, you already did your press reveal, so yeah. That’s what I was working on.

JP – You were?

JC – I was on DOOM 4.

JP – What were you working on for that?

JC – Majorly environments and props.

JP – Nice. Those environments look awesome.

JC – Yeah, they did a great job on that demo reveal. I had a good time.

*JP laughs*

JC – They used my door too. I made the door in that video.

JP – Did you ever play any of Chris Roberts’ games before you got here?

JC – No, actually I hadn’t and this has been my first real, like in depth space, where it’s more focused on the world…

JP – Like immersion?

JC – I’d played like, you know, Mass Effect, those types of games. This game and the fans that are into this type of game, are my type of people. I like working on new and unknown stuff for me too, so, getting down to the nitty gritty on building a ship it’s not something that’s expected of me on other projects.

JP – Yeah.

JC – Like, we need this asset, it needs to look good. Does it need to work? No. Oh ok, but this is way more in depth, I’m learning all kinds of new things and that’s really what I… I’m doing something new, I’m a happy camper.

JP – The other thing that always freaks me out is that not only does it have to look good but everything has to actually work.

JC – From the toilet bowl to the control stick. It’s all gotta work.

JP – Did you always want to be in games? Or was there something you wanted to do before?

JC – I actually applied to Capcom, age 11. I still have it, it’s the last piece of my portfolio.

JP – Did you play Street Fighter and you’re like, ‘I gotta work there’?

JC – I was a MegaMan fanatic but yeah, also Street Fighter. Yeah, I applied to them at age 11 and they actually replied to me. I sent them all kinds of concept drawings and they sent me back, like, a canned letter that somebody actually signed but there’s all these typos in it. They were basically like, ‘Yeah, we’re not, yeah, no’.

JP – We don’t need an 11 year old…

JC – I was 11. I was crushed. I was like *groan*.

JP – Do you remember, are you old enough to remember the Nintendo Power contests where you could draw, or you could design a MegaMan?

JC – That came out right after I did that.

JP – Really? So, you caused that?

JC – I kid you not. Two of the ones I did, were the same name, they weren’t the same design but they were the ones selected for the Nintendo Power contest.

JP – What names?

JC – See if I remember this correctly, it was NightMan and the other one, was even more generic than that…

Lando – DayMan?

JP – Are you prepared to say that It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia stole your concept?

JC – No, I go with the Nightman, he’s my kinda guy.

*JP laughs*

JC – I like the cat eyes. You gotta pop them in.

JP – All right man, we’re going to let you go but before we do, we have some rapid fire questions. You ready?

JC – Yes.

JP – Favourite movie?

JC – *under breath* Oh man. *outloud* Aliens.

JP – Never seen it.

JC – You should watch that *deep sadness in his voice*.

JP – Are you sure?

JC – Yeah

JP – That’s my dad’s favourite movie too. He’s…

JC – I was just telling somebody upstairs… they hadn’t seen Aliens. I’m all like, “You shouldn’t be allowed in the building unless you’ve seen that movie.” *both laugh* I love that movie. I can almost go through an entire day without saying one word that isn’t a line from that movie. Just communicate totally though alien quotes. Love that movie.

JP – I’ll, I’ll watch it.

JC – You should.

JP – Favourite video game?

JC – *Incomprehensible grunting and noises* man…

JP – That one’s harder, isn’t it?

JC – That’s like asking an artist his favourite colour.

JP – What’s your favourite colour? *Short pause* Red is the correct answer.

JC – I’m gonna go black.

JP – What? Thats not a colour.

JC – It’s not a colour, that’s why I picked it.

JP – *laugh* Favourite movie, I mean game, rather.

JC – *More guttural sounds*

JP – You have to pick. Can’t be the first person on this show never to pick.

JC – I got so many…

Lando – Candy Crush

JP – Yeah, is it Candy Crush?

Lando – Words with Friends

JP – Words with Friends?

JC – Nah, I’m gonna go with, umm…

JP – Barbie’s Horse Adventures

JC – If we’re going by hours played…

JP – That’s a cop out, I know what you’re gonna say. World of Warcraft?

JC – Nope.

JP – Oh? Whatdayagot?

JC – I don’t know, according to my Steam. Its, uh, Company of Heroes.

JP – Really?

JC – Yep.

JP – What’s your game time on Company of Heroes?

JC – Over 800 and something hours.

JP – Woooow! Impressive.

JC – That game came out in 2005 and I play it almost every day.

JP – That’s awesome, man.

JC – Love that game.

JP – Cool. Company of Heroes is a great game but I did not play it for 800 hours.

JC – Yeah.

JP – Favourite ship in Star Citizen?

JC – Oh… currently? Other than mine…

JP – Can’t say yours.

JC – I’m going to go, Redeemer.

JP – Redeemer, why Redeemer?

JC – It’s sexy.

JP – It is pretty sexy, right?

JC – Yeah. I like it. Or, Hornet Ghost too.

JP – Hornet Ghost.

JC – Something about that ship.

JP – Not the Xi’An Scout?

JC – Nah. I like the Ghost.  It’s all Knight Rider.

JP – Yeah, but it’s a horizontal, cool alien ship.

JC – It does have a cool shape.

JP – No one likes the ship but me apparently.

JC – It looks like if I hit it, it would fall apart really easy.

JP – It does.

JC – We’ll find out.

Lando – Arguing someone for their favourite ship…

JP – I just did.

JC – Yeah, you got half it.

JP – All right man, thanks again for doing this.

JC – Yeah.

JP – Once again this is Josh Coons and I’m James Pugh and you just met a Dev.

*Nerf dart shot at JP*

JP – Almost got it. Do finger guns.


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